Sliding the buzzing dildo from her slick cunt, Maya sighed and tossed the toy aside. She couldn’t cope with this. Even putting on faux satisfied faces and tweaking her nipples could not compensate for the cock she was missing, and after over a week of confinement in her room even masturbation had grown boring, despite the fact she was agonisingly horny.

It was so unfair. Grounded just for ditching her stepmother’s car. It wasn’t like she’d wrecked it on purpose. She had simply been admiring a fit guy walking by and momentarily forgotten the need for steering, that’s all. Yet both her daddy and her sour-faced stepmother had raged for hours over her reckless attitude, compounding their complaints with furious tangents about her promiscuity, late-night partying and laziness.

She really couldn’t understand what their problem was. It wasn’t her fault they were jealous that she was getting more sex in a week than they’d ever had in their lives combined. It wasn’t her fault they were boring buzzkills who, if they had attended one of the wild parties she frequented would have spent the duration of their visit milling around the punch bowl and asking girls like her if their parents knew they were out wearing so little. And why would she bother to get a job when daddy was one of the richest men in town? Her stepmother was a dusty old librarian and nobody told her to get a real job.

Glaring at the discarded dildo as though it had just said something offensive, she curled her lip. Ugh, things had been so much better when it was just her and daddy. She had been able to twist him around her little finger so easily it was almost pathetic. But then he’d gone and married that stupid black bitch and everything had changed. To Maya’s surprise, under Yvonne’s guidance her father had actually grown a spine, and the days when she could go out on shopping sprees with his credit card had drawn to a close. These days she was lectured almost daily about one thing or another, and daddy had become a completely different person.

She didn’t even know him anymore. In fact, she hated him. She hated him more than even Yvonne, because even though she was the one who had filled his head with strict rules and punishments, it was he who had actually listened and turned Maya’s life upside down. And now it looked like he was going to start grounding her for trivial little things she didn’t even do on purpose!

Something had to be done. She couldn’t take much more of this. As the kind of girl who would happily accept a bowlful of cum for all three meals of the day, and who experienced withdrawal symptoms if she was unable to feel a new cock inside her less than daily, Emma was at her wit’s end. If she didn’t find some cock soon she was going to lose her mind; or worse, her slutty reputation.

But what was she supposed to do? The only man in the house was Yvonne’s scrawny son Andre, and he was about as attractive as a rotting pumpkin compared to the men she was used to.

She was just about to throw herself down onto her bed to wallow in self-pity when a thought struck her so hard she almost fell off her chair. That was it! How had she not thought of it before?

Scrambling over to her wardrobe she rummaged around beneath the piles of old shoes she had grown bored of after a few uses. It took her a few moments, but soon she laid her hands on her prize.

Maya wore a devious grin as she dragged the seek wooden box from the wardrobe, the contents jangling against one another inside. Emblazoned across the black wood were the words Slut Industries in elegant golden letters. Hefting the box onto her desk she flipped open the lid.

The box was packed with small glass vials, neatly aligned in their own little slots, each plastic cap baring a white sticker printed with the name of their contents. One of her bitchy besties had gifted it her at her eighteenth birthday party a few years ago, a night which had seen Maya and her friends experiment with a handful of the potent vials. If she was honest, most of her memories of the night were a drunken blur, though she vaguely recalled that she had intended to make use of the remaining vials. But then Yvonne had stormed into her life, and in all the confusion of daddy’s changing attitude and her forbidden luxuries she had forgotten all about them. Until now.

Scanning through the remaining vials, she passed over dozens of intriguing options to find what she was looking for; Nympho Dream, Bimbo Bubbly, Dominant Dyke, Slave Tonic, Latex Lust… Ah, this was it: Bull Brew.

Snatching the vial from its slot she quickly donned a crop top, slipped on some lace panties and skipped from her room giddily.

As she had expected, she found Andre in his room. Laid back on his bed with his headphones on, he failed to notice her come in. Skulking in the corner of his room, she watched him for a while with a devilish grin playing over her lips. Other, lesser girls might have considered him attractive with his toned physique and chiselled features, but Maya was used to gods among men, and as far as she was concerned the brew would have its work cut out meeting her standards. Nevertheless, she tingled with excitement: she’d already seen other vials in action and it was powerful stuff. Already she could envision his muscles ballooning, his body expanding, his clothes tearing free to unleash a glorious new man…

She couldn’t wait any longer. She had gone far too long without satisfaction and, catalysed by the thought of finally having a bull to use her, she sprang onto the bed, pinned him down, and poured the brew down his throat. Tossing the empty vial aside she clamped her hands over his lips ignoring the frothy bubbles of brew gurgling up through her fingers. Only after Andre had swallowed hard did she release her grip. Then, jumping aside, she slid slick fingers into her underwear to toy with her clit as her stepbrother started to rapidly transform.

