Models: Keiran Lee & Brett Rossi

Miranda just wasn’t feeling Christmas this year.

It’s not that she hadn’t tried. She’d spent all week trimming up the house with tinsel and fairy lights and bowls of festive goodies – not to mention the towering tree in the lounge. Today she had even got up early so she had plenty of time to make the tree look spectacular, hanging its branches with baubles of all shapes and sizes until it glittered beautifully. Yet despite all the decorations none of the seasonal merriment had rubbed off on Miranda no matter how much she wanted it to; it had been a tiring year, and it seemed even her favourite celebration couldn’t lift her spirits.

She knew David was feeling it too. If anything, he was even more exhausted than her, what with all the extra shifts he’d been assigned at work. They had barely seen each other recently, and by the time they got into bed they were both so tired the closest they got to sexual intimacy was a goodnight kiss.

Stepping back to admire the tree, Miranda sighed: if only there was some way they could bring the spark back.

With another sigh she filed that futile hope away with the rest of her wishful thoughts before leaning down and lifting the Christmas topper from the box at her feet. The bright silver star was new (the last topper had broken the previous Christmas after David drunkenly stumbled into the tree and sent it crashing to the ground); she’d picked it up at a local antique store. In her weary daze she had completely forgotten to put it up at the beginning.

‘I don’t suppose wishing on a star like you would have any effect, would it?’ Miranda smiled sadly to herself. ‘I suppose it can’t hurt either way. I just… I wish we could be happy again. I wish we could have fun. I wish we had the time and the energy to show how much we really love each other.’ She bit her lip, remembering how those days – or rather, nights – used to make her feel. ‘I wish I never had to leave his arms.’

Then, mentally ridiculing herself for voicing such impossible dreams, Miranda reached up to sit the star atop the tree.

As it happened, however, wishing on that particular star did have an effect. A startlingly dramatic one, in fact.

A flash of glittery silver light abruptly burst from the star. It filled the room, washing out the world and blinding Miranda as if she’d just looked at the sun. But there was no pain – instead Miranda found herself moaning with pleasure.

In the brief few seconds the magic lasted, Miranda felt every detail of her transformation.

Her flat chest ballooned into a plump rack that jiggled when she squirmed, exposed flesh tickled by waves of elongating hair that swept down in a rush of blonde. Her lips tingled as they swelled from thin line to sultry pout, complete with glossy lipstick in a shade of rouge that only belongs imprinted around the base of a hung stud’s cock. Stress-induced wrinkles smoothed over; skin beginning to sag with middle-age tightened up; the scar on her leg she’d received on some long-ago drunken teenage misadventure vanished with a pleasant tingle.

Under the thrall of the star’s magic, Miranda felt as if she was made of clay and being moulded by unseen hands. Hands that pulled and pinched at her face to rearrange her features, while simultaneously guiding any excess weight from her belly or chin or arms down and around to inflate her ass further and further. Soon it had doubled in size, cheeks like fleshy cushions bouncing about with even the slightest movement.

The final gift the star gave her came in the form of a breathtaking wave of pleasure that surged outwards from her crotch, her groin at the epicentre. Moaning so loud it was almost a shriek, Miranda shuddered as her insides shifted and her sex tightened into the shaved pink folds of a designer pussy.

As quickly as it had emerged, the magic retreated back into the star atop the tree, though it continued to glow afterwards, bathing the room in a warm light.

It was only then that Miranda realised the star had transformed her clothes too. Where once there had been a scruffy jeans and sweater combo, her incredible new figure was now wrapped in a sumptuous satin Christmas outfit – red and white and sexy all over. Pristine lace stockings hugged her thighs, connected to a fur-trimmed corset by red silk suspenders beneath which a thong left little to the imagination. Her bra – also fur-trimmed – just about held her tits in, the cups exposing more cleavage than they concealed, while a pair of glossy evening gloves rose up to her elbows. To finish the look, the whole ensemble was literally topped off by a Santa hat.

