Sam had always admired his stepmother, Mia. Far more than his dad that was for sure. She had first arrived in his life in his early teens shortly after his mum and dad had divorced, and ever since then she had been something of an idol to him.

After much deliberation, he had come to believe the thing he admired most about her was the power she could wield. With a bat of her eyelashes and a handful of words she could wrap even the most reserved man around her finger, while women were mesmerised by her beauty and grace in such a way that they were little more than servants to her. She was both ruthless and fiercely intelligent, a combination that allowed her to get whatever she desired with minimal effort.

The more he had come to admire her, however, the more his father had been a disappointment. At one time Sam had thought his dad was the strongest man he knew. Throughout the divorce he had held strong and stuck to his morals even as Sam’s mother had tried to strip him of his hard-earned wealth. Now, however, Sam’s dad was just as entranced by Mia as any other man she came across. He funded her lavish lifestyle with his wealth without question, he bent over backwards to accommodate her needs, and he ignored her incessant flirting with bigger, more masculine men in the deluded belief that she was with him for anything other than his money.

To anybody on the outside, including Sam, it was blatantly obvious Mia was a gold-digger. Still, with his father disgraced in Sam’s view, her cunning had won him over.

What was more, she appeared to have a deep fondness for him too. She was always urging his father to shower Sam with expensive things, and since he had turned eighteen the two of them had spent most weekends clubbing together leaving Sam’s father at home. Some nights she would head off with a handsome man, and Sam would happily inform his father that she was spending the night with her sister on the other side of town, a story that never garnered any disbelief.

By now Sam was used to getting whatever he wanted just as she was, and though it had felt a little odd partying with her at first Mia was now his favourite wing-woman and had landed him a few exceptionally hot one-night stands. With his twenty-first birthday approaching he had spent years watching her flirt outrageously in the effort to bag a man and he was certain if he was in her shoes he would be able to charm any man he pleased.

On the night of his twenty-first he and Mia were, as usual, preparing to head out. He had spent the morning opening ludicrously expensive gifts rained down on him by his father at Mia’s insistence including a shiny new sportscar and credit card that would take straight from his dad’s bank account.

Now, as the evening drew in, he was stood in the kitchen among a gaggle of girls dressed up for the night ahead. They were all about his age, stunningly beautiful and comprised primarily of Mia’s three younger sisters and their friends. Over the years they had gradually accepted Sam into their friendship group and considered him ‘one of the girls’. They felt like sisters to him, and he didn’t mind that all their gifts had come in pink bags and wrapping paper as he had grown accustomed to their girly tendencies. They too had spent many nights in the club with him, and if he was honest he was more than a little jealous how often they scampered away with a fit guy compared to how often he was able to land a girl.

Just before they were about to head out, Mia approached him with a smile. Like a crowd of peasants parting for royalty, the girls respectfully stepped aside and fell silent.

‘I’ve been waiting so long for this moment,’ she said, pressing a small vial into his hand. ‘I want you to drink this for me, sweetie. I promise it will be the best gift anybody has ever given you.’

Bemused but happy to oblige, Sam unstopped the vial and downed the contents. It was sweet and slightly floral, warming his insides as it went down. He was just about to ask what exactly it had been when the Elixir took hold and his body swiftly changed.

His pale skin rapidly darkened, taking on a golden tanned complexion before his eyes. His short, broad stature was no more as he grew several inches and slimmed into a curving, feminine figure. Beneath his skin his muscles weaved and twisted, migrating across his body to fill more important places than his arms or abs. Soon he felt the material of his jeans begin to strain as his ass and thighs filled out to enhance his figure, while further down his toenails were painted with shiny white polish. The incredible pleasure of breasts bulging on his chest almost made him pass out, but as he gripped onto his consciousness he was astonished by the plush orbs that suddenly dominated his torso. His mop of black hair bleached and grew, cascading over his shoulders in lush blonde locks. His now slender, delicate fingers were tipped with manicured claws perfect for raking across the back of some muscular lover as he filled her with passion. With the physical transformation almost over, he felt the final twitches of movement across his face as his features rearranged themselves, followed by the tickle of unseen brushes applying sumptuous make-up to complete his stunning beauty.

