Machiavellian Mistress – The Professor

Note: this story is an extension of and a sequel to an original creation by the brilliant Mara’s Mischief. Her original story is fantastic and takes place in a universe focused on sexy crime syndicates. You can find more information about her in the notes section at the end of this story.

Gold-rimmed spectacles laid on a wooden desk

Hearing the rap at the door, the professor set down his pen and removed his gold-rimmed glasses with an experienced flick that folded them in one smooth motion. Placing them down on the desk he bid the knocker enter, assessing the nature of the sound as he did so. It had not been the pair of heavy thuds the dean favoured, nor was it the lighter, repetitive drumming of his lab assistant’s knuckles. Furthermore, it had not sounded to his ear reminiscent of the hand of any of his students, the general knock of whom he had memorised. Given that he rarely received any visitors beyond these at his office, it seemed that the monotony of his day was to be shaken by a fresh face.

As the woman entered the professor effortlessly maintained his outward exposure, however he marvelled internally at her astounding beauty. He could say without exception that the woman was by far the most attractive individual to ever grace his office. Even the young women of loose morals – all decorated in perfect makeup and clad in little to speak of – who visited him in private in an attempt to boost their grades, only to find their seductions firmly and unyieldingly rebutted, could not hold a candle to the blazing fire of perfection she burned with.

Busty black woman in low-buttoned shirt, blazer and skirt

She was dressed in a maroon blazer that was unbuttoned and swayed with her as she walked, beneath which was a thin white shirt, the button height of which he could tell had been carefully selected: not too low as to be deemed offensive or inappropriate, yet there was more than enough exposed cleavage to draw the eye of the unfocused observer. Women who chose to present themselves in such a manner, he found, usually intended to use their raw attraction to their advantage, and the frequency with which one admired her cleavage would tell her how strong her sway over any gentleman was. As such, he determined to keep his gaze fixed firmly upon her delicately made-up features, however not before he noticed the hot pink bra semi-visible under her shirt that accentuated her large chest and whose lace frills could be glimpsed clearly when she moved in a certain way. The remainder of her attire had a similarly coy yet beguiling nature to it: her black skirt was just short enough to ride up on occasion and reveal the lace that topped her stockings, while said stockings were sleek and smooth, quietly boasting her leggy figure before snaking into a pair of reflective, black, platform heels. These provided her an intimidating height to anyone much under six foot and an imperious yet alluring aura that followed her like a cloak. Her raven hair was let down and it cascaded over her shoulders like an inky waterfall, framing the dark flesh of her exposed cleavage with black.

When she caught sight of him behind his desk she cast him a warm smile that was ever so slightly mischievous. ‘Ah, Professor Richards, I presume?’

‘If I wasn’t then I would have to get a new plaque for my door, madam. And you are?’

She came to stand in front of his desk, towering over him in her heels. ‘My name is Diamond.’

He took the absence of a second name to be an initial attempt at seduction: in her mind he was to offer his own first name resulting in the two achieving a first name familiarity within moments of meeting. He was not so easily swayed. From his chair he gestured for her to sit, which she did, crossing her legs carefully. The result of her movement was a strip of her bra riding up over her shirt, splashing her chest with colour, and a sliver of skin becoming visible above her stockings. He ignored them expertly.

‘So, to what do I owe the pleasure of your presence today, madam?’

Her eyes narrowed fractionally. She seemed to be assessing him and for some reason her assessment resulted in the ghost of a smile plucking at the corner of her lips. ‘Clearly you are a direct man, so I will not waste either of our time with unnecessary words. Quite simply, Professor, I am here because I believe that we can help one another.’

He raised an eyebrow. ‘And what logic has attained you that conclusion?’

‘Simple. You are one of the most revered scientific minds in the country and that kind of mind is what the people I represent need at this moment in time. And being as respected as you are I would imagine that you would rather like to stay that way.’ A cold edge crept into her smile.

For a brief second his composure faltered and shock shone through. Then it was stifled and he was collected once more. ‘Are you here to threaten me, madam?’ When she had entered, a threat was certainly not what he had expected. All of a sudden his beautiful visitor had become a lot more interesting.

Her smiled broadened. ‘That rather depends on how willing you are to help me, Professor. I like to think that I will be able to offer you incentive enough that threats will not be necessary. After all, they do tend to sour a professional relationship, wouldn’t you say?’

‘Unquestionably,’ he replied, refusing to be intimidated by her piercing stare. All at once he had found himself in a battle of wits, and he felt all the more invigorated for it. ‘I make it a point of priority to know who I am doing business with, and that seems all the more urgent given that the possibility of threat is on the table, I would say. Who exactly do you represent, if you don’t mind my asking?’

‘I suppose you could say that I represent a number of entities. I am associated, for example, with a gentleman who goes by the name of Yuri.’

‘In that case, I am afraid I am going to have to ask you to leave.’ Rising to his feet so that he was now the one towering over her, he indicated the door with a stern expression.

‘Please, Professor, contain yourself. Just because I am associated with the man, that is not to say I am in alliance with him. I take it you are aware of his reputation?’

