Trigger Warning: This story plays on the horror notes of zombie narratives in a sexual way. It includes potentially triggering scenes of non-consensual acts. If you feel you may find these offensive do not read this piece. I do not condone any such acts, this is purely for the purposes of the supernatural/horror narrative.

The streets were deserted as the sirens sounded, blaring out a warning to all that the curfew was in place. As if summoned by the echoing klaxons, the stillness of the night was disturbed by stray tendrils of red that slithered into view. Like plotting serpents, the fingers of scarlet fog swirled down the streets, tumbled over rooftops and slipped down walls like silent crimson waterfalls. They appeared to balance on the precipice of sentience, for though they moved without any apparent intention, so too did they seem to test the doorways and windows for some means of entry into the buildings along the streets. Many stood empty, their windows smashed in, and through these gaps the fog flowed, filling the rooms within with the same knee-height blanket of red that hugged the cobbled streets outside.

The woman fought to stave off screams of panic as the sirens sounded. As the blood-red fog set in, swirling around her ankles and shins, she wept the silent tears that only those who are truly terrified can muster, her chest shuddering in panic. Perhaps if she had thought about it, she would have removed her heels to reduce the noise of her movement, but she was so wrapped up in fear that the idea did not so much as cross her mind. All she could think to do was make her way as quickly as possible to her flat.

She knew she had left it far, far too late to leave her friend’s house, but perhaps if she was fast enough she could make it before they rose from their hidden lairs. Perhaps if she could get far enough away from the outskirts of town they would not reach her before she could get home.

Her hopes were dashed as she turned a corner into the main street. Somehow she managed to stifle the scream that threatened to tear from her lungs at the sight of shambling man stood beneath the streetlight. He had his back turned to her and swayed from side to side aimlessly, occasionally taking a few steps in one direction or another.

Darting back out of sight, she peeked around the corner at him, suddenly deeply conscious of her laboured breathing. He was dressed in black clothing and appeared to have his shirt open, though she could not quite tell. He seemed drunk, staggering from left to right and was apparently transfixed by the orange glow above him. She knew, however, that the man was entirely sober. Aware that the longer she stayed in the fog the more danger she was in, she swallowed her fear as best she could and crept around the corner, keeping to the shadows as she crept along the store fronts and down the street.

Keeping her eye on the confused figure as she moved, she tiptoed slowly past until she was all but certain he could not see her. It was to her dismay that he suddenly decided to shamble down the street to the next streetlight directly opposite her, but it was to her horror that he rapidly became only one of many figures on the street. Shuffling out of dark alleyways, clambering from the abandoned buildings and some even pushing their way out through grates and covers in the streets, dozens more men emerged into the glow of the streetlights, silhouetted up and down the street and all surrounded by the knee-deep fog that seemed to lap up against them fondly. They wore everything from business suits and dinner shirts to swimming trunks and pyjamas, with a handful wearing nothing at all.

All at once a hand reached out through the shattered window behind her to grab at her hair. This time she could not stifle her scream and tugging herself free she stumbled into the middle of the street. Illuminated fully beneath the streetlight, she crashed into the figure in black. Every man on the street turned to face her, and the air was filled with their howls as they pointed and bellowed stunted sentences at her. Cries of ‘Bitch here!’, ‘Slut need fuck!’ and ‘Grab whore!’ swarmed in the air and as they bounded towards her she screamed again and again.

Before she could make a move to run the man in black was on his feet again and he was tearing at her clothes. The shoulder of her shirt tore and as he tugged again the sleeve came away completely, then more hands were on her tearing and grabbing. Her shirt was quickly in shreds, lying tattered on the floor and the elastic of her bra snapped painfully across her back as they ripped that away too. She made a desperate attempt to keep her skirt intact, but their hands were strong and rough, and in seconds they had wrenched it away along with her panties, leaving her naked save her heels which they ignored.

She screamed incessantly though she knew it would do no good: she had heard women meet the same fate on the streets before, had gone out to find their tattered clothes and broken belongings lying in the street. She knew that the people hiding terrified in their homes would not hand themselves to nocturnal creatures in an attempt to save her, but some part of her – the primal, animal part – forced her to scream nonetheless, as though it might help her.

Of course, it did not, and having stripped her of her clothes they dragged her away, dozens of hands snatching and grabbing at her soft flesh as they did, carrying her between them and ignoring her screams. They were not gentle transporting her and though she writhed to release herself, grabbed on to windowsills and door handles as they passed by, she could not withstand their strength and every time they pried her fingers free and carried her on, chanting profanities as they did so.

At length they turned into a dark doorway before depositing her on a tiled floor. Looking up she found herself in a public bathroom, apparently long since disused based on the cracked tiles, filthy walls and splintered doors removed from their frames. It was lit by a single strip light that would not go more than a minute or two without flickering. Her exit was blocked by a dozen muscular men muttering under their breath and advancing on her, the door slammed closed behind them but stray fingers of red fog seeping through the cracks in the frame. They toyed with her briefly, advancing sharply and then retreating with sinister laughter that echoed off of the bare walls.

Scrambling away she screamed again as a large hand wrapped around her leg and she was in the middle of them once more. Their hands grabbed at her naked breasts, her legs, fondled her ass and pussy. One of them produced a roll of duct tape and she winced as she heard lengths of it torn away from the main roll. Soon those strips were bound around her ankles, her thighs, her wrists, and the speed with which they restrained her only chilled her all the more: for all their stunted speech and savage, sinister natures, they retained a level of dexterity and intelligence that was frightening. They knew how to restrain her, how to use tools and how to achieve their goals with practiced ease.

