Models: Reiko Kobayakawa & Unknown Male Model

Lying on the floor of master’s meeting room, her will broken and her body aching, Reiko wondered if anyone back home was missing her. Were her family looking for her? Had her trophy wife already cashed in the life insurance on her vanished husband and moved on to some other man? Had the police even bothered investigating her disappearance, or had her scheming boss bribed them to look the other way?

It had been six months since she first arrived in Japan and she had long since stopped hoping somebody was coming to save her. Not only had her former employers covered their tracks far too well, but even if somebody did manage to track her to Japan, they would be looking for Richard the fast-talking businessman. Not Reiko, beautiful fiancée to one of the most influential entrepreneurs in all of Asia.

WellHa, she was his fiancée in public, an act she played obediently knowing the punishment that awaited if she misbehaved. Because behind closed doors she was no more than his subservient sex slave. And master did not tolerate disobedience.

Reiko’s blood ran cold as she heard master’s footsteps in the hall. Although her body ached from the humiliating abuse it had just received, she forced herself onto her knees knowing he would not be pleased to find her moping on the floor. Her hands on her thighs and her eyes on the ground, she waited for him to return.

‘Excellent work, slave,’ master said in Japanese as he entered. ‘That deal has just made me millions richer and all because you’re such a good little cocksucker. You really were the best investment I ever made.’

‘Thank you, master. It is my pleasure to serve,’ Reiko replied. She had been proficient in Japanese even before her transformation, but after so much time spent in master’s company she was now fluent.

To imply she had only gone down on master’s business partners was an understatement: in the interest of sealing the deal master had allowed them to grope her roughly, to spank her bare ass and finger her tight pussy. She had been a piece of meat for them to abuse and the humiliation of it all twisted her insides.

Marching over to her, master snatched up her leash and lifted her chin to face him. He eyed her pretty face with a disappointed expression, his free hand unzipping his trousers.

‘They may be satisfied, but they don’t know how to use you. They didn’t even smudge your lipstick. Open wide, yariman. After all the cock you’ve sucked today it’s about time somebody made a mess of that pretty face.’

Master didn’t even wait for Reiko to comply. Instead he grabbed her cheeks, squeezed her lips open and drove his cock down her throat.

Given that he had just spent almost an hour watching her obediently go down on a dozen groaning businessmen he was already rock hard and Reiko spluttered as he went balls deep. Tears sprang to her eyes and a second later they were coursing down her cheeks.

‘Fuck yes, that’s better. It’s not a proper blowjob unless you’re crying, is it my little cumdump?’ Master tangled his fingers in her hair as he fucked her face.

Even after six months of servitude the humiliation of being forced to worship her master was as strong as ever. Every thrust made Reiko sick to her stomach and yet she did not dare resist. With no choice but to satisfy him, she bobbed her head and swirled her tongue and lost herself to the shameful act, trying not to think about how pathetic she had become.

These days, Reiko could barely remember what it felt like to be a man. When she arrived in Japan she had believed she was there as a brand ambassador to officially ink the corporate deal she had been organising for over a year. In truth, she had actually been a gift, a symbol of her company’s goodwill towards their new international business partners: the second she set foot on Asian soil, her fate had been sealed.

She had not even finished drinking the spiked tea master had given her during their ‘business meeting’ before the pain of transformation had gripped her. Her bones cracked and reformed, her muscles ripped and shifted, her manhood crumpled into a tight pussy; everything that had made her Richard had vanished in a matter of seconds and when she had come to her senses she had been trapped in this busty prison.

‘Oh fuck, I’m close,’ master groaned, his words barely audible over Reiko’s wet gagging.

Pulling out, he slapped his cock against her cheeks. ‘What are you waiting for, you worthless cunt? I said I’m close. Finish me off and lick it all up or you’ll feel my flogger on your ass.’

Reiko obeyed without question, jerking him off until he shot his load onto her outstretched tongue. Thick strings of cum spilled down her chin and dripped onto her chest, but Reiko knew master liked seeing her make a mess – he always said a cumdump should look the part.

Licking him clean, she returned her attention to the floor and hoped the blowjob would satisfy him for the moment.

But master had other ideas.