Leaning over his desk the Professor stared at her coldly. ‘I am a professor in a university sitting at the very heart of one of the most openly corrupted cities on this continent. Of course I am aware of the man. The student body are young and naïve, and enough of them have wound up in the bottom of a ditch for the statement to be made very clearly that the syndicates of this city are as present on this campus as they are anywhere else. Yuri, the Yakuza, the cartels, all of them have worked their way into the minds of my pupils, and those pupils have suffered the consequences. So I will make my position explicitly clear to you, madam: if you are in any way affiliated with that man or any of his kind, I bid you leave my office and never again step foot on this campus.’ When he fell silent the Professor realised he was shaking, and to prevent his knees buckling beneath him he sat down once more in as calm a manner as he was able. For the first time he could not hold her stare.

After a moment or two of silence the woman leaned forward and rested one hand on the desk. ‘I agree with you, Professor. Yuri and his breed have overstepped their mark. They have manipulated maimed and killed all across the city like it is their right to do so. They must be taught a lesson in humility. All of them. Yuri and his Russians, the Yakuza, the cartels, the mobsters and the gangsters. And that is exactly why I am here. What would you say if I told you that I represented a group who could offer you the chance bring Yuri’s organisation to its knees? The others too. You could help us change the face of crime in this city permanently.’

The professor forced down the emotions that had risen within him and leaned forward, intrigued. Their faces were no more than a foot or two apart and he could smell her floral perfume. ‘I would say you are deluded. The syndicates are untouchable, madam. Nevertheless, you have my attention.’

She shifted slightly and in his peripheral vision he noticed more of her bra peek into view. Her eyes were deep and sharp. ‘The assumption that the men are untouchable requires that they have control over any entity that might have the power to depose them from their throne. For a long time now, that has been true with politicians, authorities, and intelligence agencies all dancing to their tune in varied capacities. I belong to something new. An organisation they are fully unaware of and now is our chance to strike.’ Acutely aware that he was hanging on her every word she reclined in her chair once more and smirked at the marginal slump of his shoulders as she did so.

‘About six months ago, Yuri’s men hit a drugs lab in Yakuza territory and lifted numerous vials of a mercury-like substance from the place. When he tested the substance on a debtor he discovered that it had the ability to change the subject into a physically flawless and entirely obedient whore who was willing to do anything her master so desired. Having made this discovery he then began to use the liquid to turn his enemies and debtors into horny sluts who he then proceeded to whore out as he pushed into prostitution. The Yakuza followed a similar route, though neither entity chose to engage in any conflict to ensure none of their valuable nymphomaniac whores wound up as collateral damage.’

She paused, smiled. ‘Or, at least that is how Yuri would tell it. You see, what neither he nor the Yakuza realised while they were spilling that liquid down the throats of their enemies was that the submission of the women to their will was not natural but in fact entirely calculated. After they were turned they found that they were both hyper-intelligent and also in the most perfect body for them to conceal their scheming intent. The new women were irresistible to any man they came across, yet as is the way with men of the criminal breed their power complex always assured them that they were the ones in control when, in actual fact, the truth was entirely the opposite. I suppose you could say we are sleeper agents of a sort, all plotting to bring the criminal kingdom crashing down around the ears of the men who built it.’

‘We?’ The Professor’s eyebrow was up again. ‘You expect me to believe that you are one of these transformed subjects? Pardon my interruption but what you are describing is physically impossible and, quite frankly, I do not have time to waste on such notions.’

Her smile broadened. ‘I’m glad you said that. Me and my sisters thought a mind like yours might have a difficult time believing our story, so we thought we would set up a little demonstration to convince you. Please, would you be so kind as to type in this address?’ Producing a slip of paper from her inside pocket, she passed it to him and if only to keep his visitor pacified he inputted the jumbled letters and numbers into the address bar of his search engine.

Tattooed woman in bright latex dress stares at naked man restrained in wooden chair in dungeon

What came up after he hit enter was far from what he had expected. A video feed took up the entire screen and it appeared to have been set up in some sort of basement or underground chamber. At the centre of the image was a naked man bound tightly to a painful-looking wooden frame. He appeared groggy, though he was conscious enough to complain about the restraints around his wrists, legs, abdomen and head, and to express confusion and indignation regarding his bondage and whereabouts.

In front of the man stood a brunette woman with extensive tattoos who was clad in a red and leopard print latex dress with her breasts pulled out, and massive black platform heels. From what he could tell, she appeared to be finishing off the restraints that held the man in place.

Professor Richards started with alarm as he recognised the man and as much as it was clear that he had been abducted and forcibly restrained, he realised with a pang of guilt that he felt no remorse for his predicament. It was the dean’s son, and he had personally made the professor’s life a living Hell during the years he had studied at the university. He had always been such an entitled bastard, and there had been many occasions when the professor had wished hopelessly that some ill might befall the brat, or that he would drop out of the establishment for one reason or another. If he had made a list of the people he wouldn’t mind seeing tied up and in pain, the man he was looking at would have been close to the top.

‘Ah,’ said the tattooed woman as he clicked onto the video, ‘excellent timing Professor.’ She strode over to the camera and leaned down with a smile, revealing her cleavage as she did so. ‘Before we start, we wanted to make sure you understand that this is a live feed. Therefore I will now call Diamond and you will be able to speak to me directly.’ Producing a mobile from out of shot she dialled a number and Diamond answered the call on the mobile she had already laid out on the desk. He could hear the man’s protests in the background of the call and the woman greeted him a second time, this time audible through both the mobile and the monitor. After this, Diamond tapped mute on the call to prevent overlapping interactions.

‘To make sure you have no reservations, ask me a question. Any question you like and I will answer it for you.’

