Gaypril: How To Train Your Homophobe

Man with short hair gives oral sex to muscular tattooed man on bed

His eyes rolling back in his head, his body tensing suddenly and his fingers gripping the sheets with white-knuckled ferocity, Lincoln once again thanked his past self for taking the steps of revenge all those years ago. He had spent enough nights in dark rooms with other gay men to know what a good blowjob was, and after months of practice his secret lover was hands down the best cocksucker he had ever come across.

Lincoln’s moans mingled with the wet gagging noises the man gave off as he gorged and slobbered over Lincoln’s thick meat.  He shuddered intermittently as, with the right swirl of the tongue or twitch of the fingers, the man shocked him with electric pleasure, the likes of which no other lover could match. Already he could feel his orgasm fast approaching, and the mental image of his lover’s face plastered with thick cum was enough to drive Lincoln into delirious laughter.

Stephen really was the best gay slut around. Not that he would have said so himself of course. In fact, if he had been either gay or a slut at all Stephen was the type of obnoxiously boisterous individual who would not have shut up about it morning, noon, or night. But as it was the muscular man gobbling hungrily on Lincoln’s dick was the most intolerable homophobic bully for miles around and would rather contract a fatal virus than come within fifty foot of an openly gay man.

At least, that’s how he was when he was under his own control. Right now, however, Stephen was not in control: Lincoln was.

The plan had first formulated several months beforehand, and it had gone off far easier than Lincoln had ever imagined. Homophobic as he was, Stephen had been none too happy when Lincoln had joined the company where he worked. To make matters worse, they were in neighbouring cubicles. For a few weeks, the oafish brute had made his gay co-worker’s life a living Hell, but in that time his would-be victim had been devising his own means of handling the situation.

As was to be expected, Stephen was hardly the first homophobe to take their shot at Lincoln. He had never quite been able to decipher what it was that drove them in their crusade against him. Maybe it was the fact that he was the most muscular man in any room he entered, or that his numerous beautiful female friends were always laughing at his jokes or complimenting his good lucks. Perhaps it was that he was so confident in himself, or that he was unsusceptible to their insults which drove them to increase their efforts to break him. Whatever it was, Stephen was only the latest in a long line of unimaginative, boorish morons to try and drag Lincoln down.

What they never anticipated was his secret weapon.

He had first used it in school to get the bullies off his back. Having always excelled in coding, it was only a case of honing his skills then reading up on the theories of visual hypnotics and subconscious suggestion before he had his very own hypnosis program. All he had to do was set up the right combination of flashing lights, whirling spirals, and audio files and anybody he chose to expose to it would be entranced by the mesmerising program.

In school all he had used it for was to convince his bullies he was not worth tormenting. In college he had gone a little further, manipulating a particularly entitled bully to strip naked in the middle of class one day. Then in his first job he had used it to convince the owner’s son it would be a good idea to buy his brutish dad a massive dildo for his birthday.

But this was a far more complex undertaking. The moment he met Stephen he had decided he wanted to go all out this time. He was through with simply embarrassing people: he was owed something back for putting up with the torment so long, and that something was going to be Stephen.

It had taken him some time to create the program he was going to use on his bully, but it was well worth his time. After many long nights reworking the orientation of the lights in correlation to the spirals, which he altered and tweaked until they were the perfect size, shape and speed, and with a voice hoarse from spending hours recording all manner of verbal audio tracks from growling to hushed whispers, he finally had the perfect program. Once exposed to it, Stephen would implicitly follow any orders Lincoln chose to give him and would enjoy doing so. For the periods when Lincoln’s influence was over him, Stephen’s memories would be filled in by false recollections of binge-watching TV, ordering takeout and playing video games into the small hours of the morning just as he usually did. Meanwhile, even when he was in his right mind, Lincoln’s suggestions would wait just beneath the surface.

Suggestions such as driving across to Lincoln’s place every other night to serve him like an obedient plaything. The next day he would think nothing of his aching jaw or sore ass and would go about his life blissfully unaware that he was tangled up in the cunning clutches of his own victim.

‘Good boy,’ Lincoln cooed, ‘but you’re not trying hard enough.’

In response Stephen slammed his head down on Lincoln’s cock and held himself there until the veins of his temples looked fit to burst. Practically launched over the edge of his tolerance, Lincoln came hard down Stephen’s throat and only once he was sure every last drop had been swallowed did he allow the bully to come up for air.

‘Suck me hard again,’ he ordered. As Stephen obliged, he leaned over and rubbed lube into his lover’s ass. ‘You know, I don’t know why I never did anything like this before. Years I’ve been going clubbing and picking up fit guys to fuck, how did I never think of bringing my program to the party? I think it’s time I change that, but I have to think how best to humiliate you in front of everyone first.’ Pausing for a moment, a chilling smile slowly spread across his face. ‘I’ve got it. Once I bring back a hypnotised hunk, I’ll have him fuck you like a whiney twink and film the whole thing. Then when you get to work you’ll ‘accidentally’ send it around the whole office. God, it’s fucking perfect: the homophobe unmasked. You’ll never live it down. After that I might just leave you in a gay mindset permanently and have you quit work to stay here as my full-time doggy. Hmm, now that sounds like a good idea. But until then I have an even better one: fucking you so hard you won’t be able to sit down for a week…’

Man receives anal sex from muscular tattooed man on bed

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