Relatives with Benefits

Woman in red lipstick drools around black ball-gag

Admiring herself in the mirror, Abby could not help but drool. It was all so hot, so taboo. Her parents would have blanched at the sight of her, but if she was really honest with herself she didn’t much care. Years of being stifled under their roof, of her mother nagging her to find a good Christian man, of her father telling her that men wanted a woman who knew her place, all that was over now. And the sight of the inky black ball gag locked between her teeth only made her salivate at the freedom she now had.

The fact it belonged to her aunt was even more erotic.

For years she had yearned to find some way out of her family home, and when the opportunity to go to college had finally become available at last it had been within her grasp. As luck had had it, her first choice for college had been in the same city that her aunt lived, and her mum’s sister had happily offered Abby accommodation for the duration of her studies. She was far from rich, but she was wealthy enough that she only asked Abby for minimal rent while she was there, and the young girl had moved in a few weeks before.

That morning as she had been about to straighten her hair she had realised that she had forgotten to pack her straighteners. Her aunt had always had a soft spot for her, and she knew she wouldn’t mind her borrowing hers until she could afford some new ones, so with her aunt out she had rummaged through her wardrobes to find them.

What she had found instead had been a completely different kind of tool. At the back of one of the wardrobes she had discovered all manner of toys hanging on hooks – from dildos to riding crops – and in another she had been shocked to come across a vast array of fetish gear. Among the harnesses and latex she had found the ball gag.

Lifting it up, she had shivered involuntarily. A side effect of living with her parents had always been that she had had to stifle the side of herself they would disapprove of. Namely, her desire to submit. She had known for years that she was a sub, but she had neither met anyone who could romantically and sexually satisfy her in that way, nor been able to explore her kinks in her own space for fear of being discovered by her family. She had often tried to devise elaborate methods by which she could buy some toy or another and hide it nowhere they would ever think to look, but her courage had always failed her whenever she came close to following through with them.

But now she was actually holding one. It had almost felt unreal, as though she were dreaming. It had sent tingles up her arms. The ball was so bright and reflective, the leather of the strap so smooth yet firm. It had only been a matter of time before she had slipped it between her lips, and now she felt her pussy lips moisten at her reflection in the mirror of her aunt’s make-up table.

Everything else seemed to fade away. Her with a gag was all that mattered. It was the culmination of all her unspoken fantasies. She knew this was how she was supposed to be, gagged and ready to be used.

Hornier by the minute, it was only as she admired her reflection that the reality of what she had found set in. Abby had adored her aunt for years, had always enjoyed spending time with her, but she had never once suspected that she was into anything kinky like this. Then again she supposed it fitted with what she knew of the woman. Aunt Sarah had always had an arm’s length relationship with the rest of the family, which Abby had always taken to be a result of her living so far away from the rest of them. But given that most of her relatives were staunchly against anything that bore even the faintest whiff of sex or eroticism it would make sense that her aunt would not want to associate much with them if, like Abby, she was attracted to the kind of lifestyle they rebuked. What was more, now she thought about it her aunt had always been notably different to the rest of Abby’s family: energetic, passionate, animated, a touch mysterious. Nothing like the dull monotony of her other relatives.

‘It suits you.’

Whirling around, Abby’s eyes bulged as she spotted Aunt Sarah in the doorway. She had been so lost in her thoughts she had not heard her come in. Scrambling to unbuckle the strap panic rose in her when she could not get it loose. Panting, heart hammering, eyes brimming with tears she wanted to run as far away from the room as she could.

‘Hey, hey, Abby it’s okay.’ All at once her aunt was kneeling in front of her, hushing her softly. Her hands guided Abby’s gently yet firmly down onto the girl’s knees and she squeezed them reassuringly. ‘I’m here, Bee, there’s nothing to worry about.’ Her aunt’s pet name always soothed her, and Abby felt her panic subside a little. ‘I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have made you jump. That was wrong of me. Now, will you let me get this off of you, Bee?’

Abby nodded slowly, bringing her frantic breathing back under control. Carefully unbuckling the strap, her aunt placed it onto the table and smiled up at her warmly. ‘Oh, Bee, I know exactly what you’re going through. I know how hard it is, believe me.’

‘You do?’

‘Of course I do. You know our family. They’re not like us. Anything different, anything taboo it… well, you know it doesn’t have a place in their lives. They don’t understand it. Let’s be honest, they hate it. But you never seemed like them to me, Bee. You were always my favourite and now I understand why. We’re people of a different kind.’

‘You knew about me?’ Abby was alarmed: if Aunt Sarah had figured it out, what if her parents had?

‘I didn’t know. I certainly had my suspicions. Not that they could ever see it in you; they wouldn’t have the first idea what to look for. I could see the little things though, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wonder if you were like me from time to time. But until right now, no I didn’t know for sure.’