The transformation complete, now his clothes were on the move. The jeans, shoes and dress shirt twisted and writhed across his body like a host of furious snakes. Paling as they moved he was soon clad in an entirely pink outfit, the garments eventually settling as a tasselled bra top, a tasselled high-waist skirt and a pair of sequined high heels which pushed him up even further.

Blonde tanned party girl sitting among birthday presents ready to party

A little breathless from the change, she hopped up onto the kitchen counter amongst her presents in case her legs gave way.

Grinning wide, she admired her new body allowing her hands to feel her new curves, her soft skin, her long legs. ‘Mmmh, you were like so right,’ she cooed, ‘this is the best present I’ve ever had.’

The girls giggled and Mia came up to stroke his cheek affectionately. ‘I knew you’d love it, sweetie. I could tell the moment I met you that you were far better suited to this life than the one you’d been given. I’ve been working on you for years: getting your daddy to spoil you until you could get anything you want, showing you how to flirt and seduce without you realising it, giving you a nice big group of naughty girlfriends to play with once you changed. I even got your father to get you that car and credit card so you can go out on shopping sprees whenever you like. And tonight you can put all I’ve taught you to the test. We’re going to find you the biggest, hottest guy in the city and you’re going to finish your night screaming his name. Oh, Sammi, you’re the perfect daughter I never had. Now let’s go have some fun, shall we?’

Just as Mia had said, Sammi did finish her night in the arms of the hottest guy she had ever laid eyes on. Even better, she had seen the way all the other guys in the club had looked at her, gawking as though she was the only woman in the whole city. She knew she would not have any issues finding a fuck buddy from now on.

Still, the sex was more mind-blowing than she could have ever anticipated and she knew there was nothing that could ever convince her to change back. This was the life she was born to lead and being a slutty spoiled brat suited her perfectly. As far as she was concerned, daddy deserved to be leeched of every last penny. He had basically pushed her into Mia’s arms, and if he hadn’t then she wouldn’t have ever taken the Elixir, would she? Once he ran out of money, she and Mia would just move on to the next rich sucker, a slutty stepmother and her bratty daughter ready to bleed him dry.

Blonde tanned girl wearing pink leather dress has cleavage on show

Just as Mia had taught her, however, Sammi always wanted more. More gifts, more clothes, more make-up and, most importantly, more sex. As such, a few months after her birthday, Sammi was smiling beguilingly as she sat in the opulent office of the handsome man. Everything was marble and glass, and she sat in the large chair with her chest pushed forwards and plenty of cleavage on show.

‘So,’ he said, eyeing her hungrily, ‘what brings you to my casting couch, Sammi?’

‘Well,’ she replied, unfolding her legs to reveal her white lace panties all while wearing a demure smile, ‘I’ve recently discovered how much I enjoy being very, very bad.’

‘You are aware, I assume, that our scenes can be quite extreme?’

‘Of course. That’s why I’m here, sir. I like things extreme.’ He raised an eyebrow as though he did not quite believe her, though behind it there was a raging lust she could see as plain as day. After all, Sammi had been taught by the best, and she knew just how to appeal to the porn director. ‘Surely you know the more innocent a girl like me looks, the filthier they are when it matters. Tell you what, how about I show you what I mean?’

Thanks for reading!

This piece is an entry to one of Evie Hyde’s Discord competitions. If you’ve been reading my work for any length of time you’ll know I’ve written for these competitions before and I’m really happy with this entry. This month Evie selected a handful of images from her Discord server and challenged us to create a story using any of them we pleased. As always, I highly recommend you check out Evie’s work if you are not familiar with it. It’s a less explicit piece than I usually put out, I know, but to be honest I think stories that insinuate naughtiness without outright showing it are just as hot as those that do. I may well put out similarly SFW pieces in the future if I find some supporting images I like.

I hope to upload again on Thursday, however I will preemptively apologise if I am unable to. The UK is currently being battered by Storm Ciara and there’s a real possibility of power cuts and internet loss. As I write this on Sunday it is pretty brutal weather at the minute though hopefully it should only last a few days. Even if the rain stops, however, the winds are still going to be fierce for a while I believe. If for whatever reason I am unable to upload I will try to put a message out through my Twitter so keep tabs on that if you want to stay up to date.

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    1. Haha, thank you very much! I’m really glad you managed to find it again and I’m thrilled you enjoyed my work!

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