The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Blonde woman in green Christmas outfit poses in front of Christmas tree

Bouncing around with all the excitement of a giddy child, Lexi danced along to the Christmas playlist blaring through the expensive sound system with unsuppressed delight as she hung yet another brightly coloured bauble on the tree in front of her.

She had spent the entire morning decorating it, and in truth she had to admit she might have gotten just a little carried away: the branches were sprayed almost completely with fake snow and they sagged under the weight of countless baubles, ornaments, chocolates, fairy lights and lengths of tinsel, not to mention the excessively enormous gold star perched unsteadily on the top.

But even as the tree looked ready to collapse, Lexi simply gave a light shrug and turned back to rummage through the box of ornaments at her feet. After all, her sugar daddy had told her to decorate their house however she liked. And once she had started, she hadn’t been able to bring herself to stop.

It was something about the fairy lights. Something she couldn’t quite put her finger on. The more she looked at them, the more she seemed entranced, her thoughts growing blurry and distant. It was like they were trying to reach inside her and mess with her head.

When the music cut out midway through a song it stopped so suddenly she jumped. But once she wheeled around a broad smile rose on her bright red lips. Anthony was leaning against the doorframe, the remote for the sound system in his hand and a mischievous expression on his chiselled features. Dressed in suit and tie he had clearly just arrived home from work.

‘You know I could watch you shake that ass all day,’ he smiled.

Rather than return his smile, Lexi eyed him with barely suppressed desire. Brushing her bleach blonde hair to one side, she pushed her chest forward slightly, pulling on the straps of her crushed velvet top to accentuate her bosom a little more. ‘I thought you were more of a tits man, sir,’ she purred.

‘You know me so well,’ he replied, a wicked glimmer in his eye. He strode over to her, running his hands down the curves of her body, most of which was exposed by her skimpy attire. The festive fur-trimmed outfit concealed her modesty and nothing more, a bright red bow pinned to the green crop-top she was now pressing against his chest.

‘Have you bought me a present?’ Lexi asked. Even in the tall black platform heels she wore, she was at least a head shorter and her warm breath swirled over his neck as she peered up at him.

‘Don’t you think you have enough presents?’ Anthony laughed, nodding to the glittering tree. Dozens of neatly wrapped gifts swarmed the base, almost all of them addressed to her.

But Lexi didn’t bat an eyelid. ‘No. Not when you’re keeping this from me.’ As she spoke, she slipped her hand down the waist of his trousers and closed her fingers around his large cock. He was already growing hard, and her touch only engorged him further. ‘Mmmh, it feels like you’ve missed me, sir. How about we get reacquainted?’

Before Anthony could reply Lexi was on her knees, dragging his trousers down as she went. His rigid cock immediately bucked free and rose to attention, the pale curve of his swollen shaft sending arousal crashing through Lexi just as it always did. It was almost as if she was programmed to grow horny the moment she laid eyes on it, her body reacting instinctively. In a heartbeat her pussy was dripping wet and she had started to salivate, the sudden ache to have him inside her holes throbbing through Lexi’s small frame.

Staring up at her sugar daddy’s cock, Lexi eyed it hungrily. Already he was glistening with precum, the flicker of the fairy lights playing over the slick head.

Blonde woman in green Christmas outfit looks up at hung man's erect dick in front of Christmas tree

Without warning, the dull reflection of the lights off his dick broke something in Lexi’s head. That same sensation of being invaded rushed through her again, only this time it did not merely reach into her mind, it pulled something to the surface.

The suppressed memories came slowly at first: shaking Anthony’s hand when she finally scored herself a job as his secretary after being unemployed for months; his smile after her first day on the job when he had praised her for her impressive work ethic; the elegant hand of Anthony’s writing on the note he had left on her desk inviting her to a party he was throwing for the whole office at his house.

Soon though, they were pouring through her head in a flood, recollections of Anthony’s betrayal coming back to her thick and fast.

The way he had airily waved away her concerns when she asked why nobody else had turned up to the party: ‘You’re just early,’ he had said, ‘but no need to bore ourselves waiting for them. We can start now.’

The excuse he had made to leave his home cinema just before the film started, urging her to stay in her seat when she moved to follow him, not wanting to be left alone: ‘Don’t worry, you just wait here. I think I heard the doorbell. I’ll be back soon.’

And then she saw it in her mind’s eye. The endless swirling patterns that had flared to life on the large screen. The flashes and flickers of multi-coloured light and the spirals that faded in and out of focus, drawing her in as though it had wrapped a rope around her mind and was pulling out everything that made her who she was.

Except in these strange memories, Lexi wasn’t Lexi at all. The face she remembered – her real face – was that of a handsome twenty-something, his attractive features cleanshaven and his clothes filled out with a broad, muscular frame. Amongst the confusion a name came to her, a name she had somehow forgotten completely. Her name.

Lester. She had been called Lester.

She could still feel the incredible pleasure as her body had transformed in that dark room. Anthony had returned while she gawked at the hypnotic film, reflective glasses on his face which she now realised had been to protect him from the mesmerising effects.