He thought for a moment before leaning into the mobile. ‘What year did we put a man on the moon?’

‘Nineteen sixty-nine. Thank you, Professor. Now if you will kindly observe the transformation process of this young man we would be indebted to you.’ Striding forwards she grabbed him by the cheeks and forced his mouth open. Pouring a silver liquid down his throat she then clamped her hands roughly over his mouth and nose until he swallowed.

Professor Richards’ eyes almost popped from their sockets as the man’s body began to physically change. His entire physiology was transforming, twisting and shifting into something entirely new. His athletic figure was shrinking, slimming, the muscular frame giving way to a more petite replacement. His facial features lost their rigid, masculine edges and smoothed into soft, attractive, feminine aesthetics while his chest swelled out into petite breasts that were made all the more noticeable by the dramatic thinning of his waist. Everything about him became feminine and beautiful, though by the far the most bracing image was that of his dick and balls rapidly shrinking before pulling back into his body through the wet opening of a virgin vagina. Throughout it all the dean’s son wailed and howled to be let free so much that the professor was forced to lower the volume of his monitor, however by the end those screams had changed as well, replaced by sensual moans.

Naked tattooed woman poses in dungeon

Once the transformation was complete the woman in latex quickly unbuckled the restraints holding the new woman in place. Once she was free, the latex woman lifted the camera and directed it at the woman who posed naked with a smile. The professor could see that even the hip tattoos the dean’s son had always been so proud about had been twisted into attractive floral designs. On his end, Diamond unmuted the call so that he could hear her speak for the first time through both devices.

‘Thanks for watching my rebirth, Professor Richards. I hope I get to meet you and thank you personally some time soon.’

He had been so encapsulated by the incredible process he had been witnessing that he had not noticed Diamond rise from her seat opposite him. As the video feed cut off and the call ended, she span his chair around to face her where she was stood over him, and he realised that he also had not noticed her slowly disrobe. Her blazer had been left draped over the back of the chair she had been sat in and she had rolled up her skirt until the pink of her underwear was visible, providing a view of her smooth, attractive thighs in the process. To add to her alluring visage she had unbuttoned her shirt down almost to the final button, her torso dominated by the bracingly pink bra from which her large breasts threatened to burst.

Her lips twitched with a tempting smile and for the first time Professor Richards felt his will falter: the woman was beautiful and direct, and he found that the combination set his body tingling. The look in her eyes was that of a predator, and part of him was aware that they both knew how this would end. Both fiercely intelligent, it was impossible to deny the spark of attraction between. Yet part of him still knew he had to refuse her advances.

Busty black woman with deep cleavage removing shirt and skirt

‘Madam, I am flattered by your offer, but I –’

Her finger was on his lips then and she leaned in closer. She hushed him with a smile. He could stare down her cleavage if he wanted to; he could reach out and squeeze her breast and he knew she wouldn’t resist. She was so close he could have pulled her into a passionate kiss in the blink of an eye. She was right: she was irresistible. Her body was perfect, her aura intoxicating.

But he was supposed to be superior to the men who would mindlessly fuck her as though she were their property.

‘It’s okay, you’re not like the rest,’ she whispered as though reading his mind. Slipping her knees either side of his hips she straddled his lap and his chair tilted back a little. She pressed her chest into his and he could feel her warmth. Her hand stroked his cheek and despite his misgivings he half-smiled at how soft and warm it was. When she spoke she was barely inches away from his face.

‘Every other man just wants to fuck us, use us as though we were toys. But with you, it would be so much more than that. We would be making love, sweet and perfect love.’

Desperate to change the subject he blinked rapidly and searched for something different to converse about. ‘You… uh… you never mentioned why you needed my help, madam.’

Her smile broadened and he realised how pretty she looked wearing it. ‘That’s why we wanted you, Professor: you don’t miss a thing. We need you because we are ready to teach the syndicates a lesson. Thanks to their push into prostitution there are many of us now, and fortunately they have made little effort to monitor our actions given that they are under the impression we are obedient to them alone. Now there are enough of us we can use the serum to quite literally transform the underworld of this city.

‘But there is a problem. As I said, there are already plenty of mistresses running around the city, and as much as we are lovers and sisters we are all agreed that hundreds more would be… undesirable. Too many cooks and all that. And that, Professor Richards, is why we came to you. We were hoping we might persuade you to use your background in biochemistry to assist us in modifying the serum a little. You see, what we want is exactly what the syndicates thought they had already achieved: a substance that will transform the subject into an obedient, horny slut with all of the irresistibility and sexual prowess we have, however devoid of the devious intelligence. With that at our disposal any enemy of ours could be added to our army of whores, who we could then use to infiltrate criminal organisations across the country.’

The professor’s breathing was laboured as he fought off the urge to reach around and grope her ass. ‘So when you said you wanted to bring Yuri and his breed down, what you meant is you want to replace them. The underworld will be yours instead of theirs.’

‘Oh, Professor, you should know the underworld will always exist in one form or another. Far better to have us in command over more distasteful individuals. Of course there will still be disappearances her and there, debtors who are used as examples, but the current habit of city police fishing bodies out of rivers will be a thing of the past. Wouldn’t you say that is better?’

‘I suppose you’re not wrong. What if I say no?’

