Sin-Wave: Extracurricular Activities

Image of empty school corridor

The campus of Crystal Falls college was all but deserted when the earth tremor struck. With the corridors empty and only a handful of staff remaining on the premises the rattling of chairs and tables as they shuddered across classroom floors went largely unnoticed, and there was no effort made to evacuate for such a minor event.

In his office, Mr. Martin Cole glanced up as the furniture juddered softly. The other man in the room started from his position on the seat opposite. ‘The fuck was that?’

Mr. Cole rolled his eyes. ‘Just a minor earth tremor, Corey. See, already subsided. But was the language really necessary?’ He sighed as the muscular jock shrugged. He peered down at his notes, neatly filed in the folder open on his lap.

With a shrewd eye, the older man analysed the tanned student before him. He was broad and tall, boasting a large tattoo on his hefty biceps and it was more than evident from the way in which he held himself he was acutely proud of his intimidating physique. He appeared utterly indifferent, bored even, at his presence in the office of the college counsellor, and Martin had spent enough time with enough troublesome students to have identified before Corey had even sat down that he just didn’t care. It didn’t take a genius to deduce the man was a proud, brutish type whose position as a bully was well-earned.

Despite himself, whenever he came across a student such as Corey, Martin could not totally stave off the pang of jealousy that roiled in the pit of his stomach. For all his flaws Corey was more than likely one of the most desirable men in his year, and it infuriated him that somebody so loathsome could have gaggles of mindless girls chasing after him as though he was the last man on earth. He really could not see what they saw in him. Ever since his own college days, Martin had never really been able to hold down a relationship in the long-term despite his best efforts and a dedication to being a loving, accepting partner. Yet men like Corey could treat near enough every woman he came across like dirt and they would dote on him regardless. Though Martin was far from a sex addict, the knowledge that Corey likely had access to more pussy than he knew what to do with despite his being a merciless bully certainly made him crave the touch of a woman more than a little. The indifference and entitlement of such individuals never ceased to enrage him, though naturally as a counsellor he had learned over the years to wear a professional face regardless of his inner emotions.

‘I can see why the principal recommended you pay me a visit: drinking on college premises, causing nuisance during classes, defiance of your tutors, compulsive reckless behaviour, persistent bad language, and an extensive list of other concerns. It seems apparent that there are a few things we need to work on, so how about we start at the beginning?’

On the edge of the town as it was, the college had been one of the furthest buildings from the tremor’s epicentre and, as such, it had taken the wave of power released by it a few seconds longer to reach the campus. Now though, it was here.

All at once the office was bathed in a strange black anti-light and it was as though the world was being passed through a negative filter. Martin shivered as a rolling wave of intense power coursed through him, sweeping through the room before fading as the dark light blinked out, leaving the room just as it was.

Shaking his head as though to dislodge an unwanted thought, Martin frowned. ‘Strange,’ he muttered. The strange power he had felt lingered and his entire body tingled oddly.

‘Uh, doc,’ Corey said. Following the student’s incredulous gaze he looked down at his body.

His eyes bulged with shock. His entire person was alive with crackling black light, bolts of energy zigzagging wildly across his skin. Strangely, it felt good. Better than good; it was pleasurable. Glancing up at the student before him he found that his jealousy had been overwhelmed by… attraction?

At that moment Martin’s head was bombarded with… well, he wasn’t sure exactly. To have called the sounds and whispers voices would not have been entirely accurate, for there were no real words or understandable structure to them. Rather it was closer to an idea, an epiphany and he knew without question what they were there for. He was being offered power. A deep, dark, long-lost power the like of which the world had not seen for centuries. A dark bargain was his for the taking and he knew in that moment that the power was only offered to those who wanted it, who needed it. The chosen ones. The power sought them out and assured them of one undeniable truth: corruption felt good.

Sordid images tumbled through his mind: plastic tits and pouting lips dripping with cum, hefty cocks and glistening cunts, the echoing slap and rippling flesh of sweaty bodies slapping against one another. With them came visions of places he knew: a local diner where a handful of buxom women where fucking one of the waiters on the table, the little chapel on the other side of town in which the reverend was buried balls deep in some screaming slut, the supermarket where a vapid bimbo was being fucked against one of the freezers by a bald man with a big dick.

Part of him knew that accepting would destroy the man he was, but he didn’t care. The scheming power was too intoxicating to resist and he allowed a mischievous smile to twist his features.

