Sin-Wave: Boyfriend Thief

Models: Bruce Hall & Juliana Soares

Deep below the town of Crystal Falls, the Sin-Stones laid dormant. Concealed in caverns long since sealed off from the world above, the quartz-like crystals had once been pure and white, with the colour and twinkle of freshly fallen snow.

Over the centuries, however, the mysterious magic contained inside was tainted by the lives of the townsfolk above. For unfathomable reasons, the Stones drew in and absorbed the more forbidden human emotions – especially those of the female psyche. Jealousy. Lust. Vanity. Promiscuity. All the sordid taboos of womanhood seeping down to feed the magic of the Stones.

Throbbing and pulsing with corruptive energy, lust and depravity gleaming from their crystalline faces, they dwelled in silence. Bound in this earthly prison, their dark power was safely contained in the midnight-black crystals.

But nothing stays hidden forever.

All it took was an earth tremor. Though hardly felt on the surface, it was powerful enough to rock the caverns down to their very foundations. Amidst the cacophony of rattling crystals, a single Sin-Stone was shattered by the quake, unleashing the corruptive power within. A pulse of dark, crackling energy erupted outwards and expanded in a sinful wave that spread out in all directions, diminishing in intensity the further it travelled.

By the time it hit Crystal Falls, the magic was strong enough only to corrupt those with hidden depravity in their hearts. Most would be spared – innocents; prudes; all those satisfied with their lot – yet anyone susceptible to corruption would finally have the chance to set free their inner deviant. Only they would hear the siren call of the Stones.

And for those who accepted the magic’s dark bargain, today was the day their lives changed forever…

Almost before he realised what was happening, Sam had accepted the Sin-Wave’s corruptive offer.

The bizarre surge of anti-light had flooded the lounge while he was sat on the sofa playing video games. As if seen through a negative filter the whole world had been plunged into a shades of black and white, and as the wave passed through Sam felt his body hair stand on end. Then the crackling light had engulfed him: black bolts of energy that zipped across his body as if part of the wave had broken off and latched onto him as it passed by.

Sam could feel the strange power infiltrating his mind. With it came a wordless offer. No, more than an offer: a promise. The promise that he could indulge all his deepest desires. The promise that he could lure anyone to bed with a single glance. The promise that he could even seduce his crush, Jake, with ease. All Sam had to do was accept the corruption and let the Sin-Stones fill him with their magic.

As if he needed any more convincing, an erotic barrage of naughty images flared through his mind. Writhing bodies pressed against each other; faces twisted with orgasmia; throbbing cocks and twinkling pussies. All manner of sordid scenes, from a trampy slut being railed against a supermarket fridge by a bald bull, to a busty blonde bombshell grinning deliriously while a hung stud ploughed her tight ass.

But Sam hadn’t needed further incentive. He’d never had much control over his own lust, so the Sin-Wave’s offer was impossible to resist. He hadn’t even really registered what it was he was being offered when he dropped his console controller with a gasp.

‘Yes. Take me. Consume me,’ he said, the words spilling from his mouth before he realised what he was saying.

Now the Sin-Wave hit him in earnest. The bolts of black light abruptly plunged beneath his skin so he could feel them coursing through his insides. Wherever they went a surge of pleasure followed until he collapsed into the cushions of the sofa, writhing and groaning with mindless ecstasy.

For the second time in as many minutes the world went suddenly dark. This time, however, it was due to the curtains of jet-black hair that suddenly engulfed Sam’s short blond quiff and came sweeping down to block his vision. As he continued to writhe the long locks soon slipped aside, but when they did they revealed a face that was no longer Sam’s. Plump lips painted in pink gloss were open in a long, gasping groan, while his sultry new eyes were a blur of fluttering lashes and glittery eyeshadow. His brows were perfectly plucked, his cheeks rosy with blush, his jawline delicate and devoid of stubble.

Lower down, his body looked as if it was being moulded by unseen hands. Though far from overweight Sam was hardly the most athletic man around, but the Sin-Wave made short work of his former figure. His gut sucked into a toned, flat stomach complete with a twinkling navel piercing; the excess weight on his upper chest formed itself into two plump breasts pushing out against his t-shirt; even the extra flesh around his upper arms tightened itself into toned yet delicate limbs. His legs underwent a similar metamorphosis, losing the sagginess of a sedentary lifestyle in favour of the enticingly fleshy curves all sluts dreamed of. Throughout the process his body hair gradually retreated, leaving him hairless and perfectly smooth to the touch. At the same time his complexion tanned until he was golden all over, though more precious than any metal.

As his transformation progressed, the magic reworked Sam’s clothes into an outfit more befitting the sultry slut he was becoming. The pop culture t-shirt and baggy jeans contracted into lacey lingerie and matching stockings that hugged his new figure in a soft embrace, accentuating his incredible body at every opportunity. Yet for all his feminine traits, the small bulge in his panties suggested that at least one asset of his old body had survived the Sin-Wave’s touch.

Though he had been groaning sensually throughout his entire transformation, it wasn’t until the magic engulfed his mind that Sam’s pleasure peaked. In one moment of mind-bending lust his entire psyche was rewritten, flooding his consciousness with shameless cravings for sex and depravity. He wanted to fuck and suck until his brains were mush; to gorge himself on cock and bury his face between the thighs of any woman he could lay his hands on; to be screwed hard in the bedroom and the lounge and the kitchen and the garden and on the street and in the club and in the car and on the bus and endless other places.

