Project Black Snow: One Rule

Models: Tori Black, Louie Smalls & Jason Luv

Time seemed to slow down as Amelia watched the two sparring bulls. She followed the firm ripples that rolled across their skin as they landed blows; she eyed the bulge of their bunching muscles as they dodged and jabbed; she traced individual beads of sweat weaving down their ripped, glistening torsos. Amelia realised vacantly the rest of world seemed faded, blurry, as if her eyes couldn’t bring themselves to focus on anything but her students.

And as she stood in the corner of the ring, stunning figure on full display in her skimpy gym clothes, every fibre of her being screamed at her to intervene.

Amelia’s mind was a frenzy of fantasises all battling for dominance. Kiss them hard and deep and wet until you don’t know where their tongues end and yours begins; grope their chests, their shoulders, their abs, their legs, their asses, their balls, their dicks, their everythings; beg them to rip off your clothes and fuck you, pound you, rail you, ruin you, drill you, harder and harder and harder and harder until…

The mental image of being impaled on both their dicks screaming her lungs out sent an orgasmic shudder up Amelia’s spine. But instead of dwell on it, she did what no other bunny in the school ever did: she forced it down.

Before Project Black Snow arrived, Amelia’s former persona Anthony had lived by one rule: a good coach does what’s best for their students. That philosophy had led to many long days and nights patiently developing hopeless rookies into impressive pros – thanks to his hard work St. Roderick’s were unchallenged champions in every sporting discipline they competed in.

His determination was so strong, in fact, that it had transferred to Amelia too. As a result, though she was undeniably addicted to life as a bunny and had no intention of returning to Anthony’s ageing male body, unlike the rest of the school she had an almost supernatural control over the desires of her new persona.

Of course, that didn’t mean she was celibate. An arrangement with several of her fellow teachers ensured she never went a night without a bull to play with. However, to her the sex was purely an outlet for the needs of her new body: hot and erotic, sure, but nothing capable of making her ‘cockdumb’ as the other bunnies so often gossiped about.

Still, being around Jayden and Milo did things to her, and despite her dedication to continue training them just like she always had she was unable to stop her mind wandering.

‘Alright boys, I think that’s enough for today.’

Dropping their guard, the two bulls turned to face her, chests heaving and dark skin bright with perspiration.

‘Thanks coach,’ Jayden said, unstrapping his gloves and running a hand through his short dreadlocks. His many tattoos seemed alive as his muscles rippled with the action. ‘You always know how to put us through our paces. Without you we’d just be like all the other guys – lounging around fucking bunnies all day long.’

‘When you put it like that it doesn’t sound so bad,’ Milo laughed. His skin several shades lighter than his friend’s, his tattoos were both more pronounced and more numerous, rising up his neck and onto his temples to frame his handsome face. ‘What he means is that you make sure we don’t take these bodies for granted.’

‘You don’t need me for that, boys. Ever since you first transformed you’ve had a drive to make the most of your new bodies. All I do is help you get the best out of them.’

Maybe it was just the ingrained desires of her bunnified body pushing the idea away, but Amelia’s mind almost refused to accept the memories of their former personas. Skinny, nerdy, and with barely enough muscle mass between them to lift a punching bag an inch off the floor, Michael and James were the physical antithesis of the bulls they had become, and the idea that Milo and Jayden had started out as such rejects simply didn’t make rational sense.

Still, after their transformations both bulls had been eager to see what their new bodies were capable of. Having had a soft spot for Michael and James before her own transformation, Amelia had been happy to train them and now they were two of the fittest bulls in the entire cohort.

‘Listen, coach, we’ve been thinking,’ Milo said, sharing a sly look with his friend. ‘You’ve been so good to us and we wanted to return the favour. To put your through your paces, if you like. Call it a thank you for helping us make the best of our new lives.’

It wasn’t the first time they had hit on her, and each time Amelia had always turned them down for one reason or another. After their initial transformations they had simply assumed she was as easy to bed as the other bunnies Project Black Snow had produced, while later in their training they had competed to see which of them could tempt her into bed first – a contest they had been forced to call a draw when they both failed.

But this was different. Ignoring the fact she had been fantasising about fucking them both for weeks, she wouldn’t be a good coach if she turned down an offer made out of gratitude – that would just be bad for morale. As a seasoned trainer she knew low morale led to lapses in training, then disinterest, then outright quitting. They deserved better than that.

Her insides swirling with lust, her one rule sprang to mind: a coach always does what’s best for their students.

In this case, that just so happened to involve fulfilling her own sordid daydreams.

Slinking towards them with a sultry smile and an emphasised sway in her step, she reminded herself that all the fantasises she was about to indulge were only to benefit her two best students, nothing more…

In the otherwise silent gym, the groans of the bulls were the only sound. Scything through the air, bouncing back off the walls, locked inside by the closed doors, they filled Amelia’s head like a fog and the more she made them moan the more intense her own arousal become.