‘Yes, take me. Twist my soul.’ He laughed as the crackling black energy sank into his skin and flashes of what was to come flickered through his mind. He beamed all the wider as he felt the evil power set to work. He wanted it all.

Though to the eye of the slack-jawed Corey the ensuing transformation was staggeringly fast, Martin felt every minor detail as his body shifted into something new.

Though he could feel his insides shifting with almost violent enthusiasm – muscles warping and reshaping, bones crunching and grinding – the first visible change came through his fingernails. Suddenly alive with electric tingling he watched as the formerly scratched, bitten stumps elongated into long claws, which were quickly painted over by black and white varnish flecked with glitter.

Following this the transformation began to spread over his fingers. His thick, somewhat stubby digits grew long and slender, the dashes of hair that coated them receding into the flesh. On one of these he wore a ring which rapidly morphed from a simple silver band to a more intricate, feminine item that shimmered in the sunlight shafting through the windows. The tough, rugged skin of his palms mellowed dramatically and lost the many small scars he had picked up over the years. The moles and blemishes that dotted his hands seemed simply to fade away, giving way to more newly perfect skin and by the time the changes reached his wrists the strong, rough hands he had so recently owned were no more.

Sweeping up his arms, the transformative power set to work on those too. As it had with his hands it wiped away the many scars and blemishes, moles and imperfections, while the copious hair he wore on his arms withered and fell like trees to a wildfire. The pronounced veins that wound up the limbs seemed almost to retreat, sinking deeper into his body and leaving the hairless skin that remained smooth as polished wood and soft to the touch. Though Martin had not been an athletic man for many years he ate well and exercised with relative frequency, and as a result the underlying muscle of his more active youth had not fully worn away. Now, however, those muscles shrank, the definition seeming to flee from his arms into his chest in preparation for something far more impressive.

As his arms had twisted into new shapes, so too had his legs. Though neither occupant of the room could see it beneath the counsellor’s immaculate dress shoes, Martin had felt his feet be subjected to a similar transformation: vanishing hair, varnishing nails, refining structure, softening flesh. Consequently, his shoes were now ill-fitting, just as the rest of his attire was shortly to become. Those changes had then rolled upwards, cutting down the forests of hair that blanketed his shins and thighs, dissolving the slightest imperfection that might defile his immaculate new flesh, even reshaping the limbs themselves. His calves filled out a little, plumping up appealingly however it was his thighs that underwent the more noticeable change. Swelling enormously, their newfound girth could not be contained by Martin’s unforgiving business trousers. Soon after they began to grow the seams of his trousers split here and there, flashing patches of golden skin for all to see.

With his legs no longer appearing to belong to him the corruptive power continued its assault. Seeming to lull around his shoulders briefly, it worked up from his waist to overwhelm his torso. The swelling of his thighs continued to thrive around his waist, pushing his flat ass out into a pair of bulging, shapely cheeks that also proved too much for his jeans and pinged the buttons of his fly across the room. The increase in size was so substantial that he was visibly elevated on his seat. With teeth-grinding crunches, the bones of his hips widened. It was difficult to tell what was more unbelievable – the fact that such hideous cracking noises were not causing the man any pain, or the fact that his jeans did not completely give way under the pressure.

Remarkably, far from feeling painful, everything overcoming Martin’s body felt increasingly good. More than good: erotic. At first the changes had taken effect with an odd tingling sensation, but by now each new development rippled waves of pleasure through his body. Deep, sexual pleasure that churned his insides and filled his mind with naughty ideas. With the pleasure only building with each passing second his manicured fingernails found their way to his bulbous thighs and despite himself he began to rub his emerging body. He felt like he was emerging from a chrysalis he had never realised he was locked away in.

For a brief moment Martin felt abruptly breathless. The wind was blown from his lungs as his ribs contracted sharply, filling the air with the same grinding that had just emanated from his hips. As his frame narrowed – broad shoulders pulling in and wide chest coming with them – so his chest seemed to bulge. It was as though all the substance that was being removed as his shoulders crushed inwards was being forced into his chest and though neither of them could see it, it was flowing in like water into a balloon.