Thrashing around on the bed like a downed gazelle, Andre looked like he had been fixed to a gas canister, which was pumping him full of muscle rather than gas. Swelling with astonishing speed, his average physique was quickly bulging with strength, his dark skin painted with glistening sweat. Unable to accommodate his expanding head his headphones snapped, each half scything across the room in opposite directions, while the rest of his body grew accordingly. After a few seconds he was flailing around naked, his clothes torn to shreds under the stress of his growing size. His tree-trunk legs crushed up against the foot of the bed, which had never been designed to accommodate a man so tall and creaked worryingly under the strain. His hair dissolved, leaving him bald, and as the violent transformation drew to a close invisible hands stroked his enhanced cock to attention so that when he staggered to his feet it jutted out looking like he was ready to go jousting.

Maya was weak at the knees. After a week without sex just watching Andre transform had threatened to make her squirt, but by some miracle she had managed to keep herself contained. Admiring his incredible physique, she had to admit she had been wrong – the brew had made him a god. He was every bit the bull she had hoped for, and a little more besides.

Just then he gained his bearings, his chest still heaving. Slowly he turned to her, hungry eyes devouring the sight of the little white bitch masturbating in his room.

‘You,’ he growled, ‘you did this to me.’

‘Obviously,’ Maya groaned, eyeing up his twitching lance, ‘I needed someone to fuck and you were the only option.’

‘You’re a slut, Maya. Sluts need bulls.’ She grinned; the brew had worked just as she’d hoped. He could still remember her, still knew what she needed, but he had no purpose other than to fuck now and she was ready for him to use her.

‘Yes they do, big boy.’ She was about to beckon him over when he surged to meet her. Clutching her panties, he ripped them away with a powerful tug then plunged two thick fingers into her dripping cunt. Her scream was so intense she could not articulate it, her brows soaring and eyes bulging as she opened her mouth in a silent screech.

‘If you want to be a slut so bad, everyone should see.’

Then he was manhandling her. Knocking her from her feet he caught her deftly. Laid back in his muscular embrace, Maya giggled as he carried her to the window with his fingers still inside. Each digit was as thick as a cock and together they stretched her to her limits. Those limits were soon decimated when he slid his fingers free, placed her back on her feet, span her around, pushed her torso out of the window and used the barrier of the sill to steady her before plunging his full magnificent length into her helpless pussy.

This time she did scream, so loud it tore through half the neighbourhood. Then her open lips twisted into a smile and she laughed deliriously as Andre began to thrust. Little fireworks exploded in her vision with each roll of his hips, her own hips protesting against the sudden intrusion with blinding, erotic pain. Not that she cared. He could split her in half if he wanted, just so long as he kept using that perfect cock to satisfy her needs.

‘Fuck,’ she howled.

Growling with arousal, Andre tore her crop top to ribbons and tossed it aside. In the street below, meanwhile, pedestrians turned and pointed or hurried by shielding their eyes.

‘You like my fat cock, bitch?’ he barked.

‘Oh, fuck yes, use my as your fucking sleeve, you bastard. To think I’ve spent a week starving for cock when the solution was in my wardrobe the whole time!’ With Andre hammering her like she was a living sex doll, a cunning sneer clawed at her features. ‘And when daddy gets home, he’s going to regret the day he thought he could ground the naughtiest bitch in town…’

It was some hours later when Maya’s father arrived home. Weary and not looking forward to another night of his daughter’s persistent complaints, he was considering what excuse he could make for retiring early that night when a snatch of noise dashed his thoughts. Glancing up he noticed the window of Andre’s room open with the curtains fluttering in the late afternoon sun. Sweaty handprints were smeared across the glass which, combined with something dripping from the sill, drew an exhausted sigh from his lips; he had enough with Maya causing trouble and wrecking her room, the last thing he needed was Andre doing the same.

Creeping through the door as quietly as he was able, he had barely hung up his coat before the noise came again. Closer to the source this time he could make out what it was: somebody was moaning. Long, sensual moans, the breathless passion audible even to him.

His head span. Andre, Maya and Yvonne were all in the house, yet more troubling was that he could not hear anybody mobilising in response; Yvonne would have been furious to hear Maya or Andre making such noises, and if it was neither of them it could only be her, a concept which barely dared thinking about. Whatever the case, something was very wrong, and he had a terrible feeling in his gut who was behind it.

Storming up the stairs he pursued the moans to his and Yvonne’s bedroom, bursting through the door with such force the doorknob punched into the wall.

Sprawled out on the bed with an expression of delirious satisfaction Maya was impaled on the truly colossal cock of a truly colossal black bull. Her hair was bleached blonde as opposed to the rich brown it had been when he left that morning, however he had no time to focus on her hair tone for he could not tear his eyes from her lover. The man was twice the size of Maya’s father and would have dwarfed the most avid weightlifters. The beast was skewering his daughter like a piece of meat. She giggled and moaned in a state of euphoria as he rolled his massive hips and sank in deeper, and she was in a state of such bliss that she failed to hear her father enter, noticing him only when her head lolled weakly to the side.