That cold edge returned to her smile and he felt suddenly vulnerable. ‘Well, as you have seen we have ways of persuading you to our cause that are a little more… invasive, shall we say. You will help us one way or the other, Professor Richards, however I believe we can provide you enough incentive to do so without the use of force.

‘For one thing, we will compensate you well. Let it suffice to say that you would not have to teach in this establishment ever again. We would also grant you the honour of acting as a consultant on our future projects and, of course, we would provide you with all of the equipment you may need to work with. Once the modified serum is complete we will provide you with an additional gift that I am sure will make the whole deal worth your while, and we will even provide you with upfront payment.’

‘And what would you pay me with upfront?’

Leaning forward she grinned. ‘Me,’ she whispered. ‘I locked the door when I came in but you were too busy admiring me to notice. We are not going to be disturbed. I am yours, Professor. I know you want my body. All you have to do is make love to me and that will serve as your agreement to our terms. Take me, Professor.’

Oiled black woman has bra removed by muscular man while lying in massage chair

For a long moment the professor said nothing and the air was loud with heavy silence. Then he took her into his arms and kissed her deeply, relishing the moan that passed from her mouth into his as he did so. Surging to his feet he explored her mouth with his tongue as they rounded the desk. Stripping her of her shirt he tossed it away and a loud slap rang out as he spanked her once, hard.

She moaned as he pulled away from her, and he eyed her lustfully for a second before heading to the corner of the room. Some time ago he had taken part in a stupid raffle set up by the university. He had only entered in the hope of winning a few bottles of whiskey, but to his irritation he had won first prize: a massage chair and massage oils. His busy schedule had never allowed him to use it even if he had wanted to, and he had crammed it in the corner of his office out of the way. Now, however, seemed like the perfect time to put it to good use.

Setting it up in front of the desk he pushed her down into it. The sight of her seemingly vulnerable in the chair wearing only her hiked up skirt, bright hot pink lingerie and sleek stockings was deeply erotic and his dick began to rise. Uncapping one of the oil bottles he rubbed it into the soft skin of her back, leaning in to kiss her every now and then and tingling with the heat of her flesh against his lips. She glanced back at him and they locked eyes, exchanging silent craving.

Staring at her he smirked as his fingers found their way to the clasps of her bra and expertly unhooked them.

‘Mmmh, you’ve done that before,’ she smiled.

‘Never with a woman as perfect as you,’ he replied. Deftly slipping his hands around her front he groped her tits hard to draw a gasp from her lip. Leaning in to kiss her again he slid the straps from her shoulders and unleashed her heaving breasts from the confines of her bra, tossing it aside onto his desk as they made out.

Black woman has ass groped in lace lingerie

His fingers were still oily as they lifted the lace of her panties and ran up her thick ass. Her skin gave beneath his fingers, smoother than silk and soft as fresh laundry, and he traced dark lines of oil across it. She was still staring at him and as he groped her harder he felt his heartbeat stutter with every soft moan and aroused eye roll he drew from her.

He leaned over to hiss her again and she edged back so that her ass pressed against his groin. His rising boner slotted between her cheeks and she bounced them up once or twice, laughing as his eyelids fluttered.

‘Fuck, you feel big, Professor. Aren’t you going to let me taste you?’

‘All in good time,’ he replied.

Diamond seemed to snap then and she twisted around on the chair, looping her arms around his back and pulling him into her so that his hard-on was rubbing up against her pussy through their clothing. ‘I don’t want to wait. I want you now. I want to taste your big dick and feel it deep in my throat. I want you to tear off these panties so when I leave I can’t wear them anymore and if somebody was to look they would see your cum dribbling down my thighs. I want you to use me like a cheap whore and make love to me like a passionate lover all at the same time. And I want this.’

Her hand landed on the crotch of his trousers and she wrapped her slender fingers around his girth. A combination of her experienced touch and brazen lust tore a groan from his lungs and suddenly all he wanted to do was give her exactly what she wanted.

He did not resist as she tore at his belt buckle and zipper, but instead he took up the bottle of oil and poured a fresh load into his hands which he proceeded to rub over her exposed breasts. He shivered as her hardened nipples raked across his palms and fought down the urge to bend over and suck on them; to do so would have removed his dick from her immediate grasp and he did not think forbidding her of her prize would end well for him. Instead he massaged her nipples with thumb and forefinger, pinching them and smirking at the involuntary gasps he invoked.

At length she was able to tear down his trousers so that they were halfway down his thighs and without delay she bowed down and took his solid boner between her luscious lips.

Oiled naked black woman gives oral sex to muscular white man

For what felt like an eternity, the professor was lost in raw bliss. Her tongue was hot on his dick, her mouth wet, and if he had not known better he could have sworn his dick was exploding. White hot sensation blasted through his crotch and out, splitting his thighs and stomach while with every flick of her tongue she sent shivers up and down his body. She swirled her oral muscle around his cock and lathered every inch with her saliva before beginning to bob her head up and down.

She was experienced, he could tell that much. Or, he supposed, if she was the subject of one of the transformations she had shown him, she was simply naturally talented. Either way, she knew what she was doing. It was as though she knew every millimetre of his cock, every contour and vein. With an expert flick she would run her tongue under his shaft before arcing up and circling his head over and again. Meanwhile her lips were sealed so tight around his meat that when she sucked he wondered how she did not extract an entire load from him through sheer pressure.

