A Neighbourly Favour – Routine

Latina trans woman wearing pink stockings and an open shirt stroking her boner

‘Good morning, little boy,’ Mrs. Johnson smiled as Craig opened his eyes. She was laid out on the end of his pristine white bedsheets with a hungry look in her eye. Her pink stockings clung tightly to her slender legs, and she was wearing one of Mr. Johnson’s shirts – although to say she was wearing it might have been overstating it a little; it hung open to reveal her large tits and it was draped over her shoulders so delicately that at any second it might have fell away completely. Beyond these, she wore nothing else, and with her legs open she was stroking a growing boner with gentle moans.

‘Good morning, gorgeous,’ Craig replied, sitting up in his bed and grinning.

Most mornings he woke up to the sound of the Johnsons fucking in their bedroom next door – sounds which never failed to arouse him – and he would use one of the many fleshlights they Johnsons had bought for him to satisfy his morning wood.

From time to time, however, Mrs. Johnson liked to surprise him. Whenever Mr. Johnson had to leave early for work, Craig would awake to find her exactly where she was now: sprawled over the end of his bed, jerking her delicious cock and ready to treat him to a very different breakfast.

Taking her load as his first meal of the day was something he looked forward to, and no sooner had he laid eyes on her than he was suddenly wide awake and tugging aside the covers. Craig all but dived onto his stomach in front of her, where he took the base of her shaft in his hand and the rest of it into his mouth.

It had been several months since Craig moved in with the Johnsons, and in that time if he had learned anything it was how to suck a cock. It was exceptionally rare that a day went by without either of the Johnson’s cumming down his throat. All that practice had ensured he knew every contour of both their dicks and had learned exactly what each of them found the hottest.

Mr. Johnson, for example, was particularly fond of a rough, sloppy oral session, whereas has wife had more sensual tastes. With this in mind, Craig bobbed his head slow but deep, taking as much of her meat as he could and holding it in his mouth for as long as he was able. With her dick filling his mouth, he sucked and slurped expertly, whisking his tongue around in tight circles and moaning as he savoured her taste.

Even though the young man was by now effectively a sex pet for the Johnsons, they never took him for granted and always made sure to fulfil his needs at any opportunity. As such, as Craig went down on her with all the expertise of a seasoned slave Mrs. Johnson leaned over and slipped her hands beneath his boxers.

One of the few rules they had imposed on Craig since his arrival was that when he was in the house he was to wear no more than his underwear. At first, Craig had found it difficult to get used to, however the benefits of the arrangement had soon dispelled his doubts as he soon realised he was now far easier to access for the couple. He had lost count of the times Mr. Johnson had arrived home, torn down Craig’s boxers and spread his ass for a good fucking. As for Mrs. Johnson, she had a tendency to tease him throughout the day with unexpected handjobs only to deny his orgasm with a coy smile. Sure, it was tormenting at the time, but the sensation of cumming after a day of denial with one of the Johnsons pounding his asshole was indescribably intense. The only exception to the rule was when Craig wore exercise clothes as both his lovers found him desperately cute in them.

Now, she licked her fingers and slipped two into his tight ass, drawing a moan from her plaything that tingled her dick.

By the time they were finished, Mrs. Johnson was breathless and Craig was wiping thick strings of cum from his chin. Slipping his fingers into his mouth he sucked them clean.

Mrs. Johnson stroked his hair affectionately before pushing him down into the bed and kissing him hard. Craig could tell he had made her horny as she explored his mouth with her tongue and to his surprise her hand fell to his dick to jerk him off but she did not deny him his own orgasm. Instead, when his laboured breathing signalled the approach of his climax she slid down his body and wrapped her lips around his cock, swallowing his load without objection.

Delirious with horniness, Craig panted as she lay beside him. ‘Thank you,’ he breathed, admiring the shine of her sweaty breasts.

‘You deserve it,’ she replied. ‘That was one of the best blowjobs you’ve ever given me. You know I really can’t wait until we move. Then all three of us will be able to sleep in the same bed, and I can wake you up with your dick in my mouth or mine in yours. Are you sure you are okay in the spare room until we move?’

She asked him the same question constantly, and he was flattered that there was sincerity in her tone. Their moving day was only a month away, just after Christmas, though it seemed like it had been years waiting. Already they had plans to transform the place into a perfect sex mansion, complete with bondage rooms, space for orgies and an entire room dedicated to sex toys and kinky outfits, however the top of their list was having a bed big enough to fit all three of them – something which their current home was sadly lacking. Having lived on minimum wage for years, Craig was no stranger to having to go without things he wanted and the luxurious lifestyle living with the Johnsons allowed him to enjoy was more than enough to satisfy him while they waited. His new lovers, however, always seemed concerned that they could not offer him everything they were capable of, and thus he found himself reassuring them on a daily basis that he had no problem waiting for the freedom their dream house would provide.

‘You know I am,’ he smiled. ‘After all, anything worth having is worth waiting for.’