‘Daddy, you’re home!’ she squealed, though the bull never took his eyes off her. ‘Look what I did to Andre! Such an improvement, wouldn’t you say?’ As though to emphasise her point, she eased free of his cock to demonstrate his immense size. After jerking him for a moment or two, she promptly slipped his meat back into her slick hole, her eyes rolling at the sensation.

Lost for words, her father’s blood ran cold when he analysed the bull more closely. Though he was all but unrecognisable, echoes of his stepson whispered through Andre’s transformed body – the cut of his jaw, the curve of his shoulders, the arc of his brow. What in God’s name had she done to the poor boy?

At first he could not think what to say, then something dawned on him. ‘Where is your mother? Where is Yvonne? Her car is in the drive. She would never stand for this, what have you done with her?’

Maya gave an icy grin. ‘Oh, I improved her too. See for yourself.’

Springing out at him from her hiding place to the side of the doorway, Yvonne emptied a vial of vibrant pink liquid down his throat before he could react and held her hand tight over his mouth until he swallowed. Once he had she threw him to the ground beside the discarded vial. On the cap was a little white sticker printed with the words Cuckold Craze.

Staring up at Yvonne he found she was much younger than when she left for work that morning. He had seen pictures of his wife in her younger years and she was still visibly herself, though if anything she was even more beautiful than in those pictures. Her figure was full and alluring, and if it wasn’t for the fact she was glaring at him with a smirk as icy as his daughter’s he might have been attracted to her. But in her eyes he could see that the Yvonne he knew was gone; there was a calculating menace in those eyes, and she seemed very pleased with herself.

‘I gave her a nice drink of Slut Shot,’ Maya gasped between Andre’s thrusts, ‘she’s much happier than that miserable old crone she was before. We’ve been waiting for you to get home for ages.’

‘Yes,’ agreed Yvonne, idly groping one of her naked breasts, ‘Maya wanted to tell you something very important. Get on that chair and listen while my big boy fucks her.’

By now Maya’s father was less concerned and more terrified, and he followed Yvonne’s orders automatically, believing he was doing so of his own free will. But then she fixed him with her cutting stare and gave him new orders he would never have rationally followed, ‘Take down your pants and jerk off watching a real man use your daughter like the pathetic worm you are.’

This time he actively tried to ignore her commands, but his body had other ideas. With a pang of horror he felt the full effects of the Cuckold Craze for the first time as it descended over his mind and forced him to do as she said. Without missing a beat, he tugged off his jeans and boxers, tossed them aside and began stroking his cock obediently, acutely aware of how inferior it was compared to Andre’s huge meat.

Maya was leering at him with an expression verging upon lunacy. He wanted to cower under her gaze, but his body would not let him, and he was forced to watch Yvonne straddle her face and hover her moist pussy just above Maya’s lips.

‘I’ve been waiting to say thank you, daddy,’ Maya said. ‘If it wasn’t for you, I would never have remembered my Slut Box. Yvonne and Andre are mine now, and you’re going to be our obedient little slave. I can’t wait to see what else I can do with my naughty vials, and it’s all because of you. You know what, being grounded isn’t so bad after all.’ Then her face was buried in the folds of Yvonne’s pussy and as the chemicals infected his thoughts even further, he found himself craving the opportunity to lick Andre’s cum from their sweet, wet holes…

Thanks for reading!

A bit of a longer one to round out the month, and I couldn’t be happier with it. This story has spent months in my backlog and I’ve been itching to get it out there, so I’m thrilled it is finally published for all to enjoy.

The models in this scene are Carolina Sweets, Isiah Maxwell, Daizy Cooper and Rob Piper.

Sweets is a model I absolutely love and will be making another appearance in the not too distant future in a much greater capacity as part of my special summer-themed series, but to cover her briefly now is to say she’s cute, impish and hot as fuck. As with models such as Piper Perri, Sweets puts her petite frame to use in a lot of interracial work, so if you enjoyed this story absolutely check out her content to see just how much big black cock she can take.

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Maxwell and Piper, meanwhile, both served as models of post-transformation Andre. Both men are absolutely legendary male models and they are staples of many interracial content studios and porn studios in general. They are supremely talented, fit as you could ever wish for a hot black bull to be, and both more than deserving of your time to check out their work. I’m sure both of them will show up in future stories, but for now let it suffice to say you should not delaying in seeing what sheer fire these hot studs are producing for deviants around the world to enjoy.

Unfortunately I have no name for the model who portrays Maya’s father, however I find it is fairly rare for cuckold characters to be credited in the scenes they’re in since they’re not really part of the action. Of course, if anyone does know who he is, please do let me know and I will link to his work here.

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