When the high subsided, Sam was dead. There was only Sammie. And Sammie was very, very horny…

By the time Jake made it home, Sammie had already finished half a dozen times. Sam’s favoured fleshlight lay on the floor oozing her cum, but given that she had spent almost an hour edging after her last orgasm her cock was hard and throbbing when Sam’s roommate stumbled into the lounge. Her tits were bare too, her bra discarded almost as soon as she’d started jerking off so she could grope herself.

Jake blanched when he laid eyes on her. ‘Oh my god. Sam, is that you?’

Normally Jake would have gone mental at the woman’s presence, assuming her to be some kind of sick intruder. But today was far from a normal day. He’d personally witnessed three guys corrupted into horny sluts down at the gym, and when he’d rushed out he’d noticed that the reception desk was now conspicuously manned by a six-foot Amazon of a woman rather than the quiet, demure brunette who’d greeted him on every visit for the last three years.

Noticing him for the first time, the tanned beauty giggled. ‘Not anymore. I’m Sammie. And I’ve been waiting for you, baby. Come over here and let’s have some fun.’

While the old Sam was long gone, the Sin-Wave hadn’t truly purged him. Instead it had taken all his suppressed desires and used them to twist him into something new. And the most potent of those desires was Sam’s crush on Jake. They had been roommates for years and in all that time Sam had never been to shake his lust for his friend. However, knowing Jake was in a committed relationship with his girlfriend Addison, Sam had never pushed the subject.

Sammie, on the other hand, had no such reservations. She wanted Jake so bad she almost came on the spot when he walked in, all her pent-up sexual energy fighting to break free. She didn’t care about Addison. In fact, she couldn’t wait to see her face when she found Jake cheating on her.

Jake had started to back away slowly. Yet when Sammie rose to her feet he froze. Rather than bolt, his eyes drank in her nubile body. And when she slunk across to press herself against him the tiniest spark of lust flickered in his eyes.

‘I’m so horny, babe,’ she purred, looping one arm around his back and pulling him in harder so her tits were squished against his chest. ‘I’ve spent every second since my transformation imagining you pounding my holes and filling me with your cum. I want your cock so bad. I need it.’ The other hand closed over his ass and tugged him in. Feeling the bulge in his jeans rubbing over her thigh, she smirked. ‘I’ll be your bad girl, baby. Once you’ve fucked me you’ll never want to go back to that dumb bitch Addison ever again.’

For a second Sammie thought he really was going to bolt. Then, slowly, he raised a hand to hold her ass.

Sammie’s smile broadened. Maybe the Sin-Wave had affected Jake too. Not enough to transform him, but enough to suppress his loyalty to Addison. Enough that he could be tempted into indulging the desires of his corrupted roommate.

Or maybe Sammie’s stunning body was simply too much to resist. Either way, she’d got what she wanted. And she wasn’t going to give him chance to get cold feet.

‘That’s it, stud,’ she grinned as she slipped one hand down the front of his jeans. ‘My body is all yours. You don’t need her. Not when I’ll be your slutty little sex freak.’ Her delicate fingers coiled around his shaft, making him groan. ‘We’re going to fuck like you’ve never fucked before. But first, I’ve been waiting far too long for a taste of this perfect cock.’

Leading him over to the sofa, Sammie pushed Jake down amongst the cushions before dropping down to straddle his lap. Before he could react she was kissing him. For a few seconds his body was tense, the guilt and shock obvious in his stressed muscles. But then he melted into her embrace, wrapping his arms around her and kissing her back more passionately than Sam had ever seen him kiss Addison.

And as Sammie began to strip her man, his moans pouring into her mouth, naughty visions filled her head. Visions of Addison’s face when she returned to find Sammie feasting on her boyfriend’s dick, of the disbelief in her eyes when she found out the true identity of the slut who’d stolen him away from her. Visions so hot and filthy that her little cock began to twitch and the arousal threatened to push her orgasm over the edge…

Thanks for reading!

I feel like at this point most of my stories bear a comment saying something to the effect of ‘It’s been too long since I wrote this kind of story, and I pinky promise I’ll do more soon.’ And yet again that’s effectively what I have to say about this one given that my last (and currently only) Sin-Wave story was all the way back in late 2019. At the time I added it to my list of serials yet it just never went any further: hell, even Immortal Lust (originally The Exchange Student) got revisited before this, and that was initially supposed to be a one off.

Ultimately, the reason I don’t revisit things as much as I’d like to is because my release schedule doesn’t allow it. Back when I was releasing multiple stories per week it was easier to put out a story thinking ‘Okay, I’ll do another one soon’, because I was releasing things much more regularly. But now I’m down to one release per week ‘soon’ can end up being a very long time indeed. Especially when I generally like spending more time on my serials, because spare time is something I don’t have very much of these days. As a result standalone stories are often much easier and less stressful to write.

To be clear, I’m glad I decided to drop my output as it allows me to focus on my weekly releases more than I could when I was putting out more content, and I find I’m overall more satisfied with those stories as a result. At the same time I can’t deny that I’d love to put out more additions to concepts and storylines that have slipped away from me over the years. This summer will mark five years since I started writing TG erotica and there are plenty of stories I wish I could have done better justice to. And who knows, maybe one day I will. Today though, this story is my way of adding something to one of those.

Is this story among my best work? Probably not. But I’m glad I wrote it if only to revisit a concept I really enjoyed writing first time round. Only time will tell if I add more to the Sin-Wave world, but either way I hope you enjoyed this and if in future I do more stories like Sammie’s, I hope you enjoy those too.

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