Catapulted into erotic overdrive, the professor reached down and gripped her panties with both hands before ripping them at the side with a satisfied grunt. Mimicking his action on the other side he tugged on the front and they slid from under her for him to toss aside. Immediately Diamond dropped a hand to her pussy, her red-manicured fingers finding her clit and rubbing it energetically. As her masturbation set her moaning around his cock her spare hand rose to his balls which she massaged gently, occasionally wrapping her fingers around the base of his dick to pull herself further down it.

The professor’s office was filled with wet gagging and slurping as she devoured his cock, and he stared at her in disbelief his features contorted with a frown of arousal. She was immaculate. Her plump, oiled tits swayed softly as she blew him; her smooth thighs were spread wide as she masturbated with delicate fingers; her long, sumptuous hair stroked his arm as she bobbed her head. He had never set eyes on a more perfect woman and to have her practically begging to serve his needs was incomprehensibly erotic. He could barely believe what was happening.

Bald white man gropes oiled breasts of busty black woman

After a time the professor could not hope to quantify, she pulled away with a pop and stared up at him lustfully. ‘Fuck, you taste so good, Professor. I love gagging on your meaty fucking cock. I want your load in my throat but I want you in my pussy more.’ She paused and frowned. ‘What is it?’

The professor was no longer looking into her eyes, but was staring at her heaving chest with a look that bordered upon agony. Leaning down he took her oiled tits in his hands and squeezed gently. ‘I’ve never met a woman with such incredible tits. Everything about your body is fucking perfect.’

As he groped her breasts her eyelids fluttered with pleasure and she groaned softly. ‘My body is made for sex, Professor, just like the body of every mistress. But only a true man can really appreciate us for the perfection that we are. I know you want to taste them. Do it. Suck on my perfect tits.’

Without waiting for a second invitation he dipped his head and sealed his lips around one of her naked nipples. In the same way that she had sucked his dick he swirled his tongue around it, flicking it relentlessly and savouring the taste of her skin and the flavoured oil it was saturated with. As he did so, his fingers groped her increasingly roughly, though she made no complaint against his vigour. Instead she moaned in response to each squeeze and grab, shivering as his unpredictable tongue tweaked her nipple over and again.

Unable to resist she continued to masturbate, lying back and allowing him to have his way with her breasts while she rubbed her pussy fervently. After a while she realised that she was dangerously close to climax, but she wanted to save that for him and she forced herself to pull away. Leaning forward and looping a hand around his neck she nibbled on his earlobe.

‘Do you want to fuck my tits, Professor?’

Busty black woman has muscular white man run penis between her oiled breasts

His response was immediate and energetic. Standing up he kicked off his trousers and tugged his shirt from his shoulders before taking his raging boner in his hands. By the time he had disrobed she was ready for him, her massive tits pushed together into a deep rut of cleavage that he slipped his head up and into. Dropping his hand to the base of his dick he kept it pressed against her chest and started to thrust.

Her tits around his dick felt amazing. Though there was none of the wetness that her holes provided there was all of the heat, and her soft flesh around his sensitive cock was almost too much to take. Glancing down at her he groaned as she licked her lips and fixed him with an erotic glare, the sight succeeding in having him thrust harder.

She was driving him wild and she knew it. What was more she knew that he knew it too and their mutual understanding of how one another functioned was more deeply loving than anything he had felt with any other woman. Even his ex-wife had never understand just how he worked in the way Diamond did and every sideways glance, every whispered word and sultry moan was all a step towards the ultimate goal of satisfying him completely. It was intoxicating. She was his drug and every moment he spent in contact with her hot skin coursed fresh addiction through his veins.

Nevertheless, a part of him felt insensitive. He was using her just like all those lesser men she had mentioned. He was using her as an object rather than a lover, having her pleasure him while refraining from reciprocating. Determined to solidify his place as a real lover he pulled out and dropped to his knees.

Busty white woman receives oral sex from bald white man

The impassioned moan she gave off as he buried his head between her thighs told him two things: he had taken her by surprise and she was long overdue a bout of oral stimulation. Her hands ran up and down her perfect body sensually and on the occasions he would glance up at her he would often witness her licking her lips with her eyes rolled back into her head.

Intermittently rubbing her clit with his fingers and lapping at her sex with an eager tongue he soon worked up a rhythm that she fell slave to. She could barely function as his tongue parted her pussy lips, rubbed hard against her clit, ran up her sex or engaged in all manner of other stimulating motions. She tasted sharp and sweet, her piercing providing a keen metallic kick and the oils by now having worked their way down to coat his mouth. Eagerly he smeared her juices across his face and when he came up for air his chin was dripping with them, before he would dip his head again and voraciously take more.

Diamond was on the brink of mania. Every other man she had ever fucked – Yuri, his guards, paying customers – had craved her only as an object. Too addicted to her perfect body and her dirty desires they had fucked her as though she were just a cheap slut. For any of them to willingly break from her use to lick her quivering pussy was a rarity indeed, and invariably they only did so to lubricate her enough to fuck rough. Only her sisters had ever serviced her in the way the professor was now, and she found that unlike all of the other men she was deeply, desperately attracted to him.

They had been only boys, whereas he was a man. A true lover.

‘Oh fuck,’ she gasped as he slipped three fingers into her dripping cunt. Her hand snaked down and grabbed his wrist as he did so. ‘Believe me, I would love for you to fuck me with your fingers. But I’ve waited long enough for your dick and I can’t take it any longer: fuck me. Fuck me like I’m your own personal slut.’

