Models: Abella Danger & Darcie Dolce

Keira scrolled through the app’s playlist catalogue while leaning idly against the kitchen counter.

In a long-sleeved running top and with black leggings tucked into her trainers she was ready for her morning jog, but she never left the house without some good tunes to accompany her exercise. Recently, however, her usual favourites just weren’t taking her fancy, so she had decided it was time for a change.

Blissful Beats marketed itself around providing music unlike anything you’d heard before – the app’s description even marketed its tunes as ‘genuine life-changers’ capable of ‘bringing out a new you’ and providing ‘a boost like no other.’ Keira hadn’t heard of it before, but the reviews were good – if a little lewd – and the app had a huge bank of playlists available, so she’d figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a try. Perhaps she might even find a new favourite song.

The playlists on offer weren’t exactly what she’d had in mind. They were sectioned out into a whole range of moods – from Innocent to Naughty to Sensual to Kinky – and rather than a title each playlist simply bore an image, like a profile picture.

Still, Keira couldn’t be bothered to try and find something else, so with a shrug she tapped the Carefree mood and picked out a random playlist. Once she picked, the image of a gorgeous woman filled her screen, her pretty features framed by a brunette bob.

The moment it started to play Keira immediately began tapping her feet. Usually she took a while to warm to new music, but the song appealed to her instantly, the lyrics flooding through her mind and pushing aside her thoughts like a river washing away fallen leaves. Soon she was completely engulfed by the song, a pleasant warmth swelling through her as a contented smile spread over her face.

Closing her eyes, she was so lost in the music she never noticed her transformation.

At first the changes were subtle, the movement of her body as she danced making them difficult to notice. But soon they were undeniable.

Her slim figure, lean and athletic from all her jogging, began to fill out. Sultry curves swelled into shape, her thighs plumping up, her ass bulging out and her tits doubling in size. The engorgement of her figure pushed her outfit to its limits until the spandex was taut and straining at the seams, barely able to contain her voluptuous new form. Her skin softened and lightened a shade or two, while in contrast her hair swiftly darkened, strawberry blonde giving way to glossy brown. The bobble holding her hair up in a tight bun vanished, yet rather than fall halfway down her back as they usually would, her locks only fell to her shoulders in a neat brunette bob.

A bob that looked very familiar, in fact. As Keira ran a delicate hand through her new hair it fell across her face. Yet once it slipped aside again, her features had been completely reshaped. Her lips gleamed with pale pink gloss, her brows were sharply arched, and her entire appearance was softly beautiful – the kind of face most people only conjure in their dreams. And also an exact mirror of the woman on Keira’s phone.

Almost as an afterthought, as if the app wanted to show off the new woman it had created, Keira’s clothes rapidly restitched themselves. In seconds her running top and leggings were gone, replaced by a white vest and a pair of pale blue workout shorts trimmed with green, both of which hugged her curvy new figure.

As she continued to dance her roving hands caused her vest to ride up, boasting even more skin. First her midriff came into view, then her ribs, then the lower curve of her breasts. Finally her vest bunched up across the top of her tits, her plump rack jiggling about as she continued to sway in time with the beat.

With her phone in one hand and the other playing across her sumptuous new body, Keira allowed the music to flow through her. The longer she listened, the more content she felt, every worry simply drifting away on the current of the music, leaving her mind calm and – just as the app had promised – completely carefree. Even her jog was forgotten, the thought of staying here and dancing far more appealing than exercise. 

Keira was so lost in the song she didn’t hear her housemate Melanie walk in. Melanie was similarly distracted. Focused on her phone when she entered she didn’t notice anything wrong with Keira at first. When she looked up, however, she jumped so sharply she nearly dropped her phone.

‘What the…? Who the fuck are you?’

Melanie’s cry dragged Keira from her stupor and she turned around to face her housemate with a sweet smile. ‘What do you mean? It’s me, silly. Oh Mel, you have to listen to this. Here, let me show you.’

Ignoring Melanie’s confusion, Keira sprang forward, pinning her housemate against the kitchen counter. Her exposed breasts pressed against Melanie’s t-shirt but she didn’t seem to see any issue with her partial nakedness. In fact she pressed in closer, lifting one soft thigh to rub Melanie’s jeans.

Before Melanie could try to escape, Keira had slipped a headphone into her ear. Switching back to the list of categories she selected Naughty, then tapped the image of a gorgeous woman with dark hair and large, impish eyes suggestively biting her lip.

Melanie succumbed to the music even faster than Keira. The song had barely started before she was smiling and bobbing her head, and a few seconds later she was grinding up against her friend with a devilish gleam in her eye, the music pulsing through her psyche until it eclipsed all other thought.

After listening to her own song first, Keira’s transformation was already fixed, ensuring she was unaffected by the magic music. But the same could not be said for Melanie.

As if pulled up by unseen hands her long amber curls swiftly shortened, losing their springy coils and darkening as they settled around her shoulders. Those shoulders were suddenly bare, her t-shirt having shifted into a yellow halter neck vest while further down her jeans were now a pair of shorts even skimpier than Keira’s. Unlike Keira, Melanie’s tits only expanded by a cup size or so, yet at the same time her flat ass grew and grew until her new shorts could barely contain it anymore, eventually settling into a plump rump most other women would kill to possess. Like ink blossoming over a page, her pale skin tanned several shades to give her an enticing golden glow. Then, to finish off the changes her features shifted to mirror those of the woman on the app, complete with mischievous smile, wide almond eyes and the kind of sultry expression which assured anybody who met her gaze that behind the pretty face there was an endless torrent of unspeakably sordid thoughts running through her mind.