‘Oh fuck yes,’ Milo grunted, towering over her like a muscly black god as her lips glided up and down his shaft. ‘Shit, that’s it, right there, keep going gorgeous.’ His chiselled abs tensed as she hit the right spot, her tongue dancing around and around while she stroked the base of his dick with one hand.

The other hand was coiled around Jayden’s manhood jerking off his full length. Her strokes were long and slow and sensual and his head glistened with precum as she worked him slowly but surely towards climax.

‘I never realised you were so cock-hungry, coach,’ Jayden smirked down at her. ‘You know if we knew you’d be this eager to please we’d have offered to thank you a long time ago.’

Milo’s head was tilted back, his eyes closed. ‘I knew there was a bunny in there somewhere,’ he said to the ceiling. ‘I guess she’s just more discerning than the nymphos we’re used to fucking.’ He dropped his head and flashed her a devilish grin. ‘It’s only the hottest, most well-hung bulls for you, isn’t it you naughty little whore?’

Amelia said nothing. She simply stared up at him, eyes bright with lust and lips continuing to swallow him inexorably deeper.

Usually she would have reprimanded him for such a degrading comment, but the truth was she didn’t trust herself to reply. Because right now every fibre of her being wanted to agree with him.

She had fucked at least one bull every night since her transformation – often more. Yet no matter how hot and heavy the sex, no matter how knee-weakening the orgasm, she had always been in total control.

But now, on her knees in front of the studs she herself had honed into alphas, her inner slut was closer to the surface than ever before. Her body was alive with lust, burning with it, her mind a whirlwind of depraved and deviant ideas. She could still feel their strong hands groping her body from when they stripped off her clothes; she could taste their tongues on hers even as Milo’s juicy shaft filled her mouth with even more sordid flavours; she could feel their deep, gruff groans vibrating down through their barrel chests, along their cocks and into her. She hadn’t even realised her pussy could be so wet, nor her nipples so hard and sensitive.

This was arousal on a whole new level. And as the need to worship the two bulls gradually eclipsed her rational thought, for the first time Amelia thought she might finally understand what it meant to be cockdumb.

Even so, she wasn’t quite there yet.

Fortunately for her, Milo and Jayden were more than happy to help her reach her destination.

Amelia was only partially lucid when her bulls gently guided her down to the floor. She had shifted to Jayden, his cock shorter but girthier than Milo’s and stretching her throat to it’s limits as she swallowed him hungrily. So focused on the intoxicating thrill of sucking him off, she barely noticed when he lowered to his knees and then lay back on the black crash mat beneath them – she simply followed his cock wherever it went as if fixed to it.

Now on all fours, the sensation of Milo’s broad hands settling on the pale softness of her ass cheeks prompted her to give a horny moan. The sound bubbled in her throat and made it to her mouth, but never made it past the big black cock blocking the only exit.

A heartbeat later and Milo was inside her. Invading her slick cunt from behind, he fed his immense length in an inch at a time, using his grip on her ass to hold her steady so he could sink in deep. Vacant as she was, Amelia wasn’t ready for the sudden rush of erotic ecstasy and this time the gasp did escape her body as her jaw fell slack and her brow furrowed in the frown of a woman who didn’t know sex could feel so good.

With her mouth wide open and her arms reduced to jelly, Amelia pitched forwards, inhaling Jayden’s entire length right down to the base in the process. As a Project Black Snow bunny her gag reflex was effectively non-existent, so there was nothing to make her instinctively pull back, and when she came to her senses she found one bull’s dick buried up to the hilt in her throat and the other just as deep into her tight, wet pussy.

And to her slutty delight, both her lovers were groaning even louder than before.

‘Fucking hell, she’s the tightest bunny I’ve ever screwed,’ Milo growled, starting to thrust.

‘You want to try getting this deep in her throat,’ grunted Jayden. His huge hands gripped the edges of the crash mat and his entire torso was shuddering. ‘I don’t know whether to beg for more or beg for mercy.’

Without warning, Milo planted a spank on her ass. Not savage, but enough to leave a sting. He laughed mischievously when Amelia rocked against his crotch in response. ‘If you want to tap out, feel free man. But I’ve wanted to rail this slutty bitch since I first transformed and I’m not gonna pussy out now.’

This time the verbal degradation sent a pleasant flare through Amelia’s insides: like every other amoral Black Snow bunny, name-calling only made her even hornier.

The idea of going cockdumb wasn’t a distant thought anymore – it was an inevitability. Amelia could feel it getting closer, pulling her in like the inescapable currents of a whirlpool. The nearer it came, the faster she succumbed and she could almost feel rational thought draining away, restraint and shame abandoning her as the amoral deviant she had shunned for all these months finally emerged.

And Amelia welcomed it. Having watched all the other bunnies gleefully sink into mindless cock-addiction, she had always believed the bunny within would shatter her new life. But now she understood: bunnyhood was her life. The missing piece. Surrendering to the pleasures of going cockdumb was so blissfully erotic she could no longer understand why she had resisted it in the first place.

