Fantasy Resort – Chapter 14: Culmination

Woman wearing beanie hat lounges on wicker bench looking out over island at dusk

Her hands full of laden paper bags, Phoebe kicked the door closed behind her. Dropping her cargo on the rug she gave a weary sigh as she slumped back against the door, groaning as the exertion of the day caught up to her. Her arms ached, her back protested against every minor movement, and her feet felt as though she had gone about the entire day barefoot – she wouldn’t have been surprised if she found she’d worn all the way through the soles of her trainers and was wearing them like clumsy anklets.

Despite her exhaustion, she wasted no time in clambering up the stairs and out onto the wide, enclosed balcony which dominated half of the upper floor. Shuffling over to one of the wicker benches pushed back against the walls she dragged the pillows up against one of the arms, let her rucksack fall from her sore shoulders, then collapsed into the bench with a huff of relief.

Night was setting in. The vibrant, almost neon blue of the afternoon sky had faded into the washed-out greys of dusk, while the clouds which drifted along the horizon were bruised purple on their tops and burnt orange underneath. Through the tall glass balustrade lining the balcony she could see the town below twinkling, darkened windows beginning to light up. It was far from cold, but Phoebe was grateful for her soft beanie hat if only to conceal the terrible sweaty mess the tiring day had made of her hair.

She ran her hands down her face as her legs dangled over the edge of the opposite arm. Kicking off her shoes, she rummaged idly in her bag. The book she produced – though only purchased a day before from the airport bookstore – was already half-read, and after making herself a little more comfortable she flicked it open to pick up where she’d left off.

After a short while, the dipping sun had taken with it the last of the day’s light and the garlands of bulbs strung over the balcony weren’t nearly bright enough to illuminate the pages. As such, she set down her book and took up her phone instead.

To her surprise, she found the social media channels of her peers uncharacteristically empty. On any ordinary day her feed was usually crammed with content, from boastful fitness posts courtesy of the jocks to endless galleries in which the clique were pouting and posing with cocktails in hand. Today? Nothing.

Phoebe frowned. She’d have expected the clique to have taken every opportunity to brag to their friends back home about their vacation, and while it was little surprise that her less outgoing peers had found more entertaining things to do with their day than saturating social media in their vanity, she’d been sure that the sheer number of handsome, shirtless men local to the island would have prompted the fitness-obsessed jocks to massage their own ego by trying to outdo them.

Then again, perhaps everyone had been too busy to bother with their phones today. Though she’d tried not to pay them any attention as she made her way home, sensual groans had drifted through the resort grounds like a fog rolling in from the ocean. Here and there she had heard the breathy gasps of climax, and even now a soft moaning drifted on the evening breeze from somewhere nearby: clearly some of her peers were indulging their naughty sides.

Phoebe felt a pang of jealousy at the thought. It wasn’t as though she was a virgin, however she had never had the luxury of enjoying the kind of hedonistic lifestyle some of her peers revelled in. She simply wasn’t that kind of girl.

At least, not outwardly. Deep down she harboured countless erotic fantasies she’d have given anything to explore, but she had neither the confidence nor the nerve to share them with the world. Beautiful as she was on the surface, at heart she was the same timid bookworm she had been since childhood and her sheepish persona stifled any hope of putting her inner deviant to the kind of passionate use she longed for.

Indeed, now she thought about, her day had been spent demonstrating exactly that internal rift. The laden bags currently crowding the doormat were packed with alluring outfits and sultry swimwear she had spent hours carefully selecting from market stalls and cramped little local stores – outfits she knew she wouldn’t wear. Her suitcase was already filled with just as many hot bikinis, if not more, yet rather than actually donning them to flaunt her figure at the beach, she had instead opted to avoid her peers altogether and submerge herself in denial shopping as a distraction.

Frustratingly, Phoebe knew that while her friends delighted in their vacation and the passionate freedom it offered, her week would be spent wishing she was somebody else.

Bored of her phone and unable to read, she retired sullenly to her bedroom.

The neck scarf caught her eye immediately.

She frowned. It hadn’t been there when she left that morning, and based on the tangled nature of her sheets, which she had not straightened out before heading off, it didn’t appear that any housemaid had paid her villa a visit and left it behind.

Folded neatly on her pillow, it was a sleek, elegant thing. The material was a pink so pale it was almost white, decorated with stark black bow designs, and when she took it up she found it was astonishingly light; less weighty than a feather and smooth as a spring breeze, if she had closed her eyes she might have been able to convince herself it wasn’t there at all.

What she noticed the most though wasn’t the feel of it, but the way it made her feel. There was an energy to the scarf she couldn’t quite describe: reminiscent of an electrical charge – static perhaps – only it tingled with something other than voltage. What was more, the moment it brushed her hands that same charge seemed to spread over her skin, to seep into her pores and rush through her veins.

As she admired the pretty material all her timidity gently ebbed away. In its absence the inner impishness which had gone subdued for so long rose to the fore, washing over her to draw a cunning smile across her thin lips.

Without a word, she slipped the scarf around her neck and tied it in place.

As if the knowledge had infected her along with the strange energy of the scarf, in the instant before her body began to change Phoebe somehow knew what was about to happen. And somehow, that only made it all the more erotic.  

All at once it felt as though her head had been split open, though there was no pain to it. In fact, she felt giddy, delirious almost, as though she had been pumped full of drugs and was riding an endless high. The sensation sapped all her strength in an instant. Struggling to remain upright she stumbled backwards, crashing into the nearby dresser so hard she almost shattered the mirror. And yet despite the blinding euphoria cascading through her body, making her movements clumsy and sluggish, in mind she had never felt so alive.