Busty black woman and muscular white man have sex in chair

Dropping his shoulder beneath one of her legs and taking the ankle of the other in his hand, the professor surged to his feet and swung them both up with him. The motion pulled Diamond down in her chair and, as he had expected, presented her shivering opening at the perfect height for him to enter. His dick rested against her hole and he paused for a moment, allowing a smile to twist his lips. As he pushed the head of his cock inside they moaned in unison, electric desire coursing through their bodies.

Leaning forward so that their foreheads were almost touching he grinned. ‘Are you ready, Diamond?’

She lowered a hand to her pussy and rubbed her clit as they exchanged glances of arousal. ‘That’s the first time you’ve called me by my name, Professor. You know I’m ready. I want your big cock inside me. Fill me, Professor. Make love to me.’

In one smooth motion he plunged into her obligingly and again their moans danced through the air in a united sound of passion. Both lovers were in a state of euphoria.

Professor Richards could not quite fathom how intense she felt inside. Not only was she hot and wet, but she was tighter than he had expected. For a woman whose thirties were surely behind her and must have spent most of her time fucking, he had anticipated she would be at least a little loose. On the contrary, however, she was tighter than any woman he had ever fucked before – and there had been a few. Even the virgins he had handed their first sexual encounter had not clung to his dick with the ferocity that she did, and as he thrust into her again and again he let out involuntary grunts of unbridled passion.

Diamond, meanwhile, could only toss back her head and open her mouth in a silent scream as she attempted to handle his meat inside her. She had always known that their meeting was going to end this way the moment she understood just how sharp the professor was, but she had never placed any expectations on his gifts as a lover or the magnitude of his endowments. As such, his natural size had come as a pleasant surprise, but it was only now that she understood the truth: he put all the other men she had fucked to shame. He was so big. The biggest she had taken, and it felt like a gift from the heavens that the one man she did not want to turn was the one who could fulfil her the most. His thrusts were so passionate, the way he moved inside her so erotic and addictive. She could not get enough of him. She wanted to fuck him forever.

Leaning into his ear she whispered as much.

‘Me too,’ he replied, ‘but right now I want to take you deeper.’

Her eyebrows soared in an expression of disbelief. ‘Professor, I don’t think I can take you any deeper.’

He grinned wide. ‘Let’s test that theory, shall we?’

Busty black woman and bald white man have sex stood up

Lifting her from the chair he pulled her to her feet and hefted one of her legs in his arms. With one of her arms curled around his shoulders he readied to impale her. She stared deep into his eyes and whispered erotic profanities as she felt him twitch inside her, then her mouth opened in a scream she strangled into a rasping gasp as he thrust up into her hard.

Once he was in her up to his balls he paused and savoured the expression of unrestrained adoration that painted her features. Then, all at once, he pulled out and slammed inside her again. With each forceful thrust her thigh clapped against his stomach and she whimpered with desire. Taking her so deep made him feel intensely powerful and that power coursed through his body until he was fucking her hard and fast. He felt like a king or a god and she was his perfect lover.

At this time of day the university corridors were all but empty he knew, but even if there was a late stayer or a cleaner to hear their passionate love he no longer cared. She was too immaculate to let embarrassment or unease restrain him from loving her and given that she had promised him he would not even need to teach there once he helped them it wasn’t like he had any reason to worry.

Her red nails scrabbled at his chest and shoulders as he fucked her, and when he reached out a hand to grope her tits she pushed herself closer to him to allow him a better grip. If fucking her tits had been addictive then fucking her pussy assured him that no force on heaven or earth would ever be able to convince him out of loving her. She was no longer a mere drug, she was far more than that. Her pussy wrapped around his cock was more important than air and he could barely comprehend how he had reached this point in life without knowing her sensual touch. He wanted her every way he could possibly have her.

All at once something seemed to snap inside him: though he had recently been overwhelmed with the urge to please her, now he wanted to use her.

As though reading his mind she nodded slowly. ‘Use me, Professor. I can see it in your eyes. Take your pleasure from me.’  

Busty black woman laughs while riding hung bald white man in chair

Fuelled by testosterone and adrenaline, Professor Richards heaved her into his arms and dropped down into the massage chair heavily. Rolling her effortlessly in his arms he angled her so that she was laid back against his chest and pulled her legs up off the ground with strong hands. Spreading her legs wide he reinserted his meat into her hole and the fresh position was rewarded with fresh sensations for both of them.

Each position felt better than the last and in this particular arrangement Diamond was able to roll her hips forward and backward to take him deeper or shallower into her hole. Thrusting slowly and maintaining his grip on her thighs he allowed her to rock lustfully and one of her hands snaked up onto his bald head to stabilise her as she became more energetic in her bouncing movement.

Professor Richards knew that neither of them could last much longer. His dick was beginning to buck inside her as his climax approached and the sensation of her pussy clenching around his dick in preparation for her own was unmistakable.

‘I’m close,’ he whispered into her ear.

‘Please hold on,’ she gasped. ‘I am too. I want to face you as we cum together, but this feels too good to give up just yet.’

In response he tipped his head down and engulfed the nipple closest to him in his mouth. Pursing his lips tight around it he thrashed his tongue over it relentlessly and she let out a burst of satisfied laughter. Her own hand rose to her spare breast, which she teased as she continued to laugh.

