Old chair and table in attic

‘Woah, no way,’ Maisy gasped, coming up into the old attic and staring around in awe. She had been expecting cobwebs and old boxes, but what she had found instead was practically a time capsule. Based on the look of the place – and the thick blankets of dust draped over every surface – it didn’t look like anybody had stepped foot in this room in over a hundred years!

Her new house was just getting better and better and, as she began to explore the old study, she realised not for the first time how lucky she and Carter were. Though it was new to them the house itself was very old indeed. Dating from the early Victorian era, it was more of a manor than a house, and here and there it still had some of the original furniture in impressive condition. Maisy had no doubt half of the things she had found sorting through the place were worth an absolute fortune, but there was no chance she was going to sell any of it, not after all the effort she and her husband had put into getting them in the first place.

The building had stood empty for over a hundred years after the original owner had passed away, and since that time most folks in town had either ignored it entirely or made a point to avoid it, believing it to be haunted. For Maisy and Carter, however, it had always held a special place in their hearts from the time they were young and impressionable. Something about the age of the place had attracted them to it, the air of mystery, the natural aura of power. It was as though it demanded respect and compared with the dull terraces that made up most of their town it was a stark and intriguing break to the norm. Together they had saved up enough money to buy and renovate it, but to their delight it had not needed nearly as much structural repair as they had been expecting. Despite its age, the house had managed to ward off the worst impacts of time, and after only a month of work they had finally been able to move in.

Then the outbreak had hit, and the country had been plunged into nationwide lockdown to prevent the worst of it. If she was honest, Maisy was thankful for the time off work. Moving in had taken no more than a day, but since then the house had been cluttered with boxes, bubble wrap and an abundance of assorted house-moving paraphernalia she and Carter simply had not had chance to sort through. Without work to bother them, however, they had spent the week ploughing through their to-do list, and with most of the boxes emptied and packed away she had finally had the chance to get into the attic.

The hatch had been bolted shut with half a dozen padlocks, but time had rusted them to the point they had shattered easily under a few hammer blows. Knowing Carter was outside tending to the overgrown yard and would be for some time she had headed up with the plan of clearing it out and surprising him later. Instead she was the one surprised.

If she was to take a guess, it looked like she had stumbled onto the study of the original owner. Everything was in incredible condition. There were a few basic wooden tables, accompanied by a low, musty armchair and a handful of short stools, along with a threadbare rug spread over bare boards. Baskets and crates brimming with strange contents were stacked here and there, while spread across the tables were all manner of instruments Maisy had never seen before. On one of the sloping walls a host of maps and charts had been pinned, shafts of dusty sunlight illuminating them through the cracked window opposite. Save for the dust and some minor ageing, the whole place looked as though the original owner had not long since left and would be back imminently.

Given the displayed maps and various exotic-looking trinkets spilling from the numerous boxes, Maisy wondered if the original owner had been an explorer of some sort as she blew dust from the old red briefcase lying on the main table. A. Quartermain was picked out in fine golden lettering. Like the attic itself, the briefcase had once been locked, but the latches had lost their grip many years ago and she easily flipped the lid back.

Maisy frowned. Inside was a small bundle of blue cloth, on top of which lay a hand-written note. Picking it up she read it with increasing bemusement.

In my many travels, I have never come across an artefact as feared as this. The local people cowered at the very mention of it, and I think I did them a great service bringing it back home with me. Though I was initially confused by their fear, I understand it now. Whatever malevolent entity resides within this terrible thing, its voice is not so easily contained. I hear it whisper in my sleep, twisting my dreams into awful, sinful nightmares. I have concluded that it is my duty to protect the world from this beast, and I hope that locking it away might prevent any poor soul from suffering at its hand again. If, once I am gone, any man has the misfortune of coming across this note, I implore you: take this case and its contents and burn it. I could never bring myself to do so, but there may yet be hope for our world if you can do what I could not.

A. Quartermain

Clearly whoever had owned this place before had been a superstitious eccentric as well as an explorer. Discarding the note, she unfolded the bundle.

Woman holds magic genie lamp

Maisy gasped as the sunlight glittered on the golden lamp. It was a beautiful relic, decorated on the sides by delicate engravings. She was struck by how old it must have been; it had seen ancient sunrises, been handled by long-forgotten hands and now by some good fortune it had found its way to her. Now she had found it, she knew she was not going to let it go unloved any longer and with an excited spring in her step she hurried down from the attic before descending the stairs calling her husband.

