Date Night Body Swap

Models: Ricky Rascal & Vanessa Decker

‘I had fun tonight,’ Charli smiled.

When Mike had invited her back to his place she’d tried to talk herself out of it. After all, she’d learned to be cautious when it came to first dates – the mixture of emotions made it difficult to remain in control, and with powers like hers she couldn’t afford to drop her guard.

But there was something about Mike she just couldn’t resist. Kind, funny, handsome and charming, he was the best date she’d met in a long while and now they were alone together the sexual tension was thick enough to chew. Which made it so much more difficult knowing he was going to reject her once she told him the truth.

Charli’s smile faltered as she thought about how to tell him. Mike noticed.

‘What’s wrong?’ he asked softly.

Charli sighed. ‘Listen, Mike, when I say I had fun tonight I want you to know I really mean it. And I do like you a lot. It’s just… I’m not like other girls you’ve dated. I… I have a… condition…’

Sensing her discomfort, Mike lifted one hand and rested it comfortingly on the small of her back. ‘You know we don’t have to discuss anything you don’t feel comfortable talking about.’

‘I know. But this is something you need to know. Because it affects you too.’

Charli paused, trying to find the words. Mike’s expression was open and accepting, something which only made her want to kiss him more than she already did. Knowing that the truth would make or break her chances of such a kiss, she took a deep breath and revealed her secret.

‘I switch bodies with whoever I kiss.’ Not daring to look at Mike before she’d finished her story, she stared at her lap as she went on. ‘It’s kind of a family curse. It doesn’t happen all the time – it only happens when we’re aroused – and it has to be a kiss on the lips, so any other kind of intimacy won’t have an effect. It’s also possible to control it, but that takes a lot of focus so obviously gets very difficult when you have… other things on your mind.’ Even as she spoke Charli tried and failed to push ‘other things’ with Mike from her thoughts. ‘I’ve had plenty of dates ruined because of this, and I don’t want that to happen tonight because I really do like you. I’ve tried to control it before and I just can’t. So if anything happens tonight, we just can’t kiss.’

When she finished, Charli suddenly realised how quiet the house was. For a while Mike said nothing and the silence was like acid burning her ears. When she finally looked up she was surprised to find him smiling.

‘If you can’t control it, I think maybe you should stop trying.’

Charli frowned. ‘What do you mean?’

‘I mean this is a part of you. You can’t change it, so embrace it. Let loose. I’m going to assume that the guys you’ve met in the past haven’t been exactly accepting of your ability. But I’m not like other guys you’ve dated.’ Charli smiled as he echoed her own words. ‘I don’t want you to pretend. I just want you to be you.’

It took a moment for Charli to process what he was suggesting: after so long spent trying to hide her curse, she had never even considered there might be somebody out there willing to let her indulge in it.

‘So it doesn’t bother you that we could switch bodies?’

‘Here, let me show you how little it bothers me,’ he said. And with that they were kissing.

For a few shocked seconds, Charli felt Mike’s hand resting against her neck, his thumb on her chin while he pressed his lips to hers.

But then her world was suddenly very different. Now she could feel soft skin beneath her fingertips, could taste cherry-flavoured lip gloss where before there had been none, could smell floral perfume instead of Mike’s fragrant aftershave. And when she pulled away and opened her eyes, Charli was looking at her own body.

Mike gasped as the sensations of being in a new body struck him all at once. Breathless and wide-eyed, he stared in amazement at Charli’s body, admiring the smooth skin, long legs and sensual physique that were now his own.

‘Are you alright? Mike? Tell me you’re okay.’ Gripped by panic, Charli barely even noticed her words coming out in Mike’s voice.

‘Okay? Are you kidding? This is incredible. If you feel as horny as I do right now I don’t understand how you resist doing this all the time.’

Relief washed through Charli. ‘Well like you said, guys aren’t usually into the idea of switching bodies. I’ve only ever switched with guys by accident before, so we were usually too busy trying to reverse things before our arousal wore off for me to really feel what it’s like.’

‘And what does it feel like?’ Mike said, his tone laced with lust. Charli was stunned by how quickly he shifted from surprise to seduction, though as he pressed his nubile body against her chest it was clear that he wasn’t just comfortable being a woman, he was relishing it.