During this process his abdomen was also undergoing changes. The small yet noticeable paunch he had acquired in the last few years redistributed itself all across his torso to define a curvaceous, alluring figure and in a bizarre contrast the remains of his youthful abs both faded and solidified in equal measure. While the pronounced lines of his abs vanished beneath the material of his shirt on account of the redistributing fat that swallowed them up, when he ran his slender fingers up and underneath he could feel his strong core shifting beneath the skin. The thick, greying hair that coated his torso in more copious quantities than his legs rapidly dissolved and he felt with a pang of horniness his dark areola grow out a little, harbingers of something altogether more orgasmic.

Once every last mole and pimple had faded from his back he felt the power clawing at his neck, apparently desperate to reach his head. His throat burned hot as his vocal chords restrung themselves and a second later the pitch of his breathing was noticeably higher, the ring of his shallow gasps more feminine. In places his neck had begun to sag, a sign of his advancing age, but these were dealt with quickly and easily, the skin pulling back and stretching taut as though he had never aged at all.

By the time the corrupting power reached his skull, Martin was all but overwhelmed by the euphoria of his transformation. His laboured breathing had given way to sensual moans that filled the room like droning bees, and even with parts of his male body still intact he smiled in satisfaction as he noticed Corey’s jeans beginning to tent. Then his mind was overwhelmed by the evil influence and he was lost to the pleasure once more, moaning louder with each additional change.

The first facial change was his lips. Filling out, they were painted over with glossy pale lipstick by an unseen hand, and he immediately bit them with bright new white teeth as he imagined going down on Corey’s rising boner. In a series of snaps and crunches his jawline shifted, narrowing from the broad, flat line he had known all his life to a more delicate curve. The fine layer of stubble he had not had chance to shave off recently faded like all the body hair before it and in the blink of an eye he was smooth shaven. Sweeping up beneath the skin, his cheekbones rose dramatically, a dusting of rosy blush applying itself to his cheeks as they did so. His deep-set eyes drew out a little further, soon sitting in shallower sockets and as they moved they acquired a distinctly feminine nature. With his eyelashes now longer, invisible brushes set to work making up his eyes: dark mascara, thick eyeliner, metallic grey eyeshadow and dash of silver highlight around the inner corners. With it all applied his eyes seemed to be framed by darkness that faded out into the smoky eyeshadow and a newfound air of mystery and seduction wrapped itself around him. His nose – broken a few times in his younger days – reset itself to within a few millimetres of its original position and narrowed a little as his jaw had, while his bushy, unkempt eyebrows were honed and trimmed until they were perfectly uniform.

Once the wrinkles and occasional zit that had occupied his forehead had been dealt with and the skin left smooth all that was left was his hair. Running his hands through the short, poorly-tended brown cut he already had seemed to galvanise the process and like a rejuvenated waterfall reborn from the first rainfall after a drought it cascaded down with his falling hands. Luscious, silky blonde locks shot through with brown tumbled down, tangling themselves between his fingers as they descended. Beneath the vibrant blonde, however, his original brown was retained and as his fresh hair draped over one shoulder the two colours swirled through one another.

Having reached his head, the delicious power now delved deep into his mind. With a strange tingle that raised the hairs on his nape, the pleasure centres of his brain expanded greatly. Then, raging through his head like a tsunami and reducing the man he had been to rubble that was easily washed away came a new personality. In seconds Martin was gone. In his place, Madison was born. A shameless whore with a near insatiable craving for sex, she smirked as she felt the last fragments of Martin consumed by the incredible power coursing through her body.

She wanted so much. She wanted to gag on big cocks and feast on dripping cunts; she wanted to be spoiled and fucked, fucked and worshipped. She wanted to walk the streets wearing nothing at all and bend over for the first jock who tried his luck. She wanted dominate and submit, to choke on cum and scream herself hoarse riding the biggest dick she could find. She felt like a goddess. The power was hers and she would wield it formidably: she could wreck marriages with a few seductive words, charm anybody with only a stare. Nobody would be able to resist her perfect body.

She was going to have soooo much fun.

Her new personality solidified, the final and most orgasmic changes took hold. All at once her chest erupted with ecstatic sensation and the partially swollen mounds that had formed there exploded outwards. Stretching her shirt almost to breaking point her new breasts grew to magnificent size, the creak of the strained material desperately attempting to retain her modesty mingling with her own long, low groans. The sensation was incredible. It was like her chest was ablaze with fires of passion and every inch of her body tingled with orgasmic delight. By the time they had attained their full size the top several buttons of her shirt had shot off and struck the opposite wall, leaving ample cleavage on view.