Arriving in the living room, she set the lamp down on the table, brushing the engraved metal as she did so. About to head outside to find Carter, she frowned when the room filled with red light. Turning, she staggered backwards in shock. Clattering up and down on the table like it was subject to an earthquake only it could feel, the lamp spewed thick crimson smoke from the spout which sank down and spread across the carpet. The once golden metal glowed a blinding red, the light playing over walls in an eerie, twisting way like the fires of Hell. It felt like she was trapped in some bizarre, burning zoetrope.

All at once the spreading smoke surged up in the middle, initially amorphous before defining into a curvy figure. The light of the lamp died sharply as the smoke cut off at the spout. Before Maisy’s astonished eyes, the smoke dissipated, and standing before her in a matching set of bejewelled harem trousers and off the shoulder cropped tunic that did nothing to conceal her modesty, was a woman.

Busty woman dressed as genie holds magic lamp

She was beautiful, with dark hair and attractive features, but it was difficult to keep eyes on her face when her huge, heavy tits were visible through the blue mesh of her top. Her bald cunt was also visible through her trousers, though it was concealed somewhat by the dangling jewels that lined the waist of her attire. Her hair was held up with a thick blue wrap, and she wore a pair of shimmering earrings that could have been plucked straight from the ears of an Arabic princess.

Maisy was lost for words. Rooted to the spot in equal fear and shock she could only watch the woman take a deep breath, like she had just come up for air after having almost drowned. She moved slowly at first, seemingly shocked by her surroundings, then she was a frantic blur of motion. Holding her hands in front of her face she flipped them back and forth, throwing out her arms and gripping her legs. She looked like she expected her body parts were going to vanish at any moment. The room filled with her ecstatic laughter until suddenly she fell motionless.

Maisy followed her stare: the lamp. The women looked at it in the same way a prisoner in solitary confinement might look at the key to his jail cell – like it was something she thought she would never see. Picking it up with trembling fingers, a wide grin slowly spread over her lips and she half-sobbed, half-chuckled.

Suddenly frantic again, her eyes darted around the room like she was looking for something she had lost. Catching sight of Maisy she smiled disarmingly, the lamp held out in one hand the other on her chest. ‘You released me,’ she breathed, ‘you gave me freedom.’ A pause. ‘It was you, wasn’t it?’

‘I… uh… I guess…’ Maisy stammered.

At once, the woman broke into hysterical laughter. When she had finished, she smiled softly at Maisy. ‘Thank you. I’ve been trapped inside that wretched can for millennia and boy does it give you a crick in the neck. I can’t thank you enough. If it wasn’t for you, I might have been stuck in there for the rest of eternity. I only wish there was something I could do to repay you.’

Regaining her composure, Maisy approached the woman tentatively. Countless questions tumbled through her mind, but she forced them aside to prevent herself freaking out. ‘You… you’re… a genie… right?’

The woman nodded. ‘Yes. My name is Aisha. Who are you?’

‘Maisy. I just moved in here. Found your lamp in the attic. I didn’t think it would actually have a… you inside. I rubbed it by accident, to be honest. But if you’re a genie, maybe there is something you can do to repay me.’ A chilling smile flickered across the genie’s face, but Maisy failed to notice. ‘I mean, you could grant my wishes, couldn’t you?’

Brunette genie looks downcast

The genie seemed downtrodden. ‘I’m sorry, Maisy, I can’t do that. Well, I can, but only one. I’ve been trapped in the lamp for so long and I’ve grown weak in that time. I barely have enough magic left to grant a single wish, my powers are all but spent. Although…’ The genie trailed off shaking her head.

‘Although what?’

‘Oh, it doesn’t matter, it probably wouldn’t work.’ She glanced away as though ashamed.

‘Really, what is it?’

Aisha looked at her hesitantly. ‘There might be a way for me to grant more wishes.’

‘How?’ Maisy asked, hanging on the genie’s words.

‘Well, you could wish for me to have my powers back. To be back at my full strength just like I was before those infernal… I mean, before I was trapped in the lamp. But as I said, I might not even be able to muster up the strength for even one wish, and if it didn’t work you would have wasted your wish.’

Maisy shrugged. ‘That’s not a problem. The way I see it, if it works you can repay me with more wishes, and if it doesn’t work any other wish I would have made would not have worked either. Either way I can only gain from it, since I won’t be losing anything if you’ve not got the strength for it.’