For the first time in her life, Charli stopped fighting the urge to immediately switch back and instead allowed herself to experience the swap.

The first thing to hit her was her newfound strength. Athletic yet lean, she could feel firm muscles shifting beneath her skin, the latent power within them sending thrills through her masculine physique as she imagined how easily she could lift Mike into her arms and kiss him right back. Then there was the size shift. Both taller and broader than before the extra body mass was intoxicating on its own, though even more so as Mike’s sensual gaze told her he wanted nothing more than for her to put her manly brawn to erotic use. On top of that, though the abrupt disappearance of her breasts was undeniably strange, the sensation of a cock between her legs more than made up for their absence; it was all she could do not to stroke her crotch as the pleasure of male arousal washed through her.

And underlying everything, like magma bubbling beneath the earth’s crust, was a deep, roiling lust. Charli wasn’t sure if it was Mike’s lingering attraction to her or if being in his body was simply dialling her arousal to eleven, but in that moment she wanted him more than she’d ever wanted anybody – and to hell with the fact he was in her own body.

As all the new sensations filled her a smile spread over her handsome features. ‘It feels good,’ she admitted.

‘And it makes you want to do things to me, doesn’t it?’

‘Maybe a little,’ Charli said, biting her nip nervously.

Mike laughed, and despite the fact it was the same laugh she had heard herself make countless times, this time it made Charli’s stomach flip and her dick twitch. ‘You don’t have to deny it. Like I said – you don’t need to pretend with me. Besides, I know how you’re feeling because I was feeling exactly the same way a few seconds ago. So how about you stop fighting your masculine urges and what pleasure is like as a woman?’

Charli didn’t register what happened next until she was suckling eagerly on Mike’s tits.

As if his encouragement had unlocked something primal inside her, Charli found herself overwhelmed with such intense lust that her thoughts clouded over and she was driven only by raw instinct. In the blink of an eye she had tugged down the bust of his dress to expose his bare breasts – a sight which only fuelled her rising libido and unsurprisingly ended with her face in his rack.

‘Oh god,’ Mike gasped. Closing his eyes he eased his chest higher. ‘Mmmh, yes, that feels so good. Is it vain to say you’re amazing at that?’

‘Is it vain to say your body is driving me crazy?’ Charli shot back. When Mike’s hand rose to ruffle her hair she closed her eyes and savoured the feeling, though her ardent tit-sucking did not let up. ‘I want all of you. Every inch. I want this one,’ she said, kissing the outer side of his breast. ‘And this one,’ she added, moving to the line of his cleavage. ‘And this one, and this one, and this one,’ she went on, each time rising closer to his neck.

Moving nearer, Charli rose onto her knees, guiding Mike up with her as she did so. While he moved up, his dress slipped down, helped in its descent by Charli’s hands which eased it slowly off until it was bunched around Mike’s knees. Released from the confines of the dress Mike shuddered as Charli caressed his soft, golden skin.

‘This feels amazing,’ he whispered, his face so close Charli felt his warm breath on her cheeks. ‘You’re making me so horny, baby. I never imagined having a pussy would feel his good, but I’m dripping wet for you.’

Charli’s mind was a whirlwind of erotic desires. Even so, the mention of Mike’s sex sparked a lustful hunger inside her and all at once she found she was salivating. All her reservations had melted away by now, so despite their twisted situation she did not resist as the urge to taste Mike’s sweet cunt took root.

‘Consider it one of the perks of womanhood. And there’s more where that came from too. Let me show you.’

All at once, Charli forced Mike onto his back. Whipping off his panties before he could register what had happened, Charli felt a surge of fresh hunger wash through her masculine body.

The next second she was satisfying that hunger to the sound of Mike’s orgasmic moans.

‘Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.’ Mike’s babbling was incessant. The sofa creaked as he gripped the arm with all his might, while his spread legs trembled like autumn leaves in a winter wind as Charli feasted on his pussy.

Within seconds, Charli’s face was smeared in her lover’s pussy nectar. The taste was intoxicating – which she knew should have felt strange given that it was her own pussy she was eating out. But Mike had told her to embrace it, so that’s exactly what she was doing. And the more she did so, the more she realised that she’d never truly considered the many erotic perks switching bodies could offer. 

