Gaypril: Daydreamer

Man receives oral sex from another man with wet skin

The steam in the empty sauna swirled around the two muscular men as one went down on the other. The man leaning back on the smooth wooden bench closed his eyes and tilted back his head, allowing a low groan to ease from his lips. Perspiration trickled down his torso, slipping between his rigid abs in little rivulets that descended towards the site where intense pleasure was blossoming.

Positioned on his knees at the feet of the older man, Tom glanced up at his lover. Mr. North’s thick meat was so hard he was almost worried if he would be able to handle it once they moved on to more naughty activities. Right now though, he tasted sharp and delicious in Tom’s mouth. The head of Mr. North’s dick pushed on the insides of his cheek, up against the roof of his mouth, even against the back of his throat when Tom became so hungry for the man he swallowed as much of the magnificent cock as he could.

The passion between them was as palpable as the heat swirling through the small, dimly-lit room and he could hear Mr. North whispering under his breath.

Slowly, the older man’s words grew more audible. Starting low at first, they soon cut through the atmosphere like a knife: ‘Tom? Tom! Are you even listening to me, boy? Tom!’

Snapping out of his daydream, Tom started so hard he almost toppled from his chair. He found the small class staring at him, most stifling their mocking laughter, headed by Mr. North who was glaring at him with a particularly intense expression. Blushing furiously, Tom apologised for his lack of focus and at length Mr. North turned his attention back to the whiteboard to continue his lesson.

As always, the end of Mr. North’s lesson bought with it equal relief and disappointment. On the one hand, Tom had no risk of embarrassing himself by drifting off into a lewd daydream in any of his other classes, but on the other he was robbed of the opportunity to think what it would be like for Mr. North to stride over to his seat and take him then and there.

Ever since the start of the year, Tom had been struggling to keep his head straight for so much as one lesson taught by Mr. North. So far he had failed every time, always imagining one sexy scenario or another before the class drew to a close. Most of the time he managed to snap himself out of it before anyone noticed, but more and more often it was Mr. North’s sharp words that were dispelling the fantasy and his classmates were starting to notice.

Only a handful of people knew Tom was gay and, as one of the best sporting students in the university surrounded by brutish athletic types who ranged from vaguely accepting to rip-roaringly homophobic, he intended to keep it that way. He had heard how his classmates spoke about other gay students behind their back, and had seen them torment said unfortunate students for their sexuality more than enough to convince him it was better keeping things to himself, but that didn’t make his situation any easier. Being as fit and handsome as he was and having never had a girlfriend rumours were beginning to circulate, and vacantly gawking at Mr. North was not helping matters. Worse still, he had almost run into another student at his local leather bar a few nights prior, and he was still unsure if the skinny geography student had seen him or not. He hardly expected the guy to out him himself, but Tom knew even wildfires could not match the pace of gossip getting around a university campus and if word got to the rest of his class…

Part of him wished he did not have Mr. North as a tutor. He could not quite pinpoint it, but there was something about the handsome bearded man that set Tom’s loins ablaze. As one would expect from a sports coach, he was an athletic figure, and during practice Tom could rarely tear his eyes away from the man’s rippling muscles. But it was more than that. The numerous tattoos somehow gave his tutor a bad boy air, a sentiment exacerbated by his slightly grizzled appearance, while he had a powerful stance and a confident swagger that reduced Tom’s legs to hot butter. Meanwhile, during theory lessons he would often wear a combination of crisp shirt and sleek waistcoat which struck Tom down almost as hard as the tight shorts the man wore during practice.

Through a combination of things, therefore, Mr. North was the dominant figure in all of Tom’s fantasies, and the muscular young man was growing increasingly worried his infatuation may well be the ruin of his carefully concealed secret.

Forcing his tutor from his mind, Tom noticed a huddle of sports students glancing at him and whispering among themselves. Increasing his pace, he turned away to conceal his blushing face and hurried on to his next class…

Silhouette of man in dark night club with people dancing in background

Rolling his body to the music, Tom felt the stress of the day slip away. His shoulders loosened, his smile returned, and as usual when he came out to party he felt comfortable just being himself.

The club was thronging. The music blared loud enough, but even the thumping music was overwhelmed by the incessant laughter, singing and shouting of the assorted crowds.

Tom was trying out a new bar tonight, and so far it was a great success. On account of having almost had his cover blown in the gay bar he ordinarily frequented, he had decided to try out a club a little farther afield to maintain his anonymity. Though a little disappointed to have left his old dancing grounds behind (he had been going almost every weekend since he turned eighteen, and over the past few years had met some exceptionally hot one night stands there) he was happy to try something new and was thoroughly enjoying himself.

