Brunette woman in latex lingerie receives oral sex from collared man on leash

‘Let’s get one thing straight, shall we? Your wife sent you to me for one reason, and one reason only: to train you. Now, I really don’t care how long that takes. A month, or a year, it doesn’t matter to me. She’s using your savings to fund your training, and if you are still here once she had burned through all of those I’ve already told her I will finish the job for free; better to have one more man taught his place than let him go half-trained.’

Tugging on the chain harder, Goddess Eve pulled the man’s collar tighter around his neck. She was rewarded with a surge of speed, his tongue racing up and down between the lips of her pussy. He was clumsy, true, but then he had only been in her possession for a matter of days and this was his first full training session. Surprisingly, he appeared to have some promise: unlike most of the obnoxious men she dealt with he was able to both find her clit and maintain his hold on it for a minute or two at a time, and on occasion he would go in with the tip of his tongue to tease her lips rather than battering them with the flat of the muscle. Given that his wife had insisted that he had not once eaten her out during their ten years of marriage, she was pleasantly surprised that he appeared to have at least some level of natural skill.

Regardless, he would still need a lot of work. Every few minutes he would try and pull away, complaining that his tongue was tired or that he had never consented to the training. He would insult his wife loudly, as though she was stood just outside the room listening in, and on rare occasions he would struggle to break free of his collar or try to tear the chain from her hands.

As experienced as she was, of course, none of this was anything new to the woman and she had a response to each and every reaction the man demonstrated. Sometimes, a simple tug on the chain would bring him back between her legs and licking her again obediently. When he complained she would softly yet sternly inform him that failing to complete his session to her satisfaction would result in his meals for the next week entirely consisting of dog food. Any slur against his wife would result in a triplet of strikes from her riding crop across his exposed ass without delay, and she would muffle his wails by forcing his face into her crotch. And when he attempted to escape her a sharp kick to his spiked chastity cage incapacitated him easily enough. She always made sure the men wore a spreader bar in their early sessions to ensure she always had that easy access until she was confident they would not attempt any escape through brute strength, or they were otherwise incapacitated through some bondage or another.

‘Now, your wife tells me that you haven’t even eaten her out once in all the time you’ve been together. Obviously, as I hope you are beginning to see, that is simply unacceptable. You may think you are above pleasuring your wife and that she is only there for your personal gratification, but the truth is entirely the inverse. Men like you have only one place, and that place is on your knees ready to obey anything your wife commands. You are no more than her servant, below her in every way just as you are beneath all women. Licking pussy is one of the most useful skills a good husband can have, and you will employ it as frequently as your woman desires.’

She smiled as the man nodded his understanding and circled her clit with the tip of his tongue. Women had been bringing their husbands to her for training for years now, and it was not as though any of the men had been happy about it, nor grateful to their wives for enrolling them in Goddess Eve’s training program. They were almost invariably the same: brutish, arrogant, self-centred. To them, their dick was their birth right, and the very possession of it dictated every woman should bow down and worship them. Self-entitled bastards, the lot of them. Each and every one deserved far more than the punishments she handed out to them, which she supposed made her a merciful goddess. Not that they ever appreciated it of course.

As much as they resisted her training and denied their rightful place at the feet of their wives, that wasn’t to say they were lost causes. Not by a long shot. They all learned, eventually. Some took longer than others, naturally, but sooner or later she would deem them cured of their misguided, loathsome personalities. New men had taken the place of the old and they would return home to serve their wives with all the enthusiasm of children opening presents on Christmas day. Many of the women had only ever wanted a loving spouse just to be burdened with a drunken lout, and they were more than satisfied with the servitude their trained husbands happily provided. Others though, they were of a more vengeful breed. The training of their husbands was only half the deal for them, and Goddess Eve had more than enough contacts to help them fulfil the rest. The husbands of those women would return home to find them in the arms of a hung bull, his affection for their wife as keen as her screams were loud when they made love in the couple’s marital bed. In her line of work you made contacts, and it was the work of a few phone calls to provide the wives with the perfect bull for their needs.

She always held it as a testament to the quality of her training regime that once complete, the men were as willing to lick the cum of another man from their wife’s pussy as they were to serve her as her one and only lover. Cuckold or slave, the men were obedient and adoring either way, and the wives were overwhelmingly grateful to the Goddess for her services.

As the man continued to lick her, suspicions began to surface in her mind. The way he ate her out was quite unlike that of the other men she trained. His clumsiness seemed to be purely due to lack of experience rather than revulsion of the act, and he appeared to hope to please the woman he served, making sure to focus on her clit, teasing her as best he could and refusing to neglect any part of her dripping hole. He settled into the position of servitude far quicker than other new initiates as well; his insults and complaints were only ever half-hearted to begin with and once he realised that the punishment was not worth the minor gratification they provided he fell quiet altogether. As for his attempts at escape, they too seemed far from earnest, as though he was trying to assume a role he did not truly want to play. It felt to her as if the man felt he was expected to resist, rather than actually wanting to himself, and that his infrequent and insincere attempts at doing so made him appear to meet the expectations had of him.

Of course, he had never been in the room with her other subjects. He had not seen their balls bleeding from the spiked cage she had been forced to repeatedly kick in order to subdue them. He had not heard the hundreds of complaints and insults they had barraged her with, nor seen her follow through on her threats of taking away ordinary meals. The men she ordinarily handled were raging lions to his house cat kitten nature, and she had the distinct suspicion that he was one of those men for whom the manly, butch attitude was all a façade. He had wanted this for years; the experience of submitting to any woman – especially a dominant one – was his unspoken dream. Such subjects were rare in her line of work. In over a decade she had handled so few she could count them on both hands. For whatever reason – and she knew there were many, both societal and personal – he had held back from admitting his desires. Now, however, the truth was clearer than a placid lake to the keen eye of an experienced woman.

She smiled and stroked his hair, resulting in a hushed but definite moan. ‘That’s right, pet, you’re where you belong now. I know you want this. You can’t hide yourself from me. I can see your true nature like I was reading it from a book. You have wanted this for so long, and now I am fulfilling your deepest hidden desires. You’re a good pet. I can tell you want nothing more than to lick my pussy all night long. If you keep this up I’ll remove that spreader bar and your chastity cage in only a few weeks. But you have to be a good boy, do you understand?’

He nodded sharply, finding her clit again as he did. This time he did not lose it, and his tongue licked and flicked it in ways that sent twitches running down her legs and up through her torso. Leaning her head back Goddess Eve tugged on the chain again to bring him in that bit closer, and to remind him that she held the power. She doubted he needed the reminder, but it never hurt to err on the side of caution. Closing her eyes, she smiled as the man feasted on her sex. She had expected this first session to be as tiresome and difficult as every other, but finally she could take time to relax and enjoy the service of a new initiate.

Still, she thought it best to wait to tell him that his wife had requested a bull to replace him. That could wait for another day…

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