Gaypril: Echoes of Lust

Man puts towle around waist while walking naked down dimly lit corridor

‘Shit,’ Ryan gasped, ‘shit, shit, shit. This cannot be happening. Are you fucking kidding me? Of all the guys to be secretly gay, it has to be the one I go and possess. Fuck you, Justin. Why couldn’t you have been like every other normal hunk in the gym and chase some cheap slut?’

Clinging the towel tight around his waist, Ryan stood in the doorway and peered helplessly up and down the dimly lit corridor. All along it more men with more towels around their waists strutted along, eyeing one another up with expressions of uncontained primal lust. Words seemed useless in this place when eyes could say so much more, and it was a silent event when two or more would exchange a smirk before slipping away down an adjacent corridor or into a nearby room.

Of course, Ryan had never been here, but he had heard of it. The bathhouse. A den of horny, steamy gay passion packed to the rafters with every type of man into every type of kink one could imagine. The air was laced with sensual moans which drifted through the building, hanging and weaving like steam.

Justin was the fittest jock in the gym Ryan frequented. His ripped body was the envy of all the fitness fanatics that tried desperately to match his physique, and there were constant rumours circulating that he was more than popular with the ladies. Threesomes, orgies, gangbangs, even a harem of his own; if you asked the right person they would tell you Justin had had them all.

Now, of course, Ryan was acutely aware the rumours were fuelled by jealousy and frustration. Justin hadn’t had any of them: at least not with girls. Tired of constantly exercising with no visible returns and always getting turned down by women, Ryan had used the possession spell in the hope he could head out riding in Justin’s body and bag himself a hot date with his killer body. As it was, he was thankful he hadn’t taken control while Justin was in the middle of a gay fuckfest.

If he was careful, Ryan was sure he could get out of here unnoticed and then he would head into town to…

Damn, he’s hot.

Ryan started at the intrusive thought. The guy walking past rubbed his cock through his towel but moved on without making a move. Still, as he sauntered away Ryan felt his neck crane around and his eyes drop to his swaying ass.

I’d like a taste of that sweet ass.

‘What?’ he hissed. ‘That’s not me. I’m not gay.’

Nevertheless, the thoughts of escaping the bathhouse seemed suddenly less important. Instead, his mind was beginning to swirl with erotic thoughts: gay thoughts. He imagined himself striding up to the man approaching from the right to kiss him deep. He thought about how hot it would be to pursue the guy walking away and eat his ass for all to see. He wondered how it would feel to go up to the hunk several doors down and pull him into the darkened room he stood at to perform all manner of filthy deeds together.

The more Justin’s inner fantasies seeped into his mind the more Ryan felt the urgency of escape fade. He was not sure why it was happening – perhaps he had performed the spell wrong, or perhaps Justin’s lust was stronger than he had anticipated – but he could feel himself succumbing to the desires of the body he had inhabited; Justin’s mind might have been gone, but echoes of him pushed deep into Ryan’s mind until he could no longer shake them off.

He was so deeply entangled in the web of lust ensnaring his thoughts that when the broad, muscular man approached him he did not turn him away. Instead he used his eyes to lure him in and before long they were kissing passionately against the wall.

The man’s lips were hot, his grip was strong, and with each second their skin crushed up together Ryan fell deeper into gay desire. So deep, in fact, that when the man pulled away and took his hand as though to lead him elsewhere, Ryan shook his head.

When the man frowned, Ryan nodded to a wide leather-padded bench off to one side, his eyes pleading. Take me here, his stare said wordlessly, I want everybody to see.

And he did. The thought of the hot hunk passionately fucking him in full view of any patron passing by thrilled Ryan with orgasmic expectation. He supposed he wasn’t really a gay virgin, not in Justin’s body, but it was his first time, and it was hot to think he was dirty enough to let people watch.

The willing man needed no second invitation and he quickly set about teaching Ryan what it was to be a naughty gay slut.

As he lay back on the bench with his almost virgin ass being pounded and stretched, Ryan was filled with a sublime bliss he had never known before. Drifting on the waves of passion and detached from his body, he smiled as a happy thought filled his head: a few days from now he would pick up a newspaper and read his name on it. Ryan Watts Missing, it would say, and there would be messages from the police imploring anyone with information on his whereabouts to come forward.

Sure, he could leave Justin’s body at any time with a few magic words. But that would imply he actually wanted to leave…

Muscular man lies naked on back with legs up receiving anal sex from second muscular man

Thanks for reading!

For those who are interested in my writing process, I thought I would point out that how that process worked while creating Gaypril content has differed very much from the ordinary way I do things. I know there are different ways different people do things, and for my stories I tend to follow two different paths depending on the piece. Sometimes I will come up with an idea for a piece first, then hunt down supporting images to accompany the piece after or during the writing process. On the flip side, most stories are inspired initially by an image I find online, which I may bolster with additional images I find often sourced from the same scene as the image that originally inspired the work.

For Gaypril, neither of these processes has really been effective. Unfortunately, unlike more mainstream porn, finding good gifs and images for this kind of content – especially gay ones, since trans gifs and images I find are more numerous, if amateur in production – can be difficult. As such, most if not all of the one-off stories I have written up for this month were a mixture of both processes. I initially came up with a jumble of possible ideas, which I wrote down, but turned directly to scenes from which I could create gifs and images in order to solidify these ideas into solid stories. I found this was a good way of doing things, since it vastly decreased the amount of time I had to spend searching for similar images or the original scene itself.

Of course, I am aware not everybody is interested in how I work, but I like to try and include behind-the-scenes insights where I can as I don’t want to be a creator who detaches myself from my readers. I appreciate all of your support, always, and if you have anything you want to know just ask.

Also, don’t forget that I will be releasing a new cis story on Wednesday and another gay story this Thursday. Make sure to check back for those later in the week!

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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