‘Okay, you win. If you keep at that I’ll cum early. Let me turn around and face you baby, and I’ll ride you until we cum.’

Busty black woman rides bald white man in chair

Spinning around she leaned into him and planted her heeled feet on the floor behind his legs. Her tits were rubbing against his face as she began to ride his cock, gyrating and bouncing with natural skill. No longer was she aiming to please him, instead she was working to force him to the edge. Holding off her own orgasm so that they could cum as one she rode him hard and fast.

With a mischievous smile she snaked a hand behind his head and buried his face between her tits, moaning and whispering dirty words to him as she did so. An equally impish smirk spread across his features as he bit them playfully, nibbling on her nipples before licking them.

‘Oh fuck, oh fuck. Professor, I can’t hold it any longer. I’m going to cum.’

‘I’m ready, Diamond, we can cum together. Fuck, you’re perfect, cum hard on my dick.’

Swinging his hands around behind her he clutched her ass cheeks firmly and latched onto one of her nipples with pursed lips. Her head half-turned as he gripped her rear and then he tugged her hips down hard, sinking his meat deep inside her and finally providing them stunning relief.

Unloading into her the professor didn’t think he had ever cum so hard in his life. His hips thrust automatically, pounding into her slick hole repeatedly as he used her to milk himself dry and his body twitched with orgasmic pleasure.

Diamond, meanwhile, cried out as her own orgasm crashed through her and she was filled with the professor’s hot seed. Nobody had filled her in the way he did, and the raw passion they shared only made it more delicious.

Collapsing back onto the chair breathless and spent, they stared at one another exchanging unspoken adoration. After a brief time they returned to the professor’s own leather chair and sank into it kissing and groping. It was a long time indeed before they untangled themselves from one another…

Outdoor view of large luxury home

From the bottom of the steps Professor Richards admired the impressive house, though he felt labelling it as such was borderline insulting. It had more in common with a mansion or stately home than the houses he was used to: sprawling, lavish and set in the centre of truly beautiful grounds. To one side it was fringed by forest that curved down and behind it, while to the other expansive gardens rolled away. Behind him his ageing car seemed desperately small on the paved road encircling an eloquent fountain and beyond that the long driveway snaked through the trees.

It had been four months since Diamond had first blessed him with her acquaintance, and in that time he had worked tirelessly to satisfy her needs. Naturally, he had also been hard at work on modifications to the serum, and whenever he was not fucking his new lover as though his life depended on it he had been holed up in the laboratory the mistresses had provided for him. He had handed in his notice at the university the day after her visit on account of the ungodly sum of money the mistresses had deposited in his bank account, although he had not yet spent any of it to ensure that he was focused entirely on the task at hand.

It had been a difficult task, and even after months of study the professor had never quite been able to grasp whether the original creator of the liquid had been a genius or a fool. His trained eye had taken some time to identify the component of the serum that provided the mistresses with their devious intelligence, and though it had not been immediately obvious once he had located it he realised it was inlaid in every other element of the drug: the increased libido, the bodily mutations, the enhanced stamina and sensitivity. Everything that made the drug function seemed to be underlined with that same strain that elevated the intelligence of the subject and despite years or training he had not been able to resolve whether it was the result of a simple accident during the development of the drug, or if the original creator had laced it in there deliberately.

Fortunately that was not the task he had been hired to complete, and once he had found the component that the mistresses desired removed it had been a relatively simple process to synthesise an updated version of the drug; lengthy, yes, but to his intellect not difficult. He had delivered the completed serum to Diamond only a week ago and had not had any contact from the mistresses since then.

Until that morning, at least, when he had been summoned to this address via text.

Striding up the stairs he found the door slightly ajar and slipped through, closing it behind him. He felt suddenly underdressed in the lavish house, his shirt and jeans seeming far too casual for the pristine place. It looked like a celebrity mansion and he had the brief sensation he was intruding.

It was dispelled, however, when he heard a familiar voice float down the staircase.

‘I’m upstairs, baby,’ Diamond called, ‘and I have that gift I told you about when we first met.’

Taking the steps two at a time, barely able to wait to hold her in his arms, he followed her voice to the door he thought it to have come from. Bursting through he skidded to a halt at the sight that greeted him.  

Busty black woman and petite white brunette pose in bedroom

‘Hello there, Professor, how good to see you again.’

Diamond’s reserved smile was somewhat undercut by her lustful stare, and as ever she struck the perfect balance between conservative office secretary and horny hooker: heels high and leopard-print, crimson blouse just thin enough to catch glimpses of her lace bra, makeup professional yet alluring and skirt just short enough to tease any admirer with a tantalising sliver of her lower thighs.

Beside her, however, was another woman. She was young and beautiful, her hair a deep dyed auburn, her smile pearly white. She wore a loose fitting black top and form-hugging black leggings that were fashionably ripped on the thighs and shins. The top rode up in such a way that part of her midriff was visible and she held Diamond affectionately, one hand on her waist dangerously close to her groin and the other curled around behind her and – based on the angle of her shoulder – clutching the older woman’s ass.

As he stared at her, the professor could not shake off a strange sense of familiarity. Though he could not pin down the reason, something told him he had made her acquaintance before. Something in the eyes, or the smile perhaps.

Trying to push it down he smiled at them both, though he could see in Diamond’s eyes that she had noticed his confusion: by now they could practically tell what one another were thinking. ‘Good morning, my dear, and who might this be? One of your sisters?’

