Brightly lit hotel hallway

Pushing the cart along the silent corridor, Cody yawned and glanced at his watch. Scoffing hollowly he rolled his eyes. Quarter to midnight. Who ordered room service at quarter to fucking midnight? Perhaps he might have been a little more agreeable to the request if it had been a large room or a more sizeable order, but he had checked the room log and the order. Just the one guy, and all he had ordered was a single bottle of wine. And why did it have to be on his night shift? According to the log this man had been in the hotel for over a week and hadn’t ordered a thing.

‘Not like he could have bought his own damn booze,’ he muttered under his breath. Not that he needed to hush himself; it may have been a high-end hotel but it was almost midnight and it was midweek. The corridors were deserted. Beyond the occasional passionate moan as he passed by a room, he was engulfed in crushing silence and he shivered.

He hated the hotel when it was this empty. He was hardly the superstitious sort, but he always felt as though he was intruding somewhere he really shouldn’t. It felt like he was walking through the corridors of a school after all the staff and students had gone home, or waiting in a bus station in the early hours of the morning. Somehow it just felt wrong. The faintest squeak of the trolley’s wheel seemed like a crow squawking in his ear and the quietest noises sounded like a shotgun going off in the oppressive silence.

Reaching the end of the corridor he came to the final door and stopped the trolley in front of it. He sighed and, quickly double-checking the room number, stepped up to knock.

Before he could lay his hand to the wood, however, the door swung open. It was not the first time somebody had waited expectantly for the service behind the peephole, but it was rare enough to make him jump as the sharp crack of the dropping handle rang through the corridor.  

The man behind the door was casually dressed, his blue shirt buttoned only halfway up to leave a little too much chest on display for Cody’s liking and his dark trousers a little creased. He was tanned and tattooed and had dark, waxed hair. For once, Cody found that he was unable to read the man as he so easily could almost all of the other hotel patrons. Having been in the job for a few years now he had learned how to read customers with relative ease through their attire, demeanour and the way they held themselves. For example, he knew with almost complete certainty that the couple in room 279 were definitively not married despite the wedding rings each of them wore, and he was fairly sure that the woman in room 43 worked for one of the hotel’s competitors. He could run through almost every occupied room and relay at least one interesting titbit of information regarding the occupier.

Yet this man remained unreadable. It was strange and Cody found it unnerved him. His wide smile as he opened the door did not help matters.

‘Your bottle of white wine, sir,’ he said, gesturing to the bottle all but submerged in a large bucket of ice. The man nodded and Cody went on. ‘How many glasses will that be, sir?’

‘Two, please.’

‘Expecting company tonight, sir?’ he said in an attempt to make some small talk as he selected two glasses from the tray.

‘Of a sort,’ he replied. ‘Actually, I was rather hoping we might enjoy it. You and I, that is. You’re a very attractive young man and I –’

Sighing deeply Cody held up a hand. ‘I’ll stop you there, dude. Listen, I’m flattered, but I’m neither gay, nor do I get involved with customers. You’re not the first person to hit on me, so please don’t take it personally but I’m not interested. Now, if you’ll excuse me I’ll be leaving, so if you would take your drink I would appreciate it.’

Unlike other customers who had hit on him before, the man appeared neither crestfallen nor insulted. Instead his grin grew wider and a flicker of danger darted through his eyes. ‘Okay,’ he said, curling a hand around the handle of the trolley and pulling it out of Cody’s grasp with astonishing strength. The glass rattled noisily as he pulled it into his room and all at once he seemed larger and more intimidating in the doorway.

Still, despite his rising fear, Cody tried to remain professional.

‘Sir, I’m afraid I need that trolley back. If you keep at this I will have to call security.’

‘You know I was hoping you would say no. It makes what comes next much more enjoyable.’ To his horror the man’s grin grew monstrous as, slipping from his gums and over his ordinary canines came a pair of fangs, long, thin and piercingly sharp. Diving forwards the man wrenched Cody’s head to one side with a strong hand and clamped his jaws around his exposed neck before he could so much as cry out.

Cody’s struggle was brief and futile as the man dragged him into the room. He was a frightened deer trapped in the jaws of a great snake. Quickly his body fell still and he was limp in the man’s arms, strangely and terrifyingly paralysed. An odd calm washed over him and a dumb smile spread across his face. He had never felt so relaxed and as his vision hazed over the fear that coursed through him melted away. The sharp, white-hot pain in his neck faded to a dull throb and though he could feel something being drawn from him it didn’t seem to matter what it was.

There was a distant clunk as the door closed behind them and he could vaguely feel himself being moved across the room. Then the man pulled away, breaking their connection and allowing him to collapse to the floor.

