Little Shop of Hedonism: A Fuck Under The Mistletoe

Models: Logan Pierce & Riley Reid

‘Is this mistletoe?’

For anyone else, that question might have delivered a thrill of anticipation. However, for Abigail it simultaneously made her stomach drop and her heart leap into her throat. Spinning around with blood frozen in her veins, she fought down panic as she spotted the sprig of greenery in Charlie’s hand, a bright red ribbon wrapped around the stem.

She tried her best to act natural. She failed miserably. ‘That? Pfft. No. Of course not. It’s just… uh… holly?’ Abigail winced at her own excuse and hurriedly tried to backtrack. ‘I mean it’s supposed to be holly. Dumb lady in the shop gave me the wrong thing. I… I’m not sure what it is… Probably from some boring shrub or something.’

Charlie frowned. ‘Weird. It definitely looks like mistletoe.’ Squinting, he tilted his head causing the bobble of his festive hat to drop to one side.

Because it is mistletoe! Abigail screamed inwardly. Enchanted mistletoe! You have no idea what you’re holding! Please put it down! Please forget about it! Please don’t ask me to ki-

‘How about a kiss?’ Charlie’s tone was joking though he wore a bashful expression as he held the sprig above his head.

All at once, Abigail’s frozen blood thawed; her churning stomach settled; her thumping pulse faded from her ears and a blissful calm washed away her panic. They were the magic words she had been yearning to hear ever since leaving the Little Shop of Hedonism.

Striding across to her flatmate she took his face in her hands, rose to her tiptoes and pulled him into a passionate smooch.

The mistletoe’s magic took hold the second their lips touched.

Just as the lady in the shop had promised, the enchantment rapidly set about transforming Charlie into her dream lover. As she pressed herself into him she felt his skinny frame fill out with muscle, expanding torso now firm against her midriff and broad shoulders infusing his figure with rugged masculinity. All at once his free arm was around her and she found herself lifted even higher, her toes barely touching the floor but her weight supported effortlessly in his strong embrace. Further down, his thighs and calves thickened with tendons and sinews, though it was the sudden growth in his crotch that drew a groaning sigh from her lips, the bulge in his jeans pressing teasingly against her own groin.

A trimmed stubble beard bristled up beneath Abigail’s fingers and tickled her lips. Even as she kissed him she could feel his thin features changing, though even if she’d had her eyes open she was too close to see how handsome he had become, his face now all firm lines and roguish charm.

However, Charlie wasn’t the only one affected. After all, the enchantment was very specific: whoever she kissed under the mistletoe would become her dream lover – but she would also become theirs.

Abigail’s entire body flushed with erotic heat and she shuddered as all her hair stood on end sending tingles across her skin. To her surprise her ample tits deflated several cup sizes, while her curvy figure thinned down into a more slender, petite frame, yet it didn’t take long for her to sense the advantages of her new physique as Charlie pulled her in even closer. Without needing to worry about squashing her tits, she could grind her body against him harder than before, while the sacrifice of her curves had been rewarded by a drastic increase in flexibility. Deftly lifting one leg, she hooked it around the base of his spin and held it there, her mind dancing with sordid ideas of what else her lithe new physique could do.

She could feel her face changing, as if somebody was moulding it out of clay. Before long the lips kissing Charlie’s were softer, fuller, while her entire face felt somehow lighter. The bobble holding her hair in place simply faded away, releasing her glossy blonde hair. As it fell, however, streaks of brown shot through the blonde like ink in water, spreading to every strand until the rich colour stood out against her soft flushed skin.

And when it came to skin, there was much more on show than before. While Charlie’s clothes had not changed at all aside from expanding to accommodate his newfound strength, Abigail’s almost completely disappeared. Her t-shirt and jeans faded along with her bobble, leaving only her underwear behind – though even that was changing. The simple red material faded to flawless white while the design restitched itself into a much skimpier cut composed of thin straps and soft lace that left little to the imagination – least of all her nipples, the crowns of which peeked out over the crest of the cups. At the same time, a pair of knee-length red and white striped socks swept up her legs and hugged her calves.

By the time they parted lips it felt like forever since Abigail went in for the kiss and she realised that was the mistletoe’s doing too. With it overhead the kiss hadn’t just been indulgent, it had been enthralling – the need for him had consumed her and she couldn’t have stopped even if she’d tried.

Now the transformation was over the effect waned and Abigail found herself into the face of the man of her dreams.

