Latex World Order: A New Goddess – Part II

‘Wait, what do you mean I’m going to become a goddess?’ Darren pressed, his mind whirring. ‘I’m an Original. It’s forbidden – it’s impossible. You heard Madame Shatter, my mind isn’t capable of dealing with the sensation of goddesshood. It would send me insane.’

Having left the horny sissy and her unlucky lover in their room, he and Goddess Lash were now working their way through the manor corridors once again. The orgasmic screams of tormented slaves washed out through the open doors, breaking over them like waves, but Darren ignored them. In fairness, even if he had wanted to peek inside, Goddess Lash was pulling him along by the leash far too quickly to allow him a good look.

But the lustful voice in his head had fallen silent, the urge to watch the humiliation of his fellow slaves dulled. Answers were the only thing on his mind right now.

‘Must you take the fun out of everything?’ Lash complained. ‘I offer you an opportunity most Originals could never even dream of, and you’re trying to pick it apart. This isn’t something you need to worry about. You’re already changing.’

She stopped suddenly. Raising one arm, she pointed through the open door they had halted in front of. ‘Inside,’ she commanded. ‘Let me show you what I mean.’

Naked woman with black hair reclines on chair pressing wand vibrator against clit as machine dildos thrust into her holes

The room within looked like something straight out of a science fiction film. Built entirely of metal, the walls and ceiling were curved into a cylinder, and with clinical white lights set into the archways holding up the roof the place had absolutely no business being in the manor.

As out of place as the room was, there was one thing that seemed like it belonged in the manor: the ornate carved chair with embroidered cushions standing at the centre. A tangled metal frame which was clearly some kind of elaborate fucking machine had been erected in front of it. Rows of dildos had been attached to the frame, two of which were pummelling the holes of the naked woman on the chair.

The slave was black-haired and petite, her soft tits jiggling as both her pussy and mouth were invaded by silicone toys. She held a black wand vibrator against her clit, the buzz coming in loud bursts as the toy intermittently sped and slowed. Even with her lips stretched wide and her face twisted in giddy delight, Darren could see she was very cute indeed.

And just like that, the urges of a goddess crashed through him once again.

He wanted to storm over, snatch the wand from her hands and press it against her swollen clit himself. He wanted to rip the dildo fucking her face from the machine and bury it in her throat. His fingers tingled with the urge to flog her, to spank her, to choke her.

She is beneath me. I am a goddess.

Darren could not fathom what was happening to him. But the voice in his head wasn’t just intrusive now – it felt as though it was taking control. His ability to deny it was dwindling and it was all he could do not to spring forward and put his new desires into action.

Woman with black hair smiles and eyes roll as mechanised dildo thrusts into mouth

This time when Goddess Lash led him forward she did not pull on his leash. Instead she tangled her latex fingers in his and guided him closer.

Darren couldn’t tear his eyes from the woman. She was grinning around the dildo in her mouth and her eyes rolled back with the pleasure cascading through her system. Every now and then she swirled her tongue around the silicone shaft, hungry for more.

Clearly she had seen the quiet hunger in his eyes. ‘Don’t fight it,’ she told him softly. ‘It’s okay. I’m here, beautiful. You don’t have to worry. I know how you’re feeling. You don’t need to fear this, babe, I’m right here for you.’

Babe? Beautiful? Goddess Lash had never spoken to him so affectionately. In fact, he had never heard any goddess talk to their slave in such a way. The names she’d called him in the sissy’s room came back to him too. Gorgeous. Sweetie. When midnight struck she had even addressed him by name – the only time she had ever called him Darren in all his years of service.

‘Why are you being so kind to me?’

Goddess Lash squeezed his hand. ‘Because you’re one of us now. You’re not my slave anymore. You’re my equal. And because I want you to see that goddesshood is more than just sadism; I want you to feel what I feel.’ A mischievous edge entered her expression. ‘And I want you to enjoy it.’

She nodded to the slave on the chair. ‘She can stop this at any time, you know. She might have been transformed, but we haven’t conditioned her to do this. She is doing so of her own free will. You’d be surprised how many of our slaves actually have a choice in their fate – most of the time all they need is the right push to corrupt themselves completely.’

‘And what push did you give her?’

‘We removed her limitations. As a man, she used to be exhausted after a single orgasm and the pleasure would die down almost immediately after she climaxed. In this new form, the pleasure is cumulative. Each orgasm builds on the last. Each is more intense than its predecessor. And since there is no limit on how much pleasure she is able to feel, she can’t help herself. She wants more. Better still, the pleasure never fades. Even if you removed all those toys she would still be riding the orgasmic high of every climax she has experienced tonight – every climax she has ever experienced in this body – and that’s all because of her.  We gave her a life of limitless erotic potential, but she chose to lose herself to it.’

