Admiring her creation with adoring eyes, Daniella felt a shiver tingle her spine. She had done it! After years of working in dingy back-street laboratories, selling herself to raise the funds for her research and putting up with dozens of useless lab technicians who had screamed and thrashed when she had used them to test the newest iteration of her formula, only for them to disappoint her by transforming into hideous, drooling creatures she had been forced to sell into slavery, she had finally done it.

Her chest heaving she beamed as her lustful creation glared hungrily at her naked body. His fingers twitched frequently, the desperation to take hold of her visible in his eyes, but he waited obediently for his orders.

Leaning close to him she shuddered. She had waited so long to say the words about to pass her lips, and now it was time to let them loose she could barely contain her arousal. ‘Use me,’ she breathed, her words trailing into a sensual moan as he immediately took her in his firm grasp.

Bald man gropes and sucks breasts of curvy naked brunette

His strong hands groped her tits hard, his knuckles white as he squeezed, the force of his intense grip leaving broad red patches over her soft breasts. He kissed her, crushing his lips against hers and sinking his tongue deep into her mouth until she was practically gagging on it as pushed her against the operating table, all while he continued to tug on her breasts so hard it felt as though he were about to tear them off. But Daniella ignored her pain and moaned into his mouth – she didn’t care he was so rough. That’s how she had designed him.

As he pushed her down onto the table she spread her legs, allowing his crotch to press against hers. She giggled: his cock was already rising, and it was delightfully clear he was far more well-endowed than the man he had been mere minutes before.

Watching her pathetic technician transform had been a deeply erotic experience. Just like all his predecessors his days as her assistant had been numbered since she first employed him, and Daniella had been especially looking forward to purging him from her life. He was a stuck-up, bigoted bastard who always considered himself her superior, so it had been with great satisfaction that she had approached him from behind and buried the needle in his neck. Emptying the contents she had wrenched it free, tossed it aside and watched her ultimate victory unfold.

Within a matter of seconds the wiry runt had swollen into a towering bull, his limbs rippling with muscle and his frame dwarfing her slim figure. His mop of greasy hair had come away in clumps leaving his bald head shining under the lab lights, while his sneering features had carved themselves into chiselled lines devoid of any semblance to the man he had been before. Once the transformation was over he was left sweating and breathless as his new body exuded an aura of raw power unlike any man she had ever met.

Yet for all his enhanced strength – not to mention the obvious hunger in his eyes once he noticed she had disrobed during his transformation – her new pet had instinctively waited for her orders. He could have overpowered her with effortless ease, but while his body was the envy of gods his mind was entirely hers and he would remain unyieldingly loyal to her no matter the cost. Every trace of her former technician was gone, and in his place was a god she could call her pet.

Soon he was using her much more roughly. She laughed deliriously as he parted her legs and buried his face between her thighs. His thick tongue barraged her pussy with pleasure, raking across her folds with powerful strokes before parting them and delving so deep she almost wondered if he had stood up and impaled her with his hefty cock without her noticing. Surrendering to his desires, she revelled in the truth that she remained in complete control.

What fuelled her giddy ecstasy the most, however, was the knowledge that he was just the first. With her bull serum perfected she could surround herself with ranks of hot bulls to fuck, while selling her sexually ravenous creations for vast sums – sums which she could use to further more sordid research.

Before she could consider her naughty future further, however, he had manhandled her into a new position. Draped over the table with her head hanging back she watched him align his huge cock with her soft lips. Opening her mouth, she moaned as he sank his length inside, his balls brushing up against her nose, then began to thrust. It did not take long for her to establish that her bull serum was a very tasty success…

Curvy naked brunette lies on back on medical table and gives oral to hung man

Thanks for reading!

This story, along with those releasing next week and the week after, are what I consider some of the last of my ‘old’ backlog. By that I mean there is a sharp divide between the stories I wrote before working on Fantasy Resort (for context, this was written in April 2020, so was written before Lake Fantasy too) and those I wrote after. While I do like the stories I wrote during this period, I was writing them before I had worked on these big projects and thus I hadn’t yet learned the lessons I learned through writing those longer serialised stories. I think these stories often suffered from shallow concepts and lazy writing.

The stories I have written after Lake Fantasy and Fantasy Resort, however, I feel have more depth to them and are hotter as a result. Given that this and the next two stories to be released mark the last of my pre-Fantasy series stories, you’ll get your first taste of those post- Fantasy series stories at the end of the month. And boy is that one a fun one.

Arguably the best thing about this story are the models, Dani Daniels and Johnny Sins. Neither of these models need much discussion: I’ve already expressed my admiration for them both in my longform work, with Daniels a core model in last year’s Lake Fantasy and Sins having just recently cropped up last month in Fantasy Resort. If you missed those steamy scenes though, I implore you to go check out their work. They are both fucking incredible models and truly some of the best in the business. I can guarantee they will not disappoint you.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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