A smile plucked at the corners of Aisha’s lips. ‘If you’re sure. Remember though, when you wish you must be very specific; I don’t have much magic left, so you’ll only get one shot at this. Wish for my full powers to be restored, making me as strong as I was at the height of my dominance. Maintain eye contact and speak clearly.’

Maisy nodded before clearing her throat and looking Aisha dead in the eye. ‘Genie, I wish for your full powers to be restored, making you the strongest you have ever been.’

From behind her there was a drumming of feet. Spinning around she saw Carter hurrying down the corridor. ‘Are you okay, babe?’ he was saying, ‘I thought I heard you shouting me then I saw these big red lights shining out the window… what the?’

Maisy was just about to explain her discovery when she noticed his terrified gaze over her shoulder. At the same time an awful, evil laughter rose up behind her and when she turned to look she froze in fear.

The genie was hovering several feet in the air, her eyes glowing a fiery red. She glared at the cowering couple with a monstrous grin, her clothes and hair whipping about in a wind only she could feel. Beneath her the lamp was spewing smoke again, though this time it was a violent purple and had a mind all its own. Rather than sinking it twisted up, splitting apart into dozens of tendrils that swayed like charmed snakes in the air around her. The first tendril to move was one of the thickest. Darting forward it connected with the exposed skin between her collar bones where it lit up her flesh the same colour, rooting itself there like a huge leech. Purple energy coursed up from the lamp into her body, and as though they had been waiting for one of their number to break ranks the other tendrils all darted in to do the same. In seconds her body was jerking and twitching, long-lost power coursing into her through the tentacles of smoke latched across her body. The fire in her eyes burned terrifyingly bright and her laughter reached fever pitch before, with a blinding purple flash, a final surge of power lit up the room.

Redhead looks at brunette with confused look

When the afterglow faded, Maisy and Carter found the genie on the floor again, staring at them with a malevolent spark in her eyes. The lamp lay on its side on the table, the metal dull and tarnished. ‘That’s better,’ she hissed.

‘I… I don’t understand,’ Maisy frowned. ‘Was that your power coming back?’

‘Oh yes. I can’t tell you how good it feels after so long imprisoned in that infernal lamp. They thought they were so clever, locking me away like that. They thought they had finished me for good. But who of us is less than dust in the ground now, and who of us is about to take her revenge for what they did to me?’

‘Who are ‘they’?’ Maisy asked.

Aisha stalked towards them slowly, insanity clawing at the insides of her eyes. Her movement prompted Carter to slip in front of Maisy protectively. ‘Who are they? They are the Warriors of Ubar, the lost city of the sands. They are the ones who locked me away in that lamp. I did nothing to them beyond seduce a few of their women into my lovers, yet they hunted me down to destroy me. I was too powerful for them though, and no cage on earth could ever contain me so they used the only thing capable of keeping me locked away: my own magic. They stripped me of my power and used it to keep me chained in the lamp before burying it in the deepest tomb they could dig.

‘Foolish mortals. They could never have conceived what I am truly capable of. Seducing their women – a parlour trick. Even when they tore away my power I clung to all I could, tiny threads of magic not even strong enough to light a spark. But little things when accumulated have great power. I collected them all, building them up over the centuries until I had just enough magic to grant one final wish. Of course, I couldn’t make the wish for myself – cosmic rules, and all that – so I had to wait until somebody found my lamp.

‘The ones who found it in the desert sands feared it far too much to ever come near, but then that Quartermain arrived and bought me home. I reached out to him in his dreams trying to get him to release me, but he was more resilient than I had expected. I knew somebody would come eventually though; just a matter of waiting for the right one. And now here you are, at my mercy. I’m glad it was you Maisy – you are going to be such fun to corrupt. And as for this world, it is so full of people. Billions more than when last I walked free. It is going to be so delicious taking my revenge on them all.’

‘But… but you said if I wished your powers back you would grant me my wishes. I freed you, I get three wishes, they’re the rules. I wished you your powers back, I can wish them away.’

The genie laughed devilishly. ‘I said if you wished them back I could grant more wishes, I never said they would be yours. There are no rules to my power, only stupid mortal myths. I’m not bound to you, I never was. But since you’re so invested in the rules and you’re the one who let me out, I think it’s about time I got three wishes of my own. Three wishes to take my revenge; three wishes to destroy your world.

‘I think I’ll start with your husband. Aw, look at him, standing between us like he could do anything to stop me tearing you apart if I wanted to. Aren’t men simply hideous creations? Why do you think I seduced the women all that time ago? They’re so much more passionate, so much more sensual. I wish Carter was a sexy airhead slut.’