Lash turned his head gently, guiding his eyes back to hers. ‘I know you don’t understand yet, but you will. I also know that right now all you can think about is how hot it is watching pathetic Originals corrupt themselves. Tell me I’m wrong.’

‘I can’t,’ Darren breathed. His body was burning with arousal, the sight of the young woman eagerly fucking herself senseless when she could choose to walk away at any moment having turned him on more than anything else he had ever experienced. His dick was rock hard.

Taking his hand again, Goddess Lash turned away from the woman. ‘That’s right. Accept it, gorgeous. Now come with me. I want to show you how pleasurable it really is being a goddess.’

His thoughts a tumble of conflicted emotions, Darren didn’t really pay attention to where Lash was taking him. In fact, he was only dragged from his daze when the bright neon lights of their destination flashed over his face and a thick, cloying atmosphere engulfed his senses.

The sensation as he entered the room was difficult to describe. It felt like he had just been doused in liquid arousal. A heady aroma like sex and flowers and rubber hit him hard, and the heat was so oppressive he was sweating heavily within seconds of entering. His cock, which had been slowly softening, jerked to attention, so hard it was almost painful.

Like the room they had just left, this one certainly had not been included in the original designs. A floor of padded rubber glistened under the many pulsing lights which varied in colour from green to blue to red to purple. Several inflatable chairs had been arranged around the room while walls of corrugated plastic rose to a ceiling inlaid with dozens of small nozzles effusing a fine mist.

The goddesses here were in various stages of undress. Lounging against their bulls, masturbating against the walls, reclining on the inflatable seats with sissies feasting on their exposed pussies, they all seemed to have fallen prey to the same arousal currently coursing through Darren’s system.

However, it was the women in the middle of the room who Darren could not tear his eyes from.

Woman in red latex and fishnet stockings pours oil over body of semi-naked blonde woman wearing only white boots

One was clearly a goddess, her red latex corset bunched up around her midriff to leave her supple breasts and shapely ass on show. Striking red fishnet stockings embraced her legs and she wore her black hair in a messy bun which kept it largely dry in comparison to the rest of her body.

Beneath her was a busty blonde woman Darren immediately recognised as a transformed Original. A pang of shock cut through him as he realised he didn’t entirely understand how he knew: it was as though he had a sixth sense capable of instinctively identifying other goddesses, and the blonde woman simply failed to trigger it. She was entirely naked save a pair of knee-length white heeled boots, and his suspicions were confirmed when she begged the goddess for more: true goddesses never begged.

Both women were saturated from head to toe in glistening oil, their curves shining in the flashing lights. And it was this oil that the Original was begging for.

‘Smother me! Soak me! Never let me turn back. Please, keep me this way forever!’

The blonde squirmed desperately as the goddess poured the entire contents of a plastic bottle over her naked body, rubbing it into the Original’s tits and stomach and thighs with a wicked grin.

‘What are they doing?’ Darren asked.

Lash shushed him. ‘Just watch.’

Two semi-naked women rub oiled bodies together

By the time the bottle was empty the busty Original was practically buzzing with erotic energy, her entire body shaking as a long groan frothed on her lips. Before the semi-naked goddess had even placed the bottle down the ecstasy proved too much for the oily slave and she dragged the goddess roughly against her.

At first, Darren expected the goddess to slap the slave away and beat her half to death: he had never seen any slave manhandle their mistress so roughly, not even the bulls.

Instead, the goddess groaned as the Original savagely groped her. The slave crushed their bodies together as if a single second apart would drive her completely insane; she raked her fingers over the goddess’ back, tugged roughly on her hair, squeezed her ass so tight her knuckles went as pale as her hair.

And yet the goddess simply allowed her to continue, breathless laughter coming out in gasps the more violent her slave became.

Soon both women were sensually rubbing their tits together. The gleaming oil soaked every inch of their skin and their breasts slid about easily, squashing and squelching as they groaned like they were on the brink of orgasm.

Darren realised vaguely that he should probably have been alarmed at the effect their sensual groping was having on him – alarmed that he was not only jerking his stiff cock without having asked Lash’s permission, but was also doing so in the presence of dozens of other goddesses, all of whom could have savagely beaten him for acting in such a disrespectful manner.

But he didn’t care. He couldn’t control himself, the arousal of the room’s atmosphere consuming him.

