Blonde woman in black Santa hat gropes exposed breasts of buxom tanned brunette in room decorated for Christmas

‘Oh my God, they’re so real,’ Casey marvelled, stroking the soft skin of her husband’s new breasts as she spoke. ‘I mean, you’d never know they weren’t your own, baby. They look amazing, they feel incredible and…’ She paused to run her tongue over one of the pierced nipples. ‘They even taste like real tits. It’s unbelievable!’

Above her, Dominic gave an involuntary groan as his wife’s hot tongue sent bolts of pleasure flaring across his bosom. With every sense dialled to eleven and raw pleasure flooding his very soul, it was difficult to keep a grasp on his sanity, and the sudden burst of heat and moisture when she lapped at his nipple threatened to push him over the edge completely.

‘Don’t,’ he gasped, running his hand through the long, silky hair that now fell below his shoulders in glossy waves. ‘It’s too much. I need to get this thing off. I can’t take it.’

But his wife didn’t appear to be listening to him. Instead she pinched his nipples gently, rotating her splayed hands to squash and squeeze his pillowy tits while greedy desire twinkled in her eyes. ‘Fuck, I just want to bury my face in them, babe. I don’t know what’s come over me – I can’t help myself. I just want to grope and feel and…’

Overwhelmed by her own lust, rather than finish her sentence Casey abruptly latched onto one of Dominic’s tits, swirling her tongue over his sensitive nipple and suckling needily.

Dominic moaned again, his entire body shuddering. It was too much. This was all far too much. Neither he nor Casey had ever planned for things to go this way and though he knew exactly what had come over his wife, he hadn’t the first idea how to prevent things from spiralling even further out of control.

The unexpected direction their morning had taken had been several months in the making. With this being their first married Christmas together, they had wanted to treat themselves to a particularly indulgent gift and – given their very active sex life – they had eventually settled on buying a bodysuit for Casey to wear when things inevitably turned steamy on Christmas Day.

After weeks spent deciding on the perfect design, they had finally opted for a sultry, buxom beauty with a golden tan, full lips, long hair and an overall frame capable of making any man weak at the knees. They hadn’t skimped on the upgrades either, fitting their bodysuit out with – among other things – increased stamina, orgasm-intensification programming and arousal-enhancing pheromones.

And even as the erotic embrace of the bodysuit continued to take Dominic’s breath away, he knew it was those pheromones which were reducing his wife to such a needy, lustful creature. They had been intended to send his own libido soaring once she donned the suit, however they were not gender specific and as such any apprehension or concerns his wife might have had were now swamped with intoxicating, insatiable desire.

Dominic shuddered as Casey squeezed his tits hard. He felt like his mind was unravelling.

Sealed into the bodysuit, every second was a small eternity, the sheer barrage of sensation difficult to comprehend. The warmth of Casey’s fingers. The scorching wetness of her tongue. The damp softness of her lips. The oddly erotic thrill of his nipple piercings shifting, the light graze of his wife’s nails and the tingle of the rings she wore moving over his skin, cold and unyielding compared to her supple grasp.

And that was just his tits. Every inch of his new body was just as sensitive – so sensitive that when combined the pleasure rushing through him, his arousal amounted to something close to torture. Mindless orgasmic delirium threatened to overwhelm him at any second, and the more passionately Casey worshipped his body the closer he came to losing himself completely.

Glancing down, Dominic caught sight of the empty box in which the bodysuit had so recently been. Torn wrapping paper lay around it like a shattered halo. The sight of it dragged a tangle of memories in Dominic’s mind: Casey’s giddy smile as she ripped the paper away, followed by the bemused frown as she struggled to get into the box itself; the weight of the box in his arms as he offered to open it and the suit folded neatly within once he succeeded; a flash of motion as he leaned too close, his shock suddenly snuffed out as mind-bending pleasure engulfed him. The screams of orgasmic ecstasy which had rung out as it swallowed him – his own screams, unnaturally high and feminine – ecstasy which had paled in comparison to the blast of pleasure as it sealed shut, so intense it had left him blind for a few long seconds.

In the depths of the box Dominic could just make out a white rectangle: the instruction booklet. If only he could reach it, maybe he could stay sane long enough to figure out how to remove the bodysuit…

Blonde woman in black Santa hat and busty brunette exchange lesbian kiss

Then, all at once, Casey was no longer sucking his tits.

Before he could move so much as inch she had pulled him into a passionate kiss, her lips hot on his and her tongue probing his mouth deeply. Her hand rose to cup his cheek, her fingers parting around his ear and curling around the back of his head to pull him in harder. And in a heartbeat the instruction booklet was forgotten as Dominic melted into her welcoming embrace.

Because with the press of Casey’s soft lips against his, something inside him came undone.

As though a lock had been removed, a surge of satisfaction washed through his system. The intense sensitivity of his new body no longer drove him to the brink of insanity, instead it fuelled a desire so powerful he felt possessed by it. The weight of his breasts and the absence of his cock felt natural, right even, as though he had always been meant to own this body, while the panic and hesitation that had been screaming for his attention simply melted away. Waves of lust rolled through his consciousness, fusing it with the lascivious needs of the suit he now inhabited.

Dominic’s inner slut had been released. And she was keen to put her luscious body to good use.

When Casey had risen to kiss him, Dominic had stilled, shocked by the sudden move. Now the bodysuit slut responded with urgent desire.