Phoebe’s hands flew to her head as sinful images interwoven with wicked, scandalous knowledge poured through her thoughts. The tumbling images took her breath away: she watched as Nathaniel’s slim body twisted and morphed into Natalie, her lithe figure fashioned for pleasure and pleasure alone; she witnessed Ben crouched on his knees, his face glistening with the load Sean was eagerly pumping over the twink; she watched reality shifting at Diamond’s whim and saw Tori straddling a sybian while Lana clutched the control. The day’s events roared through her mind like water through the breached hull of a submarine, drowning her, and with them came all the pleasure her peers had experienced, burning through her system like a wildfire.

But the sudden revelation was deeper than that. She couldn’t just see what had happened to her friends, she understood it. This was the resort’s doing. The whole place was lust made incarnate, a den of depravity they had unwittingly submitted themselves to. The clothes and villas, the makeup and flora. They were the sweet dew on carnivorous plants, luring in their prey until the resort snapped them up and had its way with its newest playthings. She could see it all now; wordless schemes had ensnared them since they first arrived. All it had taken was a little manipulation – leading a dumb jock to the wrong villa here, enticing an avid writer with a necklace there – and the resort had effortlessly guided them acting into out their darkest desires.

And at the heart of it, the neck scarf. The source of the resort’s power, left for her by the resort itself so that she might wield that devious magic. She had been chosen.

‘Oh fuck,’ she gasped. ‘Oh my fucking God, yes! Fill me. Take me. Make me a vessel of sin. Give me the power. Give me everything!’

As if granting her wish, her body morphed to match the naughty new persona seizing her mind. Bones crunched, muscles shifted, features rearranged, and as she was overtaken by an almost unbearable pleasure slutty laughter bubbled on her lips as the figure of an Amazonian goddess became hers.

The thrill of corruption was almost too much to process. She didn’t just feel new, but elevated. Superior. Phoebe was still there, her wants, desires and consciousness remaining intact, but now she had become so much more: mesmerising, erotic and infatuating.

Once her transformation reached fruition, she span around to face the mirror. A sultry grin warped her plump lips as she laid eyes on the woman she had become.

‘Oh yes,’ she purred, ‘that will do nicely. Nobody has a chance of resisting me now I look like this. Mmmh, I’m going to have so much fun.’

She paused as a familiar face rose unexpectedly in her mind. New mind and body or otherwise, Phoebe would have recognised those deep, naughty eyes anywhere: Jewel. The free-spirited tomboy was lounging in her villa, a beer in one hand, the other slipped down the front of her shorts as she watched a porno on her laptop – the only guest the resort had not transformed.

And Phoebe knew why. Jewel’s transformation was the resort’s gift to her, a coronation present for the new queen of Fantasy Resort.

The weariness of the day had been stripped away along with her old body, and now all she could think about was what she was about to do to her new pet. A wicked smile on her face. ‘Ready or not, Jewel, here I come.’ And with that she whisked out of the room, her clothes beginning to shimmer as she went…

Jewel certainly wasn’t complaining that she had the villa to herself. Truthfully, she hadn’t expected Sia to show her face anyway – she was surely far too busy trying to heal her increasingly fractured relationship – but Holly’s absence was a somewhat welcome surprise.

That wasn’t to say she wouldn’t have enjoyed a night of drink and revelry with Holly by her side, just that a night to indulge her more lascivious habits without concern of interruption was of more appeal. Besides, if Jewel knew her friend, Holly was probably tangled up in some horny stud’s bedsheets right now; she always did get horny after a night out, and based on the mess Jewel had spied in Holly’s personal quarters – not to mention the open bottle of whiskey in one of the small decorative alcoves – she had enough reason to suspect the party they had started the night before was still very much ongoing for her friend. Wherever she was and whoever she was with, Jewel had no doubt Holly was surpassing all their sexual expectations.

Fortunately, Holly’s whirlwind of drunken destruction had not spilled into the communal lounge they shared, and it was in here Jewel now sipped on her beer, savouring the buzz of the alcohol as her free hand ran over her sex in slow, teasing motions.

Despite her solitude, she’d been careful not to turn up the volume too loud; the grunts and groans she’d heard upon returning after her jog earlier that day had proved how thin the villa walls were, and she thought it best not to draw any unwanted attention. Nevertheless, as it is wont to do when one is invested in the sordid scenes of a porn movie, the rest of the world had faded into obscurity as she’d lost herself in her pleasure.

It was a lewd scene, entirely absent of passion and driven instead by lust as a muscular hunk pounded his cock into the tight holes of slender young woman, her face contorted with orgasmic ecstasy.

Yet Jewel didn’t really see the woman’s face. Instead, in her mind’s eye the model had the slender features, mousy hair and soulful gaze of one particular girl: Phoebe.

Jewel groaned. Just the thought of fucking Phoebe made her wet. God, the things she’d do to that girl if only she had a strap-on and her consent – together they could have made demons blush. In truth, Jewel had lost count of how many nights she had masturbated herself into a sweaty mess imagining what debauchery they could conjure together, and every frantic orgasm thinking of such things only rooted her crush on Phoebe that little bit deeper.

She wasn’t ashamed of her feelings for Phoebe, even if they weren’t reciprocated. Both Sia and Holly knew all about her crush, and she had no doubt the remainder of her peers at least had an inkling of her affections; after all, it wasn’t as though she had applied much subtlety to the hints she had been dropping.

