Sweaty naked woman jerks off two sweaty naked men while they grip her neck, with other men watching

She couldn’t remember how long she had been there. She couldn’t remember how she had got there. She couldn’t even remember where there was. Instead, the programming process had stripped her of everything. Every memory, every aspiration, every thought of home. If somebody had asked her where she had grown up, she would not have been able to tell them. She wouldn’t have even been able to tell them her own name: even that had been removed.

Her brain empty, a blank canvas, a new woman had been programmed in. Like a portrait painted with strokes of lust and brushes of sadism, her new self had been built up from nothing. The first thing she really remembered was an agonising lust. At first she didn’t even know what for, and for a while she had sat in a dark room, an empty void stretching out within her body and her mind, and she had screamed and cried, desperate to somehow fill the painful emptiness. Then, all at once, the programming had filled in the blank need, and she had craved sex with a more forceful desire than she had ever known. If she had not been restrained, she would have leapt upon the men who had stood over her, torn their clothes away and used their bodies to satisfy her. She had strained at her chains to do so, screaming with the need to have them inside her, in all of her holes at once.

But she was not yet complete, and they had not released her. New traits and desires had been applied: subservience, obedience, stamina and suggestibility. Soon, she had found herself craving it rough, whining to be bound and tormented, and an intimate knowledge of how to please her new masters had been carefully detailed. All inhibitions had been removed; all boundaries and protestations dissolved. By the time she was complete, she would obey with childish glee any command her masters gave her.

She could not remember how long ago that had been, but then it was impossible to understand the passage of time anymore. Wherever she was, she had not left since. When the masters left, she would be returned to her cage along with the other girls. They would sleep, and wait, in the dark and quiet, and when the masters returned they would be released to serve them. It was an endless cycle, and to her it was perfection.

Tonight had been the same, though only a few girls had been released. She stood there, naked in the dimly lit room and the hands of the men beside her found their way to her throat. Her fingers closed tighter around their dicks and she pumped them hard, her eyes rolling back in her head, their firm grip catching a long moan in her throat. They were all sweating already, and her long dark hair was messy from the men tugging at it.

She did not know who they were. She did not think they had visited before, but the masters always bought new men for her to play with. Besides, each session blurred into one another and it became hard to distinguish between her users when she was so focused on their groins. She shifted her body to find the position where the grip on her throat was tightest, and she felt the satisfying pressure build in her head. She knew that more men were behind her, their features concealed behind skull masks, and she knew that once she had worn out the three men around her, she would move on to exhaust them too, tearing away their clothes with an animal violence and using their bodies for her satisfaction.

A stray hand groped one of her breasts, her skin shiny with sweat, and she tried to moan again. It escaped a strangled stutter, and her skilful fingers bought the two men to climax together, their hot cum pouring over her hands. It was warm as it trickled over her wrist, between her knuckles, and she wanted desperately to lick the men clean, but then new hands were on her and she was suddenly in the air. The two men were gone, another girl cleaning them with her throat, and she was held between a pair of fresh men.

Her holes quivered in the few seconds she had to anticipate, and then they were inside her, dicks rock hard as they stretched her holes. Held between them she was bounced up and down by strong arms, and her own cum-soaked hands found their way around the neck of one of the men. Ever since her new memories had begun every dick felt like her first, and she could not even moan as her system was flooded with raw ecstasy, the painful stretching so perfect, the feel of his slick hot skin against hers divine. She looked into his eyes, the man behind her grunting as he pounded her ass, and she saw an animal desire in his stare. He wanted to fuck her so hard she split in half, and he knew she wanted it too. She wanted to lean in and bite his neck, to press her tits against his chest, or to lean back against the other man and stretch her holes wider for them to sink deeper inside her. And she would do all of them, soon, but right then she could only stare at him and desperately imagine all the devilish things he wanted to do to her…

Woman receives sweaty airborne double penetration from hunky men in front of male voyeurs

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