Models: Amber Luke & Derrick Pierce

‘That’s it, gorgeous, feed on me. Feast on my power. You need my body. I am the only thing you live for. Worship me like the obedient mortal you are.’

Lilith watched her bald lover follow her orders with a mixture of adoration and contempt. Her lip curled as his mortal stench filled her nostrils, the scent of his soul revoltingly sweet to her. Yet at the same time raw pleasure throbbed through her body and she gave soft groans as his tongue lapped hungrily over her shaved sex.

Lilith’s many tattoos danced and writhed as he ate her out. She knew others of her kind who portrayed themselves as sweet, innocent virgins to lure in their prey, but she had always preferred playing the role of the amoral alt whore: she found it attracted the most depraved, hedonistic lovers. And with magic tattoos covering her from head to toe, she certainly looked the part.

The threat of a smile twitched the corners of her mouth as Alexei swirled his tongue around her clit just the way he knew she liked it. His dedication to satisfying her was one of the main reasons she had continued hooking up with him for the past few months. Another was his stamina. Most of Lilith’s prey were only interested in fulfilling their own needs – and they didn’t last very long while doing so either. As a succubus, she didn’t much care; she lived for the hedonistic thrill of sex, not the quality of it.

Alexei, on the other hand… Alexei had impressed her. Over the centuries she had only encountered a handful of mortals capable of truly satisfying her and he was the first to do so in almost seventy years.

And such devoted worship deserved a reward.

As she watched, a tattoo materialised around Alexei’s neck: a dotted line with the words Cut Here scrawled above in angular letters. With every passing minute more and more were appearing on his tanned flesh, the largest of which was a savage-looking eastern dragon covering his entire torso. The beast was writhing and twisting over his skin, roaring silently whenever Lilith moaned.

‘Fuck, what have you done to me?’ Alexei panted. ‘I can’t stop. I can’t get enough. Fuck, you taste so good.’ Diving forwards he spread her legs wider with powerful hands and pressed his face in even harder.

Lilith laughed. ‘Don’t worry, baby, that’s normal when a succubus consumes your soul. My body is the strongest aphrodisiac on the planet so lust is filling the void your soul leaves behind. The more I devour, the more desperate you’ll be.’

Alexei was not even interested in asking her why or how she was taking his soul. Starving for Lilith’s divine body, he simply wrapped his arms around her legs and pulled her in harder, his grip so tight his entire body trembled.

‘Good boy,’ Lilith grinned. ‘Give yourself up to me. Let me transform you. Let me corrupt you. Mmmh, yes, give me your soul and I will make you so much more.’

At Lilith’s command, Alexei pulled back and scrambled up onto the sofa. His rigid cock jutted up as he fought the urge to throw himself upon her, the sight drawing a sinister smirk over Lilith’s lips.

This was her favourite part of the corruption: the transition from mortal to monster. She could see the conflict playing over Alexei’s face. There was just enough humanity left inside for him to fear the sadistic creature before him. Yet at the same time most of his soul was already gone and her irresistible presence was forcing him to obey every order she gave.

Right now he was little more than a terrified puppet. But Lilith was about to change all that.

In a single blink her eyes changed. The whites and pupils vanished, washed away by piercing blue. Her true succubus eyes glittered with depraved glee as she straddled his hips and sank down onto his quivering cock. 

The second he entered her all of their tattoos were suddenly in a frenzy. The diamonds and patterns on Lilith’s chest twisted and rotated in a kaleidoscopic display while the menagerie of demonic creatures adorning the rest of her body all snapped and snarled and laughed as she began to rock her hips.

Beneath her, meanwhile, Alexei’s dragon spat dark flames, a pair of ink scissors circled the line around his throat, and with every thrust even more tattoos appeared across his body, each one magically alive.

It was not long before Lilith felt his cock twitching inside her. His orgasm was imminent.

‘Cum for me, baby,’ she urged, her pupils and irises visible again but the whites of her eyes still strikingly blue. ‘Cum for me and accept your new life. Let the darkness take you.’

Lilith laughed as Alexei unloaded into her tight pussy. He screamed as the last of his soul was torn out, every muscle in his body tensing. Only when every last drop had left him did he relax, crumpling into the sofa as Lilith slipped down beside him.

‘So, did you enjoy your last orgasm as a mortal?’ she smiled, tracing his chin with a claw-like nail.

The creature who had once been Alexei was breathless. When he turned to face her his eyes were the same bright blue as her own and he seemed to see her for the first time again. ‘I don’t understand… what did you do to me?’

Lilith smiled, revealing sharp fangs she had hidden until now. ‘I ate your soul. But I replaced it with my power. I made you like me, babe. I made you an incubus. You’re not Alexei anymore. You are Azreal.’

The new incubus nodded. ‘Yes. Azreal. I like that name.’

‘And you’re going to like your new life too,’ Lilith said. ‘Creatures like us, we don’t age or die. Our stamina is limitless and any mortal is ours to seduce and control. We are endless and live only for sex and hedonism. Me and you, baby, we can fuck until Judgement Day. So I hope you aren’t tired of little old me, because we have an eternity to spend drowning in pleasure together. You know, you should really be thanking me: before tonight you were only my mortal slave. Now you’re my eternal lover.’

Wicked mischief twisting his features, Azreal’s grin revealed his own fangs. ‘Then how about I show you how thankful am, lover?

Without waiting for an answer Azreal drove Lilith down onto her back and spread her legs wide. Plunging his cock into her twinkling cunt, he eagerly set about using his new supernatural lust to reduce the slutty succubus to a horny, screaming mess.

By the time they finally finished fucking a week later one thing was certain: their eternity together was going to be very, very naughty…

Thanks for reading!

As my regular readers will know, I don’t just enjoy writing erotica. I also love the chance to showcase the work of all kinds of different adult models. It is really a pleasure to go beyond the mainstream porn scene and find models who are either simply underappreciated or who reside in their own specific niche. Often these are models who do not conform to typical standards of ‘beauty’, but that is exactly why I delight in including them in my stories.

Personally, I think this is one of the hottest stories I’ve written in quite some time and that is do primarily to Amber Luke, who is probably the most alternative model I’ve ever included on my blog. But the reason it is so hot to me is because she is so alt. I think her presence really elevates this piece to the next level in a way most mainstream models couldn’t.

As far as I’m concerned, Luke’s work is just as worthy of attention as the biggest names in the business. To me, it doesn’t matter if a model has one scene under their belt or one thousand, they all bring their own unique energy and that in turn inspires me in different ways. So this is just a reminder that I will always showcase new, alternative and obscure models because that’s what this blog is all about. And if you have any models you would like to see in my work, please don’t hesitate to let me know!


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