Not that her friends understood her crush, but then in truth neither did she. Not really. She couldn’t quite pin it down, but something about Phoebe charged her arousal like nobody else she knew to such a degree that just a heartbeat of eye contact could make her wet. It wasn’t love, Jewel knew that much, instead she was seized by the sadistic claws of lust, and they showed no sign of releasing her.

Unfortunately, the girl she craved was also far beyond her reach. Jewel knew how timid her crush was, and unlike the boorish jocks she was mature enough to be able to respect Phoebe’s boundaries however much she wished they were different. Every now and then she would drop a not-so-subtle hint, just to ensure Phoebe knew she was still interested, but beyond that she settled for late-night self-pleasure sessions envisioning herself making rough love to her crush as their united moans echoed from the walls.

Still, what she wouldn’t do for just one night with Phoebe, one chance to corrupt her into the deviant slut Jewel knew she could be…

The sharp rap at the door wrenched Jewel from her thoughts. Snapping the laptop lid closed, she hastily dried off her slick fingers on a tissue before making her way to the door, smoothing down the ruffles in her shorts as she went. No doubt Holly had finally managed to stagger back home. Typical. She could at least have had the decency to wait until Jewel had climaxed before finding her way back.

But it wasn’t Holly.

Jewel’s jaw dropped as she set eyes on Phoebe. Quite apart from the shock of finding her long-time crush stood on her doorstep at this time of night, Jewel simply couldn’t get over how hot Phoebe looked. Under ordinary circumstances, Jewel might have expected the crisp white shirt, sleek black blazer and matching flared trousers to be found on a lowly office worker, but the way Phoebe was wearing them made her look more like a roleplaying hooker; her shirt was buttoned so low her navel was almost visible, the tight cut of her jacket crushed her breasts into enviable cleavage, while the trousers hugged her hips so close Jewel could make out the hemline of Phoebe’s underwear. Her manicured fingers were painted crimson, dazzling diamond earrings glittered in the light, and the only thing more striking than the pale, almost ethereal pink neck scarf she wore was the intensity of the arousal in her eyes as Jewel opened the door.

‘Hey, babe,’ Phoebe purred, an uncharacteristic sultriness in her tone, ‘care for a little company?’

Before Jewel could respond, Phoebe had pounced. Planting her palm on Jewel’s chest she pushed the startled tomboy backwards, driving her against the wall without even bothering to close the door behind her. Looping her arms around Jewel’s shoulders she leaned in to kiss the tender skin behind her ear before trailing her lips down to the base of her neck. Then, after descending to her collarbone, Phoebe dragged her hot tongue all the way back up, ending with a sensual groan in Jewel’s ear.

‘Phoebe…?’ Jewel gasped, her arousal already at fever pitch. Speech was difficult to come by as her whole body tingled. ‘What… what’s this all about? You look… different. Good, I mean… oh…’ She took a shuddering breath, trying not to moan as Phoebe pressed herself hard against her body. ‘You… you’re not usually like this. Have you been drinking?’

Phoebe giggled, an erotic mischief edging the otherwise familiarly innocent sound. ‘Not at all. Although I’m drunk on you. I made a few improvements for you: do you like my outfit? It makes me look hot, doesn’t it?’

‘So hot,’ Jewel said in a hushed voice. She sounded like she was trying not to lose her mind.

Was she dreaming? This wasn’t like Phoebe. She never wore revealing clothes or lavished herself with expensive jewellery, and she certainly wasn’t the sort of person to show up and start frantically making out like this. Jewel was reeling; this couldn’t be real. It made no sense. No doubt she’d fallen asleep on the couch and her imagination had run away with her.

‘You’re not dreaming, baby. It’s just your lucky day.’

Jewel blanched. How had Phoebe known what she was thinking? What the hell was going on?

‘Because you’re in my domain, hot stuff,’ she purred, reading Jewel’s mind a second time. ‘I know everything about everyone in these grounds, and you’re no exception. I know your dreams and your desires, your fetishes and your fantasies: your crush.’ Her eyes flashed, a wicked grin on her lips as she saw Jewel’s eyes bulge. ‘You’ve wanted me for so long, Jewel, and here I am. I know you want to feel my body and I dressed up especially for you. So what’s holding you back?’

All at once she felt like a fly trapped in a spider’s web; there was something unfathomable in Phoebe’s eyes, a power she could not grasp, and it made her feel hopelessly small. She’d always wanted Phoebe at her mercy, but she’d never considered what it might be like to reverse those roles, and now she was aching all over with lust at how hot this all was.

It took a moment for Jewel to find her words. When she did they were little more than a whisper.

‘I don’t understand,’ she breathed.

‘I know, but you will. The resort chose me, Jewel. Me. For so long I’ve hidden the woman I was underneath, and the resort has liberated me from all the worries that held me back. I’m Phoebe mark two: new and improved. Although since I’ve been reborn, I’d prefer you call me by a different name: Phoenix.’

Jewel frowned, though the heat of Phoebe’s body against hers was still making her wet. ‘Phoenix? Reborn? What are you talking about?’

She hadn’t thought it possible, but Phoebe’s grin grew even wider. ‘Let me show you. I felt like the new me might be a bit much for you straight away, so I thought it best you see my old familiar face first. Besides, if you didn’t see this for yourself, you might never believe I was really me, and I can’t have that.’

For the second time in about as many minutes, Jewel’s jaw hit the floor. Phoebe’s body looked like it was unfolding, every facet of her figure expanding in the manner of an inflating balloon. Even so, she was not growing fatter – at least not everywhere. Instead she was blossoming into the figure of a goddess, an Amazonian beauty Jewel had only ever thought existed in her wildest fantasies.