After a few seconds fear crashed through him again and clarity returned. His hand rising instinctively to his neck he brushed his fingers over the two puncture wounds in his neck, but when he looked at them they were bone dry. No blood. No pain either, only a gentle blossom of discomfort when he touched them. It was like he had received them months ago and they had all but healed.

‘Good, isn’t it?’

Starting, Cody looked up at the man standing over him and scrambled away. Unfortunately, after a few half-leaps backwards he hit the wall. Leaping up he pressed his back to it as though if he applied enough pressure he might fall through. He had not realised at first, but a strange tingling sensation was spreading rapidly from the point of his bite. Returning his hand to his neck he clamped his fingers over it as though it might help, grunting and sighing uncomfortably as it spread. Already it was working up his cheek, across his chest and down his arm.

Stalking towards him, the man laughed at his discomfort. ‘Always amuses me how humans think vampires work. Whatever they imagine, it’s invariably wrong. I mean, no, of course, we don’t burst into flames if we take a mid-afternoon stroll on a sunny day. Nor do we go into cardiac arrest at the faintest whiff of garlic. Sure, a stake to the heart will put us down, but then I can’t really think of somebody that wouldn’t kill. And you seem to think that being bit means either you’re dead, or you’re one of us. Where did you ever come up with that shit? If a bee stings you do you suddenly sprout wings and break out in stripes? Fuck no. Right now my venom is racing through your body like a wildfire, twisting, manipulating. But not killing. That wouldn’t be any fun at all. Trust me when I tell you that blood from a cadaver is about as palatable as a coffee with ten tablespoons of salt. Fresh blood, on the other hand, now that is better than the finest, purest wine.’

Plucking the bottle of wine from the bucket he twisted off the cap and took a swig. He nodded with satisfaction. ‘Excellent choice, if I do say so myself. Blood may be my craving, but can you blame me for getting tired drinking all that red? I find a good white wine tends to balance the scales. But where were we?’

As the man had spoken, the strange tingling had expanded across Cody’s entire body and his skull felt as though it had a severe case of pins and needles. The man’s voice echoed strangely in his ears and involuntary arousal swelled through him as his vision shifted at the edges. Scrunching his eyes tight and shaking his head did nothing to dislodge either of his sensory distresses and the man laughed.

‘Ah yes, you were falling hopelessly and impossibly in love with me.’ His grin was both malicious and deeply arousing. ‘You see, vampires like me, we’re efficient. Sucking someone dry can really be quite bloating, but leaving them alive for a later drink presents its own problems since they always try and run away. Fortunately, our venom counteracts that. About now it will be infiltrating your mind, fucking with your hormones and once it is done you won’t be able to resist a word I say. Call me twisted if you like, but I have to admit I like watching my lovers break.’

‘L… lovers?’ Cody managed, his voice sounding distant and the word a struggle to force out.

The vampire seemed shocked that he had been able to say anything at all but then his cruel beam was back. ‘You’re a strong one,’ he growled, ‘I like that. You’ll fit in nicely with our little family. What, you think I was lying when I said you were attractive? No, I meant it.

‘Every vampire has their way of feeding. Some of us just take one lover for all of our lives, feeding off of them as and when we need. Sure, they’re like animals beneath the sheets and they tend to retain their youthful looks as they grow older, but the rest of the time they’re no different to any other couple.

‘Others like to prey on drunks in the clubs and pubs. With practice they can drink without their victim even noticing and it would look no more suspect than a prolonged kiss on the neck. I’m told the blood of drunks is delightfully sweet, though I can’t say I’ve sampled it myself. They’ll wake up in the morning and along with their memory of the night before, the memory of their dance partner vanishes also and on they go with their lives with barely a feather ruffled.

‘Me though, I’ve got my own way of doing things. Once a year I’ll check in at a nice hotel like this one and take a room for as long as I need to pick my prey from the staff. Naturally, not every place has the right man for my tastes and if that is the case then I will simply move on to the next.  I’ve got a particular type, you see: young men, slim, cute, and deliciously fuckable. Men like you, Cody. I’ve been watching you. Biding my time. Waiting to pounce. I learned your shift pattern, figured out when you would be the one to bring me my wine if I was to order it late at night. And here you are, just as tasty as I imagined.

‘Once we’re done here I’m going to take you home, Cody. You’re going to become part of my little family and you get to spend your days with your new brothers. I’m afraid you’re never going to see your real family again, but if it’s any consolation you won’t care. After a while the memory of them will fade completely, don’t worry. Trust me, you’re going to be so happy serving me and feeding me.

