Here There Be Pirates

Models: Katana Kombat, Autumn Falls & Charles Dera

Considering that only a matter of minutes ago Carlos had been the only one aboard the boat – his boat – and that the man and woman who had now joined him were undoubtedly pirates, it was a little surprising to find him suckling hungrily on the radiant Latina’s soft tits. But then again, it was arguably even more surprising to find him transformed into a curvy, ample-racked bombshell himself.

The woman giggled giddily as the former captain worshipped her breasts. ‘That’s it gorgeous, don’t stop. Feast on my titties, go on.’ She turned to the man who was lounging on the leather-padded bench nearby, stroking his cock. ‘Oh Johnny, isn’t she perfect? Such a hot, needy little thing. Mmmh, she’s so good at this. Anyone would think she wanted us to turn her.’

Johnny grinned devilishly as he watched Carlos run his new tongue over Marina’s rack. ‘He wouldn’t be the first. Remember how I turned you? You said you’d heard the stories about the pirates and deliberately ventured into our waters to tempt us into boarding your boat.’ His gaze fell to Carlos and cold satisfaction crept into his expression. ‘I don’t think this one’s like you though. She didn’t look like she wanted transforming. But that just makes watching her break even hotter.’

By now Marina’s hands were playing over Carlos’s body. Slipping off the orange vest the man had been wearing when they arrived and which had already ridden up over his new tits, she then tugged off the tattered remains of his underwear, which had split at the seams when his ass rapidly expanded leaving only the elasticated orange waistband behind. Soon Carlos was naked, the tropical sun bathing his nubile body. Marina eagerly joined him, wriggling out of the airy red and purple dress bunched around her waist while Carlos desperately tried to satisfy the erotic hunger roiling inside him.

‘Please… need more… so horny…’ he panted.

Marina stroked his hair affectionately. ‘That can be arranged, beautiful. Just as soon as you admit you’re not a man anymore. Only Carla gets to taste my pussy.’

The new woman didn’t hesitate. She nodded frantically. ‘Yes. Yes, I’m Carla. Carlos is gone. Please let me eat you out. Please let me worship you.’

Chuckling deviously, Marina was happy to oblige.

Carla gasped as Marina drove her down onto her back. Breathless with lust, she was disoriented by the sudden motion and oblivious to her lover’s movements above her. But that confusion was snatched away as Marina’s shaved pussy shifted into view, filling Carla with sudden clarity. Without a second thought she hooked her arms around Marina’s sumptuous thighs and buried her face in the woman’s loins, savouring every second spent lapping hungrily on her sex.

Marina giggled as she leaned back. One foot on the seat by Carla’s head and a hand splayed over the transformed captain’s stomach, with her free hand she groped her tits sensually. Fixing Johnny with a fiendish smile she beckoned him in with a slender finger.

‘Don’t you want to join in the fun, baby?’

As Johnny approached an empty syringe rolled across the deck by his feet. The glass barrel glinted in the sun, though only a few drops of red liquid were left to suggest what the horny pirates had injected into their unwitting prey.

Carlos hadn’t known what hit him. Well… he had, but only by reputation. All the locals knew about the pirates that frequented these waters. Up and down the coast boats had fallen victim to sudden attacks. Except the boarders never came in search of money or valuables – all they wanted was sex. Anybody they found aboard was injected, the corruptive drug transforming them into smoking hot sluts with an insatiable hunger for pleasure and depravity.

The authorities were powerless. After all, how could they police the entire coastline? How could they hope to intervene when nobody ever knew when or where the pirates would strike next? No vessel was safe: everything from dinghies to superyachts had been hit. One time they had even dared to board a ferry, though half of the passengers had managed to barricade themselves in the bridge and call for help. The other half were still missing, whisked away by the pirates before assistance could arrive.