Besides, the goddesses who should have been berating him were all just as horny. Their latex garments now littered the floor and most of the beautiful women were entirely naked, their fingers playing feverishly over their wet cunts. One had gone so far as to bend over so her bull could fuck her hard as she watched the oiled goddess and her slave, while another had clamped her thighs around the head of her sissy and was trembling and moaning as she was eaten out.

Even Goddess Lash was rubbing her latex panties and biting her lip, though so far she had managed to refrain from stripping.

Then, all at once, the Original seemed to snap. Scrambling for one of the many other bottles of oil stacked up against the wall, she fumbled to remove the lid.

And then Darren saw it. The hair sprouting over her chest. The rapid shrinking of her fat breasts. The mousy brown beginning to spread through her bleach blonde locks and the tiny cock which was beginning to grow out of her dripping pussy.

The Original was transforming back to their male body.

Busty blonde woman gives oral sex to oiled woman's strap-on

The transformation stopped the moment she smothered herself in the oil again; her chest hair withered, her tits swelled once more, and the half-grown dick retracted as the brown washed from her hair. She gasped with ecstasy as her busty body reformed before pivoting around to the goddess with a delighted giggle.

The goddess, it turned out, had spent the time while her slave was slathering herself in oil to don a long, thick strap-on which she had likewise lubricated with a fistful of the transformative fluid. The same red as her crumpled corset, the shaft glittered in the light.

Darren didn’t even see the transformed Original move: one second she was on one side of the room, empty bottle in hand, the next she was across the room with the dildo buried in her throat.

Unable to keep his own arousal in check, Darren groaned as the blonde bitch immediately began to worship the goddess’ rubber cock. She worked the shaft hungrily, intermittently slamming her head down so hard and fast she was a blur of motion, then slowing her pace to swallow it deeper, her saliva dribbling down to mingle with the oil pooling around the goddess’ fingers.

‘Mmmh, that’s it, hot stuff. Gag on my oily cock. Inhale it.’ The goddess laughed as her slave groaned around the dildo. Tilting her head back, she allowed the Original to worship her, continuing to pour more oil over the slave’s back all the while.

In contrast, the voice in Darren’s head was screaming. Choke on that toy, skank! Take it so deep your eyes water and your oxygen runs out! Your only purpose is to worship! You live for it! You were made for it! You belong to us now! You belong to me!

If it wasn’t for the fact Goddess Lash had a firm hold on his leash, Darren had no doubt he would have stormed over and ruthlessly driven the slave down onto the dildo until she was permanently cockdumb.

Then again, as the corseted goddess leaned in to hiss in the slave’s ear, it became apparent he didn’t even need to.

‘You know, I’ve heard some of my sisters say if you swallow enough of the oil the change can become permanent. The chances are astronomically thin though, so it’s probably not even worth trying.’

Busty blonde woman gives oral sex to oiled woman's strap-on

The goddess’ ploy had an immediate effect. Clearly desperate to remain in her busty, sumptuous form, the blonde slave instantly assumed an even more frantic rhythm. Though she no longer took the dildo as deep, she bobbed her head rapidly, slurping up every last drop of oil she could. Occasionally she would pull away and run her tongue up the goddess’ oil-soaked body, but it never took long for her to return to the dildo.

‘I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that the transformation is only temporary,’ Goddess Lash said, her voice trembling with arousal. ‘And fleeting, too. It only transforms Originals and none are immune to the effects. Skin contact will keep her in this form for a few minutes at most – maybe half an hour if she absolutely bathed herself in it. Oral consumption prolongs things a little, but either way if she wants to stay this way, she has to keep dosing herself up. But we never force her to do so. She chooses to.’

Whore, the mental voice spat. Filthy, twisted, naughty whore. Degrade yourself like the pathetic cocksleeve you are.

But a sudden burst of defiance took hold of Darren then. He might not have understood what was happening to him, but he didn’t have to give in to it.

‘Do you really call it a choice when you make it feel so good she’d go insane if she transformed back?’ There was surprising venom in his voice, but Lash simply smiled.

‘I call it a test of willpower. Besides, aren’t you the same man who has told me countless times that he cannot understand why so many Originals try to resist our rule? You yourself have said that submitting to us reaps its own rewards. That it’s better than trying to pretend you’re superior to us. Wouldn’t you call endless pleasure and the chance to worship us a reward?’ She gestured to the oily blonde, the dildo currently bulging in her neck as she throated it deep.

