I Have A New Blog!

Just a quick post today to share some really exciting news: I have a new blog!

Fetishes and Fantasies’ Gallery of Lust is a space expressly made to collect all of my image captions in one location. I will still be posting my image captions to Twitter of course, but the downside of Twitter’s layout is that older captions tend to get buried, but that won’t be a problem anymore!

From now on my entire library of image captions will be available whenever you like and I’ve also tagged all the captions so they’re easier to sort through. The blog also includes specific pages for my ongoing caption-based stories such as Time Slip, Project Black Snow and Outbreak, as well as pages dedicated to my gay and trans content. And if you’ve ever wondered which captions I like the best, I’ve also made a page of my personal favourite captions too.

I did consider adding all of my captions onto this blog for a little while, but in the end I decided that would only make things very cluttered and awkward. I decided it would be far better for me to design a space where my image captions can enjoy their own spotlight rather than trying to force them unceremoniously among my longer stories. Besides, doing things this way means if you want to read a longform piece you can come to this blog, while if you’re craving shorter, snappier smut you can go to my captions blog.

I’ll be updating the blog at the end of each month and I am so, so hyped to finally put it out there. I’ve spent the last few weeks working on it and I am extremely happy to finally be able to announce it.

So whenever you want to explore my caption portfolio, now there’s somewhere for you to do so:

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