Little Shop of Hedonism: No Inhibitions

Models: Jason Vario & Gabriel Cross

Ezra was in his happy place: a horny bull standing over him, a thick cock burrowing down his throat, all while wearing nothing but his harness, jockstrap and boots.

Arousal tumbled through his insides, urging him on as he went down hungrily on Gideon’s massive manhood. His cheeks and throat ached from stretching to accommodate the shaft, but Ezra’s horniness was so intense the discomfort didn’t matter. In fact it only added to his insatiability, a constant reminder that he was nothing more than a cock-addicted slut willing to endure anything just for a taste of a juicy, meaty dick like Gideon’s.

Above him, Gideon smirked. ‘That’s it, boy, don’t be shy. You want my dick, so take it. Gorge on it. Show me what a filthy faggot you are.’

The big black bull didn’t even need to thrust. Ezra went down on him with such enthusiasm that he could simply stand there and watch as the needy sub willingly throated his huge manhood. It wasn’t often that a sub could swallow him all, but Ezra seemed born for depravity and he practically inhaled Gideon all the way to the base, barely even gagging as he slid his tongue out to lick the bull’s swollen balls.

Still, just in case the sub had second thoughts Gideon kept Ezra’s leash wrapped firmly around his hand. The chain was hooked to a ring on Ezra’s harness and allowed Gideon to remind his boy exactly where he belonged at any time with a few sharp tugs.

The two men were alone in the club’s largest private room. Gideon had more than enough wealth to hire the room out for the entire night, so there was no worry of them being interrupted or kicked out; he had all night to fuck this nympho fag until his brains were mush and his holes were gushing cum.

Ezra wasn’t the first fucktoy Gideon had met in the club, but he was certainly the sluttiest. Despite the fact they had never met, Ezra had shown no shame when he marched over to the bull, slipped a hand down his leather shorts to massage his cock, and stooped down to suck on Gideon’s nipple. Stunned by Ezra’s audacity Gideon had only been able to watch as the boy crouched down and licked his shorts right in front of the other patrons, a few of whom looked decidedly jealous that Ezra had approached Gideon rather than them.

‘How about we take this someplace private, sir?’ Ezra had smiled, slipping a hand around to grope Gideon’s ass. ‘I’m Ezra by the way,’ he added as an afterthought, as if introducing himself had only just occurred to him.

His horniness immediately charged, Gideon had wasted no time in hiring the room and dragging the grinning sub off the dancefloor.

Now they were alone in the red glow of the neon lights he was still struggling to wrap his head around what was happening. Gideon was a regular of the club yet he hadn’t seen Ezra before – he knew he’d have remembered a cock-addict this insatiable. What’s more, there was no way an inexperienced sub would have such impressive skills, yet on the rare occasions he paused to catch his breath Ezra assured Gideon this was his first time doing anything like this.

Somehow this bottom had flown under everyone’s radar, and the bull didn’t have a clue how.

What he could not know, of course, was that Ezra had a secret – or at least a truth he hadn’t come up for air often enough to share. Because without the leather harness and matching jockstrap, he wouldn’t have been there in the first place.

As Ezra continued to worship Gideon’s dick the power of his magic gear burned through him. Sweat trickled down his nape and beaded on his brow, the heat of arousal giving his skin a sheen. Instincts that weren’t quite his own drove his every move, as if there was somebody else in his head guiding his movements – a variant of himself whose nerves had been converted into raw, frantic nymphomania.

When he pulled away twinkling strings of cum and saliva stretched between his lips and his new favourite meal. Yet even though he came up gasping for breath with chest heaving and temples throbbing, Gideon never needed to pull him back. Ezra could barely last a few seconds before his entire body was aching to go down on the bull once more, every heartbeat agonising without the salty taste of Gideon’s incredible dick smothering his tongue and the dull ache as his throat stretched to accommodate the girthy treat.

Trixie had warned him this would happen. Even so, he had never imagined the gear would corrupt him so completely.

Ezra had been wanting to visit the club for months. He’d often fantasised about meeting a kinky bull and letting lust take over, but with little experience and the very idea of hooking up crippling him with nerves he had always talked himself out of it. He had only had a few brief relationships and his ex-boyfriends all described him as a subpar sub, so he reasoned he wouldn’t fit in around all the horny bulls and greedy twinks the club was renowned for.

After a recent breakup though, he had decided to throw caution to the wind. But if he was going to go to the club he knew he’d need some gear – preferably a look that would boost his confidence too.

And where better to find that than the Little Shop of Hedonism?