Even without the height of her killer golden heels, Phoebe soon towered over Jewel, rising at least a head taller than the bewildered tomboy, her fleshy tits elevated to eye level in the process. Her breasts were swelling too, ballooning out into huge, plump orbs which practically shone under the light, a bright sheen reflecting from the bare skin. Crushed even tighter against her jacket, Jewel heard the creak of the material as Phoebe’s breasts enlarged. She gawked mindlessly as her cleavage became abyssal, her huge bosom ready to pop from her attire at any moment.

At the same time, Phoebe also grew broader. Not only did her shoulders widen, giving her frame a more intimidating air than most jocks, but her hips expanded until Jewel felt sure her trousers were about to split at the seams. Her perky rump was amplified into a fat, cushioned ass against which most slutty twerking rappers would pale in comparison, her thighs grew to a similar thickness, and while her hair pulled itself into tight braids interwoven with darker locks set beneath the blonde, her features rearranged themselves into a vision of irresistible seductive allure, perfectly made-up, her piercing eyes fixed on Jewel, who couldn’t quite decide if she was the new Phoebe’s prize or victim. Or both.  

Phoebe looked like a hedonistic sculptor had taken a statue of some Greek god and fashioned it into the picture of sensuality without reducing any of the Herculean proportions. Every pore exuded power like nobody Jewel had ever encountered before, and her presence seemed to fill the room, a charged aura of seduction and arousal that washed over Jewel in waves, drawing her in like some kind of erotic honeytrap; she had the distinct impression she shouldn’t fall for the lure of the mesmerising woman before her, but she just couldn’t help herself.

Tanned blonde woman poses in front of red curtain wearing pink and black neckscarf

As Phoebe’s transformation settled, Jewel found her mouth dry. The girl she had crushed on for so long was now a wet dream made incarnate. Not just any wet dream, either: Jewel’s wet dream. Phoebe – or Phoenix, she supposed, for there was no denying Phoebe had been reborn a new woman – had become everything Jewel could have ever desired in her perfect woman and so much more.

‘Mmmh, that’s better,’ Phoenix purred. ‘Now, I think it’s about time we do something about you. After all, this body is made for pleasure. And I want you to give it to me.’

‘M-me?’ Jewel stammered. She couldn’t think what else to say. She could barely even move.

‘Of course. The resort left you to be my prize. It knew how badly you wanted me. How badly you wanted to fuck my tight cunt with a big, thick strap-on. But you know, I think we can go one better than a mere dildo. And I’ve seen your fantasies; I know everything you’ve ever craved. Like how you’ve always wanted to shoot a porno where things get a little bit steamier than you were anticipating. Let’s make that a reality, shall we?’

No sooner had the words left Phoenix’s mouth than Jewel was overcome by a strange tingling sensation. She was no idiot: after witnessing Phoebe’s transformation she could make an educated guess what was happening, though it still came as a shock when her bones began to crack and shift.

All at once her bare, toned arms were bubbling with muscle. In a matter of seconds her skin was stretched taut over bulbous biceps and pronounced tendons thick as cables, firm yet supple sinew weaving beneath the skin to interlock with the web of pulsing veins and vessels just beneath the surface. Dark hair sprouted over her knuckles and forearms. Her tan deepened to a rich golden brown. The bones of her hands crunched and ground as they grew blunt and beefy, perfectly designed for groping fat breasts and thick asses.

Meanwhile, the rest of Jewel’s body was undergoing similar changes. Her frame grew broader and loftier, the ground appearing to fall away beneath her until she was almost as tall as Phoenix. Her abs chiselled themselves into hard lines as her hips contracted with concerning snapping sounds. Her shoulders felt as though they were about to burst from their sockets, the sudden width making it difficult to keep her balance. Her plump thighs took on a muscular firmness, as did her calves, such that it felt like someone had slipped stone pillars into her legs. The abrupt loss of her breasts took her breath away, their mass melting into powerful pectoral muscles which only made her seem even broader.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, Jewel knew the splintering sounds of her shifting skull should be worrying – not to mention agonising – yet somehow they were neither. The reformation of her features was laced with that strange, vaguely erotic tingling sensation, which was whipping her arousal into a storm of lust. Catching her reflection in the glass panels of a nearby cabinet, she found every trace of femininity lost: her jaw was heavy, her brow low and wide, her hair cropped short with a short quiff at the front, and her general features looked as if they had been hewn from rough stone.

The power of her new body was intoxicating. Addictive. It roared like fire through her veins, seeping into every part of her until she practically ached with it. Every inch of her body tingled with potential; she wondered if this was what it felt like to be a god.  

The following second, all that raw physical power paled into insignificance. Jewel gave an orgasmic roar as the crotch of her jeans bulged suddenly, her new cock heavy in her underwear even flaccid as it was; she didn’t dare imagine how big she’d be when erect. Burning pleasure burst over her groin, so powerful it threatened to drag her to her knees. Jewel swore, her voice now deep and manly.

Her mind was so saturated with desire she barely felt the new persona weave itself through her own: Jared, a small-time pornography photographer with aspirations to make it big himself as an adult male model. It was a superficial personality, little more than a name and a few underlying desires, and once Jewel came to her senses enough to feel Jared’s presence in her mind it was like she had put on a mask; the woman she was remained present beneath the surface, yet in appearance and voice she was the man who had sprung up in her thoughts.