Melanie’s transformation had barely settled before her hands were exploring Keira’s body. Caressing her thighs, stroking her ass and groping her big fat tits, Melanie couldn’t prevent herself falling for her friend’s voluptuous figure. The naughty personality Keira had chosen for her flooded her consciousness, filling her head with all manner of deviant ideas of what they could do together.

Keira, meanwhile, remained just as carefree as ever. Sighing with pleasure as her friend played with her assets, she closed her eyes and rubbed up against Melanie’s new body still lost in the music that continued to fill her down to her very soul.

‘Mmmh, you’re so fucking hot,’ Melanie groaned, her breath tickling Keira’s neck as Melanie nibbled her ear. ‘I want to do such naughty things with you. Just feeling you up is making me hornier than I can ever remember being before.’

‘What do you want to do with me?’ Keira asked, rubbing her ass against Melanie’s crotch and tangling a hand in her friend’s hair.

Squeezing Keira’s tit tighter, Melanie slid her free hand down to stroke Keira’s inner thigh. ‘I want to eat this pussy out until you’re writhing and screaming for me to let you cum. Then I want to throw you down onto the bed and sit on your face so you can return the favour. I want to grope these perfect tits as I pound you from behind with a big thick strap on. I want to scissor until we can’t breathe. I want to pound your pussy with a dildo then have you lick it clean. I want to fuck like animals until we collapse into a breathless sweaty heap.’ She ran her tongue up Keira’s neck and groaned softly into her ear. ‘I want to be absolutely filthy with you. And then once we’re finished I want to kiss these pretty lips until we’re ready to do it all over again.’

In her carefree state Keira would have gone along with anything her friend suggested, but the way Melanie spoke had her squirming with arousal. Her heart throbbed, her pussy dripped, and a soft moan escaped her lips. ‘Whatever you want, baby. I’ll do anything for you.’

‘I was hoping you would say that,’ Melanie purred.

All at once she span Keira around. Removing the headphones from their ears, she took Keira’s phone and placed it on the counter. ‘Is it just me or is it getting awfully hot in here?’ she asked with a smirk.

Catching the hint, Keira smiled back. ‘You’re right, it definitely is. Here, let me help you with that – we can’t have you overheating.’

Slipping her hands around Melanie’s back Keira undid the strap keeping her vest in place then lifted it up over Melanie’s head. Casting it aside she eyed her friend’s soft breasts, her stomach twisting with arousal.

Melanie returned the favour, removing Keira’s vest so they were both naked from the waist up, their bare breasts so close their nipples kissed.

‘How about we take this to the bedroom, baby?’ Melanie asked. But Keira hadn’t even answered before she went on. ‘Then again, I don’t know if I can keep my hands off you for that long. We could just stay here.’

Keira shrugged, indifferent to either option so long as she got to fuck the smoking hot bombshell Melanie had become. ‘I’ll quite happily play with you anywhere,’ she said.

As if something had snapped in her, Melanie seized Keira and pulled her close. ‘Fuck, I need you so bad. You’re so fucking hot. Come here, gorgeous, let’s steam up the windows together.’

With that, Melanie pulled Keira into a deep, passionate kiss. With their bodies pressed together erotic heat blossomed across Keira’s bosom as her tits squished up against Melanie’s. And as her housemate’s hands snaked down to grope her ass while their tongues intertwined in a sensual dance, the first of many more groans to come escaped Keira’s lips as she melted into Melanie’s embrace…

Thanks for reading!

I’ve got to say I really love this one. I’m not about to claim it’s among my best work because I don’t think that’s the case. However, I still think this one is a lot of fun. The magic music, the bombshell models, the suggestion that there are countless more transformations just a few clicks away – I feel it just all blends together into a really enjoyable read. Granted I’m biased, but I hope it made you feel the same way.

Part of the appeal for me is also that it really reminds of my very first Lake Fantasy story, Somebody To Love. My readers know well enough that all my Fantasy Universe stories are very special to me, though as the first one I ever wrote in any Fantasy series Somebody To Love is up there among the most special and it also used magic music to transform Peta’s character – not to mention another gallery, which I feel have their own vibe and style that I personally love.

If you’ve never read my Fantasy Universe series they’re easy enough to find through my categories list, and I definitely do consider them amongst the best stories I’ve ever written, so I heartily recommend you check them out (or read them again if you already have). Other than that, I’ll see you next week for the last story of the month!

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2 Thoughts on “Blissful Beats

  1. I normally just read, but this one, I HAD to leave something! Reading the transformations, then seeing the changes, my hat is off to you! Now, if you want to try something very different, how about a female DA gets on the bad side of a crime boss, who has her transformed into the very thing she is trying to bust him on: Namely he is the head of a ring of pimps, so why not let her be turned into a hooker!

    1. Thank you very much, I’m thrilled you liked it! Regarding your suggestion as it happens I did write something kind of similar to this a little while ago. If you want to check it out it’s called Machiavellian Mistress: Judicial Seduction. It’s not the exact same premise, but it’s in a similar vein. That said, while I won’t make any promises, I’ll put your idea on my list and if I find I gallery I like that goes with it I’ll be sure to give it a go!

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