She stared at him adoringly for a few moments before rising to her feet and tending to her now-dishevelled hair. Her dick hung close to his face and Craig forced himself not to reach for it. ‘Well,’ she said, ‘I have to head into town for a bit. You going to be alright here on your own while I’m gone?’

Craig scoffed. ‘I think I’ll manage.’

With both of the Johnsons out, he had free reign of the house and hours to while away. Craig would have been the first to admit that after quitting his job and moving in with the Johnsons it had been a little overwhelming to have so much time to himself. Fortunately, Mrs. Johnson had anticipated as much and she had spent the first month or so helping him to explore his newfound freedom and showing him what she did when Mr. Johnson was at work.

Before she had even left the house, Craig had slipped in one of the many butt plugs he now owned. It was by no means a rule that he wear them, but he knew his lovers thoroughly enjoyed finding his tight ass plugged up while the act of removing it prior to using him only made all parties hornier. More to the point, by now he felt stranger with his ass empty than with it full and he had come to adore the motion of a plug or dildo inside him whenever he moved.

The Johnsons had assured him that he did not have to do anything around the house if he did not want to: his service and submission to them was more than enough. Nevertheless, Craig had always been a hard worker, and though he often enjoyed taking time out to play video games and watch TV he could not bring himself to lounge around all day. As a result, while Mrs. Johnson was out he washed the dishes, cleaned the entire upper floor and even did the laundry.

Unwilling to disrupt his daily routine, he ensured that before either Johnson returned he had gone through his training regime. Though they intended to create an even more expansive one in their new home, the Johnsons’ home gym was already impressive. Still,  it was more than a little unorthodox, with machines designed to train the body in more than just fitness.

Close shot of man using fleshlight

With his more generic exercise complete, Craig moved on to his sexual exercises. Beginning with his deepthroat routine, the young man used successively larger dildos to train his throat. Following this he went down on all fours and allowed himself to be ploughed by a fucking machine at increasingly higher speeds. Then, after a number of more minor exercises, he finished off by using a particularly fleshlight to edge for an entire hour, denying himself his orgasm at the end. Content in the knowledge that both of the Johnsons liked to see him cum hard as they fucked him, and that he had built up an impressive orgasm for them to enjoy later, Craig finally allowed himself to relax a little.

When Mrs. Johnson arrived home, Craig was waiting at the door to relieve her of the many shopping bags she hauled in with her. She looked exhausted and once he had laid the bags out at the foot of the stairs, he helped her strip down to her lace panties. Pressing himself close, he rubbed her dick with a mischievous smirk.

‘Do you need to let off a little steam, madam?’ he said. Expecting her to match his mischief with an equally naughty grin, he was surprised and momentarily taken aback as her face contorted with pleasure and she allowed herself to submit to it as he continued to rub her growing shaft.

‘Oh baby, I know you want to be naughty right now but I don’t think I’ve got the strength for it. You know what I really want? I want to be filled up. I want to be fucked and used until I cum. I’m exhausted after all that shopping for sex toys and Christmas presents and I just need to have a man make love to me.’

Taking her gently by the hand, Craig made to lead her upstairs. ‘Your wish is my command.’

Latina trans woman rides her lover on a bed with silver sheets and red mood lighting

Contrary to their ordinary time alone, there was very little foreplay involved once they reached the main bedroom. In a matter of moments she had jerked him to his full height and sank her hips down onto his shaft, where she rode him while facing away. He gripped her hips firmly and rocked her on his meat until the house was filled with their combined moaning and dirty talk.

When Craig had moved in it had quickly become evident that Mrs. Johnson was an insatiable woman. Her lusts were as numerous as they were ravenous, and it was a rare day when she did not find herself desperate to fuck or be fucked at any given moment. Fortunately for her, Mr. Johnson’s libido was almost a match for her own, however even more fortunate was that she now had a playmate when her lover was away. And Craig had never loved sex more.

The opportunity to be both provider and receiver was a novel and exciting concept to him, and yet despite their frequent and prolonged sessions spent tangled up with one another, the ecstasy of it had not worn off for him. Her ass was so hot inside, so tight around his dick, and the gentle blows of her balls against his sent shivers up his spine as she rode him desperately.

Whenever she was in an exhausted mood such as this, he always ignored his own needs to satisfy hers. Today was no exception. After a short burst of intense fucking she came over the bedsheets and collapsed in a heap beside him. Naturally, Craig would never have pulled out until she came, however he was pleased that it had not taken his own orgasm to set her off as that meant he had built it up even more for later.

Lying beside one another, they made out gently until they heard the door open and close downstairs, at which point they hurried naked to the top of the stairs and stared down at Mr. Johnson.

His jacket was coated in a fine dusting of snow and they both shivered as the pocket of cold winter air he had let in as he entered rushed up to meet them. It was their sudden intakes of breath that drew his eyes up to meet them and to their surprise his face was set grimly. Jabbing a finger at Craig he glared at the young man. ‘You. Here. Now.’

