Trigger Warning: This story plays on the horror notes of zombie narratives in a sexual way. It includes potentially triggering scenes of non-consensual acts. If you feel you may find these offensive do not read this piece. I do not condone any such acts, this is purely for the purposes of the supernatural/horror narrative. The streets were deserted as the sirens sounded, blaring out a warning to all that the

Stealing the bodysuit had been a good idea at first. Now though, given he was tied blindfolded to a chair with a vibrator to his false pussy and his first female orgasm rapidly building towards a point of no return, he was deeply regretting his decision. After being imprisoned in one of the Yakuza’s many locations across the city for over a week, Junichi had managed to escape his captivity

Tate had to admit that the place wasn’t as bad as he had been expecting. He had been reluctant at first to join his gay friend Mick to the gay club, but he had thought it better than to let Mick sit in and mope all night again. It had been almost a month since Mick’s boyfriend had dumped him and he hadn’t taken it well at all. Perhaps a

Clearly the woman was disappointed in what she was seeing, and though he had only just stumbled from the fetid confines of the delivery truck – a place worse than any he could think of – her iron glare already made him wish he had stayed on board. She was encased almost head to toe in black latex, a tight corset pulling in her waist, with the only visible flesh

It had been too late for her before she had even had time to register what was going on, and the moment she had found herself in the same room as the two men, she had never stood a chance. She moaned desperately around her ball-gag, her body wracked by spasms as the wand vibrator pressed to her soaking pussy pushed her ever closer to the precipice of orgasm. As

It may have been the first time Martin had seen his wife in over three months, but as she turned to face him he did not run to her. Partly because he had never seen her look at him in that way – her stare distant, an unnerving edge to her expression – but mainly because he thought the burly men twisting his arms behind his back might snap them

Lacey ran her tongue along the black bull’s meaty dick, and she felt more of her former self crumble away. The boy she had been less than an hour before was disappearing, her cravings overwhelming her and solidifying her new personality more with every passing second. Luke would soon be a hollow memory, a forgotten face, and Lacey would be free of her restrictive male persona. He had volunteered for

She couldn’t remember how long she had been there. She couldn’t remember how she had got there. She couldn’t even remember where there was. Instead, the programming process had stripped her of everything. Every memory, every aspiration, every thought of home. If somebody had asked her where she had grown up, she would not have been able to tell them. She wouldn’t have even been able to tell them her

Consciousness came slowly to her, and with it a sense of sudden dread. Something was very wrong, she could feel it in her gut, but at first she could not pinpoint what it was. As the drugs in her system wore off, her mind cleared and clarity flooded her system. Her first instinct was to run. It seemed to be a leftover reaction, as though it was the last thing

The sleek car pulled away, leaving the woman alone on the concrete. The large warehouse rose up before her, imposing, a towering structure of brick and metal. The exterior walls were decorated with thick swathes of graffiti and in places they had fallen in completely. She looked an alien sight in the old warehouse district, her crisp business attire juxtaposing the dusty, forgotten place. Smoothing down a ruffle in her