For one thing, Charli knew her own body. Which right now meant she knew Mike’s body: where he was most sensitive, which erogenous zones she could manipulate to turn him on the most, how best to make him gasp or groan or drool like a mindless gooner. Not to mention that being eaten out slow and sensual was the easiest way to reduce him to a quivering wreck – knowledge which she used to flawless effect.

More than that, however, the ability to switch bodies with a kiss completely removed the normal restraints of fixed-gender intimacy.

‘I need to ride you,’ Charli said suddenly. The urge had taken hold without warning but now it was all she could think of. The need to feel Mike sliding into her tight pussy, to have him plunging inside her and stretching her wide and fucking the moans from her lips was almost agonising.

Of course, right now that fantasy was impossible. But for Charli the impossible was easily done.

Tugging off her clothes urgently, Charli was naked in seconds. With her rock-hard cock set free and her chiselled figure on show she was the embodiment of masculine desire, yet rather than press Mike into the sofa and fuck his cunt hard and deep, the horny slut instead dove down and kissed him like he’d never been kissed before.

Mike was already reeling from Charli’s insatiable cunnilingus before he found himself abruptly back in his own body. Dazed even further by the sudden shift he was far too out of it to feel Charli pushing him into a seated position and straddling his hips.

However, the instant Charli mounted his cock and started to ride, clarity came crashing back in hard.

‘Holy fucking shit!’ he cried, his face twisting into a grimace of ecstasy. While his mind raced to catch up his body was already moving on instinct, thrusting in a steady rhythm that sent waves of pleasure rolling through them both. The hot, wet embrace of Charli’s insides made his own guts clench and twist and flip with lust so intense he thought he might pass out.

Even so, he couldn’t bring himself to stop. Being in Charli’s sensual body had been pleasurable on a whole new level, but the longer she had spent eating him out the more he’d felt himself slipping into erotic delirium. Without an outlet for the ecstasy burning through his feminine body he had been unable to do anything as it devoured him from the inside out. Now he was back in his own body, however, he did have an outlet. So even as lust continued to fog his thoughts Mike put all his focus into driving deep into his date’s perfect sex, groaning and grunting as he did so.

Charli was similarly vocal.

‘Fuck yes, that’s it, fuck me deep babe. Mmmh, I love how much you’re stretching me. Your dick feels so fucking good in me.’

After so long suppressing her fantasies Charli was now a vessel of desire as years of restrained arousal finally engulfed her mind. Writhing about on Mike’s dick her hands were never still: now groping her tits, now rubbing her thighs, now running through her hair. Her bouncing breasts were hypnotic, while her pretty face was constantly shifting into new expressions of pleasure. With every collision of their hips her fleshy thighs rippled, her toned stomach shuddered and her plump ass jiggled as if beckoning Mike in.

Yet as hot as it was being fucked, it wasn’t just the sex Charli was relishing.

Using her abilities to enhance her sex life had never occurred to her until tonight. But now she’d developed a taste for it. Fortunately, with Mike she knew nothing was off the table. So when a particularly naughty thought sprang into her head she didn’t think twice about acting on it.

Instead she simply twisted around, took his face in her hands and – still riding his dick as if her life depended on it – went in for a short, sudden, body-switching kiss.

The instant they swapped, Mike released Charli’s face and reeled back. Overwhelmed by the raw, crippling euphoria of having her cock buried in his pussy he folded in on himself, arms coming up to clamp over his tits, spine bending forward and abs tightening. His feminine features crumpled into a mask of pleasure while his hands tangled in his hair as he held his head and cried out.

Behind him, Charli grinned deviously. The sensation of a cunt around her cock was mind-bendingly erotic – it took all her restraint not to cum on the spot – though she’d already been so horny before the switch that the new sensations of gender-swapped sex hadn’t hit her as hard. As such, she was lucid enough to enjoy Mike’s wails of orgasmic bliss while actively adding to his devastating arousal by fucking him hard and deep without remorse.

Charli had no idea how long it took Mike to stop screaming. Nor how much longer it was before he pulled himself together enough to speak – though even then he was trembling uncontrollably, his bosom heaving and his words coming in fractured pants.