All at once those that wore them began to drop their trousers, releasing large, rigid dicks that they stroked with growls of satisfaction. Without her noticing the man in black circled behind her, looped his belt around her neck. Simultaneously tugging on it he pushed her forward and held a hand on her back so she could not stand upright. She could feel the cool air on her bare pussy.

She knew what came next.

She had seen it before. Peeping through her curtains she had watched a poor woman taken in the street outside of her own home, the savages using her until daybreak. She had screamed for a time, but then she had fallen silent, as though she had no more screams to give. Everybody knew why. Of the few girls who had been found after being taken, all had been in various states of delirium. The most far gone had seemed to be simply empty. Conscious, but as animate as a clothes store mannequin and just as easily manipulated. Those who had retained some level of mental function had simply babbled on about sex and dicks and rough, brutal intercourse.

The scientists had surmised that it had been sex with the infected that had ruined them. The more the men had used them, the more they had leeched away the woman who had once inhabited the body, gradually breaking them down until only sexual addiction remained and then further until they were nothing but empty shells.

The first dick took her by surprise not due to the speed of it but the size. It was common knowledge by now that the fog enhanced the men it infected, but she had never expected anything so large. She could feel him almost in her stomach and she wondered how she could even begin to take him. She could feel every vein along his impressive length, could feel him throbbing as he groaned deep and long. And when he began to thrust he drew little strangled gasps from her. Even if she had wanted to scream she could not have done so, partly because the belt was tight around her throat but primarily because a second of her assailants stepped forward and filled her mouth with his dick.

A brief compulsion to bite down was swatted away by her fear, and with her hefty tits swinging beneath her and the remaining men standing around the room stroking their hard dicks, she was spit-roasted by the two men.

As time wore on the men took turns using her holes. The man in black first came deep inside her, a strange sensation given that the enhancements of the fog resulted in his load being twice the quantity of an ordinary man, before moving on to stretch her ass. She screamed in pain around the dick of the man in her mouth, only for him to grip her hair roughly and pull her down his shaft to the base until she stopped. Coming away coughing and gagging she learned to hold her screams in from there forwards, though it was far from an easy task.

The men pounded her holes ruthlessly, stretching her pussy and ass and forcing her to deepthroat their massive dicks without remorse, and with each load of cum she took or swallowed she began to feel a strange wooziness overwhelm her. Though she was perfectly conscious, it felt as though her brain was going to sleep, shutting down bit by bit like the lights going out in a house whose occupants were one by one retiring. For hours she shook these cobwebs away, but she knew she could not last forever. No woman could. The infected men were impossible to resist forever, and very soon she would be just like those delusional women found naked and rambling.

She had no idea what time it was, but sometime in the early hours she seized her chance. The men had just removed her restraints only a few minutes before, and as both the man fucking her ass and the man fucking her face removed themselves and more began to move in to change her position she made her move. Elbowing the advancing men in their stomachs and knocking another aside so that he stumbled into one of the ruined cubicles, she wrenched the belt from the grip of the man in black, who was still holding it. Flicking it up she took out the light, plunging the room into darkness in the hopes it would disorient the men. Lunging for where she knew the door to be she grabbed it and tore it open. Red fog that had been lapping at the door swirled up and around her. She heard movement behind her and she made ready to run…

But she did not move. She simply stood in the doorway, surrounded by the fog that now flooded into the pitch black room. Running didn’t seem to matter. Nothing did. Not the cum dripping down her legs. Not the red marks all over her body from her rough use. Not the fog nor the grunts of rage from behind her. She was so calm. So relaxed. Wiping a drop of cum from her thigh with a finger she raised it to her mouth and licked it away.

Then hands emerged from the darkness, wrapping around her mouth, her neck, her limbs and torso. For a moment everything seemed frozen, and if anybody had passed by the doorway they would have seen the woman standing naked with strong hands clutching her supple flesh and sultry curves. The moment was short-lived, and then she was yanked back into the room, vanishing into the darkness with astonishing speed.

By the time the sun rose to disperse the fog, neither the woman nor the men occupied the public bathroom. Instead they were deep beneath, passing through old chambers and disused tunnels of such labyrinthine complexity that no man or beast could have hoped to have followed them. So full of their tainted seed that she was already a babbling mess, they bore her between them with ease.

Eventually she was carried into one of the many sinful dens they had set up beneath the town streets, all dirty mattresses and rope. Contained within were dozens of women that had been taken in the night the same as her all bound up ready to be used. With the fog unable to infiltrate the deep chambers the men were free from their mindlessness, but not from its corruption. So ruined by it they were now no more than sadistic animals, desperate to fuck night or day whenever they were not sleeping. All traces of the men they had once been were gone, and when the night came again they would ascend, drawn by the fog to the upper world.

Each night they would drag fresh prey down to their lair until it became too crowded at which point they would expand into some tunnel or cave or chamber. And each night more unfortunate men would not barricade their doors well enough and would fall victim to the fog, infected and corrupted by its potent power, stripped of their humanity until only their carnal lusts remained. It would enhance their physique, engorge their manhood and course through their system like the chill of fear.

Sooner or later, everybody would succumb. The fog would find its way into every house; the infected would drag every woman down to their dens and fuck them into oblivion; the fog would spread to all corners of the earth until humanity as it was once known simply ceased to be.

The woman did not notice any of this, of course. Barely a week after her capture she had already been stripped of her ability to talk, and a week after that she had been so ruthlessly used, so pumped full of tainted cum that she had stopped moving of her own will altogether. After that she was simply a toy to be used, no more than meat to them. The men would bind her up in rope or tape and use her on her mattress, and she would stare up at them hollowly, a doll for their enjoyment alone…

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