Abby felt some of the tears break over her eyelids. ‘How do you deal with it? All I can think about is what mum and dad would say if they knew.’

‘Well, it’s difficult to say really. Personally I find that living the life I want to live rather than the one they would approve of is enough distraction for me not to even think about what they would say. It’s a bit hard to describe, but…’ She stopped, glanced down as though she was ashamed of what she had been thinking.

‘But what?’ Abby urged.

Her aunt sighed. ‘Well, as you’ve probably guessed by now I’m a domme. From what I understand you’re a sub. I can’t really think of the words to describe what I mean, but, if you want, I can show you…’

Brunette woman sucks on breast of blonde woman holding her head

‘Mmmm, that’s my girl, Bee. Doesn’t it feel good to just let the real you take hold?’

Abby said nothing, only sucked harder on her aunt’s nipple. It felt so good in her mouth, her tongue flicking over the hard tip repeatedly, her saliva soaking the flesh of her aunt’s soft breast. Her tits were so plush and perfect. Not even in her wildest fantasies had Abby considered doing anything with her aunt. Now she was here though, kneeling on her aunt’s bed and taking her nipple between her lips it felt more right than anything ever had.

She moaned as her aunt stroked her hair. ‘You know, to say you’ve never done this before you’re such a good little sub. You know just how to make me –’ she gasped as Abby bit down briefly and sharply, then grinned at her like she was a mischievous child, ‘yeah, do that.’ Abby giggled and worked her breast harder, yet her eyes never left her aunt’s beautiful features. Somehow she could not bring herself to look away for even a moment. The woman had freed her from the lie of a life she had been trapped in and now all she could think of was proving herself as an impressive sub.

Brunette woman standing in bondage tied to frame in corset with panties and gag posture collar

She was so focused on her aunt’s face that she did notice her dip her hand to Abby’s groin. Only when she swiftly slipped her hand down her panties and doubled-back with two fingers up into her pussy did Abby realise her aunt had moved at all. Gasping, she began to rock and grind as bolts of pleasure flared out through her torso.

By every rationale that she had been raised with for over eighteen years, what she was doing was deeply wrong. And yet despite that, she knew she would not stop. She did not want to, neither did she think she would be able to even if she tried. She was where she belonged now, and she would submit to her aunt whenever and wherever the woman desired.

‘Now, Bee, there’s something I ought to tell you. What you found in my wardrobes, that wasn’t quite everything I have been hiding from you. You know that big rug in the living room? Well, as it happens that’s there to cover a hatch in the floor. I can show you what’s down there if you like, but I warn you, Bee, it’s not for the faint-hearted.’

Pulling away from her aunt’s tit with a wet pop, Abby took a moment to kiss the rest of her breast. Then she looked up with a smile. ‘I can take it, Auntie. I just want to be yours. I want you to show me things I don’t even know about myself.’

The woman smiled in return. ‘Well then, little girl, follow me and let me show you your new playroom.’

Abby had always been looking forward to moving in with Aunt Sarah. Now she was here, however, she could not believe how lucky she had been. Not only was her aunt fully accepting of the woman she was, she was the perfect woman to satisfy her submissive desires: loving, kinky, experienced. Abby could not have wished for a better woman to be owned by. And once Aunt Sarah introduced her to the playroom, she knew immediately that she would have a lot of time to fall even deeper in love with her new domme…

Thanks for reading!

This is a piece I wrote a good while ago, well before Christmas that’s for sure and has finally reached the top of my backlog. I am really glad it has, because to be honest I forgot about it and it is one of those stories that when I have read it back to myself before posting I have been pleasantly surprised. I like it especially because from time to time I like to add some genuine love to my stories. I’m game to write about forced transformations and kinky comeuppances all day long, but sometimes I just like to take a bit of a break and write something where the characters are genuinely kind and loving rather then bitchy, manipulative and deceitful.

I am aware that the type of content produced by myself and others can be an outlet for people. Before I started writing these they certainly were for me. And as much as I enjoy writing super kinky, super naughty captions, I think this kind of dynamic can be a nice change of pace and emphasise that domination, submission and many of the other kinks I cover in my work can be lived in a loving and passionate way, and that the bond between the dom and sub is an intimately emotional one.

Regarding the models in this video, two were used to depict Abby. The first is Riley Reid, who can be seen sucking on her lover’s tits here. She’s an awesome creator, feisty, kinky and hotter than she has any reason to be, so you should absolutely check out her work on her PornHub profile: The other model in the final bondage gif is Stella Cox. I have not seen as much of her work as I have of other adult models, but that I have seen is very hot indeed. She is both beautiful and seemingly insatiably horny, and you can find her profile here: Unfortunately I do not know who the model is in the first image, but if anybody is able to identify her I will happily reference her here too.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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