Before Maisy could react a bolt of purple energy blasted from her fingers to strike Carter square in the chest. Staggering away, he was immediately engulfed by the crackling energy which swarmed over his body, blotting him from view. After a few seconds it faded, but when it did Carter was gone.

Confused brunette looks around

Looking first at Maisy – horrified and heartbroken – then Aisha – satisfied and smirking – the woman standing in his place was briefly confused. Then, after a second or two, her frown melted away and she broke into a fit of girlish giggles. Twirling her dark hair she bounced her new tits gleefully, which were barely contained in a small white crop top that concealed little at all. The motion caused her to notice her new plump ass, which she jiggled in her denim hotpants, and soon she was caressing her tanned curves squealing with delight.

‘Carter!’ Maisy shrieked. She trembled uncontrollably, tears springing into her eyes. But the new woman paid her no attention and continued to explore her body.

‘It’s Cara now,’ came the genie’s mocking voice.

Wheeling around, Maisy scrambled towards her, clutching her by her see-through top so roughly she almost unleashed Aisha’s enormous tits. The genie merely smirked, amused by Maisy’s struggle to stay upright as her legs were reduced to putty and the desperate, pleading look in her eyes.

‘Please, please, bring him back. I’ll do anything, anything you want. He isn’t a part of this. I released you, punish me if you want, but please bring him back to me!’

‘You don’t get it, do you? This isn’t about you. It isn’t about him. It isn’t even about the ones who locked me up. This is about the world they robbed from me. I always had the power to rewrite it how I pleased, but I chose not to. I was benevolent, restrained, yet they imprisoned me anyway. It’s time the world was rid of filthy, stinking men and learned what I am really capable of. By trying to save the world from me, they condemned it to my wrath.’

‘What will you do?’ Maisy said in a hushed voice.

‘First, I’ll take away your pain, sweetie. Thanks for releasing me and all that, but it’s been thousands of years since I last had any action and I prefer my lovers naughty. For my second wish, I wish you and Cara were my horny sex slaves.’

In the fraction of a second before the magic took hold, Maisy had just enough time to register the genie’s words. Her face contorted with horror, her eyes bulging fit to burst and she managed a brief, strangled gasp. Then her irises glowed violet, her fear faded, and she smiled a soft, sultry smile. Coming up beside her, Cara mirrored her seductive expression and together they reached out to grab Aisha by her top.

Busty woman watches redhead kiss brunette genie

It almost came down as they dragged her onto the vintage sofa, sinking down beside her with endless longing in their eyes. Aisha let out a moaning chuckle as Cara begin to rub her inner thigh, and for the first time in centuries she felt her pussy grow wet. She had almost forgotten what it was like to take physical form and feel the lusts of the flesh: so deliciously naughty. And after so long trapped unable to feel physical pleasure she could only imagine how powerful her orgasm was going to be.

Maisy leaned in close as if going for a kiss but stopped so close Aisha could feel her shallow breath on her lips.

‘What is it, slave?’

‘I’ve never kissed a girl before,’ Maisy replied bashfully.

The genie smiled. ‘Well then, what are you waiting for? Kiss me and let me be your first.’

A slave to Aisha’s will, she leaned in and kissed her softly, her finger tracing the underside of Aisha’s chin. Cara watched silently until Maisy pulled away. When she had, Aisha tutted. ‘It looks like you’re going to need a little training. Cara, how about you show her how to really make out with her mistress?’

A blur of motion, Cara dove on Aisha like a pouncing predator, kissing her rough, deep and messy. Pressing the genie back into the sofa, the busty brunette moved with a primal violence, forcing her tongue between Aisha’s lips and exploring her mouth hungrily. Their bodies rolled against one another, hot skin rubbing together while their clothes quickly rode up in the heat of their kissing. Cara’s white top tugged down until her tits were almost bursting free, but it was the genie’s top that wound up falling victim first. Wrenched up by a particularly forceful jerk of Cara’s body, her colossal tits finally fell free. Alerted to their release by Aisha’s firm nipples rubbing up against her midriff, Cara’s eyes glittered and she immediately sank down to engulf one in her puffy lips.

Brunette and redhead suck tits of busty genie

The swirl of Cara’s hot tongue sent shudders through Aisha’s body and as the girl grew more frantic in her tit-sucking the genie turned to Maisy, who was squirming with arousal as she watched.

