Riley had always been nervous about sex. She had never felt particularly confident in her abilities, nor believed herself to be any more than average in appearance. Whenever she had gone out drinking for the night the wolf whistles and lingering stares had always seemed staged to her and she had tried as best she could to avoid the men lusting after her in the clubs.

When she met Adrian her sexual appetites had changed a little, but not that that much. Though she was more comfortable making love to a man she knew cared for her over some stranger from the club, she still insisted on doing the deed with the lights turned off, and it was rare for them to fuck any more than once a month. Adrian was the typical bad boy her parents had warned her against, and she knew full well that he was finding his release elsewhere, but something about being around him made her feel better about herself. Whether it was the chance to cuddle into his big chest, or the mind-blowing sensation of his massive dick in her holes, she felt it was worth shutting out the evidence of his adultery just to stay with him.

A few days ago, Adrian suggested they each choose a tattoo for one another. He had suggested it in the same tone he usually suggested things, which was to say that both of them knew they would go along with his idea sooner rather than later. The young brunette had never been against tattoos, and in fact had been planning on getting one herself for years without ever getting around to it, so she had agreed without hesitation. The fact that Adrian had never expressed an interest in any form of romantic gesture was quickly pushed aside and now, a week later the two of them were sat in the tattoo shop together.

Adrian rolled his eyes when she presented her ‘I love Riley’ design to the tattooist with the words on a ribbon criss-crossing a love heart, but he went along with it regardless. When it came to his design for her, however, she was very confused. Consisting of a trio of what appeared to be far-eastern symbols, the design was neither attractive nor romantic. In truth, she would never have picked anything like it for herself and if she had not already agreed to the deal and had Adrian go through with his tattoo first she would have turned it down. But for whatever reason it seemed to mean something to her lover and he insisted she have it inked at the bottom of her spine.

The process was more painful than she had expected, but he held her hand and reassured her with uncharacteristic tenderness as she was inked. All the while he continually glanced down at the site of the tattoo with a strange smile of satisfaction on his face.

That evening, as Adrian was in the shower, Riley found herself writhing on the sofa. Ever since leaving the tattoo shop it was as though she had been treading water and now she was beginning to drown. But it wasn’t water she was succumbing to; instead it was slutty impulses the likes of which she had never experienced before. Stripping down to just her shirt and a pair of particularly risqué panties that Adrian had bought her for her birthday but that she had never plucked up the courage to wear, she reclined on the sofa squirming, her body unsure how to relieve itself of her sudden horniness.

At length she allowed her fingers to snake down to her pussy, and the moment she brushed her clit with her forefinger she felt an explosion of lust blast through her system and a sudden, unexpected moan tear from her lips. Clamping her hand over her mouth in shock she continued to tease her pussy until her panties were dripping and her juices had begun to soak into the material of the sofa. Once she realised, she jumped up and swore under her breath, an action that only bemused her more: she never swore. Staring at the dark patch on the material she started to worry what Adrian would think…

Adrian, she thought. He’s up there in the shower. Naked. I should go and apologise to him. Make it up to him for ruining our sofa. As though on auto-pilot, she hurried up the stairs and bumped into him leaving the bathroom with a towel around his waist.

‘What is it, babe?’ he asked, and she noticed that satisfied smile again.

Riley could not explain it. Laying eyes on her muscular boyfriend, his strong chest bare, his ruggedly handsome features fixed on her, the sight sent her into overdrive. Nothing about how she was feeling made sense, and if she had stopped to think for a moment perhaps she would have turned tail and ran. But there was a warm throbbing in her groin and an unusual clarity in her mind: she knew what she wanted, and she wanted it now.

Removing the towel from his waist she revealed his hefty meat and in a heartbeat she was on her knees. With an experience that was not her own she took it into her mouth and began to work it like a seasoned cocksucker. The rolling bob of her head was punctuated by wet sucking and the occasional pop of her lips as she pulled away to lick his shaft. Gradually she worked him down onto his back and she reveled in his groans as she pleasured him.