‘But I didn’t bring you here to debate ethics. I came to show you the pleasures of goddesshood. You see the oil doesn’t just have an effect on Originals. It gets in the heads of us goddesses too. It dials our arousal up to eleven, turns us on like only the latex we wear can.’ Lash spread her arms to indicate the fucking, masturbating goddesses around them. ‘You can see for yourself what it does to us. Places like this, they’re where we come to experience pleasure on another level.’ She pointed to the ceiling. ‘We even disperse it as a mist so we don’t need to bother oiling ourselves up if we don’t want to.’

Darren’s own arousal was almost suffocating now. ‘What’s your point? How does that relate to me?’

Goddess Lash eyed him for a moment. Then she smiled. ‘Darren, you’re an Original.’

‘So? What does that matter?’

She nodded to him, his naked body gleaming with condensed libido-enhancing mist. ‘You’re not transforming,’ she said.

Two naked oiled women lick red dildo and kiss each other

Darren blanched as the implication of her words struck him hard.

Her voice echoed in his head. It only transforms Originals. None are immune to the effects. It gets in the head of us goddesses too. It dials our arousal up to eleven.

Arousal like that currently burning through Darren’s veins even though he should have been transforming. Arousal that was telling him to join the corseted goddess and teach her busty slave a lesson she would not soon forget. Arousal that was infecting him with the same carnal thoughts and wild desire which had consumed the other goddesses around him.

He wasn’t responding to the oil like an Original. He was responding to it like a goddess.

By now the goddess had pushed her slave onto her back. Her corset lying abandoned on the floor, she had detached the dildo from her strap-on and now leaned over the busty blonde pressing it against her lips. Together they ran their tongues along the shaft, kissing sensually as they did so. Their oily bodies glistened, saliva and oil streaming down the toy and gleaming on their faces as they made out passionately. Their hair dripped with it; their risqué clothing was saturated in it.

Then, as though they wanted nothing more than to lure him in, they glanced over at him, burning lust in their eyes. The next time they kissed Darren couldn’t help but feel they were trying to put on a show.

Another time, Darren might have joined them. Instead he reeled.

Everything told him Lash had to be lying. Not only had he never heard of any other Original becoming a goddess, until tonight he hadn’t thought it even possible. The Spread had only ever affected women, of course, and Originals were considered inferior in every possible way. Surely for someone considered so pathetically lesser to be granted the pleasures of goddesshood would be nothing short of blasphemous.

And yet it seemed that’s exactly what was happening to him.

Apparently sensing his confusion, Goddess Lash slipped her fingers into his again. ‘Come. There’s one more thing I want to show you.’

The instant they left the room, Darren felt the unnatural arousal leave him like a blanket being torn away. He gasped as it left, suddenly wishing they had remained inside.

Still, he did not complain as Lash led him on through the corridors.

Despite his confusion, when they entered the next room the urges of a goddess consumed Darren in a heartbeat. His unease and concerns abruptly washed away, he felt every inch the divine deviant domme. Lust engulfed him and the only thing he felt for the slim man being dominated in the middle of the room was utter disdain.

Dominatrix in green latex outfit pegs naked male slave chained to bed

Whatever purpose the room had once served, it had been reformed into an octagonal padded cell, the walls slate grey and the space illuminated by a tangle of bare bulbs dangling from the ceiling. The only furniture was a metal bedframe topped with a pale blue mattress, and it was on this bed that the gasping Original was being used, his wrists and ankles shackled and chained to the frame. Forced onto all fours, his chest heaved as the goddess kneeling behind him thrust her long strap-on into his ass. Aside from Darren and Lash, they were the only two occupants of the room.

‘Ah, Goddess Lash,’ the goddess said, smiling at them as they entered. ‘And this must be the lucky slave. You’re just in time: this little cunt is just about ready.’

Lash returned her smile. ‘Madame Screech, always a pleasure to see you.’

Every other goddess Darren had ever seen had always filled him with a sense of quiet fear – even Lash to a degree. As content as he was with his life as a slave, he had never forgotten that he was considered no more than an object to be used, and an expendable one at that.

This time, however, a different emotion swirled through him: love. He adored Madame Screech like a sister and a lover all at once, an unspoken bond connecting them the moment they locked eyes.

Warm arousal flushing through him, he admired the glossy, green catsuit she wore, the translucent material squeezing her stunning curves. Black knee-length heeled boots swept up her legs, and there was a sharp crack as she spanked her slave hard with a gloved hand. Her dark brown hair was worn in a high ponytail, shiny locks pulled tight over her scalp, and her beautiful face was perfectly made-up, extravagant jewelled earrings hanging to her shoulders.

I’d give anything to look like that, he thought, unsure if it was his own inner voice or the corruptive goddess within him talking.

