Models: Eden Ivy, Markus Kage & Bo Sinn

The second she regained consciousness, Violet could feel it. The warmth beneath her skin. A pulsing, shifting heat swirling under her flesh like air bubbles trapped beneath the ice of a frozen lake. It was more than just a sensation. It felt alive. Like it was exploring her insides, searching for a place to settle.

Thick bands of clear film bound her to the hard surface of some form of examination table, while the same transparent wrapping had been used to immobilise her legs, keeping her thighs and calves clamped together. Her hips jutted out over the lip of the table, her shaved pussy exposed. Crushed against the wrapping, Violet’s tits ached with the pressure. And if she had looked down she would have noticed a slew of ritualistic tattoos adorning her body which hadn’t been there before, including a long black line drawn down her torso from chin to pussy.

But Violet didn’t look down. She didn’t struggle. She didn’t even cry out for help.

She only frowned as the heat under her skin migrated down, growing hotter and hotter all the while. Under her sternum, beneath her breasts. Winding through her ribs and swelling through her midriff. Cresting the peaks of her hips. Then down further still…

The howl of ecstasy Violet let out as the warmth found her pussy was enough to leave the entire metal table ringing for seconds afterwards. The orgasm it induced wasn’t just intense – it was the most powerful climax of her entire life. No, more than that: it was as powerful as every climax in her life all rolled into one. Her entire body shook uncontrollably as euphoric waves of pleasure crashed through her. Her vision blurred. She teetered on the verge of unconsciousness.

When she came to her senses once more, Violet found two men staring down at her. Two very handsome, very naked men.

Violet could sense immediately that they were not human. It was something about their eyes. She had never seen any mortal man look at her the way they did, their gaze swirling with a mixture of lust and fascination, but also confusion, as if they had never seen a woman before. The way they moved was odd too, their stilted movements making it clear that her captors were still getting used to the abilities of their human forms.

Most telling of all, was the fact that both men had been plucked straight from her dreams. One was a blend of her hunky tattooed ex and her ripped new boyfriend, while the other was a hairy-chested amalgamation of the music teacher she’d had a crush on in school and her favourite rockstar.

Both men only existed in her mind. But this was no dream.

Compelled by her all-consuming lust, Violet instinctively took hold of their cocks and began to stroke. The fact that the men had clearly been the ones to bind her to the table in the first place simply did not matter: she needed them. Their bodies grinding against her, their lips on hers and their tongues probing her mouth. Their cocks invading her holes.

It was as if all other emotions had been stripped away. Only desire remained.

So when one of the men lowered a hand to stroke her bare pussy, Violet groaned rather than screamed. Eager to encourage him, she rolled her head to one side and wrapped her lips around his pulsing cock.

The man moaned as she worked his dick with slutty expertise. With her delicate fingers clamped tight around the base of his shaft she jerked him off, the air singing with wet slurping sounds as more and more of his shaft disappeared down her throat.

Her restraints made it hard for her to move her head of her own accord, but the man was more than happy to assist her. Slipping his fingers through her hair he pulled her in and out in time to her stroking, all while rocking his own hips forward to allow her to feast.

Staring up at him, Violet did not break eye contact for so much as a second. Raw, animal lust raged behind her eyes, so intense it would have withered any ordinary man on the spot.

Violet’s encouragement soon had the desired effect. The man’s fingers were now buried deep in her sex and slick with her pussy nectar. With every invasion of her hole he felt her body shudder and her lips tighten around his shaft, which in turn prompted him to plunge his fingers deeper still, locking them in a cycle of lust.

Meanwhile, the other man was not left unsatisfied. Violet sensually jerked him off without even looking, his cock throbbing in her grasp. She groaned as he groped her bare body, squeezing her tits and stroking her curves.

After a few minutes, the men looked up at each other.

‘The vessel is responding well,’ said the hairy man groping her.

‘Then it is time we coronate her,’ said the hunk whose cock had her throat bulging.

For a second, animalistic rage overwhelmed Violet as the man moved away. Robbed of his cock, she felt the sudden urge to snarl and screech, to seize him and drag him back in so she could throat him forever.

She knew she should have been shocked by her instinctive savagery, but she didn’t care. She wasn’t Violet anymore. She was becoming something else. Something far more depraved.

Besides, her lover was quick to satisfy her in other ways.

The second his dick sank into her pussy Violet spoke for the first time since waking up. ‘Yes!’ she cried, her voice echoing around the dark room. ‘Oh my fucking god, yes! Fuck me, you worthless slave! Worship my body! Fuck me deep and fill me with your seed!’

The words weren’t Violet’s. Instead they came from the sentient lust inside her, speaking through her lips. The longer they used her body, the more powerful that lust became and Violet groaned as it began spreading ever further.

It was more than just an alien presence now. It was a part of her, infecting her very soul. Tendrils of desire wormed through her brain as she turned to suck on the other man’s cock, every fresh, corrupted thought fuelling her arousal. Yet despite the invasion of her mind, Violet’s persona was not erased. Instead the orgasmic presence within her blended with her psyche, assimilating her mind until they were one and the same, an impossibly horny blend of the possessor and the possessed.

Violet was more than human now, and her body soon began to show the signs of her corruption.

Her new tongue came in first. Hungry for more of her lover’s cock but unable to shift her head any further forward, Violet’s tongue suddenly darted out. Snaking around and around his shaft like a coiling tentacle, she soon had the tip swirling around his balls even though her lips only suckled on the head of his cock.

Aroused by her newfound power, her eyes rolled back into her skull. When they rolled down again, they were glowing bright green.

And all at once, Violet understood. She was not their captive. She was their queen.