All in all, she looked like Mrs. Clause if she’d given up the toymaking and tried her hand at being a camgirl instead.

Chest still heaving, Miranda’s gaze rose to the glowing star. Despite the shock, a naughty smile spread over her rouged lips. ‘Well… that was unexpected. Do you have any other surprises for me?’

As if in response the door abruptly burst open, framing a surprise even more welcome than her own transformation.

The man looked nothing like her husband, but Miranda could tell it was him: she could see it in his eyes. Which was fortunate, because the rest of him was completely unrecognisable. The star had transformed him into an absolute hunk, formerly lean frame now bulky and broad. His arms and legs were thick with muscle, his features shifted into a more rugged appearance, and though his torso was hidden by his shirt the tightness of the material was enough to assure Miranda he was sporting impressive abs underneath. The bulge in his jeans also promised another surprise contained within.

‘Miranda, I…’ David’s voice faltered as he caught sight of his wife. ‘Is… is that you?’

‘It’s me babe,’ she purred back.

He took a step in, staggering a little. ‘What’s happened to us?’

‘Oh, that was me. Just a little wishful thinking.’ She giggled as confusion twisted David’s handsome new face.

‘What? I don’t understand. Miranda… I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I’m so, so…’ He trailed off and shuddered.

‘Horny,’ Miranda finished for him. After the intense pleasure of her transformation she hadn’t noticed at first, but now she could feel it: a frenzy of arousal swirling within her desperate for a release. But not with just anyone. She wanted David. More than she’d ever wanted him before.

So she took him.

Shoved down onto the sofa, David landed with a grunt. Before he could even regain his bearings Miranda’s gloved hands were wrestling with his jeans. ‘Miranda, what are you doing? What’s got into… oh fuck,’ he gasped as his rigid cock was released into his wife’s waiting hand. Her satin-wrapped fingers coiled around his shaft, her eyes glittering with lust.

‘Don’t fight it, baby, I know you want this. You need it. We both do.’

‘I admit it, I do, but shouldn’t we just wait a sec… oh fuck!’ David’s orgasmic cry cut off his protests as he suddenly found his hefty cock sheathed in Miranda’s warm, wet throat. And once she started to suck any concerns he had simply ceased to be.

His head lolling forwards, David’s body was flooded with pleasure. Miranda had swallowed his entire length in one go and now she held herself there, the head somewhere behind her clavicles and her throat bulging while both their eyes rolled with pleasure. A groan bubbled on David’s lips like water spilling from the mouth of a drowned man and all he could do was remain there, immobilised by the ecstasy.

When Miranda finally pulled up her lipstick was in its rightful place: stencilled around the base of his dick. A string of gooey precum trailed from her lower lip to his head, dancing about as she panted from the lack of air. 

However, no sooner had Miranda caught her breath than she was once again gorging herself on her husband’s incredible new cock.

‘Fuck… fuck… fuck… fuck… fuck…’ David repeated over and over like a mantra, the words seemingly the only thing keeping him sane. He gasped and grunted, his head alternating between being slumped on his chest and thrown back so he could moan at the ceiling. His powerful hands clawed at the cushions and his thighs clenched and unclenched in an endless cycle as Miranda bobbed up and down in a shamelessly slutty display of raw nymphomania. Soon enough even David’s moans were drowned out by the erotic slurping of his wife feeding on his manhood.

‘Fuck, I’ve missed this,’ she gasped when she finally came up for air. By now David’s jeans were a heap on the floor, allowing her to caress his exposed balls with her free hand. ‘I’ve missed feeling so horny I can’t think straight. I’ve missed the taste of your dick on my lips.’ She leaned in closer, an impish smile on her lips. ‘But most of all, I’ve missed your cock in my pussy. And this time you can screw me even deeper.’

Sharing a mischievous smile, the lovers immediately set about bringing Miranda’s fantasy to life.

