Models: Rob Piper & Joanna Angel Lying still and silent on the crimson divan, the woman looked like Sleeping Beauty’s kinky older sister. Her pale skin was decorated by gothic tattoos, almost all of which were on full display thanks to the red netting of her bodystocking, which did almost nothing to conceal her decency. A red latex bra hugged her big plastic tits, just about concealing her nipples but

Models: Eden Ivy, Markus Kage & Bo Sinn The second she regained consciousness, Violet could feel it. The warmth beneath her skin. A pulsing, shifting heat swirling under her flesh like air bubbles trapped beneath the ice of a frozen lake. It was more than just a sensation. It felt alive. Like it was exploring her insides, searching for a place to settle. Thick bands of clear film bound her

Models: Ellen Houston, Keizy Maria, Saory Vilella & Unknown Male Model ‘That’s it, choke on my cock, baby,’ Athena purred, forcing her dick between her victim’s lips. Rolling her hips, she pushed in deep as he struggled to escape, but his resistance faltered as she slapped him hard across the cheek. ‘Stop whining, you little cunt. Do your job and worship my meat.’ When he and Athena had locked eyes

Models: Reiko Kobayakawa & Unknown Male Model Lying on the floor of master’s meeting room, her will broken and her body aching, Reiko wondered if anyone back home was missing her. Were her family looking for her? Had her trophy wife already cashed in the life insurance on her vanished husband and moved on to some other man? Had the police even bothered investigating her disappearance, or had her scheming

Models: Carolina Sweets & Rob Piper Her yellow-nailed fingers coiled around the bars of the cage in which she lived most of her life, the woman groaned as the huge black bull imprisoned with her tugged on the chain attached to her tight leather collar. Her pink nipples poked through the holes of her revealing mesh bodysuit and she shivered as she imagined his broad tongue sucking on them roughly,

Given the fact he was hungrily going down on a man he had very recently been sold to, it was safe to say that Walter was not having a good day. The morning had been a disaster from the outset. To begin with, his alarm had chosen the day of the most important shareholder meeting all year to do him the favour of giving up and allow him to sleep

In the upper echelons of society, royals and politicians are as distantly inferior to the true ruling elite as the general public are considered by royals and politicians. Composed of shadowy figures privileged with access to banks of wealth so vast they could make billionaires look like peasants, ferociously clandestine groups experimenting with terrible powers in their sprawling subterranean complexes of bunkers and laboratories, and collections of individuals so terrifically

Stumbling through the thick bushes, Robert struggled to remain calm. Though he had been traversing these forests for close to two decades, anyone with an ounce of experience knew not everybody who entered made it out again, no matter how well they knew their way. To his dismay, it looked as though today was the day his name joined the long list of men and women who had gone missing

By now her voice was hoarse from screaming and all the sordid things done to her to stop her screaming, but she continued to cry out anyway. In truth, it was all she could think to do. With her limbs tied up she could not run or lash out at her attackers, and with her restraints angling her away from the crowd of gathered men she could not glare at

Sliding out of her inky limousine, Madame Huntress took a moment to smooth down an unsightly roll in her latex dress. Snatching up the briefcase laid in the back seat, she closed the door and watched it ease away from the kerb, the silhouette of her huge bull at the wheel. Checking her watch, she pivoted sharply toward the large, medieval building before her. It had been part of the