A Fantasy Resort Story: New Year Nymphos

Models: Liz Jordan, Juan Loco & Paige Owens

Paige and Elle smiled impishly as they held one another close. Both braless, their tits pressed together through the material of their dresses. Meanwhile, the hands they had looped around one another’s waists had already started wandering: Paige was slowly stroking Elle’s ass, while Elle was running her nails gently down Paige’s back.

All of this was unsurprisingly having the desired effect on their victim.

Freddie looked like had just won the jackpot. His grin was so wide it nearly reached his ears and his eyes shone bright with lust as he admired the gorgeous pair. He was so busy ogling them, in fact, he hadn’t even heard what Paige had said.

‘Hey, numbskull, I asked you a question. Which one of us looks sluttiest? We’re trying to settle an argument before the party tonight: Elle says real sluts bare the most skin, but I disagree. I think it’s about the fit and the material of the dress that gives off the naughty vibes. So it looks like you have the deciding vote.’

Of course, neither woman could have cared less which one of them actually looked naughtier – the three of them knew they were all equally sordid. All they really wanted to do was tease Elle’s boyfriend. And clearly it was working – at least if the bulge in his jeans was any indication.

Drinking in their stunning bodies, Freddie smirked. ‘I’m afraid I have the fashion sense of a blind hermit, so I wouldn’t know about that sort of thing. However, in my experience real sluts do much more than simply look the part.’ His smirk spread into a grin. ‘Maybe a physical demonstration of your skills would help me settle your argument.’

The girls matched his impish expression. As Elle sank onto the sofa, Paige beckoned Freddie over with a delicate finger.

‘Come and join us then, hot stuff,’ she purred.

As soon as he was in her clutches, she dragged him down to join Elle, slipping his jeans and boxers down with a single experienced hand.

Before Freddie even hit the seat, the sluts were on him. As his flagpole cock jutted up, Elle darted forwards to wrap her lips around the head while Paige settled into position and began licking the side of his shaft, giggling as he started to groan. Both women had their asses thrust high, their tight dresses clutching the plump mounds of their cheeks which bounced enticingly as they worked his throbbing cock.

‘Mmmh, is this helping, baby?’ Elle smiled, an innocent expression on her pretty face even as she swallowed half his lengthy dick in one fluid motion.

Kissing Freddie’s balls and jerking him off into her friend’s rosy lips, Paige gave Elle a devilish wink. ‘Don’t rush him, E. We need to make sure he has all the information he needs before he makes a decision. We can wait.’

They both knew Freddie wasn’t listening. His eyes bulged, his mouth hung slack, and beads of sweat dotted his forehead as erotic heat flooded his body. His hands moved idly over their bodies, but they were on autopilot as Freddie’s rational mind went on standby. Double blowjobs were his weakness and both girls knew it – which only made it all the more fun giving them.

Paige had been involved with Elle and Freddie for almost a year now. They had met one night at Club Fantasy while Paige had been partying with Elena, Piper and Dani, and the three of them had clicked instantly. The fiendish couple were already so sordid no transformation was going to enhance them, so the night had ended with Paige sandwiched between their naked bodies. The rest, as they say, was hedonistic history.

Although Elle and Freddie only played together, Paige could come and go as she pleased. It was an arrangement that suited all of them. For one thing, the couple had opened their relationship in the first place with the intention of finding their unicorn, a role Paige had filled better than they had ever thought possible, becoming their friend as well as their lover. Yet at the same time, ever since returning from Fantasy Resort, Paige had become a free spirit. She could not imagine tying herself down to a single relationship – in fact, she had another five romantic connections outside of Elle and Freddie, and she was loving every second of her polyamorous lifestyle.

Besides, Elle and Freddie were only looking for another woman, while half of Paige’s time was spent as Patrick. Thanks to his experiences at Fantasy Resort, and numerous nights out spent with the likes of Karlee, Jane and Ana who were always trying to find him a hook up, Patrick was now as confident as his feminine alter ego, and both personas were happy to share. All Patrick had to do when he wanted to become Paige was slip on the rose-patterned pyjamas he had bought home from the resort. Once transformed, he would remain in Paige’s body for around a week before the effects wore off. If she wanted to prolong the change she would simply spend a night sleeping in the transformative pyjamas.