‘See this is what I meant when I said I wished for you to be my slaves. Look at her. I am her drug and she is addicted to my body. No force in heaven or earth could break her lust for me now. She’s a proper slave.’

Rooted deep in Maisy’s soul, the magic bending her to Aisha’s wish reacted to her words and with another violet flash in her eyes she frantically fell to her knees to latch onto the genie’s second breast.

Aisha moaned as her slaves worked. Their hot tongues slurped and sucked on her long-neglected tits and she shuddered with desire she had not felt in thousands of years: God she’d missed this. She could remember the last time she had been served like this – on the banks of an oasis she had summoned. The women had been stunningly beautiful and incredibly talented, it was true, but whether age had dulled the memory or she had just lowered her standards during her imprisonment she thought she might just prefer Maisy and Cara to those ancient slaves.

Free at least part of her wanted to fulfil her revenge right then and there, but the rest was content to let herself enjoy this time. It did not do to rush things, after all, and even for a being as powerful as her what she had planned would take a lot of energy. Energy she knew just how to build-up.

‘I think it’s time we take things up a notch ladies. Here, let me help.’

Redhead gropes breasts of brunette genie as brunette gives genie oral sex

With a snap of her fingers Cara and Maisy’s clothes vanished in puffs of purple smoke, and their sudden nakedness acted like rocket fuel for their lust. Pulling her up onto the table, they tossed the lamp aside like an old newspaper. Spreading her legs Maisy pulled Aisha back into her chest, her soft breasts pressing into the genie’s back, reaching around to grope her exposed rack roughly at the same time. The flesh of the genie’s tits bulged between her fingers drawing sensual moans from both their lips. Moans which, once Cara got to work, soon devolved into grunts and cries.

The slutty brunette had tugged down Aisha’s trousers and was already running her tongue between her pussy lips with great enthusiasm. The probing tip was in constant movement: now toying her clit, now delving deep, now tracing the edges, now raking through the folds. Combined with Maisy’s heavy-handed groping, Cara’s oral skills sent waves of pleasure rolling through Aisha’s body.

Like the building heat of a rising sun, the genie could feel her magic growing inside her, fuelled by the pleasure and setting her skin tingling. Deep down she could feel the raw, devilish power taking shape as it prepared to fulfil her final wish. But she was not ready for that just yet.

Redhead and brunette give genie oral sex

Fortunately, her faithful slaves would not rest until she came. Hard. To that end, Maisy slid out from under the genie and laid her panting body back on the table before joining Cara between her legs. With both of them sucking on her wet cunt her groin exploded with pleasure, arcs of electric ecstasy tearing through her torso until she was giggling with delight.

Maisy’s fingers snaked up to clutch her exposed breast, but Aisha was already ahead of her, squeezing her huge jugs forcefully in an attempt to do something with her overflowing passion. The wet noises of their fervent oral attacks were a symphony to her ears, their horny moans even more so. She could think of nothing better than having the two sluts worship her here in the place she had finally been set free.

Well, perhaps one thing.

She did not have to wait long to experience it. When it came, her orgasm hit fast. Rising with breath-taking speed it tore through her like an avalanche through pine forests, and it gave her precious little warning before it was upon her.

In the brief few seconds she managed to hold it off she peered down at Maisy. The girl was not looking at her, but instead had her face buried in her pussy as Cara nibbled on her inner thigh. ‘I never needed three wishes to take my revenge,’ she said breathlessly, ‘only one. It seemed more fun to enslave you first though.’

Then Cara moved in again and Aisha’s orgasm would not be held off any longer. Allowing it to overwhelm her with her wish held firmly in her mind, she threw back her head and screamed.

Redhead and brunette give genie oral sex

All at once the room seemed to come alive. The furniture shook, the window panes rattled, the rafters released curtains of dust and the lights flickered briefly before going out altogether. In the ensuing gloom the genie herself shone bright. Blinding purple light blasted from every pore and for a few seconds she was so bright nothing else was visible at all. Then, as her orgasm reached it’s peak and her scream threatened to shred her vocal chords, the light drained from her in a single instant pulse. It was across the room and through the walls in the blink of an eye, leaving the three of them in deafening silence.

When the afterglow had faded and the room had settled, Maisy and Cara peered through the window to see the wave of magic just vanishing over the horizon. A second later the light came on again and they looked down to find Aisha panting heavily, draped over the table like a wet cloth.

Easing her up, they set her down gently on the sofa once more. Sitting beside her patiently, they waited for her to come to her senses. Even when she did, she remained breathless for some time.