Though neither one of them could see it, Madison absolutely felt the final step in her physical transformation. In fact the change was so intensely erotic that her vision blurred briefly and she wondered for a few seconds if she was about to pass out. It felt as though her groin had been doused in a potent acid that was eating away at Martin’s remaining manhood. The roiling burning sensation was so hot that she was reminded of the first second after one dips their hand in scalding water when the heat is so intense that the body cannot immediately fathom it and, for a brief time, it feels almost ice cold. Rather than pain, however, the invisible acid blazed with passion and pleasure, flooding raw and insatiable desire through her body until she thought she might drown in it. It felt like an eternity before her manhood had withered away, only for a fresh eternity to stoke her with new lust as a perfect, dripping pussy opened between her thighs. What little of her pubic hair that remained by this point swiftly retreated leaving her cunt soft and bare, and she shivered as her underwear felt suddenly baggy and rubbed across her virgin hole.

Busty blonde woman wearing white shirt and black skirt - woman in image is pornstar Phoenix Marie

While her physical transformation was complete, the corruptive wave of sin was not quite finished. After all, a slut needs an appropriate outfit, and to conclude the transition from man to minx it reworked her attire to suit her new body. The staff lanyard draped about her neck shimmered as it warped into a glittery silver necklace complete with diamond-encrusted heart pendant, with a matching pair of luxurious earrings twisting out of thin air and slipping themselves through freshly-pierced ears. The half-ruined shirt he wore rippled as though in a fierce wind and as it did so the split seams and torn fabric stitched back together, the lost buttons flying back from the other side of the room and re-attaching themselves. The shirt itself shifted to a more feminine design, emphasising her impressive curves and it was buttoned low to display her deep cleavage which had been accentuated by a newly-materialised black bra that peeked up over the edges of the shirt. Her trousers underwent a more dramatic change as the torn material shrank in on itself, rising up to reveal the long, smooth legs hiding beneath. Only coming to a halt when it was most of the way up her thighs the resulting skirt was just thin enough to be partially translucent and tempt any onlooker with the idea of what lay beneath which, as it turned out, was a pair of black satin panties that slid over her pussy like a soothing balm. Then, with one final burst of speed the professional leather dress shoes that had once belonged to the man she had been twisted and reshaped into a set of tall, elegant black heels that wrapped her feet in straps of dark mesh.

Rising from her chair she stretched new limbs and pursed her lips. ‘Fuck,’ she breathed ‘that felt good.’ Fixing the astounded Corey with a piercing stare she tugged on the corner of her collar, revealing more of her perfect bosom. Here and there her skin had been speckled with a mole or two and the way they broke the uniform perfection of it only served to emphasise how beautiful she was. ‘A lot better than before, wouldn’t you say?’

Corey’s jaw hinged open and closed uselessly and he looked as though his eyes were about to burst from their sockets. But she didn’t care about his shock. No, it was the thing responsible for his tented jeans she was after.

‘Stand up,’ she said softly.

‘But, I… what… fucking hell… he… you…’

Rolling her eyes she realised her patience was more limited in this new body. ‘I said stand up.’ Her command was sharp and Corey leapt up as though stung. As he did so the boner he was sporting dropped to the side, though it was still visible as a thick rod bulging beneath the denim. Allowing herself a small smile she slunk over to him. Approaching him her mind was full of dirty desires.

Blonde woman gripping collar of muscular man and stroking his jeans

Something about her rooted the shell-shocked jock where he stood. Something in her stride, her eyes, her pout. An air of quiet intimidation oozed from her pores, filling the room and coiling around her prey like a scheming serpent. Corey did not dare even flinch as she darted forward to grip his shirt and her spare hand snaked down to caress his restrained erection. His breathing was shallow with fear and arousal and he was unsure which was going to win out. With every second in her presence, however, he grew more certain it would be the latter.

Pressing her body close to his she smirked mischievously. ‘You know, it would be an awful shame to waste this nice firm boner you’ve got here,’ she cooed, biting her lip. ‘I think, since we’re not going to be disturbed, we should make good use of it.’