Reiko’s orgasmic screams rang through the bedroom as master fucked her hard, and for once she didn’t have to pretend. She couldn’t help it – master’s cock did things to her busty body she could not even put into words. Every powerful thrust only pushed her deeper into obedience and the pleasure flooding her system was enough to make her briefly forget what a pathetic creature she had been turned into.

‘You dirty fucking saseko. Look how much you’re loving this. I’m the man who made you into his slave and you’re desperate for my cock. You’re nothing but a needy cocksleeve.’

Before she realised what she was doing, Reiko was nodding frantically, rocking her hips against his. She hated it, but she needed more, and the inhibitions that would have stopped her begging were long gone.

‘Yes, master, I am yours. I need your cock in me. Please, never stop using me.’

In the first few days after her transformation Reiko would never have said anything so degrading, but she had stopped resisting months ago. There was simply no point. Not only did master control her life in every way, but even if she somehow managed to escape she still could not go home. By all accounts she didn’t even exist, and besides, the boss who had sold her off like some cheap whore would be ready for her should she actually succeed in catching a flight: he’d be waiting at the airport to send her back to master. And she didn’t dare imagine what kind of punishment she’d receive for attempting to run away.

This was her life now. And when being fucked felt this good, perhaps it was better to throw herself into the role of being his slave than trying to hold on to the life she had lost.

‘Breed me,’ she cried without even thinking what she was saying.

Her words clearly took master by surprise. His thrusts slowed as he processed her outburst. Then a wicked grin twisted his handsome face. ‘Oh yes, you were definitely the best investment I ever made.’

Without another word, master wrapped his hands around Reiko’s throat and fucked her so hard even his tight grip could not silence her screams. By the time he finally came her eyes had rolled back, drool was leaking from her lips and her body was limp, overwhelmed by the pleasure. She groaned as his hot seed swirled through her insides and when he eventually pulled out she gave a breathless gasp, his sudden absence like a stab to the heart.

Reiko’s senses came back to her in pieces. As the fog of orgasmia gradually lifted she glanced down to find her flushed pussy oozing cum onto the sheets. There was no doubt she would be knocked up after taking that much of master’s load.

Master stared at her with that same wicked grin as he stroked his still rigid cock. ‘You know I never told you, but there was a way you could have turned back. I’d have never let you find out, of course, but the change could be reversed with the right drugs. But not anymore. Pregnancy seals the transformation permanently. You’re mine forever now. But something tells me you don’t have a problem with that.’

Staring down at her dripping pussy it wasn’t cum she saw seeping out. It was her freedom. She had begged him to do this, and there was no turning back now.

But as usual, master was right. She didn’t want to escape anymore. She was his slave. She was his cumdump. And soon she would have his children growing inside her belly. In her old life she would have considered such a fate the ultimate humiliation.

Now she only wanted to feel his cock again.

‘I think you should fuck me again, master. You know, just to be sure. I don’t think we should stop until you’ve pumped me so full of cum its seeping into my brains.’ Rising onto all fours, Reiko crawled over to him dripping cum from her cunt as she came. Her face just in front of his glistening cock she stared up at him with large, innocent eyes. ‘Here, let me get you ready to use me again master…’

Thanks for reading!

As far as my dark stories go, this is certainly up there among the darkest. So I don’t know what it says about me that I find it so fucking hot. It was one of those pieces that effectively wrote itself, and in my opinion is definitely one of the hottest pieces I’ve written in quite some time. I think it is the helplessness of Reiko’s predicament and then her complete corruption and acceptance of her new role that is just such a turn on. No rewards for guessing whose position I’d rather be in (hint: I’d be the one begging for more).

I should also point out that Reiko Kobayakawa is hot… as… fuck. I don’t tend to write pieces for Asian models unless their scenes are produced by western studios – not because I don’t like eastern scenes/models, but because the quality of their image galleries aren’t always great and the production value is often noticeably lower. Plus it can sometimes be really difficult to find out who the models even are, as was the case with the male model in this scene, whose name has eluded me, and you all know how important it is to me to credit my models. That said, I loved Kobayakawa’s work in this, and I really want to write for her work again in the future. She has definitely opened my eyes to the possibility of writing for more eastern scenes. So if you have any other models who mainly star in eastern scenes, be sure to let me know and they might just show up in a future story!


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