Naked redhead and brunette make out with semi-naked brunette genie

‘What did you wish for, mistress?’ Maisy enquired.

The genie looked at her as though seeing her for the first time. ‘You’ll see, slave,’ she replied quietly, ‘you’ll see very soon. You know you’re very lucky. Now you’ve let me out of my bottle, as it were, everybody is going to be so jealous of you two. They’ll all want to kneel at my feet, but even the other slaves I take will never be as special to me as you two. The one who released me, and the one who I used my first wish on. Oh, we are going to have so much filthy fun.’

Her laboured breathing had shallowed a little, and her composure had returned. ‘Are you okay, mistress?’ asked Cara.

‘I’m more than okay. After thousands of years, I have finally had the chance to take my revenge. It took a lot out of me, but it is done now, and no power on Heaven or Earth can ever reverse it. Your world belongs to me now, and everyone in it too. I’ll show you all very soon, I promise, but there are other things we should do first.’

‘Like what, mistress?’ they chorused together.

‘Well, when my powers have recuperated I think we should get to work on making some improvements to this place. It will be a temple of worship to me – the first and most spectacular of thousands to come. To do that, though, I need a little rejuvenation.’

The girls giggled mischievously. ‘We know how to handle that,’ they cooed, before leaning in and beginning to kiss her again.

‘That’s my girls,’ whispered Aisha.

Far, far away, the wave of magic continued its relentless onslaught. A towering wall of crackling purple energy it tore through every building, along every street, up every mountain and down every canyon. Nobody knew what hit them when it came, and none of them cared after it had washed over them. All they ever saw was a flash of purple and then the people they had been before were only distant memories, bad dreams that were quickly forgotten.

In its wake, the magic left a new world. A world in which everyone had been changed. Young and old, male and female, rich and poor, healthy and sick, all where transformed, moulded into hot, horny women at the peak of health driven by the desperate need to make love to one another. The desire for pleasure was as essential as food or water, and emerging from the chrysalises of their former selves, the transformed women awoke to a new life of passion and lust.

From pole to pole, the world fell to Aisha’s final wish: I wish Earth was my eternal kingdom of hot, horny lesbians. And in this new world there were so many stories to tell…

Thanks for reading!

So, that was a long one. When I started this it really wasn’t supposed to wind up being this long, but I got invested in the story and was basically overwhelmed by the mist of writing I am sure most writers will understand. When I came to my senses this is what I had produced. It was inspired by one of Evie Hyde’s monthly competitions but in the process of writing it I inadvertently created another wider universe that I will be adding to over time.

Having said that, I don’t feel that every story set in this world will warrant a story of such length, so I plan to do something a little different to my other big universes. Rather than add new pieces to it in the form of long stories at the end of a given month, I will be adding to it through my normal weekly pieces. Kind of like how I use my Formula piece as a base for captions, or how I set short stories in the Latex World Order world without going full novella with them. The concept of a world full of horny lesbians sounds a lot of fun to explore, and I intend to do so through the images in the gallery at the end of this piece. Each of them formed a hot idea in my head when I saw them ranging from a team of journalists being transformed midway through a news broadcast, to a wedding reception suddenly taking an unexpected turn. I am really looking forward to working through these, though I have no intention of rushing them out so don’t expect a sudden slew of them now this piece has been released. Also, given I will be releasing dedicated stories for each of the gallery images at some point I will not be linking them all below, since they will be linked when their respective stories are released.

Something else I wanted to mention was the release schedule for the month of April. As some of you may already know, since I have mentioned it a few times before, I have wanted to set aside a month purely for gay stories for a while. I enjoy writing them but often end up skipping over them for one reason or another, making them pretty rare among my releases. As such I wanted to have a month of releases just for gay and trans pieces, which I’m calling Gaypril. Just like every other month I will be releasing a longer story like this as my final story of the month and a new regular story every Monday and Thursday.

At the same time, I am also aware that not everybody is interested in gay stories and I do not want my regular readers to feel left out if that is not your thing. As such, I will be releasing a non-gay story every Wednesday, excluding this week, to make sure you get the content you are after. On top of which there will be a few surprise stories coming out for Gaypril that will tie in to the theme of the month.

All of these releases will make April my busiest month so far in terms of releases, so though I will try my best to keep to my schedule please be aware that it is possible I may end up releasing a story a day or two late. Of course, I will try my best not to let this happen, but I wanted you to be aware of the possibility before we move into April.

So make sure to come back on Thursday for the first Gaypril story!

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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