It was the perfect compromise. Especially since it allowed Paige to have the depraved couple all to herself.

Paige smiled as Freddie absently tugged down the bust of her dress and stroked her tits. Meanwhile Elle was gorging herself ever more hungrily on her boyfriend’s dick. Her lust seemed to be increasing with every passing second. As Paige watched, Elle’s eyes rolled back into her skull and a delirious smile spread over her face as she continued to swallow Freddie’s shaft so deep her neck bulged.

As she did so, Freddie slumped limply amongst the cushions, groaning quietly as he struggled to process the pleasure.

Crawling forwards, Paige leaned close to whisper in Elle’s ear. ‘Don’t you think it’s time you showed him what a slut you really are?’

Paige could almost see her words take root in Elle’s lust-fogged mind. When her eyes circled back down they shone with a depraved desire. Freddie’s cock slid free from her lips as she pulled away, long ribbons of saliva and precum strung between her mouth and his shaft.

For an instant she sat there, the air between them twinkling with the pearly garlands, Freddie panting breathlessly as his senses began to return. But then she was on the move again, scrambling up to straddle his crotch in a reverse crab position of sorts. With her arms spread across the back of the sofa, her heels planted either side of Freddie’s knees, and her groaning boyfriend pinned into position beneath her, Elle gave Paige an impish grin. Pulling up her dress, she revealed she was naked underneath.

‘I couldn’t resist,’ Elle giggled.

‘Me either,’ Paige replied, sliding up her own dress and revealing her twinkling pussy crowned with a neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair.

‘Fuck, that’s hot,’ Elle and Freddie said in unison. The next moment Elle lowered herself down and took Freddie’s cock deep into her tight sex.

‘Oh my god,’ Freddie groaned as Elle began to grind. Her ass and thighs rippled as they impacted his hips and soon she was riding him needily, the sofa creaking as she bounced frantically. ‘Oh my fucking god. You’re so fucking tight. It’s like you’ve…’

His voice trailed off as realisation dawned on him. He turned to look at Paige. Her face was a picture of mischievous satisfaction that told him all he needed to know.

‘You slut. You let her wear them didn’t you? You let her wear your pyjamas. Oh come on, that’s not fair.’ His eyelids fluttered, pleasure threatening to consume him.

Both Elle and Freddie knew Paige’s secret. They knew all about Fantasy Resort and the dramatic transformation she and her friends had undergone there. They knew she could transform between her two personas. And they also knew that the power to change her was contained within her magic silk pyjamas.

But it was only recently that the three of them had discovered what that magic could do to Elle and Freddie.

Several months back, after a wild night at Club Fantasy, Phoenix had explained to Paige that the pyjamas would work on more than just her. In fact, although they had lost the ability to transform anybody other than Patrick once he left Fantasy Resort, the magic was still strong enough to at least partially corrupt anybody else who chose to wear them.

In Elle’s case, for example, they increased her stamina, supercharged her libido, intensified her orgasms, and tightened her holes. Meanwhile, when they had persuaded Freddie to don them, the feminising effects had taken hold in earnest. He might not have transformed completely, but for a week after trying them on he had become timid and submissive, his body hair gone, his cock shrunk and his vacant mind theirs to play with – a side effect the women had gleefully exploited by making him their obedient sissy.

Unsurprisingly, Paige’s pyjamas had seen plenty of use since Phoenix’s revelation. And as far as page was concerned, there was no better way to ring in the New Year than with a lust-fuelled fuckfest.

Paige grinned at Freddie’s betrayed expression. ‘I might have done,’ she admitted, her eyes glittering as she leaned forwards and pulled the front of Elle’s dress open to reveal her perky tits. Keen to torment Freddie even more, she began swirling her tongue around Elle’s nipple as he watched. ‘How was I supposed to say no to that pretty face? And she did ask so nicely. She practically begged me. All because she wanted to fuck you senseless.’ A wicked edge entered her smile. ‘Besides, I was in the mood for a little sapphic sluttery, and you know how horny she gets when she wears my pyjamas. Fuck, I can’t remember the last time we scissored so hard.’