Busty blonde woman poses for muscular male photographer with her cleavage on show

When clarity returned, Jewel found the room had changed too. Gone was the low couch, the large plasma television and the homely décor, and in their place she found a jumble of mismatched furniture all cluttered together. It looked like a removal truck had just burst its sides and spilled its contents into the room, while amongst the random furniture were dotted a handful of tripods, spotlights and screens. A small, wheeled cart was pushed into the corner, laden with photography paraphernalia.

In the face of such confusion, Jewel’s eye was inevitably drawn to the one clear spot in the room.

Phoenix sat on a small stool, the scarlet curtains of the window behind her drawn closed to serve as a background. Her posture was demure, though her dress was anything but, her bottomless cleavage exposed. She had her hands folded coyly over her lap and there was a deviant glitter in her eyes.  

For the first time Jewel felt the weight of the camera in her hands. On instinct she lifted it to her eye and snapped a few shots. It took her a second to realise the instinct was Jared’s, not hers, and once she did she dropped the camera again.

Phoenix was grinning.

‘What did you do to me?’ Jewel asked. To her own surprise, she was less alarmed than as she was curious; the reversal of her gender didn’t seem of that much importance given how erotic the transformation had felt. And already she could feel her crotch stirring at the sight of Phoenix’s tempting tits.

She tried not to salivate as Phoenix rose to her feet, her great fleshy rack jiggling enticingly. ‘I’d say I improved you,’ she smiled, her voice like liquid lust. ‘I mean you were hot before, but now…’ She took Jewel’s thick biceps firmly in her hands and squeezed. ‘Well, let’s just say you’re more my type.’ Her smile grew devilish as she slid one hand down to massage Jewel’s new cock through her jeans. ‘And something tells me I’m yours,’ she added in a sultry whisper.

Jewel struggled to keep her head. Just the gentle touch of Phoenix’s fingers was bursting pleasure unlike anything she had ever experienced through her crotch. Conscious thought seemed to fade as her entire focus shifted into the needs of her twitching, engorged cock. Somehow though, she managed to keep hold of her senses.

‘But what about him? Jared. The man you put in my head. I don’t understand.’

Phoenix’s eyes glittered like diamonds by moonlight: brilliant and striking, yet with a strangely ethereal glow. ‘It’s like I said: I know you inside and out. I’ve seen every desire you’ve ever had. You wanted to shoot a porno with a frisky model, and you like a little roleplay too…’ She trailed off, waiting for Jewel to put the pieces together. But the sensation of her swelling cock was too distracting, so Phoenix did the work for her. ‘I made you that porn photographer. I thought you might like to play that part. And of course I can assume the role of the frisky model.’ Jewel opened her mouth to respond, but all that came out was a low groan as Phoenix’s fingers played over her tented jeans. Phoenix chuckled. ‘I see you like your new body. I’ll admit, I was hoping for a little more roleplay to start, but that can wait for next time; clearly you’re a little tongue-tied right now. So let’s skip to the hot part, shall we?’

Busty blonde woman gives oral sex to man in jeans and blue shirt

Before Jewel knew what was happening, Phoenix had snatched the camera from her grasp and tossed it aside. With unexpected strength the blonde goddess tugged her along and span her around. Jewel felt the leather cushion of the stool knock against the back of her legs. Briefly disoriented, when she regained her bearings she found Phoenix on her knees, her lascivious smirk at the same level as Jewel’s crotch.

‘Since this is your first time, I figured you might not be able to stay on your feet,’ Phoenix chuckled. ‘I won’t mind if you collapse onto the stool halfway through. In fact, I’d take it as a compliment.’

‘Halfway through what?’ Jewel asked, her thoughts foggy and logic eluding her as dumb, blinding arousal saturated her mind.

Phoenix laughed. ‘Maybe I made Jared a little dumber than I realised. Halfway through this, stud.’ And with that, she tore down Jewel’s jeans with one sharp tug.

She didn’t even allow Jewel’s cock to buck free. Instead, she caught it in her waiting lips as it rose, the head striking the roof of her mouth hard and sending a blast of ecstasy through Jewel’s crotch, keen as a knife and disorienting as close-range pistol fire.

Jewel’s head lolled back. Her eyes rolled. This was already too much. She wasn’t sure if it was the novelty of the pleasure or if it genuinely was more intense, but either way she knew no sensation she had felt as a woman could hold a candle to the pleasures of this new body. Back then, everything had been so mellow in comparison. Nipple play had blossomed sensation out to encompass her breasts, penetration had ached through her hips – even clitoral play, precise as it was, had been more akin to a persistent throb of desire than anything else.

Now though, she burned with ecstasy. Blazed with it. Her new cock was white hot with pleasure, the sensation so focused it bordered upon agony, and she could focus on nothing else. Her legs grew weak as the energy was leeched from them, her stomach span in endless somersaults, and her heart hammered against her chest, desperate to pump as much blood to her swollen dick as possible.

What she saw when she glanced down threatened to make her blow her load completely.

Phoenix had shucked off her sleek black jacket, which now lay in a heap around her ankles. The motion had popped her tits free too, and Jewel saw now that Phoenix’s own transformation had altered her crisp shirt into a pale spandex bodysuit. She bobbed her head energetically, her slutty tongue swirling over Jewel’s shaft, but it was her chest to which her eye was drawn as her magnificent breasts bounced to her rhythm. She had undone her neck scarf, allowing Jewel an unobstructed view of her bosom, and the sight only made her erection all the harder.

