Woman with black hair licks shaft of black man

Lacey ran her tongue along the black bull’s meaty dick, and she felt more of her former self crumble away. The boy she had been less than an hour before was disappearing, her cravings overwhelming her and solidifying her new personality more with every passing second. Luke would soon be a hollow memory, a forgotten face, and Lacey would be free of her restrictive male persona.

He had volunteered for the new sex change drugs trials in the hopes of some easy cash. Having been broke since he lost his job, he really needed the money, and in his interactions with the scientists overseeing the trials he had been assured that he would be provided with means to return to his former male self should the test prove successful, since they said they were creating both male to female and female to male drugs, and if one worked then so would the other.

Having been led to a small room in which he had taken the pills, he had immediately begun to convulse and tremble. The transformation had been quick and erotic, his entire body shifting and changing until his small dick, poor physique and podgy stomach had been replaced with tight curves, a perky ass and sensitive tits. His long black hair swept down over his shoulders and a quick glance in the mirror showed him how stunning he looked. Much to his amazement, his new pussy was already soaking wet, and the moment his fingers had descended to explore it he had begun to feel very strange indeed. Along with the physical changes, it was like a light had lit inside his mind, and the brighter it grew, the hornier he became. He craved the taste of dick in his throat, and the sensation of it filling his holes. Luke had never been gay, and the sudden intensity of his cravings shocked his system. It was as though his body needed something completely different to his mind.

Stumbling out of the room through a second door, he had found himself in a lavish office, complete with large windows looking out onto an inner courtyard and a decorative flair that could have made most interior designers weak at the knees. Standing before him, shirtless but with a belted pair of jeans had been a colossal black man. For a moment they had stared at each other, silent, before he had unbuckled his belt and dropped his trousers.

Before they had even hit the ground, Luke’s new female body was scrambling over to the man without him commanding a single movement. Lacey had taken control, and unlike Luke she wanted the massive dick that had emerged. Shedding her clothes she had practically dived at the man, her lips closing around his shaft and the head sinking deep into her throat. She had gagged as she deep-throated his pulsing member, but she needed it so badly that she could not bring herself to pull away.

The man had run a large hand through her hair, and it was at that moment, his dick buried as deep as her collarbone, her eyes streaming as they met his, that Luke lost all control of the body that was once his. Soon, he was no more than a niggling thought in the back of Lacey’s mind, and as she bobbed her head up and down along the man’s meat he crumbled away. By the time the man came in her mouth, pumping his load what felt like directly into her stomach, Luke was all but gone. As she swallowed, licking the length of his dick, his last terrified whispers ran their course, and he was snuffed out like a candle in a blizzard.

Leaning back with Lacey sucking at his balls, the man spoke into an intercom. ‘Your drugs definitely work, doctor. The moment she saw my dick, she couldn’t control herself. Thought she was gonna choke herself on my dick. The weak little white boy is gone. What you want me to do with her now?’

‘Very good, our clients will be pleased to hear it. Oh, she’s yours. She’s imprinted on you now. The first man she tastes is the one she is connected to from then on. She wouldn’t obey another man the same way even if we wanted her too. Since you tested her, my superiors have seen fit to provide her to you, in return for your silence, of course.’

‘The white boy traceable?’ He moaned as she took both balls in her mouth and slurped noisily.

‘Certainly not. You can trust our discretion, I assure you. He never knew the location of the trial. Chauffeured here, the route was carefully plotted to ensure nobody followed and cameras couldn’t track it accurately. To be safe, a decoy vehicle using the same plates continued the journey for some time after he arrived here and also dropped off the map shortly after. Your own presence here is utterly concealed, and whenever you are ready a chauffeur will transport you and your new toy to whatever residence you wish. Any further questions you know how to reach us.’ The intercom cut off, and for the first time Lacey spoke.

‘Who was that, sir?’

‘Oh don’t worry about him, little girl. He was just some nice scientist who is doing some tests. He is making horny white girls to obey black men. Going to make a fortune I reckon, but I got you for free. Now you are going to come home with me, okay?’

‘But sir,’ she whined, like a spoiled brat being denied a new pony, ‘I want sex. Please sir, I promise I’ll make it good.’

The massive black man grinned, tweaking her nipple playfully. ‘Be careful what you wish for, little girl. I promise we will have sex when we get home, okay?’ She looked conflicted, as though she was about to beg more, and so he wrapped a massive hand around her throat and lifted her clean off the ground. ‘Remember who you serve, little girl. You wouldn’t want to upset sir now would you?’ She shook her head frantically. ‘Good, now are you going to whine again?’ Another vigorous head shake. Carefully he placed her back on her feet, before pulling her in close, his dick slipping between her thighs and making them both moan. ‘You like it when sir proves he owns you, don’t you?’ he growled.

‘Yes, sir,’ she whispered, kissing his broad chest softly.

By the time they had been chauffeured home, it was already dark. He lived in a remote area, so he had not bothered to dress Lacey before they had left, and once he had walked her up the path, he ushered her inside. The door closed behind them, he immediately lifted her small frame with ease. Flipping her so that her groin was at his face, he used his thick tongue expertly, alternately sinking it between the folds of her pussy and teasing her clit with the tip. She moaned and wriggled, giggling girlishly, and she fought to release the buckle of his belt.

Halfway to the bedroom she managed it, and she engulfed his dick with her mouth. It felt even better than before: this time she knew how best to work him, and she was dedicated only to his pleasure instead of her own.

Reaching the bedroom, he tossed her down onto the sheets and flicked on a small lamp. Stripping himself of his remaining attire he pinned her to the bed and growled in her ear. ‘You wanted sex, little girl. I’ll fuck you out of your slutty little mind, right here. You’d better get used to it too: I think I’ll be using you a lot from now on. My own personal slut slave. You ready?’

‘Yes sir,’ she breathed. ‘I’m yours.’

The man laughed briefly, remembering the picture of the overweight guy the doctors had said Lacey had been that very morning. Then, claiming her as his own, he impaled her on his dick and fucked her into the sheets. She clutched them, her moans filling the house as her addiction to him was solidified, and she began her new, slutty, black-owned life…

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