Seizing Casey’s breasts in her slender fingers, she wrenched down the strapless black dress her wife was wearing with an almost savage strength before forcefully groping her exposed breasts.

‘Oh, Dominic,’ Casey gasped, breaking away and groaning as the woman teased her nipples with a devious smirk.

‘Call me Dominique,’ came the sultry reply. Dominique’s voice dripped with seduction, utterly devoid of the uncertainty Dominic’s tone had trembled with since the suit engulfed him.

Her husband’s acceptance of his new body seemed to catalyse Casey’s arousal even more, for she was suddenly kissing Dominique again, harder and deeper and rougher than before. Her hands dragged through Dominique’s lush hair and raked over her golden skin as if a mere second apart would stop Casey’s heart. Even when she was forced to break away to catch her breath she still ground her tits up against Dominique’s, their firm nipples tracing trails of heat over one another’s skin.

‘Holy fuck, you’re so fucking hot,’ Casey groaned, pressing her brow against Dominique’s. ‘I didn’t know I could want someone – need someone – as much as I want and need you right now.’ She urgently shed her dress, leaving only her red panties to conceal her last shred of modesty.

A salacious smirk played over Dominique’s lips as she held Casey close. ‘Of course you need me, beautiful. This body was designed to be the perfect lover; you couldn’t give me up if you tried. But do you know the really fun thing about being me? Now me and the suit have bonded I have total control of every single function built into it. Which means if I want to I can increase the intensity of the pheromones I give off and send your libido through the roof. I can make you my desperate, horny little whore, and you would love every second.’ Her smile broadened. ‘Like this,’ she said.

Curvy woman in black Santa hat and red panties sucks breast of busty brunette reclined on blanket wearing heeled boots in room decorated for Christmas

Although there was no visible change as Dominique intensified her pheromone output tenfold, the effect on Casey was immediate. Her pupils dilating so wide there was barely a sliver of iris left, she gasped as unnaturally powerful arousal crashed through her body. For a second or two she looked as if she was ready to pass out, her eyelids fluttering, but then she was diving forward, pouncing on Dominique like a hungry tigress.

Once again, Casey’s lips closed over one of Dominique’s pierced nipples, only this time she did not beg her wife to stop. On the contrary, she peered down at Casey with a lustful smile, allowing her to grope and gorge on her tits with a naughty chuckle.

‘That’s it, gorgeous, give in to your desire,’ Dominique encouraged. ‘All you want to do is worship my perfect body, so do it. Make me moan and gasp. Kiss me until you can’t breathe – my lips, my tits, my ass, my pussy. I might be a filthy slut, but you’re my slut, understand? Until I choose to reduce my pheromone output you’ll do anything to please me. So I suggest you do a good job, or else I might keep this body forever.’

‘Oh please, mistress,’ Casey whined. ‘I want to know what it feels like being you. Please let me wear the suit when you’re finished. After all, don’t you want to ride my husband’s hard cock?’ she added, a devilish gleam in her eye.

Dominique could not deny it was a tempting prospect. In fact, she knew full well that sooner or later she would slip out of her bodysuit and pass it over to her wife so their roles could be reversed. For one thing, she did want to know what Dominic’s rigid cock felt like plunging into her tight holes, and for another she was keen to share this intensely orgasmic experience – this raw, all-consuming sluttiness – with the woman she loved. She wanted to see what the experience did to Casey and to return to her male form so she could be her wife’s puppet instead.

But of course, she had no intention of telling Casey that just yet. After all, if her wife knew Dominique planned to share the bodysuit she wouldn’t have any incentive to try and impress her. No, it would be far more enjoyable for Dominique if Casey believed she had to earn the chance.

Reclining into the cushions they had been sitting on while opening their presents, Dominique spread her legs wide and nodded down to her twinkling sex.

‘Well then, if you want to be me so bad I suggest you get to work on proving you deserve it.’

The words had no sooner left her lips than Casey had bowed to worship Dominique’s perfect pussy. Closing her eyes, the bodysuit slut beamed as her wife’s tongue swirled eagerly over the swollen nub of her clit. Though they had originally bought the suit for Casey to wear, Dominique had the distinct impression they would both be sharing it from now on. And if her wife was going to be as insatiably slutty for her whenever she donned this body, then being a bodysuit babe was something she suspected she could certainly get used too…

Curvy woman in black Santa hat and red panties gives oral sex to busty brunette reclined on blanket wearing heeled boots in room decorated for Christmas

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The models in this story are Capri Cavanni and Destiny Dixon. There isn’t a great deal I can say about either of them, since I have not indulged in either of their work myself. Since I don’t want to misrepresent them, all I can say with confidence is that Cavanni has the bigger portfolio of work (at least on her PornHub profile) and seems to work under several similar names, however I am crediting her as Cavanni here since that is the name used in the image gallery that I sourced these images from. Dixon meanwhile seems to produce a significant amount more lesbian content than straight content, so if you’re into steamy sapphic sex, she’s likely worth your time.

You all know the drill by now though: I urge my readers to check out the work of every model whose content I showcase, and these two fine ladies are no different. I love this story and if anyone becomes a fan of Dixon or Cavanni as a result of reading it, I’ll consider that a success. I hope they both show up in my work again, and if you want to see them back sooner rather than later let me know and I’ll get right on it!

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