Pulling out, Madame Screech chuckled as her slave crumpled breathlessly into the mattress. ‘I’ve been pegging him for over an hour, so he should have plenty of cum for our needs built up in those swollen balls. I’d say it’s time we relieve him, don’t you?’

‘In your own time,’ Goddess Lash nodded.

Dominatrix in green latex outfit uses milking machine on male slave

Roughly flipping her slave onto his back, Madame Screech slapped him hard across the face when he protested.

A shiver of delight rippled through Darren: clearly whatever she had in store for him was bad enough that he thought it worth daring to defy her, and Darren could hardly wait to see him suffer through it.

Stooping beneath the bed, Screech produced the shaft of a milking machine, the tube connecting it to the main device snaking beneath the bed. Before her slave could make any further complaints she slipped the thick plastic tube over his rigid cock right down to the base and turned it on. Any protests he might have had quickly melted into orgasmic groans.

Kneeling beside the bed, she held the tube in place with her gloved hands as it bounced rapidly, forcing the slave’s orgasm to breaking point in a matter of seconds.

As her slave began to scream, Screech glanced up at Darren with mischief glittering in her eyes. ‘You know, I always love it when my slaves wail: I like to think it validates my name. I’m sure you’re going to love hearing your slaves screaming too. This one in particular has served me very well. I hope you appreciate him once he’s yours.’

Darren frowned. ‘Once he’s mine? I don’t understand.’

‘Madame Screech has kindly offered her slave to be transformed into your personal bull,’ Goddess Lash explained. ‘She has given him up as a gift for you. Once you’re one of us he’ll be your loyal stud, his only purpose to satisfy you whenever you desire. She is doing all this for you as a means of welcoming you into your new life.’

‘And he’s not just any slave, either,’ Screech went on. ‘I’ve done a little work on him over the years. He won’t cum – he can’t cum – under any circumstances unless I permit it. His orgasm is tied to just a single trigger, and that trigger will remain in place even after we’ve turned him into a dumb hunk for you. You could have him fuck you for days on end and he would never climax, not unless you allowed it.’ Her eyes shone wickedly. ‘Think of it as edging on an entirely new level.’

With every passing second, more of Darren’s concern ebbed away. If the goddesses wanted him to join their ranks, who was he to deny them? Who was he to turn down such a merciful gift? For years he had dreamed what it might be like to live their lives and now he had that chance.

‘So tell me, sister, what is the trigger?’ he asked.

Both Goddess Lash and Madame Screech regarded Darren with an expression of pure manic delight as he addressed them so fondly. The unsuppressed desire in their faces sent scorching lust blooming through his system.

‘Here, I’ll show you,’ Screech grinned.

Dominatrix in green latex outfit watches male slave chained to bed being milked by machine then kisses him

The goddess’ latex catsuit gleamed as she moved up onto the bed and Darren could almost feel it clinging tight to his own skin, could almost see his own divine curves accentuated by its glossy embrace.

He could see the panic in the slave’s eyes as she lay down beside him, pressing her rubbery body up against his and running her gloved hands over his naked figure.

‘I’m going to miss you, cunt,’ Screech said. ‘But I’m sure your new goddess will let me see you from time to time. And anyway, you should be happy – from tonight you’ll actually have the chance to fuck our hot, wet holes rather than be forced to take our cocks in yours. I’d say that’s an improvement, wouldn’t you?’ She leaned in a little closer. ‘Of course, you won’t be able to remember a thing about who you are right now, but bulls don’t need to think. They just need to serve. Goodbye, slave.’ With that she leaned in to kiss him softly on the cheek. ‘I’ll see you on the other side,’ she added as she pulled away.

The second her lips touched his skin, blissful pleasure blossomed over his face. Darren watched with cruel satisfaction as the tension left him and his eyes glazed over, the kiss triggering his orgasm. A long groan passed his lips and all three goddesses in the room chuckled as he finally fired his load, thick ribbons of pearly cum shooting into the internal sleeve of the machine.

Once he was finally finished, a small glass vial swirling with cum slid up from the top of tube. Removing it, Madame Screech held it up between her thumb and forefinger.

‘This is for you, sister,’ she said to Darren. ‘Pour this into your rebirth waters and he will be yours. Only your kiss will trigger his orgasm.’ Screech handed the vial to Goddess Lash. ‘For safe-keeping.’

Stowing it in her cleavage, Lash turned to Darren with a proud smile. ‘It’s time.’ Taking his hand, she turned to Screech. ‘Are you ready to join us, Madame?’

‘With pleasure,’ she nodded. ‘But first, this little runt needs a makeover.’