Only she wasn’t quite Abigail anywhere, and he wasn’t quite Charlie.

Abby gasped as her transformed flatmate seized one of her tits in a powerful hand.

‘Well, well, well, you are full of surprises,’ Chase growled. ‘I suggest you tell me what you’re doing with magic mistletoe before I spank it out of you.’

Abby bit her lip, arousal flooding through her. His free arm was hooked around her back pinning her to chest, while his piercing eyes bored down to her soul. Usually she didn’t let guys manhandle her like this, but clearly Charlie’s dream lover had a submissive edge and she couldn’t deny his newfound forcefulness was making her drip.

‘It… it was an accident,’ Abby said, trying to fight down a groan as the image of herself bent over his knee being spanked sent another flush of horniness through her naughty new body. ‘I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Ever since I left the shop that mistletoe has been in my head making me horny. It’s like it wanted me to kiss every guy I passed. I barely managed to get home. Then when you asked me to kiss you the magic just took control. But it wasn’t meant for you. It was meant for Leo.’

‘Your boyfriend? Why would you use it on that stupid prick?’

Though Abigail had been resolute in her decision to make some changes in her relationship with Leo, the more timid Abby found herself blushing as she admitted the truth. ‘I… I wanted someone who could fuck me properly. He’s always telling his friends how great he is in bed but he’s never been any good. I needed… I needed to be satisfied.’

Chase grinned deviously. ‘Is that so? Well, I’m sure I can help you with that. Unless you still want that dumb fucker more than you want me?’

‘No,’ she said urgently, shaking her head. She rose her hand to his and pulled it harder against her breast while looping the other around his neck. ‘I need you. Only you. Please, I’m so horny it hurts.’

‘In that case, what do you say we skip the foreplay?’

Abby’s response wasn’t verbal: it couldn’t be, because she was far too busy kissing him again to speak. Instead she replied by driving him out of the lounge with surprising force for one so small, tugging on his clothes as they went. By the time they’d made it down the hall and into her bedroom he was already naked, his clothes littering the floor in their wake save for the Santa hat.

She didn’t stop until his legs connected with the foot of the bed and he collapsed onto the covers. From there he had a very agreeable view as she quickly stripped off her lingerie, revealing her pert tits, twinkling pussy and soft round ass for him to admire. Too needy for him to bother removing her socks, she sprang onto the bed and scrambled up until she was straddling his hips.

‘Fuck, you really are horny,’ Chase smirked while running his fingers between her slick folds. They came up glistening with her juices.

‘You have no idea,’ Abby groaned. ‘I’ve never been this turned on before. I don’t know what to do with myself.’

Chase’s smirk spread into a grin. ‘Don’t worry, baby – I have a few ideas.’

Reaching down, he angled his rock-hard cock up and nestled the head in the cup of her pussy. Then, wrapping his broad hands around her upper thighs, he guided her hips down and sheathed himself inside her hot wet sex.

Their united groan was raw orgasmia and their lust had them trembling so hard the sprig of mistletoe quivered on the sheets where Chase had dropped it.

Abby’s initial gasp of pleasure rapidly devolved into horny babbling. ‘Fuck… oh fuck… oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuck…’

On instinct she began to bob her hips up and down, her delicate hands finding and gripping Chase’s chest as she rode his impressive manhood with increasing urgency.

And all the while Chase filled her head with words of sordid encouragement. ‘That’s it, beautiful, take my dick deep. Fuck, you want it so bad, don’t you? Well it’s all yours. Take it, babe – become my naughty little slut. Mmmh, yes, I’m going to fuck you better than that stupid bastard Leo ever did.’

‘Yes! Oh god yes! He never made me feel this good. Please, baby, don’t stop. Fuck my brains out. I know you want to – I know you want to use my body until I’m screaming your name. Do it, baby, I need it. I’ll go mad without it. That magic, it’s filled my head with lust for you. I’ll do anything, just make me your needy, cock-hungry nympho. Please, make me yours.’

‘With pleasure,’ Chase grinned.

From that point on, Abby quickly and eagerly assumed the persona Charlie’s desires had bestowed upon her, all while inwardly thanking her former flatmate for being so secretly naughty. Abigail had never imagined the girl of his dreams would be a lithe, lustful slut like Abby, but given that she’d never felt pleasure like being in this body, in his arms, with his perfect cock plunging into her greedy new pussy, she certainly didn’t have any complaints.

Besides, even if she had, she wouldn’t have been able to put them into words through her own moans.