‘You… you said… this was a… a curse…’ he managed eventually. ‘I… I think you… were wrong. This is… a… a gift…’

Charli’s thrusting slowed as she processed Mike’s words. ‘Maybe you’re right. I mean I was always trying to hide it from my partners, but maybe I should’ve been looking for somebody who would accept it instead. Someone like you,’ she added, caressing Mike’s soft golden skin.

Exhausted by their passion, her lover’s sagging posture was only supported by Charli’s strong grip. Easing him down onto the sofa, she slid her cock out and rested him gently on his back. Unable to resist the thrill of masturbation, Charli stroked her manhood while Mike’s breathing slowed. Eyes closed and blissful happiness on his feminine face, he was silent for a while before murmuring something too quiet for Charli to hear.

‘What was that, princess?’ she asked, leaning in close.

To her surprise, Mike’s reply was dripping with mischief. ‘Are you always this gullible?’

Without warning Mike pulled her into a kiss. A heartbeat later she was back in her own body.

Immediately Charli was squirming. Her body felt as if it had been doused in liquid lust before being injected with a double dose just for good measure. Her pleasure-addled brain took several moments to figure out Mike’s ploy, though when reality dawned it only made her even hornier: he hadn’t been exhausted at all. He’d just been lulling her into a false sense of security so he could get close enough to kiss her and switch back. Now not only was he back in his own body, but Charli had inherited all the pleasure he’d felt being fucked as a woman for the first time. Arousal beyond anything she’d ever known swirled through her insides, draining her strength, sapping her intelligence and reducing her to a groaning, whimpering mess with only sex and sin on her mind.

She had made her own body cockdumb, then he’d tricked her back into it.

The devious grin he wore as he pulled back from their kiss confirmed her theory. Scooping up one of her legs Mike rested it against his shoulder, spreading her saturated pussy wide.

‘Thanks for keeping me hard,’ he smirked, aligning his head with her glistening opening. ‘You know you make a good guy, but I think I like you even more as a giddy little cocksleeve. And the funny thing is I know you like it too – after all, I’ve just had all your fantasies dancing through my head. If you want to, I promise we can fulfil them all. So what do you say, princess – do I get a second date?’

Too horny to speak, all Charli could do was nod frantically, her tits wobbling with the motion. While she sucked the index finger of one hand, the other slid down to play with her clit.

‘I’ll look forward to it. Then again, we’ve still got all night to enjoy our first one. So how about a little competition? Whoever cums first has to spend all of the second date in cuffs.’ When he received another eager nod, Mike took hold of Charli’s ankles and fixed her with a fiendish smile. ‘Mmmh, I hope I win. After all, given that I’ve been in your head I know that we both you’d look really pretty in cuffs, on your knees with my cock buried in your throat.’

The very suggestion drew a groan from Charli’s lips and made her stomach flip. A second later the orgasmia of Mike’s invading dick repeated both. Almost immediately she felt her orgasm beginning to build.

As her hedonistic lover began to thrust Charli knew she was going to lose. But then again, with Mike’s amazing cock ravaging her insides, his acceptance of her gift opening a whole new world of pleasure for them both, and the prospect of making endless body-swapping love with him, it didn’t really feel like losing at all…

Thanks for reading!

As usual, this is another story that kind of ran away with me. While the idea always revolved around body swapping, originally I intended for this to be a good deal shorter than the final product you just read.

The thing is, when I actually started writing it I just couldn’t bring myself to stop, and I personally think the end result is all the better for it. For one thing, basically every image in each of the galleries used is incredibly hot and it was difficult enough to cut them down just to the ones I used here, let alone limit myself to even fewer. But also, once I started writing I realised that I really wanted to explore the back and forth of the body swapping in more depth than I’d initially planned, rather than leaving it all implied after a single switch. Body swapping as a genre isn’t something I use that often in my stories anyway, so I was happy to let this one play out at its own pace, and the final piece is easily among my favourite I’ve released so far this year.

That said, the releases I have coming out from now until the end of June are all ones I am incredibly happy with, so I hope you’ll be back over the coming weeks to read those too!

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