Her tattoos flared the same green as her eyes as the revelation struck her. The presence inside her had been the spirit of their alien queen, born lightyears away and placed under their protection. With no physical body of her own, the queen needed a host, and her guards had abducted Violet to serve that purpose. Now, with the queen’s power at her fingertips she could transform herself into any shape or body she could possibly desire.

More importantly, the males who had been tasked with protecting her were now her obedient slaves. Slaves she intended to make use of.

Retracting her tongue and dimming her eyes, Violet once again appeared like any other mortal woman. But now her corruption was complete and there was no going back.

‘Is that all you’ve got?’ Violet hissed, glaring at the man fucking her tight hole. Her eyes flashed green. ‘You chose me to become your queen. And whether you knew it or not, I’ve always been a naughty slut. You chose a whore, so fucking treat me like one!’

‘Yes, my queen.’

Pulling out, he left her feeling cavernously empty. But he was manhandling her into a new position before her primal alien savagery could take hold again.

Ripping away the film binding her legs, he swung her knees up until they were pressed against her tits then promptly spread them wide, exposing both her twinkling pussy and tight shaved ass. He seized one leg beneath the knee, while his hairy accomplice gripped her other leg, ensuring she could not resist.

Not that she had any intention of doing so.

Violet’s face twisted with ecstasy as the man drove his cock deep into her ass. She had been so wet that her pussy nectar was all the lubrication he needed to bury himself balls deep, but then again with her newfound transformative power none of that really mattered. Her breathless groans melted into slutty giggles and she let her head slump back as he begun to pump. Her hair splayed out in a dark halo around her pretty face, giving her the appearance of an angel corrupted by sin.

Violet never knew how long the men fucked her in that position. Intermittently turning to throat her second lover, she allowed pleasure to overwhelm her and all sense of time simply evaporated. In the constant low light of the alien ship there was no telling how many hours they spent worshipping her without her ever needing to leave the table.

Eventually though, one of the men – the music teacher cum rockstar – tore away the film binding her torso down.

Violet pounced on him with a primal shriek. In a heartbeat he was on his back on a different table, Violet’s nubile body crushed against his and her prehensile tongue exploring the depths of his throat.

With her hands too busy clutching his handsome face, a long hairless tail sprouted from the base of her spine and coiled down to wrap around his cock. The additional appendage jerked him off feverishly while subtly aligning his shaft with her dripping pussy. Once his meat was in position Violet sank back and took him to the base, eliciting an orgasmic howl from her lover which was muffled as her lips crushed against his.

‘We are yours, my queen.’

The voice came from behind her, prompting Violet to rear up. Both her tail and tongue retracted, but her eyes still blazed vivid green, the glow only extinguished when she closed her eyes and groaned.

Her other lover – the tattooed stud who resembled her former boyfriends – stood nearby. ‘And we are only the first,’ he went on. ‘In our culture whenever a new queen is coronated she is offered a cohort of concubines to satisfy her endless desires.’

Violet grinned a viciously carnal grin. ‘How many?’ she growled, bouncing so hard on her slave’s cock her entire body rippled with the impact.

‘Ten thousand, my queen. Half male, half female, all held in stasis pods, all ready to metamorphosise into the objects of your desire. We are your humble acolytes.’

For a few seconds, Violet’s grin grew so wide it actually touched her ears, her teeth briefly shifting into pointed fangs. Then it shrank again and she eyed the man with mischievous hunger.

‘Summon them, my slave. Summon one hundred of my lovers. I will twist them into the most erotic forms imaginable.’

The man closed his eyes for a moment. Then he opened them again. ‘It is done, my queen. Your slaves approach.’

In the time it had taken him to follow her orders, Violet had shifted position so that she was now almost lying on her stud’s chest, his cock deep in her ass as she bounced and rocked and ground on him. Behind her the sacred symbols that marked this room as her temple glowed and flared as her power coursed through them.

‘Good,’ she purred. ‘Now join us. Worship your queen. Prepare to show my new lovers how to satisfy my needs.’

‘As you wish, my queen.’ Lying down alongside his accomplice, the man began stroking his huge cock ready for Violet to use him as her sexual slave. With the free hand he gripped her ankle, steadying her so she could bounce even harder on the other man’s throbbing manhood.

Just as she intended, the first sight Violet’s summoned acolytes saw upon entering her temple was their queen jerking off her lovers, their cocks hard and their screams of ecstasy deafening as they writhed with the unimaginable pleasure she could provide.

But before her new followers had chance to profess their loyalty they collapsed to the ground thrashing violently.

When they rose again, they had been corrupted by Violet’s lustful power. Then, with the hottest, naughtiest, sexiest bodies drawn from the sluttiest depths of Violet’s mind at their disposal, they advanced on their queen, desperate to worship her…

Thanks for reading!

To be honest, I don’t really know where to start with this one. After several years writing for this blog, very few galleries catch me off guard like this one did. But holy shit, this entire gallery is just next-level hot for me, and as you can tell I struggled a lot when it came to picking which images to use – my intention was to just use three, but I wound up adding lots more. I can’t even really say why this one struck a nerve so much, but for me everything about it blended together to make a truly smoking hot scene.

The lighting in particular was what led me down the alien abduction route, since it just felt like the kind eerie lighting you might find on a UFO. I didn’t actually realise until I started writing it that I’d never actually written an alien-themed story before. To be fair, there is a reason for that: most alien scenes involve one or more models dressing up in ridiculously cringey costumes which look like a schoolchild’s art assignment, and I simply cannot bring myself to write sexy stories for such stupidly unsexy images. There are a handful of exceptions to that rule – I mean I’ve been wanting to write an erotic piece for some of the many Star Wars parodies for ages now – but this one allowed me to write an alien scene with all the models very clearly human and I think it still worked really well.

Who knows, maybe I’ll try my hand at more alien stories in the future, but only if the gallery feels right.


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