Models: Ryan Madison & Ivy Aura

Eyes wide, blood running cold, panic threatening to stop his heart completely, Ivan tried to think of a way out. He could only come up with one, which involved jumping out of the window and hoping he survived the fall, but that relied on him having the guts to defenestrate himself.

The problem was, Ivan was too scared to move.

The bathroom door rattled as something struck it hard. Then again. And again, and again. Somebody was knocking. No – something was knocking. Because Ivan knew the entity outside wasn’t human anymore. Which only made it all the more terrifying when it spoke to him using his roommate’s voice. 

‘Why are you hiding, Ivan? You chose this. You summoned me. Isn’t this what you wanted?’

Ivan felt sick. Most of that sickness was born of fear, but a significant amount was also fed by bitter regret. Because although he wanted to deny the entity’s words, they both knew it was speaking the truth: this was all Ivan’s fault.

When he had summoned the lust demon, he had done so with the intention of offering himself as a vessel. He’d craved sex and pleasure and the kind of corruptive irresistibility that could lead women to madness if they were denied his body; he’d hoped that by allowing the demon to possess him he could live a new life of depraved supernatural hedonism.

But those fantasies had been his undoing. Distracted by his own desires, his focus on the summoning spell had slipped just enough for the demon to possess Grady instead.

As Ivan had sat in his bedroom wondering why the demon hadn’t appeared, the door crashed open to reveal Grady silhouetted outside. Wrapped in the dark like it was a cloak, his eyes had been the only visible feature, glowing an unearthly red as they bored into Ivan’s soul. There was nothing left of Grady in those eyes – only rage and hunger and animal lust.

Now the creature controlling his friend had Ivan cornered. The wood around the door’s hinges had started to splinter and several slats had buckled, revealing the savage red glow of the demon’s gaze.

The creature glowered at Ivan through the failing door. ‘You should be welcoming my arrival. Instead, you cower in fear. You disappoint me, Ivan. I do not like disappointments. You could have been my vessel. But for your failure you deserve to be punished.’

And with that, Ivan’s spine snapped in half.

Folded backwards, his shoulders pressing against the rear of his thighs, Ivan screamed. Yet it was a scream of shock rather than pain. The terrible sound of his own bones splintering rang in his ears – sharp and sudden as a snapping twig – yet despite his fatal position, somehow he was not dead.

Ivan’s wail had barely even died away when one of his shoulders spontaneously yanked itself from the socket. Then the other. Then his jaw, wrenching impossibly sideways.

Disoriented by shock and terror, Ivan barely registered the transformation overcoming his body with each new blow. A winding strike to his chest granted him a pair of small, pert tits; a sensation like claws raking over his stomach eviscerated the belly fat there; a sickening crunch rang out as both legs turned a full circle in their sockets, after which they were smooth and hairless and delicately feminine.

Ivan’s clothes shredded away as if caught in a storm of razorblades – all except his underwear. While his shirt and jeans were torn into scraps that littered the bathroom floor, his boxers reformed into a set of tight floral panties trimmed in white lace. The soft material hugged the bulge of his cock, while his balls stuck out the edges of the front panel. However, the panties weren’t a poor fit for long.

The contortions of Ivan’s body had lifted him back up until he was almost standing upright again. But the moment his cock became a pussy he once again bent backwards as far as his newly reset spine would allow and howled with a mixture of ecstasy and torment. It felt like somebody had ripped open his groin and pulled his dick out at the root, yet instead of white-hot pain strong enough to drive him mad, the act filled him with searing pleasure. He could feel his new pussy throbbing, dripping, aching with lust, but all he could do to process it was scream and scream and scream.   

After what felt like an eternity the woman who used to be Ivan crumpled to the floor.

Legs tucked up to her chest, slender hands clasping her trembling ankles, chin close to her knees, she stared at her reflection as if in a trance. She wasn’t admiring herself exactly. Instead she wore an expression of innocent fascination, as if she couldn’t quite believe what the mirror was showing her. Her big eyes drifted over her soft, pale figure, taking in every inch of the woman she had become. At some point during his thrashing Ivan had lashed out and smashed the mirror: web-like cracks now marred the glass, and she could feel similar fractures splintering her psyche.