Chase fucked her in almost every position she could think of, as well as several that hadn’t even occurred to her. Thrusting over and over and over in a relentlessly orgasmic rhythm, she lost count of how many times he bought her right to the edge of climax. However, every time she came close he would switch positions, dashing her orgasm and starting all over again, each time pushing Abby a little further into erotic delirium.

He fucked her doggystyle until her ass ached. He fucked her on her back, one bright-socked leg bobbing about overhead as she gripped the pillow beneath her and moaned. He fucked her face down in the sheets, then pressed up against the wall above the headboard, then bent over the back of the armchair by the window, then folded in half with her knees by her shoulders and her ankles pinned to the pillows, then with her riding him in every different way she could contort herself.

Chase wasn’t gentle when he manhandled her from one position to the next, but they both knew she didn’t want him to be. She wanted to be used until she couldn’t think straight, and that’s exactly what he did.

And by the time he finally let her orgasm at least half a dozen cumshots were leaking from her flushed, glistening cunt.

Once the mind-bending high of her climax began to fade, she found herself sprawled across Chase’s broad chest, her head resting in the crook of his neck and her ear against his chest. He didn’t even sound out of breath. She smiled: clearly the enchantment had turned her desire for a man with enough stamina to keep her satisfied into a reality.

Lying with him in both the glow of the sun and the afterglow of their own passion, Abby couldn’t think of a better place to be.

‘Do you think this thing still has some juice in it?’ Chase asked eventually. He was holding the mistletoe, which by some miracle hadn’t been crushed during their festive fuckathon.

Abby shook her head. ‘The lady in the shop said it was a one-shot deal.’

‘Pity. We could have had some real fun with that. Imagine passing it around at our Christmas party.’

‘That would’ve made it a Christmas orgy,’ Abby giggled.

‘And your problem with that is?’ Chase laughed back. ‘You got this from the Little Shop of Hedonism, right? I’ve heard about that place. Don’t they sell hairasites? I’d really love to put one of those under the tree for Leo to unwrap.’

In truth, the thought of transforming her ex-boyfriend into a woman had been playing on Abby’s mind for the last half an hour or so. After all, she’d intended to make him her lover with the mistletoe in the first place, but now Chase had filled that role she couldn’t deny the idea of having another slut by her side to share him with was more than a little enticing.

‘They do. But there’s lots more there too. Wouldn’t it be even hotter for him to corrupt himself?’ Her eyes glittered mischievously as a plan formed. ‘Trixie was telling me about this new drinks range she’s started stocking: Sexy Sodas. They trigger temporary twenty-four transformations and she said they’re great for indulging your fantasies. They’re not addictive, but if we could trick Leo into drinking one I’m sure by the time his twenty-four hours were up he’d be begging us for another.’

A smirk crept across Chase’s handsome face. ‘I like the way you think. But I’m still convinced my hairasite idea is better. I’m afraid if you want us to do things your way then you’re going to have to be very persuasive.’ His smirk spread, his meaning as subtle as his huge, rigid cock.

Abby matched his impish expression. ‘I’m sure I can think of something,’ she said, slithering down his chiselled body and licking her lips, eager to show her new man exactly how persuasive she could be…

Thanks for reading!

I have to say, when I first devised the Little Shop of Hedonism premise, I genuinely didn’t plan for it to become such a staple of my blog, though if I’m honest I don’t mind at all that it’s garnered so many additions over the last couple of years. I think the reason I find it so easy to add to is because most of my other ongoing series aren’t quite as simple to just drop into. The worlds of The Witches, or The Book, or Machiavellian Mistress, for instance, are all a bit more focused on specific characters or concepts and as such often require more niche ideas to work. In contrast, the Little Shop of Hedonism acts as a springboard for a basically limitless amount of possible story ideas, so when I’m searching through image galleries it is much more likely that I’ll come up with an idea that fits in with this world than many of the others I’ve come up with over the years.

Nonetheless, I would like to diversify things a bit in future if I can. In fact, I’m already in the process of doing so. I already have a new Sin-Wave story written up, as well as another addition to The Program. At the same time I have a fair few ideas for stories I could add to several of my other ongoing series, though I won’t divulge those for now as they’re not yet fully-formed. I actually also had a Metamorphose story on my list of ideas for this month but I was unfortunately unable to fit it into my schedule – though I’m sure it will see the light of day sometime in the future.

As always, if there are any ongoing serials you would like to see me add to then please don’t hesitate to let me know.

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