With one hand always around his shaft, Miranda jerked her husband off as she crawled up his body. As she did so he took hold of her free hand and carefully pulled on each finger of her glove before sliding it off, kissing down her arm as the satin released it. Once the first glove was discarded, he repeated the process with the second, though he couldn’t suppress a small gasp as she switched hands and her warm fingers touched his shaft directly for the first time. From there his hands slid around her back to unclasp her bra, releasing her perfect tits for him to ogle.

By now Miranda was straddling him and she wasted no time in exploiting her position: deftly flicking her thong aside, she sank back onto David’s cock and shared an orgasmic groan with her husband as euphoria flooded through them both.

Seemingly on instinct, David took one of Miranda’s nipples in his mouth and began to suck. His eyes met hers over the curve of her tit and she giggled shrilly as his tongue ran over the sensitive nub.

‘Mmmh, I like that baby. Keep going. I promise I’ll make it worth your while,’ she added with a grin.

Reaching back with one hand she parted her ass cheeks wider to spread her pussy so she could take him deeper. At the same time David’s hands came up to embrace her, one joining hers on her ass, the other looping around her waist. His grip was firm yet gentle – perfect to keep her stable; meanwhile, with her free hand she held onto the back of the sofa behind his head. All of which made it effortlessly easy for her to bounce her hips on his and take his lengthy new cock to depths his previous shaft had only ever dreamed of.

From there, passion overwhelmed them. Shifting from one position to the next they left no stone unturned on their journey to discover what their sordid new bodies could really do.

While their combined moans echoed through the house, Miranda found David fucking her in ways he never had before. One moment she was bent over the arm of the sofa being railed from behind, the next she was upside down with shoulders on the floor and David kneeling above her while driving down; then she was riding him again, ass clapping against his crotch while she kissed him passionately; later still her face was against the cushion and her hips held high, David’s hands gripping one arm while he plunged into her ass to a soundtrack of her orgasmic screams.

Eventually they dropped to the seat together. It was late by now, their debauchery illuminated only by the still-glowing star.

David behind her, his dick once again buried in her pussy, Miranda gave a moaning giggle as a strong hand came round to seize her tit. He wasn’t gentle, digging his fingers deep into her fleshy breast, but the animal lust driving his groping was turning her on so much she didn’t want him to stop. She couldn’t remember the last time he’d been this forceful with her and she’d sorely missed it.

Lower down, his free hand was planted on her ass to keep her in place while he invaded her. Her entire body throbbing with lust, she slipped her own hand down to meet his.

‘Oh fuck yes, stretch me, baby. Fill me deep with that big, fat cock. Shit, this is better than anything I could have imagined when I made that wish. I’m yours. Always yours. Just promise me you’ll never let me go a single night without using this perfect dick on all my holes.’

David’s eyes shone with mischief. ‘Cross my heart and hope to die,’ he grinned.

With that, the transformed amours allowed all other thoughts to slip away and focused solely on their passion.

In truth, Miranda still wasn’t sure how she felt about Christmas this year. After all, the last thing she wanted was any distractions to prevent her indulging in all the hedonistic pleasures this new body could provide. But as she made love to her husband under the light of the magic star that had given them this new life, there was one thing she did know: wishes really can come true…

Thanks for reading!

This is about as Christmassy as my stories get and honestly I absolutely love it. When I was honing down my list of possible scenes to write for, this one very nearly didn’t make the cut as I didn’t have an idea for it to start with. But in the end I just couldn’t exclude it. The festive setting, the soft lighting, Rossi’s smoking hot outfit – everything about this scene ticked all the boxes for me, and when I finally landed on this idea I had a blast writing it.

Obviously it’s pretty clear from my portfolio of work at this point that my stories generally lean on the romantic side and I personally think this is a great addition to that list. For those of you with more depraved tastes though, there’s no need to worry: there are a few more corruptive ones coming up throughout the month, so you’ll get your fix.

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