The thought of his girlfriend and their unicorn grinding sensually up against one another drove Freddie over the edge. Closing his eyes, his face twisted with orgasmic ecstasy as Elle took him fast and deep, rolling her hips over and over in a desperate attempt to draw every ounce of pleasure she could from his rock-hard dick.

‘Oh yes, that’s it, right there, fuck me deep, fill me up, stretch my twat, fuck my mind.’ Elle’s filthy talk was incessant, her lip curled almost angrily as she gasped and groaned, driven by the insatiable lust imparted on her by the pyjamas.

Snaking up Elle’s body, Paige moved in to kiss her passionately. For several minutes they lost themselves to desire, their hot bodies crushed together as the made out.

When Paige finally pulled back, her chest was heaving. ‘Can I have a go, gorgeous?’ she breathed. ‘Being Patrick is fun and all, but I’ve gone a whole week without our man’s cock and watching you has got me so wet I think I might be melting.’

Elle’s lips twisted with a sordid smile. ‘Mmmh, sure thing, P. That’s my favourite thing about you: you’re just as addicted to cock as I am. Here, let me help you get your fix.’

Then they were kissing again. As she raised herself up and off Freddie’s shaft, Elle guided Paige into position astride him, all while their tongues danced a lustful ballet. By the time they parted lips Paige was braced against the back of the sofa while her ass rested on Freddie’s firm abs. Her dress was now reduced to a band of beige material around her midriff, her supple tits and flushed pussy exposed. Freddie had a supportive hold on her lips and was kissing her back, taking great pleasure in the shudders of arousal that rolled through her with each kiss.

‘Oh you like that, do you?’ he teased as she let out a soft groan, finally finding his voice.

‘She sure does, babe,’ Elle said. She crawled closer and wrapped delicate fingers around Freddie’s throbbing cock. The other hand slid up Paige’s back to clutch her shoulder. ‘But I think she’s going to like this next bit even more.’

With that, Elle pressed Freddie’s cock into Paige’s pussy while simultaneously pulling her slutty bestie down firmly.

Paige gasped as her sex stretched to fit the thick, pulsing invader. Orgasmic pleasure rushed through her like the first rains of spring flooding a dried up riverbed. It was as if Freddie’s was the first cock she had ever taken, as if all her naughty nights of experience belonged to somebody else. Because that was the final gift of Fantasy Resort, one she hadn’t discovered until she left it far behind: for her, it always felt like the first time. Her body was built for sex, for all the slutty things she could conceive of, and no matter how many lovers she fucked, the ecstasy would never dull, the pleasure would never wane.

And neither would her lust.

Allowing orgasmia to flood her system, she let the naughty couple play with her body. Freddie helped her bounce with powerful hands as Elle suckled on her breasts and teased her clit; before long the air danced with the arousing sounds of sensuality.

Paige couldn’t say whether they would make it to the Club Fantasy party later that night – after all once they got to fucking, the three of them had been known to lose days in one another’s arms. But either way, wherever they were they’d still be starting the New Year off right: fucking their way to euphoria with every stroke of midnight…

Thanks for reading!

The fact that this is the first Fantasy Resort short story since I released the original series over a year ago feels very weird to me. I guess it hasn’t felt like that long because some of the Fantasy Resort characters have made appearances in some of my Club Fantasy stories – Phoenix and Natalie, for example – but still, for Lake Fantasy I had a sequel story out barely two months after the initial release.

Paige Owens is one of those models who has really grown on me over time. I wasn’t instantly wild about her content, but now I am a big fan and when I saw this gallery I knew I had to write a return to her Fantasy Resort character. Then again, it wasn’t just because of Paige the model that I was excited about this story: Paige the character, and her alter ego Patrick, were some of the more interesting characters from the original series for me. They are amongst the few characters who maintained a dual identity after they left the resort and I thought it would be really fun to explore what that life looks like now and how they share their time.

I hope I’ll be able to do more Fantasy Resort sequels in the New Year. And more Lake Fantasy and Club Fantasy stories too. But I don’t know if I will be able to find the time since they do take more work than my average stories. Plus I don’t know if people actually enjoy these sequels or if they’re just self-indulgence. If you do enjoy them I’d love to hear your thoughts on which characters I should revisit next.

Just a reminder that there’s one more story coming out tomorrow, and I’ll have details of my upcoming release schedule on that one.

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