When he placed the harness and jockstrap on the counter, Trixie had raised an eyebrow. ‘You sure you’re ready for that particular look, slick? Both of those are imbued with some of the strongest corruption enchantments this side of Metamorphose’s Lucky Deck. When I say they’re intense, I’m not kidding around. You’ll barely even recognise yourself once you put them on. Mind, body and soul you’ll be a total whore with no inhibitions whatsoever.’

But Ezra hadn’t backed down. He was sure he could take it. Trixie had simply shrugged, taken his payment and sent him off with a smirk. ‘Good luck,’ she said as he strode out the door, chest puffed out and a cocky grin on his face. ‘By the way, I’ve got some puppy tail butt plugs on sale for the next week. Let me know when you want one – something tells me you’re going to want your ass filled a lot more often once you’ve spent a night out in those.’

It was only once he donned the gear that Ezra realised just how wrong he’d been.

As he had hoped it suppressed his nerves, filling him with the kind of naughty confidence he had always craved.

True to Trixie’s word, however, the enchantment was so powerful Ezra was a new man in seconds. His body toned up, shedding unnecessary fat and acquiring muscle that rippled under his skin. At the same time most of his body hair shrank back, leaving his thighs, stomach and most importantly his crotch and ass completely hairless. Despite the glow up, he was still recognisably himself – in body at least.

The same could not be said for his mind. Twisted up into a version of himself he had never believed possible, all his inhibitions were mercilessly stripped away. Like wrecking balls crashing through crumbling walls, all the barriers that had prevented him exploring his desires collapsed – the nerves, the doubt, the shame crumbling to leave his mind open. At the same time, his psyche was flooded with a lust so intense he couldn’t let it out fast enough.

Desperate for a release, Ezra had beelined for the hottest bull he could see the moment he entered the club. And now here he was, an echo of his former self utterly engulfed by his own insatiable gluttony for cum and cock and all things kinky.

This was his happy place now. There was no going back. Even if by some miracle he ended the night going home alone rather than howling facedown into Gideon’s bed, Ezra knew he was already a slave to the magic gear. Now he knew the pleasure it could provide him there was no way he could give it up. How could he go back to lonely nights at home when this was the alternative?

The genie was out of the bottle. And Ezra had too many kinky wishes to count. It would be a shame not to take the opportunity to fulfil them.

‘You know, I’ve always wants a greedy sub of my own,’ Gideon said. His free hand was locked in Ezra’s hair as the boy continued to bob hungrily. ‘I’ve had a few flings, but never with a faggot as crazy as you. You’re next level, bitch. I’ve never met a more desperate cumdump in my life and there’s no way I’m letting another bull rob me of this throat. Mmmh, I could skullfuck you all day, boy.’

Using his grip on Ezra’s hair, Gideon pulled him away and dragged him to his feet. ‘But a good sub offers his Master more than a slutty mouth. I think it’s time I tested how tight your pussy is.’

With that Gideon threw Ezra into the sling suspended from the sturdy metal bedframe. He had fucked enough subs in the sling to know it could withstand any amount of stress placed upon it, but with their combined horniness he suspected he and Ezra were going to really put that to the test tonight. Then again, if they broke it, there was always the bed – so long as he had access to his new slave’s holes, Gideon didn’t much care where they fucked.

Clutching hold of the straps, Ezra gasped as Gideon ripped his jockstrap in half and tossed aside the tattered remnants.

‘Don’t worry, I’ll buy you another one boy.’

‘Thank you, sir,’ Ezra grinned, his mind already whirring with ideas of what else Gideon might buy for him from the shelves of the Trixie’s store. One hand descended to his cock and he began to jerk off feverishly.

Stalking closer, Gideon grinned as he slid a condom over his immense shaft and lubed himself up. ‘Fuck, we’re going to have so much filthy fun together. Imagine it, boy: you on your knees beside me at the bar, your mouth open for anyone to use so long as they’re willing to pay. Or me having you trussed up in full rubber, hooded, gagged, plugged, never knowing how I’ll use you until you’re begging for more. And just wait until I invite my friends to join the fun. After all, a cock-gobbling cumdump like you deserves a ruthless gangbang at least once a week if you ask me.’

Gideon wasn’t even fucking him yet and Ezra was already moaning like he was ready to cum. His eyes rolled and he trembled in the sling, so horny he was sure he was about to burst.

But that arousal faded into insignificance once Gideon finally drove inside him. At that point his conscious mind shut down and he allowed himself to plunge into a world ruled by lust and pleasure. As his new Master took control, Ezra simply lay back, moaning, masturbating, and thanking himself over and over for ignoring Trixie’s warnings about the corruptive gear…

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