Blonde cheerleader in blue, yellow and white uniform leans on shoulder of dark-haired jock in matching jacket on tennis court

‘Hey there, Anton,’ said the blonde in a singsong voice, ‘long time no see.’

The brooding guy she leaned upon, in his ripped jeans and thickly gelled hair, sneered at him mockingly. ‘Fuck me, he’s just as pathetic as he was when we last saw him.’

If he was honest, Anton could not deny he probably looked pathetic in front of the queen and king of his old college. His face had lost all colour, his breathing came in short panicked gasps, while his expression was one of abstract horror. He imagined he looked as though he had just seen a ghost, which in truth was how the two smirking faces made him feel.

In fairness, he thought his reaction was perfectly justifiable. He had hoped and prayed he had left Bella and Adam far behind him. For some time it had felt like he had succeeded too. With everything going so well since his move, he had begun to forget the endless torment which had been the very reason for coming to this new college, but now everything came flooding back to him.

He could still remember the first time he had laid eyes on Bella. Standing at the lockers in her cheerleader outfit with black-painted nails and an innocent flutter of her eyelashes once she noticed him looking at her. She had giggled as though flattered and he had struggled to pull his eyes away from her beautiful figure.

Blonde cheerleader in blue, white and black uniform leans against wall of blue lockers

It had taken less than three hours for his awestruck impression of her to be soured, as between classes he had been accosted by Bella and her gaggle of cheerleader friends who had subjected him to all manner of verbal abuse. Always a sensitive type, the sudden and unrelenting venom of their taunts had reduced him almost to tears and they had laughed coldly as he had fled through the corridors.

That experience had very much set the tone for every interaction he had had with Bella from there on out. Bella and her gang had made his college life a living hell, spreading endless foul rumours and constantly belittling him to the point that his self-esteem was below rock bottom. He had never had much of a friendship group, and their relentless abuse had driven him into complete solitude that became more and more difficult to handle.

Much to his dismay, his belief that things could get no worse had been categorically disproven once Bella met Adam. As head cheerleader it was only a matter of time before she fell into the arms of the college’s favourite jock, but once they formed a unit Anton had been thrust into an entirely new world of torment. Together they had united most of the college in a crusade against Anton that inevitably resulted in a serious incident.

After months of verbal abuse, Adam had taken the next step. Riling up his jock friends against Anton he had set them on him without remorse. It was not so much a fight as a beating since Anton was hardly able to hit back, and he had been black and blue once they had finished with him.

The incident had had severe fallout. At last Anton’s parents had taken him seriously enough to allow him to transfer colleges, while the jocks who had beaten him had been expelled. Still, Bella and Adam were both deceptively intelligent and neither had allowed themselves to be caught up in the scandal: Adam had been training at the actual time of the beating, while Bella – though clearly involved in the plotting of it all – had made sure she was not even on campus. As such, neither of them had been so much as reprimanded.

Three blonde cheerleaders in red and white uniforms celebrate together

Moving college had been the best thing Anton had ever done. He had quickly fallen in with a group of kind, sensitive girls who were always willing to be patient with him as his self-esteem gradually returned. To his shock, his new friendship group was in fact part of the cheerleading squad of his new college. Having been exposed to Bella’s cold, heartless squad for so long he had initially been sceptical of their kindness, however it had soon become apparent that the girls were Bella’s antithesis.

Before falling in with them, Bella and Adam’s shadow had still loomed over him. Like a kidnap victim missing their captor, he had kept tabs on their social media and kept himself as isolated as they had kept him. He had watched jealously as the couple had smeared their social media with pictures and videos of their eighteenth birthdays, complete with parent-bought sports cars and thousands in gifts.

Nevertheless, once his new friends had taken him under their wing, all memories of Bella, Adam and their endless bullying had gradually faded away.

Now, however, he could not form the words to articulate his horror.

‘Yeah,’ Bella giggled in response to Adam’s insult, ‘and just as lonely too. You see, we did try to tell you nobody could ever care about someone like you.’

‘What are you doing here?’ Anton said breathlessly.

‘Oh didn’t you hear? Our football team and your football team are collaborating. It’s part of this big deal going on and together we’re going to make the best football squad in the state to start climbing the ladder. We’re going to be here for months, hun. I guess you couldn’t get rid of us as easily as you thought.’

Together the terrible couple broke out laughing as Anton paled even further and he shook his head in disbelief. Fortunately, it was this noise that attracted the attention of the small pocket of girls at the opposite end of the court.

In a protective barrier of blonde fury, his friends quickly surrounded him and glared at Bella and Adam. Anton’s heart fluttered as he noted the expression of shock on Bella’s face: she had been denied her opportunity to humiliate him, a fact she looked barely able to process.

‘Let me guess,’ said Ashley, the tallest of the girls, ‘you’re the bitch from his old college Anton has told us about?’

‘Bella, wasn’t it?’ added Sandy, her long straightened hair rippling softly in the breeze. ‘Sounds like a far too pretty name for a girl with such an ugly personality.’