Leaning down, she twisted a dial on the machine beneath the bed. The milking tube had not stopped bouncing even after it had extracted every last drop from Screech’s slave. Now, vibrant blue liquid immediately flooded the tube and the slave began to scream, muscles already bubbling over his body as his transformation took hold. The bed creaked as he thrashed, but there was no hope of escape, his chains far too strong to break under his current feeble strength.

Darren wanted nothing more than to stay and watch the slave transform into his very own obedient bull, however Madame Screech was beside him the next second, his free hand tangled in her gloved fingers. Together she and Lash turned him away and out of the room.

‘Oh no, he’s going to be a surprise for afterwards,’ Lash said.

Even so, Darren listened intently to the man’s strident howls as they led him away, the sound like music to his ears.

The room Lash and Screech led him into was dark and warm. The only light came from the bubbling hot tub at the opposite end, the underwater lights giving the whole place an eerie red glow. It took Darren’s eyes a moment to adjust to the gloom.

Once they did, he found the place packed with goddesses.

Stunning latex-clad women of all different races and ethnicities filled the space, their tight attire gleaming in the soft red light. He recognised a handful: Goddess Maim and her protégé Madame Huntress, both dressed in clinical white catsuits; Mistress Vixen, her ruby red latex lingerie accentuating her sumptuous curves; Mistress Salacious, her blonde hair stark against the midnight black of the latex cape which hung open to reveal her naked body; Madame Shatter in her bustless outfit and the corseted goddess he had seen earlier, her skin still gleaming with oil.

Most, however, were strangers to him, yet the same unspoken bond he had felt in Madame Screech’s presence now engulfed him again. With no other slaves in the room, he was the only non-goddess present. And yet he wasn’t. Because the way they looked at him as he entered, it wasn’t an expression of disdain. It was one of warmth. Respect. Understanding. A look he had only seen goddesses share with other goddesses.

His body practically humming with anticipation, he followed Lash and Screech to the tub at the end. The water roiled angrily as if it could sense his presence and was trying to get at him.

Slipping the vial of cum from her cleavage, Goddess Lash poured it into the water, the motion bringing Madame Screech’s words back to Darren. Pour this into your rebirth waters and he will be yours.

‘Rebirth waters,’ he echoed out loud. He turned to face Goddess Lash. ‘Do you mean…?’ He trailed off, barely daring to believe this might be possible.

Lash smiled affectionately. ‘Yes. These waters will make you like us. Once you step into them you will be irreversibly transformed into a goddess. You needn’t worry about being driven insane either. The water is filled with a special serum derived from the Spread that is capable of granting anyone – Originals included – the gift of goddesshood. Of course, only a very, very select few are ever permitted such a privilege. Every year, in the spirit of giving, we reward one of our most faithful slaves with the opportunity to join us. If you choose to accept it, it will make you only the fifth Original to enter our latex family since the Spread.’

Darren ran his eyes over the gathered goddesses before turning his attention back to his mistress. ‘Why me?’

‘As I said, you’re loyal,’ Lash replied. ‘You’ve served me well over the years, and every goddess I have shared you with agrees that you are an exemplary slave. But more than that, you crave us. Most Originals loathe us for who we are, but you’ve told me before how even before the Spread you visited women like us. Dominatrices. Femdom lovers. Goddesses. You understood our way of life before we took over, and we reward people like you for that. Some becomes our protégés or assistants. Some have the choice of what transformation they want for themselves. But only the very best are offered the chance to join us for good.’

She stepped forward, her hands rising to his neck. ‘But that is a choice you must make of your own free will.’ She stroked the leather of his collar. ‘This collar gave you a taste of what you could be,’ she explained. ‘It filled your head with our thoughts, showed you the pleasures our bodies can experience. But I want you to know it will have no bearing on your choice to join us. That is a decision only you can make.’

A brief sensation of stupidity washed over him. Of course it had been the collar twisting his mind all night. How had he not realised it earlier? It was only after Goddess Lash slipped it into place that he had started to experience these new thoughts and urges. What else could it have been?

After a few seconds though, he realised he didn’t care. This was an offer he had never dared dream possible. And it was his for the taking.

Leaning forward, he kissed Goddess Lash softly on the lips. ‘Thank you, Lashes,’ he said when he pulled away. He turned to the crowd of goddesses. ‘All of you.’

Then he turned and descended the steps into the water.

His feet had barely touched the bottom, the frothing water around his thighs when unimaginable pleasure drove him to his knees. The next second his strength was eviscerated completely and he plunged beneath the surface.

