The Trouble With A Double Life

Champagne in glass

There was a glass of champagne waiting for her when she returned to her villa. Obviously her security had heard the good news and were doing their bit to help her celebrate. It was a sweet gesture, and she took the flute up with a smile to take a long sip. Sinking down into a chair, she placed her cargo – two glittering golden statuettes – on the glass table and admired them.

Raising her glass, she feigned a toast. ‘To you, Vanessa,’ she said, ‘not bad for a dude with no job.’

She sighed happily as she took another sip on her champagne. As she swallowed a swelling warmth blossomed through her chest, and she wondered not for the first time how she had managed to get so lucky. Of course, she’d put a great deal of hard work into her success – when living a double life you didn’t have much choice in the matter – but she liked to count her blessings nonetheless. Still, she had put the work in, and the pair of statues were proof she had honed her skills of deception to a fine art.

That didn’t mean it wasn’t difficult at times. She had always wanted to be an actor from a young age, yet her parents would never have allowed it: their son was to be a lawyer, or a businessman, or an accountant – something respectable, they said – and that was final. That hadn’t stunted her dreams, though, and once she hit her teens she had hunted down a Pink Pill supplier to begin taking acting classes under a false face. Her parents had never paid much interest in what their son did when he was not in the house, and his weekend job and paper round had paid for both the classes and the Pink Pills.

Acutely aware of the dangers in what she was doing, she had made sure to take carefully rationed doses. Too much, after all, could have led her to lose herself to horny desires, and that was not why she was doing this, so she took care to consume only enough to instigate the gender change and nothing more.

By the time she turned twenty-one, she was a formidable actress and was just as comfortable as Vanessa as she was in her male body. Out of the blue she had been offered a film role and that had been the start of it all: film, TV, theatre, radio, she had been involved in all of them and more in the relatively short time since taking the part and now, just five years later, she had the awards to prove her talent.

As far as her parents were concerned their son was a work-from-home accountant. A series of bank accounts were set up to funnel a portion of her pay into an account she could access whenever she transformed back, though of course she kept most of it to lavish herself with luxuries. After all, being a famous actress meant she spent a great deal of time as Vanessa – far more than her male self – and most often she only changed back to take a break from her hectic schedule.

Just as she was finishing off her drink, Vanessa heard the door open. She smiled at her two security guards as they sauntered in. ‘Thank you for the champagne, gentlemen,’ she said, raising her empty glass, ‘very thoughtful of you.’

But they didn’t seem to be listening. Instead their eyes were drinking her in: her slender figure, her red cocktail dress, her lipstick on the glass. They looked like hungry hyenas and for the first time in the three years she had known them she felt acutely uncomfortable in their presence. She shuffled in her seat and tried to hold their gaze. Unfortunately her eyes seemed to have other ideas, descending to their crotches. She could see bulging snakes in their trousers, and to her horror she found she was salivating.

One of the men crossed his arms with a smirk. ‘We’ll cut to the chase. We know.’

The tone of his voice implied there was only one thing he could be talking about, but the panic Vanessa occasionally felt at the concept of anybody uncovering her secret didn’t come. The warmth from the drink was hotter now, spreading through her body and beginning to grow distracting to the point it stifled her panic. Her mind was hazy when she spoke, and she clutched at her words even as she continued to stare at their groins. ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’

‘We know about you,’ said his companion, massaging his cock through his trousers. ‘Found an old strip of pills you forgot to bin properly while you were away a few weeks ago, so we decided to fit some hidden cameras in here before you got back. We’ve seen you switch back and forth plenty of times now, saw how careful you were with your doses and all that. Even managed to track down where the other you lives.’

Vanessa’s mind was reeling. The infectious heat had reached her pussy now and her folds were beginning to drip. Her nipples solidified too, poking little mounds in her dress that prompted satisfied chuckles from the men. Her skin tingled as though she was full of static electricity, little shivers racing up and down her spine. It took her some time to figure out what the heat really was: she was horny. From the crown of her head to the ends of her toes she was swirling with horny energy, and with all the sordid images tumbling through her mind coherent sentences were increasingly difficult to piece together.

‘What you… you did a thing… what thing you do to me?’

The men laughed at her confusion and the hungry look creeping across her pretty features. The man with crossed arms produced a strip of pills, half the pockets empty. ‘Oh, we just crushed five full doses into your champagne. I’m guessing it’s hitting you like a truck about now. Let’s see, shall we?’ The smirking man removed his shirt and unzipped his fly to set free his hefty meat.

Almost on instinct she groaned. How had she never craved him before? He was broad, handsome, ripped and hung like a fucking stallion. Squeezing her legs together and squirming she fought to stay sane, but the drug was ripping through her mind like a shredder in a library. When the second guard followed suit, she could control herself no longer. Scrambling down to her knees between them she coiled manicured fingers around their waiting dicks.

