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Given the fact he was hungrily going down on a man he had very recently been sold to, it was safe to say that Walter was not having a good day.

The morning had been a disaster from the outset. To begin with, his alarm had chosen the day of the most important shareholder meeting all year to do him the favour of giving up and allow him to sleep in late. Then, after he had scrambled to dress himself, he had found the wheels to his car problematically absent from the axles they were supposed to turn. With his car stuck on four pillars of bricks, he had been forced to run for the bus, the exertion of which had left him sweating and ruddy-faced even when he arrived in the city twenty minutes later. To make matters worse, the bus did not route via his office and therefore he’d had no choice but to lug his heavy briefcases through the sketchy neighbourhood lying between the bus stop and his place of work, all the while attempting to come up with any reason his boss might possibly accept for his absence.

It had almost been a relief when he had been abducted. The men had seemingly appeared out of thin air, emerging from narrow alleys and grimy ginnels to block his path and surround him. Walter was hardly a robust figure and having spent most of his fifty years working from behind a desk his muscle mass was severely lacking. As a result he’d been unable to put up any resistance when they descended on him, wrenched his heavy briefcases from his grip, hoisted him from his feet like a disruptive toddler and carried him down one of the narrow passageways they had emerged from.

As terrified as he had been, at the back of his mind he couldn’t help but think at least his initial problems of the day didn’t seem quite so important now: being abducted really did a great deal to put missing a meeting in perspective.

The room they’d deposited him in had been little more than a rundown dining room, but it had been refitted with a host of dilapidated medical apparatus: greasy IV bags, a handful of flickering monitors, jumbles of bottles and canisters lined up like soldiers along grubby counters. Even the dining table had been fitted out for operations, with a handful of pillows strapped to the top and a stained sheet thrown over the bare wood. It was to this makeshift gurney they had strapped him naked after having a brief discussion over whether it would be a better idea to pawn his clothes and possessions or simply burn them.

If he was truly honest, Walter had more or less resigned himself to his fate the moment they had laid hands on him; he hadn’t the strength to fight them off, nor the nerve to mount some daring escape, making for a pretty slim chance of getting out of his predicament unscathed. So, when the burly men had pierced his skin with their needles and twisted the nozzles on the IV bags swimming with a noxious pink liquid, he had found himself less frantic than he might have expected. For the first few minutes they had laughed gruffly among themselves, fiddling with dials on their apparatus and arguing over the exact drugs to fill him with given the specific needs of their client, and Walter had wondered impatiently rather than fearfully what they were about to do to him.

When he found out, it fucking hurt. All at once it felt as though they had pumped fire into his veins, burning through him with agonising intensity. He would have screamed were it not for the gag of sweaty socks they had stuffed into his mouth and taped there, so his protests were limited to muffled wails as every muscle tensed so hard he thought they might tear to shreds. Catalysed by the searing pain, his wiry frame took on a strength he had never known, straining against his restraints until they began to creak under the stress. For a moment he had seen a flicker of concern pass over the faces of his captors, only for it to melt into satisfied smirks as they watched the effects of the drugs take hold.

Walter’s body was changing. Softening, paling, morphing, like a scene from a science-fiction movie his body hair withered, his shoulders shrank in and what little masculine musculature he possessed dissolved before the eyes of his captors. His ageing flesh became smooth and supple, his stomach sucked into tight abs, and his fingers honed into dainty claws, not to mention the abrupt cascade of dirty blonde hair which sprouted from his balding scalp in thick bursts. With a surge of burning pain his cock shrivelled away into nothing, promptly replaced by a bald pussy splitting open between his plump thighs. To complete his torture he had momentarily wondered if two white hot cannonballs had been surgically implanted in his chest, only to glance down and find that the pain was courtesy of the swelling pair of breasts forcing up.

After almost five minutes of abject agony complete with crunching bones and tearing muscles, Walter had fallen still. Slick with sweat, breathless and snivelling around his gag, he had been so drained by the experience that when they lifted his naked body and carried him away all he could do was loll against the chest of the man carrying him while drifting in and out of consciousness.

From there they had deposited him in an uncomfortable metal chair, cuffed him in place, applied a set of thick headphones and left him alone in a dark room. Without warning lights had flared into life, illuminating the dozens of screens hanging on the walls, which in turn had activated to fill his mind with the pretty swirls and invasive image sequences they displayed. Combined with the eerie audio tracks whispering through his headphones, the visual stimuli had overwhelmed his mind, clawing deeper and deeper until the festering new personality it was designed to implant was nestled deep in his subconscious.

Still, that wasn’t to say the mental recoding had rejected Walter completely, and it was only now as he sucked the balls of the man who had paid the thugs to provide him a transformed sex slave that the former office worker was really coming to terms with the truth of his new life: he was a prisoner.

He felt as though he was trapped inside a locked room in a burning tower block. Unable to break free, he could do nothing as the obedient slave they had made him into followed her orders to the letter. She did not resist nor complain nor deny her master, and she was now in complete control of his body. When her master told her to kneel, she knelt. When he told her to please him, she did so. And when he told her to prepare to be used she would spread her holes without hesitation.

Her influence seeped into Walter’s locked room like smoke, thick and cloying, and he wondered if perhaps one day he might succumb to her entirely as she continued to burn through his mind until she was all there was.

Not that it mattered to her new master of course, because for all her inner turmoil, when he ordered his slave to straddle his lap she did so with a horny groan. Then, slutty laughter bubbling on her lips, she sank down onto his waiting cock and rode him with all the eagerness of a natural cumslut…

Naked blonde woman rides naked man on sofa

Thanks for reading!

The models in this scene are Lucas Frost and Riley Reyes. Both are unfamiliar to me, so I can’t recommend them personally, but just based on the image gallery for this scene (sourced below) they both look to be impressive performers. Reyes in particular strikes me as a true nympho slut, but they both deserve your attention and you can find their work on their PornHub profiles which I have linked above.

What is familiar to me though is the studio who produced this scene: Pure Taboo. I don’t usually mention the production studios of a given scene in my comments, however I wanted to bring them up here because I’m a big fan of their scenes, which are some of the kinkiest around. I often find myself wanting to write stories based on their work since there is so much potential in some of the images, but I find that the bleak lighting they tend to favour can sometimes pose problems for selecting vivid, visually enticing images. That visual and thematic darkness is obviously what they’re going for though, and that’s why it works perfectly for this kind of story which is more forced and cruel than some of my others.

All that is to say I hope to use the studio’s scenes in future stories, especially if they’re of a more sinister theme, and if you’re into rough sex, kinky sex or just general no holds barred depravity, Pure Taboo is a studio you can’t afford to miss.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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