Obediently, Craig hurried down the stairs and stood in front of Mr. Johnson. In the time it had taken him to descend the man had thrown of his boots and jacket and was halfway through unbuttoning his shirt, which he discarded at the foot of the stairs.

‘Is everything alright, babe?’ Mrs. Johnson said, joining them.

Mr. Johnson’s hands rose to coil around Craig’s neck and there was a sadistic gleam in his eye. ‘They are now I’m here. I’ve had one Hell of a day at work, baby, so I had to focus on something to get me through. I know we agreed to wait until Christmas, honey, but do you mind if I give Craig his present a little early? It’s all that has kept me going today.’

Mrs. Johnson’s face lit up and she smiled naughtily. ‘Oh I don’t mind at all, boo. I’ll fetch the camera.’

Dominant tattooed man receives oral from his submissive male lover

Craig’s moaning and gagging rang through the dark room as Mr. Johnson fucked his face hard, however inside he was on a spectacular high. Not only was Mr. Johnsons’ salty, sticky cum lining his throat and spilling over his lips to string from his chin, but he was finally able to contribute to the relationship in a meaningful way.

If there was one thing he had been unable to adapt to in his time with the Johnsons it was the sense of taking advantage of their hospitality. As much as he served them and kept their house clean and followed their rules, without his job he could not financially contribute to the relationship and he had often felt guilty as a result. In months he had been unable to think of a solution, but now the Johnsons knowing him as well as they did had supplied him a solution: live shows.

Already, thousands of viewers were watching the sloppy blowjob he was giving Mr. Johnson, and donations were beginning to come in as he was manhandled onto the alpha man’s thick cock. All the stress Mr. Johnson had penned up over the day was now being taken out on Craig’s throat, and if his eyes weren’t already watering he would have shed a tear of delight. Beside him, he could hear Mrs. Johnson egging her husband on and occasionally read out the comments of encouragement as she filmed their activities.

In truth, as much as he did not expect anything from them, he had wondered what the couple might get him for Christmas. For all his hours thinking it over, he had never conceived of anything so perfect: if this was the last Christmas present he ever received it wouldn’t matter.

As Mr. Johnson finally pulled out and Craig swallowed his load, he heaved his pet up onto a leather-padded plinth in the centre of the room. Though he had heard the Johnsons using their basement playroom before, he had never actually been in it before. Already he could not wait to come down again and perform another show. Still, he had the rest of tonight to look forward to.

As he felt Mr. Johnson part his tight ass and fill him to completion, Craig smiled blissfully. He let himself ride the waves of ecstasy of his lover fucked him ruthlessly and closed his eyes. Though he woke up every morning knowing there would be a good fucking involved, he was happy that he never knew exactly what new kink or surprise lay around the next corner. Lying back, sweaty and breathless, being ravaged by Mr. Johnson’s enormous meat, he knew he would not have it any other way…

Dominant man wearing chest harness has sex with his submissive male lover who is on his back

Thanks for reading!

I only recently realised that it had been a while since I paid Craig and the Johnsons a visit, so I thought Christmas would be a great time to check back in on their blossoming relationship. I really enjoy this little mini-series that has developed from a story I thought was going to be a one off, and I feel there is definitely at least one more story to tell with them, maybe a few. Once we hit 2020 the next sort of event I guess will be a month of gay stories in April, so I would imagine the Johnsons will be likely to make an appearance then.

Also, for those of you who are interested in a little of my production process, you may notice that I have changed the model of Mrs. Johnson from the first story I wrote with her. I know changing the models isn’t exactly a rarity in stories like these as creators want to select the right images to support their work, however personally I like trying to keep the same model as much as possible to maintain a visual storyline as well as a written one. It doesn’t always work out, of course, and where it doesn’t I try to use models who look at least somewhat similar to those they are replacing.

As far as I could find, the model who appeared in the first story is called Rose, however when looking for media to support this story I could find very little content of hers online. Unfortunately, unlike male and female models and performers, trans performers can be a bit more elusive in terms of finding their particular content or even identifying them. As a result, I found a few possible replacements for her and eventually settled on Jane Marie, who is the model you can see in this story. She has a lot more content online and I hope to use that for any Mrs. Johnson images moving forward. I highly recommend checking her out.

One final point is that, having said that trans performers can be difficult to pin down in the same way as their cis counterparts, there are signs of this improving. One major step in this regard is the introduction of Transfixed, a series created by Adult Time that is dedicated to trans content. It includes the likes of Natalie Mars, Venus Lux and Chanel Santini working alongside some of the big cis names in the industry such as Cherie Deville, Kristen Scott and Kleio Valentien. If you’re into trans content I cannot recommend Transfixed highly enough and I look forward to seeing future content from the series. Adult Time itself is also a brilliant creator of premium erotic content and cover many other niches beyond trans, so whatever your tastes they are well worth a watch.

I’ll stop rambling now though, but if you enjoyed this I would love any comments about your thoughts on my work.

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