Brunette in lace underwear and pale shirt gives deep oral sex to man

It felt so right having him invade her mouth, feeling his salty meat press against her cheeks, her palate, the back of her throat. The more she tasted of him the more she wanted and when he tangled his hands in her hair and helped sink his dick in deeper she did not resist. Her eyes rolled with the ecstasy of it all, and inside she felt as though somebody had taken everything about her and smashed it into pieces. Using those pieces, a new person was being formed, and as she serviced Adrian with ever-increasing dedication the facet of her new personality that was an experienced and slutty cocksucker was fully solidified. She never knew how late into the night they lay on the floor, her lips wrapped around his dick, only that they awoke the next morning having never made it to bed.

For the following two weeks, she was overwhelmed by a mixture of confusion and arousal. On the one hand she had never felt more peaceful than when she was on her knees with Adrian’s dick in her mouth, and she felt so lucky that she was able to swallow his tasty load knowing that countless other girl’s would have killed to service her stud. But on the other, that feeling of contentment consistently clashed with the rest of her personality. After that one night where all she had been able to think about was sucking his cock, her old personality had filled in the blank spaces that were left the next morning. Despite her increased horniness she remained deeply insecure about her skills and her body, and whenever she was not on her knees gorging herself on Adrian’s meat she was in denial over her addiction to it.

After a drunken night out, Riley woke up with a searing pain in her back. A quick look in the mirror had revealed two new tattoos similar to the first three, the collective five symbols now halfway up her spine. As though seeing them sparked something deep inside her, she felt the sudden need to taste Adrian again. Though this time she wanted to do more than just suck his cock, she wanted to hear him talk dirty to her. She wanted using and objectifying.

Brunette in knee-length socks and plaid tie gives deep oral sex to tattooed man

As she had expected, waking him up wearing only a tie and some grey knee-length socks had the desired effect. For the past fortnight she had invariably blown him with her clothes on, but now her nakedness seemed natural, and Adrian was loving it. Before long he was fucking her face hard, gripping her hair with strong fingers and leaning forward to spank her naked ass until she screamed. More pieces of her old personality were replaced, adding a love for slutty clothes and flaunting her body to her addiction to cock. Taking him deep down her throat and eventually swallowing his load, she realised she was losing herself to new impulses and desires. Her former self was slipping away and she was loving what it was being replaced with.

‘Holy shit,’ he groaned, ‘those tattoos were such a good idea. I always knew you’d be an amazing slut, I just had to get rid of that boring prude first.’ She moaned around his dick as he confessed and toyed with her naked pussy until she was dripping. ‘This guy I knew told me about them. Said it was some kind of ancient ritual that he found out about somehow. Ancient emperors used to use it to turn their concubines into horny sluts. Thought it was a load of shit, of course, but it was worth a try, right? And holy shit, it worked so fucking good. Just listening to you moan I can tell you’re loving this. Fuck you’re so good, bitch.’

Pulling away, she looked up at him with innocent eyes. ‘Are there more symbols from the ritual?’

Brunette with tattoos down her spine rides hunky lover hard on sofa

‘You bet there are, you’ve only had half of them.’

‘Please babe, will you let me have the rest?’

They had only been at the party for half an hour but even in that brief time Riley had grown too horny to contain herself. The thought of fucking rough in somebody else’s home – especially the sprawling mansion of the rich dude Adrian’s family knew – had been too much. Sneaking off to some back room that appeared to be some sort of storage room for odds and ends that couldn’t find a place anywhere else in the house, they had immediately dropped onto the leather sofa in the centre and started fucking.

As Adrian ploughed her pussy ruthlessly and she fought to contain her slutty screams, she leaned down to whisper in his ear, whimpering with each thrust he sank into her dripping hole. ‘Babe, I’ve been thinking. You know that ritual? Did your friend say anything about what would happen if you went through it more than once?’

‘No, why?’ he replied, grunting as he approached climax. The knowledge that she would suck him clean just as she always did these days was as erotic as her tight pussy lips clenching at his cock.

‘Well, I just wondered. After all, I’ve got plenty more skin we could get inked. How about we go down to that tattoo place tomorrow and give me another two rows of your pretty ritual symbols and see what happens?’

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