The steam in the empty sauna swirled around the two muscular men as one went down on the other. The man leaning back on the smooth wooden bench closed his eyes and tilted back his head, allowing a low groan to ease from his lips. Perspiration trickled down his torso, slipping between his rigid abs in little rivulets that descended towards the site where intense pleasure was blossoming. Positioned on

‘Good morning, little boy,’ Mrs. Johnson smiled as Craig opened his eyes. She was laid out on the end of his pristine white bedsheets with a hungry look in her eye. Her pink stockings clung tightly to her slender legs, and she was wearing one of Mr. Johnson’s shirts – although to say she was wearing it might have been overstating it a little; it hung open to reveal her

Pushing the cart along the silent corridor, Cody yawned and glanced at his watch. Scoffing hollowly he rolled his eyes. Quarter to midnight. Who ordered room service at quarter to fucking midnight? Perhaps he might have been a little more agreeable to the request if it had been a large room or a more sizeable order, but he had checked the room log and the order. Just the one guy,

Tate had to admit that the place wasn’t as bad as he had been expecting. He had been reluctant at first to join his gay friend Mick to the gay club, but he had thought it better than to let Mick sit in and mope all night again. It had been almost a month since Mick’s boyfriend had dumped him and he hadn’t taken it well at all. Perhaps a

The sound of the front door opening and closing sent Craig into overdrive. Every memory of Mr. Johnson seemed to jostle for position in his mind, though he was viewing them in an entirely new light. Instead of imagining his muscular arms wrapped around Mrs. Johnson beneath their covers, he was focused on what they might feel like around his chest; instead of thinking about his chiselled features glowering down

When he woke up, Liam couldn’t move. He could remember nothing from before he fell unconscious, nothing other than the smell of sweat and a large figure standing over him. It took him a moment to regain all his senses, but when he did he began to panic. He was laid naked, face-down on a black PVC floor in a room so dark that he could not see the walls.