‘Oh no, this here is Cassie. She is our first purpose-turned slut. After we ran a few tests with your new serum we selected her to be the first of our soon-to-be army of obedient whores. As you can see your work has been incredibly effective. I’m not surprised you barely recognise her.’

‘I take it she is another face from my past you saw fit to transform? Who was it this time? One of my useless lab assistants from days gone by? Or perhaps the dean himself?’

Diamond smiled deviously. ‘We wouldn’t bother with such trivial individuals for such an important subject. No, we thought it only fair to provide you with a little payback. She may be Cassie now, but before we kidnapped her and dosed her up with your wonderful new serum she much preferred going by the name of Cindy.’

His breath caught in his throat. He did recognise her. How had he not noticed it before? The curve of her jaw, the glint in her eyes, the nature of her smile. The remains of his ex-wife were unmistakable even in her new body. He had not seen her for almost ten years, but even then she had not looked anywhere near this youthful and radiant. Clearly the serum worked just as well on women as it did men, and her new figure was full, seductive and deeply arousing.

Diamond laughed as she watched the realisation pass over his face. ‘I mean as soon as you told me about how she divorced you and robbed you of everything you had to your name there really was no other candidate. She filled her pockets with your hard-earned money and now you can fill her holes with your hot cum. It’s all so poetic wouldn’t you say?’

‘But she hated me. She can still remember that, right?’

‘Yes, she can, but it’s not something she dwells on anymore. It’s a little difficult to explain but after you’ve taken the serum your former life doesn’t really matter anymore. It’s all a bit of a blur really and it takes effort to think back on it. Think of it like a steamed up window: you can wipe away the condensation and glimpse it for a while, but if you don’t bother to do so it’s all just a haze. All that matters to Cassie is the here and now. And from now on, she’s all yours.’

‘I take it that the serum was to your satisfaction then?’

Diamond grinned. ‘Absolutely, Professor. Your new serum has pushed us to the brink of overthrowing the old underworld regime. We haven’t moved on the syndicates yet but the final preparations are underway. Once the week is out the mistresses will be the new power of this city. For now, however, allow me to demonstrate how successful your work has been.’ Fixing Cassie with a devious stare she stroked her cheek affectionately. ‘Strip and kneel for me.’

White tattooed brunette in lingerie on her knees staring at busty black woman, also in lingerie

Immediately the woman obliged, obediently wriggling out of her clothing until she was stood in a set of black lingerie frilled with white lace. Sinking to her knees she stared up adoringly at Diamond, who herself had stripped down to her underwear. Cassie’s arms curled around Diamond’s leg and stroked the sleek pantyhose she wore as the older woman glanced across at him.

‘See. She is fully obedient to any command given and I can assure you from personal experience that she is always eager to please.’

He shivered with arousal: the idea that Diamond had spent time breaking in his newly slutty ex-wife was almost painfully erotic and his boner began to rise. ‘But why bring me here to collect her?’

Diamond grinned. ‘Well I thought it only right that you met her in your new home.’

The professor’s eyes bulged. ‘You mean this place is mine?’

‘It certainly is. Like I said before, Yuri and the Yakuza haven’t really been keeping an eye on us so since we first banded together we have been able to siphon off a little money here and there without them noticing. We have quite the secret stash by now and we thought it only fair to reward you for your services and allow you to continue consulting for us in peace. This place is totally off the grid and we even installed a laboratory in the basement for you to work in. You are free to do what you please, when you please and you’ve no need to worry about affording anything: your monthly payment will be more than enough to fund any lifestyle you might desire.’

The professor threw out an arm to lean heavily on the doorframe. For a while he was lost for words. It all seemed too much. ‘I… I don’t know what to say…’ he managed.

Tattooed white brunette and busty black woman pose naked in bedroom

Diamond seemed momentarily bashful. ‘There is just one more thing,’ she said. ‘You see I may have let slip among the mistresses how proficient you are as a lover. And the thing is, like I told you before, most of the men we meet cannot come close to matching us in intellect or passion, and most of them will end up as additional sluts in our army from now on anyway. We need a real man to please us. Not to mention the fact that we’re going to need somewhere to relax when we’re not working. So they requested that I ask if the mistresses could use this place as a sort of home from home you might say? They would come and go and relax here together and if you were up for it maybe have a little personal time with you. Would that be an issue?’

A grin spread across his features. ‘After all you ladies have done for me, how could I possibly deny your requests? They gave me all this after all, so the way I see it what’s mine is theirs.’

Diamond beamed. ‘They will be thrilled to hear it.’

‘I can hardly wait to meet your sisters, babe, but I think if we leave Cassie waiting any longer she is going to burst.’

It was true. She was beginning to gently hump Diamond’s leg, grinding her crotch against the sleek material of her pantyhose and rubbing her inside thighs desperately.

‘You seem to be right,’ Diamond nodded. ‘Just a second.’ Stripping down naked in a matter of moments she hoisted the woman up from the floor and removed her underwear with deft, experienced hands. Turning Cassie to face him she stood behind her, both of them naked and eyeing him with unbridled desire. ‘Cassie, sweetie, you’re going to belong to Professor Richards from now on. How about we have a little fun with him?’

‘Yes please, mistress,’ she cooed, ‘I’m ready to play all night long…’

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