‘Phoebe… I…’

When Phoenix pulled away she continued to jerk him off feverishly, her nails gliding over his shaft like glittering rubies. ‘No, not Phoebe anymore, baby. Phoenix. And you’re Jared. Don’t deny it. I know you’re enjoying this. Let his desires fill you up. Let yourself use my body the same way he wants to. You’ve imagined this exact scene countless times – albeit with a strap-on instead of a cock – now live it. Live it as him. Come on Jared, fuck your whore’s throat.’

Tanned blonde woman throats cock of man in jeans and blue shirt

As though a dam had broken in her mind, Jewel’s will crumbled and she allowed Jared’s persona to swamp her consciousness. It was a potent mix: her inherent filthiness and his lust for Phoenix. She realised at once how much she wanted to play his part.

And play it she did.

Without really thinking what he was doing, Jared wound each end of the dangling neck scarf around his hands and pulled hard. The naughty bimbo was dragged down onto his cock, her orgasmic groan muffled as he burrowed down her throat.

‘That’s it, you fucking skank, gag on my fat dick,’ he growled. Having given in to the lust raging through him, he was compelled by an overwhelming desire to degrade the busty blonde, not only because he was overcome by lust, but because he knew she’d love nothing more than to be ruthlessly used. ‘Choke, bitch, choke,’ he bellowed, slamming himself deeper and grinning as her eyelids fluttered. His balls pressed against her chin. Her throat bulged, tendons like steel rods in her neck. ‘You wanted my cock, so take it.’

To his surprise, Phoenix wasn’t as mindless as her rolled up eyes suggested, for in one swift movement she snatched the neck scarf from his grasp. Without pulling back, she bound it around his balls and over top his shaft before knotting it off sharply. It was like some kind of elegant cock ring, and it immediately had the desired effect: with a dull roar, Jared came hard down Phoenix’s throat, the tight embrace of the scarf squeezing out every drop of cum.

Curvy blonde woman shows off her huge ass

When he was finally drained, she jerked back sharply. The sudden absence of her hot, wet throat combined with the emptiness of his balls sapped Jared’s strength and he crumpled sideways, supporting himself weakly on a nearby tripod.

‘Fucking hell,’ he groaned, ‘is this how guys always feel after a blowjob? I feel like I’ve just had my insides sucked out.’ Though he’d allowed his character to slip, Jewel’s inexperience peeking from behind the mask, Jared was still possessed by his pulsing libido.

‘I’d be lying if I said I knew,’ Phoenix said from somewhere beside him. ‘But I can feel everything the men in my resort have felt, and I’d say that’s a pretty accurate description. Who knows, maybe I’ll give myself a dick sometime and find out.’

Jared’s dick had started to soften, but once he glanced up at her he was hard as rock again in a heartbeat. She stood with her back to him, the low light gleaming off her golden skin. The suspenders of her glossy silk trousers were wound around her wrists and she had allowed them to drop to reveal her immense rump, the creamy bodysuit scrunched between her cheeks. Her ass might have actually been even more impressive than her breasts, but in his state of frenzied arousal Jared couldn’t decide either way.

She glanced back over her shoulder, a coy smile on her lips. Jared’s cock twitched; despite having taken his massive load and throated his huge meat, she looked as perfect as ever. Not a hair was out of place, nor was there so much as a smear to her make-up. Somehow, that was what he found hottest of all.

‘You know, my tits aren’t my only asset,’ she purred, allowing her trousers to fall to the floor.

Busty blonde woman strokes cock of hunky lover as she leads him to reclining chair

Jared lunged for her, desperate to lay his hands on her perfect body, but she was too quick for him.

Swinging around, she caught him in her arms and dragged him into a sensual kiss before he could grope her. Breaking away for a second, she tore off his shirt, before locking lips with him again as she relieved him of his jeans and underwear.

Suddenly naked, Jared could feel the heat of her sumptuous body close against his skin, and as her hand descended to his rigid cock he thought he might shatter under her touch. He couldn’t imagine any man ever being harder than he was right now; his erection was so firm it was practically torture.

Mercifully, as they kissed the pleasure grew more bearable. He couldn’t quite figure out what she was doing to him; part of him felt as though she was absorbing his arousal, relieving him of the ecstasy he could barely handle and taking it for herself, though at the same time it also felt like she was giving him her own stamina, feeding him the strength to tolerate the howling lust ravaging his system which might otherwise have driven him mad. Either way, he knew when she pulled away he was closer to her than before; he felt like her equal rather than her inferior, and the pleasure was no longer intolerable.

When he opened his eyes, he found she had guided them away from the stool and curtain to a different part of the shooting room. A large beige sofa, somewhere between a couch and a bed, was positioned under bright lights in one corner of the room.

‘You know, baby, I don’t think we should bother calling anyone in today,’ Phoenix whispered seductively, resuming their saucy roleplay. ‘I know you were supposed to film and photo me fucking some hot stud, but I have a better idea. I want you to be the one fucking me. I’ve already had a taste of this cock. Now are you going to show me what it feels like?’

A devious grin split Jared’s rugged features. ‘I thought you’d never ask,’ he growled. ‘But I think it’s only fair I return the favour first.’

Busty blonde woman is eaten out by hunky lover on chair

Phoenix gasped as he seized the material of her bodysuit. He promptly tore it in half, tossing the tattered ribbons aside before driving her down into the chair. For the first time she felt briefly vulnerable: Jared was corded muscle and primal power, and as she peered up at him she could see bright greed in his eyes. Stood over her, he looked like a god.

Then he dropped to his knees, batted her legs aside and plunged his head between her thighs.