Darren’s primal scream ripped from his lungs in the form of a curtain of bubbles that went swirling up to the top. Despite the years he had spent in Goddess Lash’s service with pleasure and pain his ever-present companions, no sensation could hope to match the sheer soul-twisting orgasmia of his transformation.

It felt as though he had been doused in hot oil and set alight. As though he had been tossed into a mincing machine. As though he had been tied down and set upon by a thousand masochistic surgeons, their scalpels plunging endlessly into his flesh. Only instead of the pain he would have felt in those scenarios, it was raw ecstasy that burned through him, white-hot and unyielding.

For a brief second he found himself wondering if Goddess Lash had been wrong: surely nobody could hope to stay sane when exposed to this kind of pleasure.

But then his body was changed and his screams melted into manic laughter.

His breasts came in first, his pectoral muscles swelling out into a pair of soft, sumptuous tits. His shoulders contracted, the lines of his new arms delicate and supple while his sturdy legs honed themselves into fleshy thighs and lean calves perfect for standing atop whimpering slaves in killer heels. His short hair was suddenly drifting around him in a weightless brown and blonde halo and he could feel his face reforming into the sultry visage of a true goddess, from the crunching of his jaw as it took on a new shape to the rearrangement of his vocal chords, the pitch of his underwater howls abruptly higher.

Even in the throes of such unimaginable pleasure, no sensation went unnoticed. He felt everything, the orgasmic energy fuelling his sinful transformation dialling every sense far beyond their natural limits. The pleasant ache of his nails growing into manicured claws. The shiver of his brows as they plucked into severe arcs. The erotic tickle of his body hair withering away. Each and every orgasmic thrill rushed through his mind in a blizzard of mind-bending bliss.

All at once an almost agonising burst of pleasure erupted through him as his manhood sharply vanished, retracting into the tight, pink slit of his new pussy. The process felt like a hundred orgasms all breaking at once and he thrashed violently under the water.

But even that paled in comparison to what came next.

When the Spread had first struck, he had seen women transformed into goddesses before his eyes, their groans orgasmic as their ordinary clothes shifted into outfits of gleaming latex.

Still, until now he had never imagined pleasure could be so inconceivably intense. The glossy black bodysuit that crawled over his body was so tight it forced the last of the breath from his lungs and all at once he wondered how he had ever lived a single day without it. More than simply a second skin, it was a physical part of his mind, his very identity; it was like an organ of its own, evolved purely to wrap him in a state of permanent, unyielding arousal.

Woman in black latex outfit and chain collar rises from hot tub lit by red lights

The woman who rose slowly from the waters of rebirth was no longer Darren. Stunningly beautiful, embraced in the tight clutches of her latex suit and oozing erotic allure from every pore, she was nothing short of a walking wet dream, so hot it was a wonder the water streaming down her limbs didn’t steam away.

She was reborn. She was a goddess.

Goddess Lash was beaming as she offered her hand to assist the new goddess from the pool. Madame Screech stood beside her wearing an expression of similar pride, while the other goddesses were all staring at the new woman with open admiration.

‘Welcome, sister,’ Lash said. ‘Please, introduce yourself.’

The new goddess gave an impish smile. ‘Deviance. My name is Goddess Deviance.’

A murmur of approval rippled through the crowd. Deviance noticed with a thrill that many were masturbating slowly.

Lash’s eyes were glittering with mischief. ‘Well then, Goddess Deviance, I think it’s about time we introduced your bull to his new mistress…’

Woman in black latex outfit enters room from balcony to find blindfolded man waiting on bed

Stepping in from the balcony, Goddess Deviance finally laid eyes on her bull for the first time.

He was a far cry from the scrawny wretch she had watched be milked earlier that night. The muscles which had just been starting to grow when she left his padded room were now fully developed, giving him a deliciously masculine figure. Salivating with anticipation at the idea of unwrapping him, she stifled a snigger as she realised how confused the Original he had once been must have felt in his final moments: wracked by irresistible pleasure and arousal, yet knowing that it heralded a new life in which he would no longer remember who he had been before, everything about his natural personality extinguished.

The glow of the moon shone down on her from a starry sky, the lights of the city down below reflected in her latex outfit. Before leading her to the manor’s master bedroom Goddess Lash and Madame Screech had helped her pick out an even more alluring look than the simple latex bodysuit she had been reborn in. The latex now hugging her figure sported a plunging bust which revealed her supple cleavage while stockings the colour of midnight clutched her long legs. A black flogger was held lightly in one hand as she entered.

While redressing her, Deviance’s new sisters had presented her with another gift almost as generous as her transformation: the manor itself. By unanimous decision of all the goddesses present at her rebirth, the manor was now to be hers.