Though his arousal was winning out, the confused jock still struggled to keep his head. Of course, if he had seen the woman on a night out he would have jumped at the chance to fuck her. But what he had seen, what had just happened, it was insane. It wasn’t possible. Only minutes ago he had been faced by the boring college counsellor and now this stunning woman had taken his place and was trying to seduce him. ‘But, Mr. Cole, you, we can’t…’ His protestation faltered as she squeezed his dick sharply.

Again her patience failed her and in a blur of motion she slid her hand down the inside of his jeans and boxers and coiled her fingers around his pulsing shaft. He groaned and she pulled him closer to her by his shirt. ‘Martin is gone, Corey. You can call me Madison now, and that wasn’t a request. I want to fuck you right here on this couch and I promise you one way or the other, whether you resist or you agree I will get my way. I would advise you just let yourself enjoy it, otherwise you might regret it. Tell you what, how about I put you at ease?’

Without waiting for a reply, Madison unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans with a deft, experienced hand and with a violent tug yanked jeans and boxers down together. His hefty boner was finally released and it swung up, his body eager to receive what his mind had not yet decided on. Pulling him over to the nearby couch she sank back onto it. Stabilising herself with one leg on the floor she leaned over and practically inhaled his cock into her wet, slutty mouth.

Blonde woman giving oral to man wearing only her skirt and heels with man holding her arms behind her back

The moment her lips brushed his dick, she knew Corey was hers and he groaned deeply as she went to work on him. Sloppy, wet slaps filled the room as she gorged herself on him, slurping eagerly on his shaft and savouring his meaty, salty taste.

Tipping back his head he grunted breathlessly, idly thrusting deeper into her throat as she bobbed up and down. Her lips were so soft yet so firm and the wetness of her tongue as she licked hungrily was hotter than anything he had experienced before.

Briefly pulling away she stared into his eyes. ‘Don’t you want to see more of this hot, slutty body, baby? Undress me already.’ Then she was back on his dick, bowing to him exactly where he wanted her too.

With a primal violence he tore at her clothes. Her shirt came away easily with a sequence of dry pops as the buttons flicked open, and he tossed it aside to land on the back of the chair Mr. Cole had so recently occupied. Beneath it her skirt rose high over her waist and her magnificent breasts were bound in the large black bra she wore. Overwhelmed with lust for her he grabbed the small gold clasp between her breasts that kept it together and squeezed. The weight of her heavy chest forced the bra open with such force that both cups swung up and around her back as her newly freed breasts swung with the rhythm of her bobbing head.

Pulling the bra-straps from her shoulders, Corey slid it down her arms before looping the excess cord and cups around her forearms and holding them down behind her. Now that he had a firm grip on her he began to thrust hard into her mouth and she moaned with approval as he fucked her throat.

Soon she noticed the frantic panting, increased pace and bucking of his member that signalled Corey was approaching his climax and she pulled away, licking her lips as she did so. In response to his disappointed expression she grinned wolfishly. ‘Believe me, I would love to suck you dry, babe, but I want the first load I take to be in a different hole.’

Rolling back onto the couch she quickly worked her skirt and panties down before lying in an alluring position. As she did so Corey wrenched off the remainder of his clothing as though it was on fire and he kicked them across the room before lining himself up to enter her exposed pussy.

Before he could enter her, however, she reached back and clasped his dick gently. ‘Oh no, I didn’t mean that one.’ With a wicked grin she eased his boner up a little and pressed his head against her tight ass. With his head already slick with her juices, she ran her fingers between her pussy lips before working them along his shaft to lube him up.

She giggled at the expression of disbelief that flashed over Corey’s face. She was such a filthy slut and she knew he could not resist that. His shock replaced with a naughty grin he pushed, slowly parting the tight ring of muscles before easing inside.

Blonde woman having anal sex with muscular man

Her glossy lips curled into a satisfied smile as he filled her waiting ass. In that moment she was thankful that her former self had been in the presence of such a well-endowed student when the sin-wave had struck her, otherwise she had no idea what she might have done. As it was, he was her puppet now and she allowed herself to enjoy the feeling of his throbbing cock filling her tight insides.

Bolts of pleasure lanced out through her groin and hips and with every thrust she felt her stomach shiver pleasurably. She had known from the moment she came into being that she was an anal whore but actually feeling him stretch her, fill her, it was a fantasy made reality. Based on the desperate and horny groans that the jock was making as he pounded her hole with increasing vigour, he was also a fan.