In that moment, Phoenix realised how right she had been not to erase Jewel’s consciousness completely. While she had no doubt Jared’s persona would have been more than capable of eating her out well, Jewel’s pussy-licking prowess was on full display here, bleeding through in the form of an innate understanding of how to drive Phoenix utterly wild.

The melded persona of the man now feasting on her sex was the perfect balance of the two: he lapped and suckled with all the hunger and ferocity that drove Jared’s arousal, yet every stroke was laced with a soft, knowledgeable sensitivity which could only have belonged to Jewel. Phoenix’s lover found her clit with expert ease, dragging his broad tongue over the erogenous nub like an artist sweeping his brush over the canvas.

In seconds she was breathless, moaning and squirming as he supercharged her libido. Her thighs twitched, her hips throbbed, and her tits ached, desperate for the same attention her pussy was getting.

Groping her own breasts, Phoenix groaned all the louder. God, she loved this body. Every square inch of her skin was golden, unblemished and tingling with erotic energy; every line and curve was fashioned solely for pleasure and seduction. The longer she spent in her new form felt the more deliciously taboo it felt, her very heartbeat sinful. She felt as though she had just been spat out of a porn film. From head to toe she was divine sexual perfection, and she knew she would never give it up again.

‘That’s it, eat my wet cunt,’ she groaned, squeezing her tits with one hand while spreading her sex wide with the other. ‘Slobber over my soaked pussy. Drink all my juices up. Drown in them. Mmmh, fuck yes!’

‘I love it when you talk dirty,’ Jared growled, his lips speckled with droplets of pussy nectar. ‘It makes you sound like such a filthy whore. And that’s exactly what you are.’

Phoenix didn’t bother giving any erotic retort, for she wasn’t listening. She was close. At first she was surprised how quickly her orgasm was approaching, but she quickly realised how much sense it made. After all, she had already transformed twice tonight, which in itself was the most erotic sensation she had ever experienced, and that was not to mention how hungrily she had engaged in the fantasies she had subdued for so long as her former self: boasting her figure like a true nympho, throating a cock, swallowing a huge load. And now having a hot stud eat her out. In truth, it was a miracle she hadn’t already squirted all over his face.

But Phoenix didn’t want her first orgasm in her new body to come at the behest of Jared’s tongue, however eager it was. She wanted his cock. And she wanted it now.

With a sharp cry which bordered on anguish, Phoenix pushed him away: though she knew there was something better waiting for her, that didn’t make it any easier denying herself his cunnilingus skills.

Beads of sweat prickled her brow and she was swelteringly hot. Even so, when she peered down at him she looked as pristine as ever. Her chest heaved and Jared’s eyes followed the rise and fall of her gargantuan tits.

Busty blonde woman has sex with hung hunk on reclining chair

‘Well, are you going to leave me waiting?’ she asked, rolling onto her side and baring her twinkling pussy. ‘I denied myself a hung pro model for you – I hope you don’t intend to disappoint me.’

Jared gave a roguish grin. ‘I wouldn’t dream of it.’

She shivered as he slipped down behind her, anticipation crackling like static over her skin. The head of his cock trailed up her thigh. Her slick hole throbbed as it grew nearer, suddenly aware how imminent the moment of bliss was. Phoebe had dreamed of a moment like this for years: a body she adored, a man she craved, and passion so addictive she couldn’t breathe. Now she was Phoenix, and she had it all.

The next instant, Jared was inside her and she was complete.

It didn’t take long for Phoenix’s orgasm to overwhelm her. By now it was so swollen and tender that a limp-dicked loser would have had little trouble bringing her to climax, so Jared’s deep thrusts made short work of the final vestiges of resistance keeping it restrained. His thick cock was stretching her and filling her and she simply couldn’t take it anymore.

When her orgasm came, she felt like a blossoming flower; the delicate petals of her psyche unfurled to bathe in the bright, blinding lust that roared through her. Every sense was dialled far beyond their limits, her body suddenly alive with tactile sensation: the crushed velvet gliding over her soft skin; individual hairs tickling her nape, shoulders and back; the cool air washing over one rigid nipple while the other ground against the material of their makeshift bed; the pliant, prominent vein running along the underside of Jared’s shaft rubbing against her insides; the wet parting of her pussy lips every time he drove inside her.

Yet beyond the physical, there was a deeper pleasure too. A spiritual pleasure. This moment was what the whole day had been leading too. Every sordid transformation and invasive persona, every slutty scream and whispered dirty word – Phoenix’s first orgasm was the culmination of all the sinful schemes the resort had devised for her peers and tutors. She was their goddess now.

Still, just because her orgasm was the culmination of the day, that wasn’t to say it was the crescendo. That came later. And in the meantime, she had years of subdued erotic energy to exhaust.

Taking Phoenix’s limp, gasping frame as his cue to allow her some time to recuperate, Jared pulled out. But no sooner had he done so than she pounced far too quickly for him to react.

Rolling over sharply, she pushed him onto his back and swiftly sprang up to straddle his waist. His softening cock settled flush against her stomach, her fingers promptly coming down to close over it and jerk him against her midriff. The hunger in her eyes was even brighter than before.

Three images in which busty blonde woman rides hung hunk in different positions

‘I didn’t say you could stop,’ she hissed, a danger edging her voice.

‘I thought you needed a break,’ Jared replied, his eyelids fluttering at the pleasure rippling through his member.