Just as Adam was about to pipe up, Macey glared him into silence. She wore black lipstick and blacker eyeshadow, while her eyes were like black holes of rage. ‘You can shut up, too. I thought you’d be bigger, but you look like the runt of the litter. You don’t have your jock friends with you now and trust me, we’ve got guys on our team who could snap you in half. If you know what’s good for you, I suggest you take your shit elsewhere. Both of you.’

For several long seconds, Bella and Adam said nothing. All they could do was stand in stunned silence. Nobody had ever spoken to them like that, let alone anybody willing to stand up for their scrawny punching bag Anton. When at last they regained their composure, Adam did not seem to know what to do with himself but Bella’s face was twisted with loathing.

‘This isn’t over,’ she spat, ‘just because that little rat has found some second-rate prudes to look after him, doesn’t mean he won’t get what’s coming to him. Come on Adam, let’s get out of here.’

With that she took Adam by the shoulder and dragged him away.

For the rest of the day Ashley, Sandy and Macey tried their best to keep Anton’s spirits up. All their efforts reaped little reward, however, as the resurgence of Bella and Adam had struck a blow to their sensitive friend which was not easily soothed. Dejected and miserable, Anton left to spend some time alone and as the day drew to a close, the three girls gathered to devise a solution.

‘We can’t just let those two walk all over Anton again,’ insisted Ashley.

‘Of course not,’ agreed Macey, ‘but how are we supposed to help him? We’re not with him all the time and they seem like the kind to hunt him out when he’s got nobody to stick up for him.’

For a while they sat in silence, before at last Sandy broke it. ‘What if we made it so Anton could stick up for himself?’

‘He can’t,’ Macey replied, ‘you’ve seen him. He hasn’t got the confidence for that, not yet.’

‘I know, but that’s who he is now. What if we… improved him a little? We could use the science labs to cook up some Elixir. If he took that he’d be able to stick up for himself and take Bella’s throne as the hottest girl on campus. All we have to do is make sure we don’t make it too potent, right?’

Soon, the three girls were huddled over a rack of test tubes in the deserted science labs. It had taken them some time to find all the right chemicals to produce a batch of Elixir, though at last it was coming together. A large beaker sat in front of them full of fizzing blue liquid, while in a flask to one side they had concocted a bubbling dose of yellow fluid. Carefully they upended the flask, pouring the contents into the blue and mixing the two with a pipette.

As one, they sighed with relief: the Elixir was complete. All there was to do now was distribute it into vials.

Close-up of test tubes with one full of green liquid

As they admired their work, however, the three well-meaning girls felt a change overcome them. Their thoughts blurred in their heads and for no reason they could pinpoint they started to giggle.

The fumes from the Elixir continued to infiltrate their minds and before long they were no longer the kind, caring women who had entered the lab in the hopes of helping their friend. Instead their minds swam with fantasies of handsome jocks and expensive clothes. Spotting the vials of Elixir they remembered why they were in the lab, giggled hysterically at their forgetfulness, then as one squinted at the swirling green contents.

‘This looks pretty weak to me, girls,’ Macey said with a mischievous smirk.

‘Why don’t we make it a bit stronger?’ Sandy suggested.

‘Oh my god, we should like totally do that,’ Ashley nodded excitedly.

As one they set back to work.

The following morning, Anton was feeling perfectly awful. He had gotten little sleep given each time he closed his eyes the leering faces of Bella and Adam plagued his vision. Tired and downcast, he was trudging his way past the college gym when all at once he felt a hand on his collar.

Yanked from the corridor, it was only once he got his bearings that he realised he had been pulled into the men’s changing rooms. Spinning around, he quickly recognised his assailants.

‘Girls? What are you doing? You can’t be in here! Anyone finds us and we’ll be in deep trouble.’ Pausing, Anton frowned.

Something was different about his friends. Their clothes, for one thing. They had always been so reserved and moderate in their dress – it was one of the reasons he liked them so much, not the type to always be chasing attention – but now that moderation was entirely absent. Ashley’s skirt was hiked up practically around her waist, her plump ass on full display and her pink panties flashing into view when she moved in the right way. Macey, meanwhile, had her shirt buttoned far lower than usual to display a heavy dose of cleavage even he as her friend found it difficult to ignore. Sandy too had made efforts to draw the eye to her breasts with a combination of a mostly see-through shirt and a bright pink bra.

Beyond their attire, however, there were further unusual changes. All three had delicately painted their nails with varying shades of vibrant colour; their make-up was notably heavier and done in a far more alluring manner than usual; they flicked and fiddled with their hair incessantly to the point that they seemed more interested in it than anything else; and they snickered and scoffed between themselves as though they were sharing a joke he was not part of.

‘Are you okay?’ he asked, raising an eyebrow sceptically, ‘What’s this all about?’

Bearing down on him the girls seemed giddy with excitement. ‘We’ve got something for you,’ they chanted.

‘We wanted to help you with the whole Bella and Adam thing,’ said Ashley.

‘And we wanted to teach Bella a lesson for picking on you, too,’ Sandy added.

