Brunette woman tied up naked and used roughly by muscular man

By now her voice was hoarse from screaming and all the sordid things done to her to stop her screaming, but she continued to cry out anyway. In truth, it was all she could think to do. With her limbs tied up she could not run or lash out at her attackers, and with her restraints angling her away from the crowd of gathered men she could not glare at her assailants. As such, other than shouting for help or screaming in fear there was nothing else for her to do, and to fall still felt as though she was giving up.

When the man ruining her pussy stepped away grunting breathlessly, she felt no relief. For one thing she could feel his seed trickling down her inner thigh, a hot sticky streak. More distressing though, she knew her torment was far from over. There were more men in the room – she could hear them – and they were ready to use her in all the same filthy ways. Even so, the man who stepped up next managed somehow to worsen her misery: forcefully, mercilessly, he crushed his thick cock into her virgin ass and began to thrust.

The only small mercy she found was that the men before him had fucked her so rough their cum provided some minor lubrication, but beyond that her ass was white hot as he fucked her hard.

Her screams picked up once more, but they were cut off as she suddenly felt thick fingers in her mouth pulling at her cheeks.

‘Don’t go wasting that pretty voice of yours, bitch,’ came a smooth voice so close to her ear she felt the heat of breath on her neck, ‘I might have need of it. I might want to hear it screaming my name. Or for mercy. Or maybe both.’ The man chuckled terribly, and she whimpered around his fingers.

She knew his voice. She had heard it many times, most of those times while he sat smirking in the testimonial booth of a courtroom. Dominic Sitello. In her eyes the most loathsome man on the planet. He was better known as ‘The Bloody Shepherd’ given that his assassins and goons always wore animal masks to do his bidding. It was an open secret that he ran the city’s underworld and was the reigning head of one of the country’s most dangerous mobs spanning every corner of every state. But common knowledge would not stand up in a court of law, and Sitello knew it.

She supposed she should have known something like this would happen, trying to take him on. Lawyers attempting to bring him down had gone missing many times before; witnesses had mysteriously turned up dead; evidence had conveniently yielded insufficient proof of guilt or vanished from where it was being stored.

But she had been so sure her case was ready. Perhaps it had been the thrill of coming so close that had caused her to slip up. Perhaps, back when she had been a man, before the mob had got their hands on her, her thoughts had been blurred by the certainty of victory. However it had come about though, Sitello had slipped through her fingers in the courtroom, her evidence melting away like butter on a hot grill.

The only small solace she’d had leaving the courtroom after another verdict of innocence for Sitello had been the memory the mobster’s faltering smile when she presented her evidence. Brief as it may have been, it had been a beautiful sight.

Then the police car escorting him home had veered into a side street and all of a sudden huge men in animal masks had dragged him from his seat and thrown him into the back of a black van. They had injected him at some point on the journey, the liquid in the needle a violent purple, prompting him to pass out. It was only when he awoke naked in the body of a young, attractive woman that he realised the injection had been more than just a sedative.

Soon after the men had entered and descended upon her, using her body like a piece of meat. She had screamed even around their throbbing cocks, but deep down she had not expected it do any good: Sitello had obviously done the same to hundreds before her, he was hardly going to have set up shop anywhere close enough for a passer-by to hear her screams.

Now he was in front of her she could smell the liquor on his breath, and the distinct metallic taste of his fingers made her want to vomit.

‘Gustav,’ he said to the man fucking her, ‘are you trying to treat her like a lover? She is slave, use her rough man.’ Chuckling, the man hammered into her ass even harder and she whimpered around Sitello’s fingers, tears stinging her eyes.

Leaning in, Sitello licked her neck before sliding his tongue over her cheek and delving it between her lips. When he pulled away she spat out his saliva only for a sharp slap to crack across her cheek. ‘You are disrespectful, bitch. You should be grateful to kiss the man who owns this city. Most of the ones I transform do not get the privilege. But you are smart. You came close, you know. Very, very close to finally besting me. All the ones before you were like puppies, but you were a wolf, ravenous and sharp. But just one arrow in the right place can fell even the strongest hunter. I respect you for coming close though, know that.

‘It almost makes me regret having to sell you. But my enemies are many, and I cannot have them plotting against me without taking action. You nearly ruined me once, think what might happen if I let you go on. No, no, it is the black market for you, bitch. And I would suggest you learn to respect your new master: I do not think they will take kindly to poor manners. For now though, I leave you with my men. You must forgive them, it has been over a month since I last bought them some fuckmeat and they get terribly needy. And if you could stop screaming, we would appreciate it. If not, we have more humiliating ways of keeping you mute…’

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