In the back of her mind she wanted to call them cunts, but when the insult came out it twisted her lips in a different way. ‘Cocks,’ she said, before spitting on the cock of the man who had disrobed first, opening her mouth and waiting expectantly for him to make use of her orifice. He did so without hesitation.

Brunette woman in evening dress gives oral sex to half-dress man while giving handjob to second man

Vanessa set to work stimulating her guards immediately. Slobbering over their juicy cocks one after the other she gagged and slurped until her chin was dripping with their love. Their thick meat stretched her throat wonderfully, and the reflection of her descent into slutty desire bobbed up and down in the mirrored surface of her awards.

At one point, one of the men poured splashes of champagne over his cock, which she lapped up thirstily ensuring not a drop went to waste, even those that trickled down his legs or dripped onto his glossy leather shoes. Following that he poured her another glass, moving on shortly after to simply decant the tainted booze straight from the bottle by holding it against his crotch and having her bathe in the alcoholic shower as though guzzling his piss.

At length they hauled her to her feet and ripped off her dress and underwear. Her moans were frantic now, delirious, and she was compelled by an insatiable need to suck and fuck. As one of the men lined up his cock with her trembling cunt the other took her by the throat and growled into her ear.

‘I’m sure you’ll be glad to know we wanted to remove the struggle of living two lives, so we did you the luxury of using Swap-Lock pills. Aren’t we considerate? That’s the problem with a double life; sooner or later you have to choose one or the other. We just made the choice easier. You’re never turning back bitch, but the pills will still make you obscenely horny, and there are plenty more where these came from. So if I were you I’d get used to pill-infused booze, because from now on whenever you’re here you’re our plaything. Understand?’

Before she could respond, the man behind her had hefted up one of her legs and plunged his length inside. Her mind was reduced to mush and her vision blurred, but her horny body knew exactly what to do. Even as she gasped for breath, she clenched her pussy muscles around his erotic meat, licked her free hand, wrapped wet fingers around the second man’s cock and stroked like a slut as he whispered filthy promises to her…

Brunette woman in front of swimming pool has sex with one man while giving handjob to second man

Thanks for reading!

This piece is by far one of my favourites, and that’s due in no small part to the accompanying media. The gifs in this piece are, in my mind at least, hot as fuck, and though there is a corresponding gallery for this scene the images didn’t do the sexiness of the scene nearly the justice it deserves. To be honest, I’d love to write a piece exploring this full scene more in depth, but that’s probably one of those stories I’ll never get around to. Either way, I’m glad I’ve shown a little of this smoking hot scene through my work, and I encourage anyone who enjoyed it to go watch the full scene themselves. It’s called ‘Award Season’ and as you can see it’s produced by, who incidentally make LOTS of super hot scenes, and from whose website I sourced the teaser image.

It’s also made me rethink my stance on gifs a little. I know I said I’d be phasing them out, however the ones I’ve used here were too good to pass up and are also far from low quality. So, I think that moving forward my rules for using gifs will be a little more lax than I set out over Christmas – I won’t phase them out entirely, but I’ll only use gifs that are of a similar quality to those in this scene if I do use them. Even so, you can still expect much of my future content to be image focused.

This piece also reminded me that I can in fact write stories that are hot as fuck and also not that long. As I write this, I have just recently finished editing Fantasy Resort and none of the chapters in that story are less than ten pages long – most are significantly longer, in fact – and I was beginning to think I couldn’t write short pieces anymore. It might be difficult to get out of the mindset of writing long pieces, but it’s good to know I’m able to do it.

The models in this scene are Tori Black, Mick Blue and Markus Dupree.

Black is an absolute bombshell and a model I can never get enough of. While she’s not the bustiest or curviest model in the world, she has an allure that I think is difficult to match and her work is always amazing. I won’t say too much about her though, since she’ll be appearing in Fantasy Resort in a couple of months and I’m sure I’ll have plenty to say about her there.

Blue will also be appearing in Fantasy Resort, but he’s also appeared in my work before so he should be a familiar face. Either way, he’s an incredible male model and he never fails to disappoint in any of the scenes I’ve seen him in. Pretty much the definition of a silver fox, he is well worth your time.

Finally, Dupree isn’t hugely familiar to me, but I have definitely seen his work and I can recommend him enthusiastically. His PornHub bio says that he’s the protégé of Rocco Siffredi, which, if you know your porn, is a fucking huge deal, and should give you some insight into the quality of content he produces. You could do much worse than check out his work and make sure to keep your eye on his career too, because it’s almost certain that with a mentor like Siffredi he will be producing smoking hot content for a long time to come.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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Images: (Photo credit Andrea Parrish – Geyer. No alterations made)

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