‘I think you should have had enough time to stew by now. I’d say you’re ready. Now, I must warn you, Cody, if you try and resist this then tonight isn’t going to be very enjoyable for you at all. You’ll lose yourself eventually anyway and your body is already mine regardless, so it doesn’t much matter to me, it will just take the venom a few days to fully rewrite your mental functions. If you let yourself go to it though, tonight will be the best night of your life.

‘Now, take off your shirt.’

Without missing a beat Cody’s hands rose to his collar and began unbuttoning. As he did so a wave of pleasure unlike anything he had ever felt crashed through him, silencing the screams of protest that remained locked in his head as he momentarily drowned in it. Clawing his way to the surface, in his mind he was marooned on an island in an endless sea. But the waters were warm and inviting, and he felt temptation call to him. For now, however, he stuck to the shores and scrambled away from the waves that battered against it, continuing to mentally resist the effects of the venom.

Despite his resistance, however, his body was no longer under his control and in short order his shirt was on the floor.

The man stepped up to the side of the bed and beckoned him over. There was a cruel satisfaction in his voice as he leaned in to whisper in Cody’s ear. ‘Take off mine.’

Muscular man and skinny twink kiss and grope each other shirtless

On his island of refuge the shore was battered with more waves of pleasure and they caught him off guard, washing around his legs and threatening to pull him into the surf. His body shivered with delight and he followed his orders quickly, a soft moan escaping his lips as the man’s muscular torso was laid bare.

As though the sight of it sparked something inside him he automatically dipped his head and began to kiss the man’s collarbone. The vampire’s strong hands brushed his neck and he felt hot lips kissing his cheek. Suddenly overwhelmed with a need to be kissed Cody lifted his head and locked lips with the man, moaning into his mouth as fresh pleasure cascaded through him. With his hot venom coursing through his veins the faintest touch from his perfect form felt intensely erotic and as they pressed their bodies against one another Cody was swamped with unrivalled passion.

As they kissed the vampire slipped a little black choker around Cody’s neck, and the boy moaned into his lover’s mouth.

Unsure what to do with them in his adoring stupor, Cody ran his fingers down the man’s chest and in return he felt the man’s hands descend to his ass and tug down his uniform trousers a little to expose the top of his tight ass.

The sensation of being so intimate with him rose the waves up around Cody’s mental island and they hammered over him as he fought to remain ashore. The warmth and pleasure they held seeped into him and for a brief moment he wanted it, wanted to let it overwhelm him and fill him with love and lust. Then he wrestled free of the temptation but his island was significantly smaller and the rising waves seemed that much more inviting.

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Taking Cody’s head in his hands, the man pulled him into a more passionate kiss, and as he did so he pushed him down to his knees. Without thinking, Cody’s trembling fingers unbuckled the man’s belt as they kissed, sliding his jeans and boxers down which were quickly kicked away. The vampire’s boner bucked up to brush Cody’s cheek and apprehensive expectation rippled through him.

It was big and thick, and he could see beads of pre-cum decorating his head like resplendent pale gems. As before the sight of his impressive manhood woke something deep inside him and he began to salivate at the thought of what it might taste like. In his head, he allowed the lapping waves to wash around his feet and smiled at the pleasure and warmth that swelled through him. He had never felt so content. Would it be so bad to give in?

Though he knew his lover would go down on him without question or command, the vampire found it hotter to help them along in their first attempt: it made him feel powerful. As such, no sooner had he broken away from their kiss than he grabbed hold of his curly hair and forced him down onto his waiting cock. Looking down at his new pet he helped him along by thrusting into his waiting wet mouth, sinking deeper into his throat with every roll of his hips.

He was pleasantly surprised that the cute little thing showed promise. He had taken enough men like Cody to know that he had not given in completely just yet. The note of hesitancy in his moans were just prominent enough to hear, the tension in his neck and back fractionally visible. But he could tell it would not be long, and already he was giddily slurping on his meat. The way he ran his tongue along the underside of his shaft was surprisingly sensual, the incredible sensation of his lips running tight over his head deeply erotic. At the rate he was going, Cody was going to be the best pet he had taken yet.

Muscular man assists skinny twink in giving oral sex

His orgasm rose quickly – he always found the first time with a new pet too hot to resist – and he frowned with barely contained euphoria as he shot his load between those plump lips. Holding Cody’s head hard down on his cock he grunted with each shot of his ejaculation and laughed softly as he felt the tension in his lover’s neck fade away.

With the hot load of his master spilling down his throat, Cody was almost crying with joy. It tasted so perfect, better than anything he had ever known before and everything just felt so right. He gulped it down hungrily, and with every swallow what was left of the man he had been was battered on his isolated mental island with a storm of desire. The tempest ate away at his island until it was barely a scrap of sand and he felt himself yearning to feel more, to let the depths claim him.