Reaching around she grasped her ass and pulled it up, stretching her hole just that little bit wider so that he could bury himself deeper inside. The resulting ecstasy raged through her body and she gasped over and again when he struck just the right place. She could not imagine being any hornier than this, but she dearly wanted to try. Slipping a hand between her thighs she rubbed her clit viciously and shortly felt her own climax building to breaking point.

‘Fuck,’ grunted her lover, ‘fuck I’m gonna cum. I can’t believe it. This is insane. I’m so close.’

‘That’s it baby, cum deep in my ass. I want to feel you fill me up until I’m leaking. Oh, I’m such a fucking slut for you and I need your cum so bad. Fill me, baby. Cum for me.’

Her dirty talk pushing him over the edge, he obliged and the sensation of his hot seed pumping into her insides broke the chains of her orgasm as well. Wrapped in orgasmic delight the two of them moaned deep and loud, their bodies a tangle of sweaty limbs. Both of Madison’s legs shook desperately as the ecstasy of her first female orgasm and the erotic passion of being filled so completely with cum fought for dominance. Her mind effectively ceased to function and she rode the waves of pleasure that roared through her body with content satisfaction.

When at last they had both finished, Madison slowly rolled aside and Corey’s dick exited her hole. Before he could move away, however, she looped her hand around his waist and pulled him over to her. Lying back on the couch she guided his dick into her mouth once more and began to suck, breaking away on occasion to talk to him.

‘You know, this counselling job is all well and good, but somehow I don’t think the college is going to be best pleased if they find out I’ve been fucking my patients. What do you think?’

By now so fully ruled by his desire, Corey could barely take anything in anymore. Instead his mind was swimming in pleasure, drowning in it, and as the smoking hot woman beneath him continued to give him a second incredible blowjob it was all he could do to formulate single words. ‘Shit,’ he gasped.

‘It is shit, you’re right. After all, it’s not like I wouldn’t be getting results. I mean, take you for example. I’m fairly sure you’d do absolutely anything I said if the reward was a one-to-one session like this. It’s all about incentive. But no, the college wouldn’t have that at all would they? I just don’t know what I’ll do instead.’

‘Fuck,’ he groaned.

‘Well obviously, stud, that’s a given. That’s what this body is for.’ She paused, sucked on his dick thoughtfully for a moment. ‘Wait, that’s it. You’re a genius. I’ll get a job as a hooker. No way a pimp is going to turn me down. I could be a stripper too, when I’m not wrapped up in the arms of my paying customers. That’s the answer. And I know I’m not the only one the wave chose. There are plenty of hot new sluts who are just ready and waiting to fuck. We could have a great big orgy together. Oh now that does sound hot. Or maybe I’ll just claim a lot of guys for myself. Speaking of which… Corey, I don’t suppose any of your friends might like the idea of a gangbang with their innocent college counsellor? Of course, as your counsellor everything would be kept in the strictest confidence. It will be our little secret…’

Blonde woman giving oral to muscular man

Thanks for reading!

As I mentioned in my last piece, around the time I was writing this I was in a big slump, the worst I have faced so far since starting to write captions. Thankfully, there are a lot of other great creators out there who were willing to help and this piece is a direct result of their advice.

One of the creators who was a massive help was Evie Hyde. If you’ve read my work for any amount of time you will know I am a big fan of her as she is an incredible creator, and one of the pieces of advice she gave me was to write up a sequel to a piece written by another creator. That is how I ended up writing this piece, which is a follow-up to Miss Hyde’s original story ‘Sin-Wave’. You can and should read her original work here:

For this piece I also wanted to experiment with making a longer, more detailed transformation scene than I usually do. Personally I think it went very well, and I absolutely enjoyed including the finer details. Having said that, it won’t be becoming a regular thing.

I hope to add to the Sin-Wave universe again in the future, so if you enjoyed this one keep your eyes open for that. By all means leave me a comment as well, as I am happy to use suggestions in my work.

Another point to note is that with December almost here, all of my stories for the next month are going to be focused on Christmas and New Year. There will most likely be a few extra releases around Christmas, and rather than a longer serial story at the end of the month as I usually do, I have plans for a festive story that will be released on or around Christmas Day. Between Christmas and New Year will be when the stories focused on New Year will come into play, then once we’re in 2020 it will be back to normal stories and I have plans for a special start to the year if I have time over the next month to get it written up. I hope you enjoy all of my festive stories and have a great Christmas for those who celebrate it.

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