Carlos knew it was risky to go out on the waves. After all, though the coastguard did occasionally find groaning transformed sluts after the attacks – covered in cum and begging to fuck – most of the time the boats were abandoned. Nobody knew where the corrupted victims were taken, though the fear of joining them kept most of the locals on dry land. But Carlos was a fisherman by trade – he had no choice.

Fortunately, Carla was already losing interest in her old life. The memory of the burly man and the gorgeous woman sweeping up in their speedboat and burying the needle in his neck weren’t nearly as scary as they had been just a few minutes earlier. The yearning to escape, to swim to shore and get as far away from the two deviants who’d done this to her had all but faded away. And the more she thought about it, the more she realised she really, really wanted to join all those other transformed whores wherever they’d been taken – because wherever they were, they were no doubt being fucked until their brains were mush. And right now, that’s exactly what she was craving.

A craving it seemed that Johnny and Marina were more than happy to satisfy.

‘Here’s the deal, bitch,’ Johnny said gruffly as he joined them on the seat, stroking his huge cock slowly. ‘We’re going to fuck you. We’re going to fuck you as hard and as long and as rough as we like. And you’re going to love it. Every single second. In fact, by the time we’re finished you’re going to be begging us to take you back home so you can serve us more.’ He leaned in closer, a cruel gleam in his eye. ‘But that’s something you have to earn. If you want to leave with us you have to prove you’re worth it. Impress us and you can be our slut. Disappoint us and… well, I hear the cops have figured out a way to reverse the transformation. If they find you like this there’s no way they’ll let you keep this body. They’ll turn you back. Is that what you want?’

Carla’s eyes bulged with horror and she shook her head frantically, her plump tits jiggling as she did so. ‘No! No, please, no, don’t let them turn me back! Please, make me yours! I never want to go back!’

Grinning devilishly, Johnny abruptly seized her and span her around. Clutching her ankles he lifted one leg into the air and pulled the other out to the side, spreading her twinkling pussy wide. ‘I was hoping you’d say that,’ he sneered. The next moment he was plunging inside her, his thick cock stretching her tight sex and drawing orgasmic wails from her lips.

As Johnny railed the new slut, Marina continued to grope herself with one hand. The other snaked down to cup Carla’s breast, which only turned the transformed captain on even more. Soon enough Carla was urging Johnny to fuck her harder, deeper, faster.

Marina knew there was no way she or Johnny could resist taking such a shameless whore back home with them. But of course, neither of them had any intention of letting Carla know that. Better to keep her on her best behaviour. And though they often sold their victims off to the pimps and brothels of the city, Marina hoped they’d be able to keep Carla around – after all, she’d been craving a nympho bestie ever since Johnny transformed her, and she couldn’t think of anyone better than Carla to fill that role.

So while the new woman’s groans rolled across the waves, Johnny’s cock driving her wild with lust, Marina’s hands roved over Carla’s body, keen to show her all the pleasures that awaited her as the newest member of their sordid crew…

Thanks for reading!

I’ll be the first to admit that there are plenty of stories I’ve said I would write more additions for yet never actually got around to doing so. But this is one of those rare cases where I planned on writing several instalments to start with, only to then decide it feels better as a one-off. When I began writing this I had the idea of a bunch of stories all following the pirates and their mischief on the waves. It wouldn’t have been a miniseries exactly, but they would have all obviously taken place in the same world and would have offered the chance to include scenes on boats, which I haven’t really done before.

However, once I had written this the idea of adding more to the story didn’t really interest me as much as I’d imagined. The idea feels like a bit of a one trick pony to me where basically every instalment would follow a very similar narrative, so I decided I’d rather leave this as a one-shot piece.

That’s not me saying I’ll never revisit the idea again – I did enjoy this, and if I come across another hot boat-based gallery then I’d definitely consider setting sail with the pirates a second time. That said, I won’t be making this another one of those stories I say I’ll expand on and then never do. Of course, if you do want to see more of this story or any others I am always open to reader requests, so feel free to drop any suggestions in the comments of any of my stories!

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