He wanted it. He craved it.

As Cody licked his cum-slick lips the vampire dragged him to his feet. ‘Take off your trousers,’ he ordered. As he did so, the man picked up a pair of pink, knee-high striped socks that Cody had not noticed had been laid out on the bed. ‘Put these on, twink.’ Handing them over, he then climbed onto the bed and laid out in the middle, stroking his dick and eyeing the horny pet he had acquired.

Slipping on the cute socks, Cody hopped up onto the bed and crawled over to the man. He knew what came next, they both did, and in a moment or two he had straddled the man and aligned the waiting cock with his twitching ass. Slowly, he eased himself down.

On his mental island the former hotel worker was unable to resist any longer. Out in the ocean, a wave far more powerful than any of the others had risen up on every side. Racing towards his minute sliver of resistance it rumbled ominously and he knew there was no hope of surviving it. But he didn’t want to survive it. He wanted the depths to swallow him up, he wanted to ride the man until they both came, and he wanted to spend his every waking minute dedicating himself to pleasing his master. Feeding him or fucking him he didn’t care, their passion was the only thing that mattered anymore.

Wading into the ocean up to his waist he closed his eyes and smiled, waiting for the wave to hit…

Skinny twink in knee-length socks rides muscular man on bed

As the head of his master’s dick parted the tight ring of muscles and slid into his virgin ass, Cody was set free of his mental prison and he was once more in control of his own body. And with his newfound control he quickly set about bringing a smile to the vampire’s face.

Bracing himself by taking hold of the man’s thighs and leaning back a little, Cody bounced up and down on his meaty cock with a fresh sense of purpose. This was what he was for, this was where he belonged. Impaled on the dick of his one true master and serving him however he desired. His dick was hot and perfect in Cody’s ass and with every passing second he melted into the man’s possession more and more. Every movement was ecstasy as he rode harder and he no longer restrained his moans, groaning like he was cumming with every bounce.

How could he ever have wanted to resist when submitting felt this good? Pleasure unlike anything he had ever known flooded his system until he thought it might make him cry, but instead he used his lust to drive his enthusiasm. Before long he was not simply bouncing but gyrating, twerking, rolling on the man’s divine cock and through his pants he whispered filthy desires to the only lover he would ever need.

Though he had never had a guy in his ass before, he could tell almost instinctively when the man was about to cum. Grinning, Cody doubled his efforts, desperate to milk the vampire dry of every drop of his perfect seed. It did not take long for the man’s will to break and Cody’s eyes rolled back in his skull as his insides were coated with hot, sticky cum. The erotic sensation pushed him over the edge as well and he shot strings of cum across the man’s chest, who laughed and pulled Cody down harder to ensure no cum leaked out.

Both of them spent, they collapsed into the bed together, the vampire scooping up strings of Cody’s cum and sucking them from his fingers with a seductive grin.

Naturally, they both knew that they could not stay there. Sooner or later another member of staff would notice Cody’s absence, and it would not be hard to trace him to the right room. Fortunately, there was no need to creep out of a back door, for the vampire had one more ace to play. Pulling up the window, he pulled Cody to his side and with a snap of his fingers summoned his luggage, which flew across the room to land in a neat pile at his feet. Still naked and sticky with cum, the two men kissed passionately.

As they did so a dense cloud of black smoke swept up through the floor and engulfed them. Swirling around them dizzyingly, it lifted off the floor, barrelled through the open window and flew off into the night leaving nobody at all in the room.

Eventually, Cody’s disappearance would become another cold case, just as all of the vampire’s pets had before him. But the following day, as police scoured the room for clues and the hotel pored over hours of CCTV footage and page after page of room logs, Cody was in his master’s bed getting better acquainted with the man who now held his undying devotion…

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Once I knew I would be writing some supernatural stories I knew I wanted to throw a gay story into the mix and I could not be happier with the result. However, I have to say this piece would not be half as hot if it wasn’t for the insanely sexy videos from Zilv Gudel and Rourke I found during my research for supporting images. They are a real engaged couple who film their intensely hot sex life. Originally I was going to use some of their official videos to create the gifs for this piece, however they are pay to download videos. Given that this is purely a hobby I could not pay to download them for a few seconds of footage, so I used a video that had made its way onto a different site. Having said that, you can and should check out their Pornhub page:

I highly recommend them. All of their videos are incredibly hot and their dynamic is amazing. If I can I will definitely be using clips and gifs from them in future gay pieces I write.

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