Leaning over her, Milo pressed his broad, powerful chest against her back, sending erotic heat swirling through her skin. His hand closing softly over her shoulder, he eased her back off Jayden’s dick – she was too weakened by arousal to object.

‘Go get some lube, Jayden. I want to see how deep I need to go to fuck her brains out completely.’

Amelia groaned, Milo’s endless thrusting knocking her thoughts askew like earthquake tremors dislodging books from their shelves. When Milo spoke, his words bought her back to reality and she found herself pinned to the floor beneath his muscular figure.

‘Listen, coach, when we said we wanted to thank you, we really did mean it. The thing is, that wasn’t the only reasoned we wanted to fuck you. See, Dr. F put us up to this. He’s been watching you and he says he’s impressed you’ve stayed so controlled since becoming a bunny.

‘But you know what he’s like – always using us as his lab rats. He wanted to know how much it would take to push you over the edge and go fully cockdumb. Apparently he’s tried messing with the concentration of the Bunny you take, but that hasn’t worked, so then he came to us. He told us we had to fuck you into cum-hungry bunnyhood or he’d stop our supply of Bull and let us turn back to our old selves. Said because you’ve spent so much time training us, maybe our connection was the catalyst he was looking for. And it looks like he was right.’

Milo kissed her between the shoulder blades. ‘We hope you understand. Besides, we’ve seen the way you look at us – I think you’re just as happy being our cumslut as we are. And once you let the bunny out, we can give you your cock fix anytime you want. Anything for our coach.’

With her thoughts jumbled by lust, Amelia was unable to respond verbally. Instead she reached up with a trembling hand and took Milo by the wrist. It took all her focus to guide his hand to her neck, which he held gently yet firmly just as she’d hoped he would.

‘Yours,’ she whispered at last, her voice trembling with breathless pleasure. ‘Belong to you both. Want to be your girl.’

Milo smiled. ‘You already are, beautiful. And you always will be.’ He looked up as Jayden returned. ‘Sounds like the coach is ready to be put through her paces,’ he smirked.

Jayden grinned back. ‘In that case, we better not disappoint her.’

The bull looked like a giant towering over them, his thick dick twitching as if beckoning Amelia back in. Ever since Project Black Snow showed up on campus, lube was provided in practically every room in the school, everywhere from the cleaning cupboards right up to the headmistress’s office, and Jayden wielded a litre bottle in each hand. Upending both, he squirted thick streams over their writhing bodies; within seconds both the bull, the bunny, and the crashmat beneath them were smothered and glistening.

With the lovers seen to, Jayden then squirted more over himself, allowing it to run down his muscly figure while he massaged a handful into his throbbing dick.

Still pinned beneath Milo, Amelia’s jaw once again fell slack as a slight shift in position found him driving against her G-spot over and over. In that moment, cockdumbness swamped her mind completely and she willingly sank into the bliss of shameless nymphomania.

And while Milo filled her slutty pussy and Jayden stood over them waiting his turn, something shifted inside Amelia. As if finally catching up to the metamorphosis of her mind and body after all these months, her guiding principle transformed to suit the bunny she had become.

Now Amelia lived by a different rule: a good bunny always does what’s best for her bull…

Thanks for reading!

Well, I bet nobody saw this one coming. Because, quite frankly, neither did I! This piece only really came about because of comments I made around Christmas where I mentioned that I would really like to add to some of the stories I have left underserved over the past few years. That desire of course led to a new Sin-Wave story earlier this year, a new addition to the Book last month, and now this.

The thing is, when it comes to serialised stories, it’s not just those on my blog that have been underserved – it’s also my captions too. Even when I was releasing Twitter captions on a regular basis, Project Black Snow was a story I always wanted to explore more than I did. And though I do have a bunch of captions written up, I never got to the point of designing and releasing them before I stopped releasing captions.

In all honesty, I have no idea whether those captions will ever see the light of day. Real life commitments continue to mean that I simply don’t have the time to spend on both Twitter captions and written blog stories like this, and though I have a bunch of captions just sitting in my files ready to go I don’t like releasing things sporadically – I much prefer having a schedule, and currently I can’t commit to one. Maybe one day I’ll put them out there, but right now I don’t have any idea when that will be.

Nevertheless, I’ve long felt that Project Black Snow deserved better than what I gave it. Despite having a wealth of ideas I wanted to explore, I only ever put out four image captions – one of which was a non-explicit introductory piece. If you haven’t read those, you can do so on my image caption blog here.

This story is the result of those feelings. And quite honestly, it was a blast to write. I’m not going to say that I’ll be writing Project Black Snow stories super often – as we all know by now, those kinds of promises rarely bear fruit on this blog – however I absolutely want to do more. I’m glad to say I already have another one written up that I will be releasing in June, and beyond those even though I don’t have any concrete plans for a third I do have a Word document from back when I was writing the original image captions with several pages of ideas and galleries to use, so I have plenty of options of where I can go from here.

As my first foray into Project Black Snow on my blog, this one holds a special place amongst my list of favourites, so I sincerely hope you enjoyed it. And if you did, make sure not to miss my next addition next month.

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