She could remember her old face, her old body, her old life. She could remember reciting the verses to summon the demon and all the desires that had led her to make that choice. But those memories weren’t really hers. They were echoes of Ivan bleeding through the cracks in her mind. She knew they would never fully fade – her master, the creature Ivan had summoned, would want her to remember who she used to be so he could remind her how pitiful Ivan was, how much better she was as his pet. But as she sat there, half-naked and still trembling while admiring her pretty new face, she also knew she didn’t care. Ivan’s life was hers now – and she knew exactly what she was going to do with it.

When she looked down, she found that the shreds of her old clothes had stitched themselves together into a new outfit, composed of a black vest-top with a low bustline and corset-like straps criss-crossing the chest alongside a pair of knee-high stockings fashionably ripped all down the front. She picked them up slowly, as if she expected them to lash out at her, before slipping into their soft embrace. They matched both the thin black choker she was already wearing and her dark panties. However, knowing her master wouldn’t want her to conceal her pretty pink pussy, she removed her underwear before once again analysing her reflection.

This time she wasn’t admiring herself though; she was checking she was presentable. After all, what kind of servant would she be if she didn’t look her best for Master? Releasing her midnight locks from the bun they were in, she shivered as they fell over her narrow shoulders.

She was ready.

The knocking had stopped when Ivan began to transform. Now the new woman opened the half-shattered door to find that she wasn’t the only thing the demon’s corruptive magic had affected.

The bedroom beyond was lair of gothic blackness. Gone were Ivan’s movie posters, untidy bed and gaming PC. Now the room was dominated by a sprawling four-poster bed made of wood so dark it looked like it had been dipped in ink. The bedsheets and duvet and pillows were all black as pitch. Tables fashioned from the same wood flanked the bed, upon which stood candles the colour of midnight and vases of black roses. Woven rugs were laid out across the carpet, while several small chandeliers illuminated the room, each one festooned with glittering black diamonds.

Still, she barely noticed any of the new décor. Because stood next to the bed was her lover, her addiction, her god: Master. That was the only name she recognised for him now. Of course, Ivan’s memories told her that this man had once been Grady, but Master had transformed himself now too.

He was older now, his physique much more athletic than Grady’s, with a roguish aura that set her heart pulsing the moment she laid eyes on him. Though he was greying at the temples, his impressive figure and devilish smile gave him the air of a much younger man, enough to keep the casual onlooker guessing his true age. That anonymity of age was exactly what he wanted, of course, for the longer pretty girls spent staring and trying to work it out, the more time he had to sink his lustful magic into their thoughts and lure them into his corruptive clutches. And once he did, they would discover firsthand the erotic pleasures that awaited them if they became one of his disciples of sin – pleasures that started and ended with the hefty cock dangling between his thighs.

‘Hello Indy,’ Master smiled. ‘My, my, you’re even prettier than I thought you’d be. I’m so glad Ivan fucked up that spell – Grady wouldn’t have made nearly as pretty a pet as you. Join me,’ he said, beckoning her over.

Indy obeyed. As she approached she felt his eyes focus on her bare pussy; tingles of arousal thrilled through her as he bit his lip, clearly struggling to suppress the urge to pounce on her and have his way.

But Master managed to restrain himself, and when she was stood directly in front of him he gave her a fiendish smirk. Leaning closer, he whispered in her ear. ‘Kneel’.

Again, Indy followed her orders without question. In the depths of her mind, the echoes of Ivan begged her to stop, but Indy ignored him. Instead she opened her mouth, closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue, ready for Master to present his perfect cock for her to worship.

She didn’t have long to wait…

Thanks for reading!

So I’ll be the first to acknowledge this is kind of dark compared to my usual fare. I’ve explored darker stories occasionally during previous Halloween releases, though I don’t think I’ve ever shown anyone’s spine being snapped in half. For that I blame the gallery – Aura managed to get herself twisted up in several admirably flexible ways in this one, and I immediately imagined a kind of possession/violent transformation going on when I saw them for the first time. That impression was only strengthened by the shattered mirror too.

Despite it’s slightly darker edge, I do really like this one. It also introduced me to Ivy Aura, and while I have no idea if she’ll show up in any future stories I’ve definitely become a fan of her work and I’d advise checking her out if you can.

Though this is the last Friday of the month there is still one story to go before October is out. That’s coming out on Halloween, so don’t forget to come back and give it a read before you head out partying like the deviants I know you are!

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