Models: Aaliyah Hadid & Unknown Male Model

Igor couldn’t take much more of this.

Doctor Victoria Francesca Stein was widely acknowledged to be completely psychotic – a blasphemous lunatic devoted to pushing the boundaries between science and superstition. As such, most people would have assumed her gothic, secluded manor house would be filled with the tortured screams of her unwilling subjects begging for death. But tonight, Igor could only wish that was the case.

The sensual moaning of Doctor Stein’s latest creation echoed through the corridors of her secluded manor house like the haunting groans of a particularly erotic ghost. The creature had not stopped for hours, and with Doctor Stein out on business Igor had nothing to distract himself with.

By now, his resistance had frayed down to a thread. Inevitably, that thread soon snapped as well.

With a stormy face, he stomped down into the dungeon. He wasn’t entirely sure what he was going to do to the creature, but if he think of some way to keep her quiet he would surely go completely mad, and he couldn’t allow that. Doctor Stein would be very disappointed if he lost his mind. Who would help her conduct her experiments then?

As soon as Igor entered the room, the creature threw herself against the bars of her cage. Her curvy body was wrapped in a tight black latex catsuit that gleamed as light flooded into the dark room through the open doorway, the material so tight it creaked as she moved. Around her neck was a studded leather collar from which dangled a long chain leash, while a pair of huge, heavy-duty boots swallowed her legs up to the knee. Her glossy hair was dark at the roots but the tight curls splayed over her shoulders were dyed blonde, framing her pretty brown face in a wavy gradient.

‘Please, mister, come here, please, I need a man, I need a cock, I need a fuck, please, oh fuck,’ she babbled, grinding her crotch against the bars and groaning in desperation.

Igor stomped his foot like an angry child. ‘Igor want you to shut up,’ he demanded. ‘Igor not want to listen to you anymore.’

But the creature ignored him. ‘Please, you don’t understand. I’m so horny. I can’t take it in this cage – all I can think about is fucking and sucking and riding and bouncing and moaning and cumming and anal and oral and handjobs and titjobs and spitroasts and gangbangs and orgies and–’

‘Stop it!’ Igor slammed a hand against the cage. ‘Doctor Stein be very angry if you still moaning when she gets back. You not stopped since she created you!’

For a few seconds, the creature fell silent and stared at him with her big innocent eyes. And for a few seconds Igor felt a pang of guilt twist his insides: it wasn’t her fault she was so horny. According to Doctor Stein, the corpse she and Igor had stolen from the mortuary was that of a very slutty young woman. When they had raised her from the dead it had been the culmination of the doctor’s research. Igor could still hear her yelling, ‘It’s alive! It’s alive!’ after the creature took her first breaths.

Yet it had soon become clear that the resurrection hadn’t been a complete success: only the woman’s libido had returned from beyond the grave. No memories, nothing of her personality, just her insatiable sex drive. Permanently wet, consumed by lust, and driven by a primal need to fuck, she had left Doctor Stein no choice but to lock her up to ensure she did not escape and go hunting for lovers to satisfy her needs.

‘You… you really want to please her, don’t you?’ the creature asked.

Igor blinked, confused by the change in conversation. ‘Who?’

‘The doctor. You want to please her.’

‘Yes,’ Igor nodded. ‘Doctor Stein very good to Igor.’

‘Then don’t you want to find a way to stop me moaning? I bet she’d be very impressed if she got home and found you’d learned how to keep me quiet.’ The creature paused, allowing her words to sink in before continuing. ‘There is a way, you know. I need to be fucked – that’s all I exist for. So give me what I want. Fuck me. Fuck me so hard my brains turn to mush and I can’t even speak.’

The simple man seemed to work through her suggestion word by word, frowning with concentration as he did so. Eventually he looked up at her and there was unmistakable desire in his expression.

‘Igor not sure he should fuck Eve,’ he said, addressing her by the name Doctor Stein had given her. ‘But anything better than Eve keep moaning. So what does Eve want?’

All at once, Eve was overcome with an almost manic energy. Rattling the bars of her cage frantically, her eyes burned with hunger, the promise of the sex she had been denied sending her into a frenzy. ‘Your cock. Your cock. I want your cock. Take it out. Put it through the bars. Let me taste it. Let me suck it and slurp it and slobber on it. Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up!’

Doing as he was told, Igor undid his fly and produced his cock.

Eve practically swooned – she had watched the dumb man shuffling around the doctor’s lab for weeks since her resurrection, but she had never imagined he would be so well-hung. His erection was already rising, and no sooner had he slid his cock between the bars than Eve was on her knees gorging herself like a true glutton.