‘Drink this,’ he had said, offering her a wine glass swirling with violently pink liquid.

She had not even turned to face him, unable to tear her gaze away from the screen. She had simply taken the glass, drank the full contents in one go and then immediately began to cry out in ecstasy as her hunky masculine body crushed itself down into the soft, petite feminine figure she currently found herself in. Her breasts had swelled, her hair had tumbled down, her cock had melted into a tight, pink pussy and she had howled with orgasmic pleasure until long after the transformation had completed.

And yet throughout it all she had never once turned away from the hypnotic screen. As her male body had vanished, so too had all memory of who she had been before, and when the screen went black and the lights came up she had turned to Anthony grinning with mischievous intent.

Mere minutes later they had been tangled up together under the sheets of his bed and her new reality had been sealed, a life as his sugar baby filling in the blank spaces left behind when her old life had been torn away.

Looking down at her now, it didn’t take much for Anthony to figure out that Lexi was no longer Lexi at all. Raw confusion was written over her pretty face, her brows knitted together and her eyes fixed on his twitching cock. He chuckled: she looked as if she was just as desperate to spring up and throat him all the way to the base as she was to scramble away and go running out onto the street. Both her personalities, the old and the new, warred over her face.

Fortunately, he had learned how to deal with Lexi’s relapses. They came on every now and then, the hypnotic spell fracturing occasionally when exposed to just the right arrangement of light; streetlights refracted in a specific pattern through a car window, for example. Fireworks going off just so, or one of her glittery dresses catching the light in a particular way.

Blonde woman in green Christmas outfit gives oral sex to hung man in front of Christmas tree

Glancing up at the tree bowing under the weight of all Lexi’s decorations, Anthony eyed the flickering fairy lights. ‘Must be the colour array,’ he mused all while his sugar baby continued to stare with a mixture of apprehension and desire at his throbbing dick. ‘Or maybe the flash pattern.’ Shrugging, he took up the remote for the lights which Lexi had left on a table nearby and switched them off.

The effect on Lexi was immediate. The bemusement melted from her face like snow tossed onto a bonfire and then she was looking up at him with the same devilish smile she always wore just before going down on him.

‘I’m sorry, sir, I think I zoned out a little. It must have been your juicy cock – just the sight of it made me start daydreaming.’

‘Don’t worry,’ Anthony smiled, stroking her silky blonde hair affectionately. ‘You know what, baby, once we’re finished here I think we should go and watch one of my special films in the cinema. Would you like that?’ Anthony always opted to put Lexi through another run of hypno-conditioning after her relapses, just to make sure none of her resurfaced memories clung on. Better yet, it always left her insatiably horny for several weeks afterwards; it looked like they were going to have a very hedonistic Christmas together this year.

Lexi was grinning at him. ‘Only if you fuck me from behind all the way through, sir.’

‘Oh, I’m sure that can be arranged, gorgeous,’ Anthony replied. ‘Now, how about you show me just how much you’ve missed me while I’ve been at work?’

With that her scarlet lips were parting around his cock and sliding down his shaft, her slender fingers jerking him eagerly as she prepared to swallow his hot sticky seed, the air soon ringing with both her naughty moans and the visceral wet sounds of a true slut gorging on her lover’s cock.

Closing his eyes and letting the pleasure overwhelm him, Anthony grinned: Lexi really was the gift that kept on giving…

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Okay, so I’ve done fun Christmas schedules before, but personally I think this year’s is going to be the hottest line-up I’ve had so far. I am really with all the stories I’ve written for this year’s slate, and I can’t wait for you to read them. They’re inclusive, varied, and – in my opinion, at least – stupidly hot. Better yet, there’s a mix of brand new stories and returning narratives, not to mention that I’ve taken the opportunity to explore some fetishes I haven’t delved into much before – like the hypnosis in this piece, for example.

I won’t go on too much about what’s to come, but I will say that for the next two weeks my schedule will remain the same, so you’ll be getting a solo story next Friday and the Friday after that. Once we hit Friday 24th though, that’s when things kick into high gear, because from that day on I’ll be releasing a new story every single day right through to New Year’s Day!

So if you’re eager for sexy, steamy Christmas shenanigans, you’re in for a treat!

The models in this piece are Alix Lynx and Mark White.

Both models are effectively unknown to me, but then that’s one of the reasons I love writing these stories, because it gives me the chance to enjoy and showcase the work of models I wouldn’t usually come across.

Lynx seems like she fits the stereotypical pornstar mould exceptionally well: hot, naughty, and truly insatiable. Not only is she a blonde bombshell you don’t want to miss, she is just as happy getting down and dirty with girls as well as guys, so I’m sure her portfolio will have something to offer most of my readers.

As for White, he’s kind of a difficult model to discuss, since from what I can tell pretty much all of his work consists of POV scenes. Scenes like that inherently put a lot more focus on the female model than even ordinary scenes, while the male model is barely highlighted at all. Still, White can clearly hold his own in bed with some of the hottest, naughtiest models in the business, so that should go some way to showcasing his skills.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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