Phoenix smirked. ‘Oh, you stupid little thing. I never need a break. I rule everything here; the world does as I command. Why would I want to allow myself to tire? It just gets in the way of fucking. I can fuck as long and hard and rough as I like and I will never wear myself out. I don’t need time to recharge or catch my breath. I don’t even need to eat or drink or sleep if I choose not to. My stamina is limitless. And so is yours,’ she added, her eyes flashing. At her words, his dick was hard as steel again and he could feel a cumshot building. ‘So, how about I show you the real pleasures of being a man, hm?’

Before he could reply, Phoenix had sheathed his pulsing dick inside herself. The room echoed with their united cry. The next moment, she began to rock.

For both lovers, their passion once she began riding him devolved into a blur of flesh and genitals. They retained their clarity just long enough to recall how her zealous rocking and eager twerking broke the bonds of his own orgasm, prompting him to fire his load inside until pearly cum leaked from her shaved pussy, after which she pivoted around into a reverse cowgirl position to let him appreciate the view of her rippling, undulating ass. However, by the time his slamming thrusts weakened her legs, prompting her to sink back against his chest, and his firm grip seized around her waist as she rolled her hips tirelessly in the pursuit of another hot load, they were lost to the lust saturating their consciousness.

Still, in the days that followed, they would remember snatches of ecstasy that stood out from the hedonistic haze: Phoenix bent over the stool, the neck scarf tied so tight around her neck her golden face blushed purple as Jared simultaneously tugged on the ends and pounded her from behind; a prolonged, perverse sixty-nine in which Jared’s cock practically fucked Phoenix’s lungs while her blushing cunt smeared a cocktail of pussy nectar and cum over his eager face; Jared’s rigid cock stretching her tight virgin ass so wide she thought she might split in half, only to be followed by his fist in the same hole which she promptly began to ride like the monstrously dirty slut she truly was.

Busty blonde woman takes hung hunk's cumshot over face and breasts

Eventually, Phoenix decided that despite the untold pleasure of Jared devastating her pussy and the deliciously sordid sensation of him invading her ass, his use of her mouth was the hottest to her. Nothing could quite match the feeling of his thick meat stretching her throat, and whenever he cut off the oxygen to her lungs she was reminded how much more she valued his cock than the air that sustained her.

As such, when she finally decided to bring a close to their debauchery, she fell to her knees beside the cum-stained velvet chair and gorged herself on him until he splattered cum over face, neck and tits. He had already finished a dozen times or more, but thanks to Phoenix’s powers this load was no less abundant than the first – if anything it was even more impressive. She could not resist gulping down an ample quantity, though when she pulled away there was still plenty of creamy cum decorating her torso, the droplets gleaming like sordid pearls.

‘So, stud, you ready to cause a little chaos?’

‘What do you mean?’ Jared asked, clearly trying to restrain himself from driving his still solid cock back down her throat.

‘Well, I think our friends have spent long enough oblivious to their transformations, don’t you? It’s time they see what the resort has turned them into. And I want you right by my side when I show them.’ She scooped up a dribble of cum from Jared’s head with her tongue.

‘Anything for you, gorgeous,’ he purred. Their photographer-model roleplay had crumbled as the night wore on, and now he abandoned it completely. ‘I’ve crushed on you for so long. And now you’ve given me this body and all this pleasure too. You seriously think I’d be anywhere but by your side?’

‘I thought you might say that,’ she smirked. She snapped her fingers once, loudly, and Jared felt a wave of invisible energy wash over him. As soon as it came it was gone. ‘My subjects will be with us soon,’ Phoenix said. ‘My call will draw them in. Before we meet them though, I think you should dress for the occasion. I’m thinking a nice sleek suit.’

‘What about you? Aren’t you going to dress for the occasion too?’

Phoenix glanced down at herself. At her fat ass branded with bright red spank welts. At her pussy and thighs smeared in sexual juices and trails of sticky cum. At her huge tits plastered in his fresh seed – the same seed which decorated her chin and lips.

She looked up at him with a devilish smile. ‘Oh, honey. I already am…’

Busty blonde woman smiles up at hung lover with his cum over her face and breasts

Thanks for reading!

As far as finales go, I couldn’t honestly think of a better model to take things to the next level than the inimitable Phoenix Marie. I seriously considered using Marie for the finale of Lake Fantasy, but I couldn’t find an image gallery that I felt worked with the story and to be honest I think she is far better suited to this storyline than that one.

Marie was one of the first models I ever watched and the moment I laid eyes on her she immediately became one of my favourite models and has held on to that spot ever since. As much as some of the other models in this series demonstrate that you don’t need fake tits and big assets to do well in the industry, Marie shows that if you’re going to go for those, you might as well go all in. She is practically the epitome of plastic bimbo perfection and the fact that she is so fiendishly filthy just makes every scene she’s in all the more erotic. She never fails to entertain in any of her work and the image galleries accompanying those scenes are always stellar, because if there’s one thing she knows how to do it’s pose like a goddess. And suck and fuck like a demon, obviously. Really, there’s no way I can put into words how incredible she is, so just do yourself a favour and go find out for yourself.

Marie’s companion in this scene is Johnny Castle. Castle is a very popular male model in the industry, so you’ve probably heard of him already, but if you haven’t this chapter should demonstrate his skills very well indeed. After all, any man who can satisfy Miss Marie is deserving of all the respect you can give him. What more do you need out of a male model than for him to be hot, hung and hedonistic? Castle is all three, so definitely go and check out his work to see him satisfying some of the hottest women on the planet.

Though this chapter rounds out the series, there is still the epilogue to wrap everything up, and as with the epilogue for Lake Fantasy it might just be my favourite part of the whole series. That releases tomorrow, so be sure to come back for it since there are more filthy images in that than any chapter so far!

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