Within seconds, the room was filled with salacious wet slurping noises. Rotating her tongue around his shaft, Eve sucked Igor’s magnificent cock so hard her temples throbbed. The salty tang of his precum sent shivers down her spine and the entire cage shuddered as she practically threw herself at the bars, throating him deep with every roll of her head.

This time it was Igor’s turn to moan. He had never kissed a woman, let alone received a blowjob, so as Eve feasted it was all he could do to stay sane. Gripping onto the bars with white-knuckled ferocity he trembled with ecstasy.

Instinctively he drove his hips forward, giving her even more of his length to swallow. She did so eagerly, and when he looked down he found her staring up at him with those big, innocent eyes.

Overwhelmed with pleasure, Igor’s simple mind was unable to process the erotic energy flooding his system. All he knew was he wanted more. So, with that single thought in mind, he lowered one hand and seized her leash.

Coiling it around his cock, Igor drew her inexorably in. Without enough chain to pull away, Eve was forced to swallow him deep. Eventually Igor had pulled the chain so tight she could not slide back at all, and together they remained there, his cock buried immovably down her throat as he let his head fall back and a long, low groan froth on his lips.

After a while, Eve began to convulse. She might have been a creature of lust, but even she needed air, and when Igor looked down he found her writhing on the end of his cock. Tears streamed from her eyes, her backed arched, wet gagging sounds bubbled around his shaft, and she slammed her hands over and over against the bars, her fingers contorting as if she was being electrocuted.

Igor’s eyes went wide as he realised he was suffocating Doctor Stein’s prized creation, and he immediately leapt away.

His cock slid free from her lips in a gush of saliva and precum. Eve slumped down into the corner of her cage gasping as if she’d just escaped a riptide, and Igor thought he heard her crying.

But she wasn’t crying at all. Creeping closer, he found a delirious grin on her face and realised what he had mistaken for sobs were in fact hoarse, hysterical giggles.

‘I want more,’ she wheezed, her eyes bright with lust. ‘Please, master, give me more.’

Master. The word thrilled through Igor like a lightning bolt. Nobody had ever called him master. Aside from Doctor Stein, in fact, nobody had ever even cared about him enough to address him by his name. But now here was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen not only offering herself to him but worshipping him as if he were her god.

A devilish grin spread across his lopsided face. ‘Eve is bad girl. Igor like.’

Marching over, he undid the bolts on her cage and dragged her out by the leash.

Although he intended to take Eve to his chambers, they never made it that far. Both overcome by a raw, primal lust, they collapsed into the broad leather sofa in Doctor Stein’s lounge. His powerful hands made short work of her latex suit, while her hands effortlessly extracted his first, second and third cumshots which soon decorated her ebony tits in pretty, pearly strings.

Igor might have been a simple man, but what he lacked in brainpower, he more than made up for in sexual stamina. As a result, he had barely finished firing a fourth load down Eve’s throat before he was spinning her around and driving her chest-first into the leather of the sofa.

‘Eve is still moaning,’ he said as he fed his throbbing cock into the tight clutches of her ass, drawing an orgasmic groan from her lips. ‘Eve asked Igor to fuck her brains out. Igor thinks Eve should be careful what she wishes for.’

Then, with a firm grip on one plump ass cheek, Igor promptly set about pounding her tight ass with all his considerable strength. The crack of their colliding thighs echoed through the dark manor and erotic shockwaves rolled over her curvy body in fleshy ripples.

For the first few minutes, Eve’s brows knitted together, ecstasy written over her features. But before long, her mind was overwhelmed by the euphoria. Her face went blank, her body went limp, and until Doctor Stein returned home later that night she was nothing but Igor’s willing living fleshlight…

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Attentive readers may have noticed that this gallery is very similar to one I wrote a piece for only last month, starring Carolina Sweets and Rob Piper. As it happens, I didn’t plan for them to come out so close together. Last month’s story was actually written towards the start of the year, it’s just been sitting in my backlog for a while, whereas this piece was written relatively recently specifically for Halloween. Both scenes were shot by Spizoo, and they have done several others with different models, all of which are ridiculously hot, so it’s entirely possible I’ll write a piece for another one in the future, although I’ll make sure to leave it a while if I do.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to find the name of the male model in this scene. It’s pretty frustrating for me, since he is as much a contributor to the scene as Aaliyah Hadid, the female model, but sometimes POV scenes are a bit lax in crediting their male models so I’m afraid I’ve come up empty on this one.

Remember this isn’t my only story this week – there’s another one coming out on Friday, so make sure not to miss it.


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