If anything, in fact, it was better in some ways than his previous club. For one thing, the dress code was more lax, allowing him to have come in his favourite rubber outfit, and there was more of an emphasis on kinks and fetishes, compounding to provide some truly mouth-watering eye candy sauntering through the crowds around him. Up on the stage a set of guys were grinding against their pole and one another, and from his spot in the corner of the room, Tom had an excellent view of the dancefloor below.

Muscular man with short beard wearing yellow suspenders

As such, it was with a horrified start that he spotted a familiar face in the crowd. The grizzled beard, the sharp eyes, the muscular physique, Mr. North was unmistakable. Tom’s stomach flipping uncomfortably, he dived behind a nearby pillar and out of sight, though not before Mr. North turned his eyes up towards him.

Breathless with shock, Tom pressed himself into the shadows in the desperate hope they might swallow him. His mind was reeling, question after question rocking his senses. Why is Mr. North here? Is he gay? Did he see me? What if he knows about me? What if he’s coming this way? What am I supposed to say?

Heart in his mouth, he dared to peer around the pillar. Mr. North was gone. Tom couldn’t decide whether to be thrilled or mortified: though he wasn’t stood staring at Tom as he had feared, there was no telling where he was. For all Tom knew, his tutor could be marching up the stairs ready to appear beside him at any moment, or he might as easily be fleeing the club to wait until next week’s classes to call Tom into his office.

Wherever Mr. North was, Tom had no desire to stay in the club and risk running into his tutor. Ditching his drink he made a dash for the exit. Keeping away from the busy areas and staying to the shadows as much as possible, he had the flight of stairs leading down to the street in sight when he felt a strong grip on his arm and he found himself being pulled in the opposite direction.

‘Mr. North,’ he gasped, ‘I… I can explain.’

The man said nothing, instead guiding him deliberately through the crowd. At length he led Tom to a doorway, entered a code into the lock and pushed through to descend a flight of stairs. The air was hotter down here, and with the throb of the music muffled above them he could hear new sounds: groans and gasps of a particularly sexual intonation.

Finally they came into a sizeable room and, locking the door behind them, Mr. North released his grip.

For the first time, Tom had a good look at his tutor and his arousal spiked. It was as though the version of the man he saw in his daydreams had been dragged into reality and dialled up to eleven: he was more muscular than Tom had expected, had the physique of a far younger man, and was hotter in the flesh than his mind’s eye had conjured him. What was more, he had taken full advantage of the club’s lax attire rules, and was wearing only a pair of yellow suspenders, heavy black boots and a set of deeply erotic rubber trousers. They clung to the contours of his legs as though they were expecting somebody to try and wrench them away, and their tight fit ensured that Mr. North’s ample size was on full display, his bulge snaking down an inner thigh.

Struggling to keep his arousal hidden, Tom took in the room. It was painted all in black yet decorated with slanted neon lights and oddly angled furniture attached to the walls. The non-decorative furniture consisted of two brightly coloured leather sofas and a matching pouffe, and all in all it felt like he was inside a strange Through the Looking Glass inspired fetish room.

Without saying anything, Mr. North reached down and pulled at the zip of his trousers, freeing his hefty semi which he began to stroke softly.

‘Mr. North, what are you doing?’ Tom felt painfully stupid asking the question. He knew why he was here, he knew what was about to happen and he could barely wait for it, yet a part of him felt as though it was wrong to simply give in to his lust so easily.

‘You know what I’m doing,’ smirked his tutor, ‘just like I know what you’re doing when I see you staring at me in class. You’re imagining going down on me like the good little pet you are, then having me fill you up so full of cum you can’t move without it dribbling down your thighs. You’re not the first secretly gay student I’ve had in my class, Tom, and I’m sure you won’t be the last. Still, you’re the first to come into my favourite club all kitted out in rubber ready for an experienced man to teach you how to serve. And fortunately when you’ve been coming here as long as I have, you learn that this club is more than just a dancefloor and a bar. We’re not going to be disturbed here, Tom. Now get on your knees and live that fantasy you’ve been trying to ignore in all my classes.’

Stepping up to stand in front of the pouffe, Mr. North stared daggers of lust at the younger man. That penetrating glare was all it took to dissolve Tom’s frail resolve, and with a satisfied smile the student sank onto the pouffe before his new master. Without hesitation, he dipped his head and took Mr. North’s rigid cock between his eager lips.