Already Deviance’s mind was whirring with ideas of what she could do to her new home. The former owner and his sissy lover would be moved out into the main entrance hall where they would be the first thing her guests would see upon entry. Special nozzles designed to dispense the libido-enhancing oil mist would be fitted in every bedchamber so any visitors had the option to enhance their debauchery with the simple push of a button. As for the manor’s basement – a space that had not been touched during the goddess’ original renovations – that would be repurposed into her very own dungeon, the sprawling space soon to contain every kind of sexually depraved device imaginable.

One thing was for certain: Deviance Manor would soon be the place for goddesses to unwind in luxury.

Tonight though, there was only one thing on Goddess Deviance’s mind, and he was currently waiting patiently on her bed.

Slinking over to her bull, she ran her hands over his chiselled torso, savouring the raw power contained within his firm musculature before slipping his shirt from his shoulders. His tailored trousers soon followed. Her slim fingers swiftly coiled around his immense meat.

Just an hour before, Deviance would have blanched at the idea of something so large sinking into her holes. Now just having it in her grasp was enough to set her new pussy dripping. There was no question about it – she needed it inside her.

And with a perfectly obedient bull under her command, it was the work of just a few words to turn her desires into reality.

Tearing off her bull’s blindfold, she pushed him down to the bed so forcefully the silk pillows leapt into the air. A thrill of power rushed through her, the way he instinctively obeyed her touch without so much as a shred of resistance drawing a devilish smile over her lips; here was a man who could have beaten her to a pulp without breaking a sweat yet who was nonetheless hers to use however she pleased. He was hers – mind, body and soul – and the very idea that she could control him so completely sent all manner of hedonistic ideas spinning through her mind.

Deviance’s eyes glittered like black diamonds as she surged up onto the bed with him. ‘Tell me, bitch, what is your purpose?’ she asked, playfully stroking his already rigid cock.

Her bull didn’t miss a beat. ‘To serve and satisfy my goddess. To serve and satisfy you, mistress.’

‘Good boy,’ she smiled. ‘Now, since you’re clearly so eager to please, let’s see if you can impress me. I’m not in the mood for foreplay tonight. This body needs breaking in. My pussy needs filling.’ Her smile broadened as she unzipped the crotch of her bodysuit. ‘So, let’s see if you’re up to the job, stud.’

It did not take long until both goddess and her bull were groaning like seasoned lovers, the sounds of their passion ringing out into the starlit night. His cock sheathed in her hot sex, her bull was twitching ready to cum within a matter of minutes, his muscles strained and his entire body tense as his orgasm desperately tried to break.

But just as Madame Screech had said, there was only one trigger that would allow him to finish. And Goddess Deviance had no intention of kissing her bull for a very long time…

Brunette woman in latex outfit and stockings rides muscular male lover on bed

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Merry Christmas!

I won’t go on for too long here since I know if you’re reading this on the day it is release you’ll probably be plenty busy enough anyway. I just wanted to say that despite having to split it in half I am superbly happy with how this one turned out and I think it might just be my favourite Latex World Order story so far. I really enjoyed the chance to explore how the mindset of a goddess corrupted a slave like Darren, and I think in doing so I made goddessification a new kink of mine!

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ll be releasing a new story every day through until the New Year, so make sure to come back tomorrow for the next one. I have some really fun stories coming your way over the next week and I can’t wait to put them out there – I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Also, if you enjoyed this return to kinkiness, I want to mention that I’m hoping to put out more kinky fetish stories next year, though I’ll go into more depth on that in the comments on my New Year’s Day story.

As in Part I, I will be listing the models shown in this piece in order of appearance and then let you explore their work as you please.

Yhivi: Yhivi plays the roleof the woman addicted to the fucking machine in images #1 and #2.

Lolly Badcock: Badcock plays the role of the corseted goddess.

Brooklyn Blue: Blue plays the role of the Original addicted to the transformative oil.

Bella Rossi: Rossi plays the role of Madame Screech.

Sam Solo: Solo plays the role of Madame Screech’s slave, who later becomes Goddess Deviance’s bull, though the later is played by a different model. Solo’s online profiles are very limited, so I’ve sourced the best I could find.

Scarlet Chase: Chase, otherwise known as Secret Crush, plays the role of Goddess Deviance as she emerges from the waters of rebirth.

Stella Cox: Cox plays the role of Goddess Deviance in the final two images – yes, I know two models are playing the same role, but I tried to find two who looked at least vaguely similar since the story required clips of scenes that neither model could provide by themselves.

Nick Moreno: Moreno plays the role of Goddess Deviance’s bull in the final two images.

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