‘She clearly thinks she’s like queen bitch, so we’ve got a plan to change that,’ Macey said.

Pulling a glass vial from between her breasts, Ashley brandished it at him. ‘We might have got a bit carried away, but we were having so much fun we couldn’t help ourselves. So here’s the plan. Adam will be here in a minute. We left a note on his locker telling him to come here.’

‘You what?!’ Anton cried.

‘He thinks it’s from Bella,’ snickered Macey.

‘Yeah, we forged her signature,’ Ashley went on. ‘We’ll hide before he gets here and once he’s in we’ll slip out and lock the door behind us. Once you’re done knock on the door. Don’t worry, we’ll cover for you while you’re busy.’

‘Busy, what the Hell are you talking about? What’s wrong with you? Adam will beat the shit out of me if you lock us in together.’ But then the girls were on him, shushing him and ignoring his protests. As Macey and Sandy restrained him Ashley unstopped the vial and all at once she was pouring the contents down his throat. Though he tried to avoid it, she held his mouth open and despite managing to spit some out once they released him, most of it had already been swallowed.

On account of the girls strengthening the formula far beyond its ordinary intensity, the Elixir hit him immediately with the force of a runaway freight train. Stumbling back, Anton crashed into the lockers which were the only thing that kept him standing. As he struggled to stay upright his body transformed with such speed he felt as though there was somebody inside him fighting violently to get out.

His body inflated rapidly, his thighs and ass filling out in a sharp burst of speed that almost catapulted him forwards and onto his knees. For a brief instant his lower half was full and plump while his torso remained desperately skinny, though this did not last long. In the blink of an eye his upper half was also full and curvy, a shapely figure straining against the seams of his clothes. Huge breasts clawed their way out of his chest, pushing his shirt to the limit and sending buttons hissing across the room while the thin layers of dark hair coating his arms and legs retreated sharply to leave his skin smooth and supple. His curly dark hair roared to life and like a river breaking its banks it flowed down in sweeping black currents that only came to a stop just above his waist. Watching his facial features rearrange was like watching a sculptor moulding a clay bust, but in a few seconds he no longer looked like himself.

Busty brunette stands naked in changing room with red lockers behind

In less than thirty seconds Anton had been replaced by a mesmerising woman with an immaculate body. She was the perfect embodiment of lust and a smile played on her glossy lips as she took in her new figure.

The transformation had been so intense that the new woman radiated heat for a few moments afterwards. The remnants of her clothes lay torn and smoking around her feet and the heat had even broken the girls admiring her into a sweat, though their flushed cheeks were entirely on account of their attraction to the goddess before them.

Standing in the nude, she eyed the adoring girls with a smirk. They had done good work. She was not surprised they had gone overboard with their experiments: once they had been twisted into naughty sluts by the Elixir they had needed an alpha bitch to serve. It was only natural that in the absence of any suitable candidate they had created their own. And now they had succeeded they were her slutty clique to command. The first of many more to come, she was sure. She would start with the rest of the cheerleading team, then maybe move on to some of the teachers. Together they would rule the college, but first she had to dethrone the current queen…

‘Bella?’ Adam’s voice rang down the hallway. Catalysed into life the three girls scurried off to hide and by the time Adam arrived it was only her left in the room.

‘Bella, you in here? I found this note on my –’ Catching sight of the naked woman his eyes bulged in shock. ‘Whoa, what the… erm, sorry, I must have the wrong room, I’ll just go, I…’

‘I think you should stay,’ she cooed. She smirked in satisfaction as Adam admired her stunning form and she saw the spark of lust flicker in his eyes. His confusion and awkwardness were quickly swamped by it and he was so enraptured by her that he did not hear the door lock behind him as the girls slipped away.

‘Who are you? What are you doing here?’

‘Oh, you haven’t heard of me? I’m Toni. Me and Bella have this little feud going on and yesterday she pushed me too far. I’m sure you know what she’s like, always parading around like she rules the place. Well, I think it’s about time you both learned what true power is.’

Bearing down upon him, she coiled her body around his and claimed his mind as her plaything. One thing was for sure: she couldn’t wait to send Bella a video of Adam betraying her for the new cheerleader queen…

Busty brunette lies on bench moaning as man gives oral sex in changing room

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As with Monday’s release, this is actually a piece inspired by one of Evie Hyde’s competition briefs. Unlike that one though, this one isn’t actually an entry. The competitions run monthly and the first three images of this piece were taken from January’s competition. As soon as the competition was put up this idea took root in my head, but at the time I was both taking a break from posting and also busy writing my four-part Formula comeback piece. So even though this is a competition story, it also isn’t.

Regardless, I wanted to get this out as soon as I could so I hope you all enjoyed it. I added a few extra images to support the second half, which are all linked below as always. The model used for Toni is the ravishing Peta Jensen who just oozes sex appeal. I don’t think I’ve used her in my published work so far, but at the same time it is equally possible I have: it can be difficult to keep track when I have a backlog of thirty something stories to tie me over if I need them. Either way, her work is definitely worth checking out and you can find much of it on her PornHub profile, here:

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