Blonde man in rubber fetish gear gives oral sex to tattooed man in neon-lit room

For a few long moments, Tom wondered if he was daydreaming again. The rock-hard shaft pressing against his cheeks, slipping down his throat, it felt too good to be true; he was convinced he would shortly wake up at the back of Mr. North’s classroom with the whole room staring at him.

But he didn’t. Second by second, time ticked by and Tom did not jerk awake or hear Mr. North’s reprimands slip into his dreamworld. Instead he grew hungrier for the man’s cock, bobbing his head eagerly as he gorged on his tutor, and before long he was working the man’s dick so excitedly the room was full of wet slurping noises and sensual groans.

Peering down at his rubber-clad student, Mr. North grinned. ‘That’s right, puppy, eat up. Mmmh, I always knew you’d be a good cocksucker, and I was right. You’d best remember that, pet: I was right. I’m always right. You don’t question me or talk back to me, you just obey. Is that clear?’

Unwilling to pull away, Tom nodded around Mr. North’s dick.

At that moment, Mr. North’s came hard and Tom almost choked on his thick seed. Swallowing it down, however, he pulled away and was about to sit back when Mr. North grabbed him by his hair.

‘We’re not finished yet,’ he growled, before sweeping around behind Tom. Smacking his ass sharply to make him jump, Mr. North grabbed him by the hips before he could sit down again. In a smooth motion that implied years of experience, his tutor swept the zip of Tom’s rubber open and slid his slick cock into Tom’s tight ass.

Tattooed man in yellow suspenders gives anal sex to blonde man in rubber fetish gear

Tom gasped. His shock came partly from the thick, orgasmic dick plunging into his ass, but mostly from something else: all the guys Tom had ever been with had been nothing compared to Mr. North. With them it had been one orgasm and the night was over, their stamina spent and energy evaporated.

Mr. North was not like them. No more than a minute after emptying his load into Tom’s throat and he was pumping his amazing cock into his ass without any sign of fatigue. He had stamina and experience in spades, and it was only then that Tom truly realised what his fantasies and daydreams had missed: he had not expected Mr. North to be able to use him in this way. He had expected things to be sensual and slow, coming to a head at a single orgasm and then fading into silence.

Reality was far more perfect than his imaginings. Mr. North had the stamina to use his young student as a dirty cumdump, and suddenly Tom realised that was all he wanted. He didn’t need the sensual passion of a lover, but the firm hand of a master. He was a toy for Mr. North to use, a set of holes to pleasure his perfect owner. He was no more than a rubber pet, and his only purpose was to please the man hammering his ass.

With this realisation, his gasp shifted to a groan, and he began begging his master for more.

‘That’s a good boy,’ Mr. North said, pulling out and dropping down onto the sofa before manhandling Tom over his lap and pulling him down to bounce on his cock, ‘I’m going to enjoy this new arrangement. Trust me, puppy, this is just the beginning. This club is child’s play compared to some of the places I know about. Just wait until you meet my friends and their own rubber sluts, or I offer you up as entertainment for the night at a real fuck club. You’re going to love being my bitch, I promise you that. But for now, let’s enjoy tonight. Now ride me, slut, or I’ll show you how bad detention can really be…’

Blonde man in rubber fetish gear rides tattooed man

Thanks for reading!

So here it is, my first Gaypril post. I have to say that the stories I have coming up for the month are ones I am especially proud of. I am often critical of the work I produce, but the gay stories I have written up for this month are real labours of love for me and I am so excited for everybody to read them.

As I mentioned I will be releasing non-gay stories every Wednesday this month as well, so I will be differentiating between the two genres by titling every gay story over the month with Gaypril before the story title. I will also be tagging all Gaypril stories with a corresponding tag and creating a Gaypril category to group them together as well.

I hope people enjoy my gay stories, though I know it won’t float everybody’s boat. Still, as always I want to try and link content creators wherever I can, and the main models I used for this piece are Nick North and Darius Ferdynand. Darius’ PornHub profile can be found here: while Nick’s profile (he does not have a PornHub profile that I can find) is here: I want to make it clear that while I am a fan of gay and trans content, I am not as familiar with as many gay and trans creators as I am mainstream creators. As such, while I will try my best to reference those creators I use in my pieces throughout the month for those who are interested, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to talk about them as knowledgeably as other creators I have linked in the past.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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