Models: Xander Corvus & Daisy Taylor

A sultry voice greeted Megan as she ducked through the curtain. ‘Merry Christmas, baby. You here to unwrap your present? I’m all yours.’

The second the speaker laid eyes on Megan, however, the seductive tone vanished and exasperation washed over the woman’s pretty face. ‘Oh, it’s you,’ she said, her razor-edged eyebrows raised and her plump pink lips pursed. ‘You better make this quick. Time is money, bitch, and I won’t have you wasting mine. I’ve got better things to be doing than listening to my whiney ex. Or should I say bigger things to be doing,’ she added, her eyes flashing deviously.

Megan forced herself not to take the bait. ‘Don’t worry about that, you’ll get your money. I’ve paid for you. For the whole night, in fact. I’m officially your client. We need to talk, Jessie. I have an offer for you.’

Jessie was quiet for a second. Then she shrugged. ‘Alright, I’ll bite. But if you’re here to beg for me back, you might as well save your breath.’

When Megan stood her ground, Jessie made herself more comfortable. Unfortunately for her ex, in doing so she raised one leg and hooked it over the back of her chair while the other was spread out to the side. The net result was to show off her erotic figure, ensuring Megan had an unobstructed view of her smooth thighs, supple cleavage and the crotch of her polka-dot panties. They both new Jessie was teasing her – using her body as a reminder of what Megan had done to her – but nonetheless a little of the tension in Megan’s shoulders eased: she’d worried Jessie would turn her away point blank, so she’d at least managed to leap that hurdle.

Every wall was draped in the same glittery pink material Megan had parted to enter. What was more, the mirror-black floor reflected the shimmering curtains so brightly it might as well have been pink itself and gave the whole space a strangely dream-like quality. If it wasn’t for the soft Christmas music playing through hidden speakers it would have been easy to forget that outside the night was crisp and cold and snowy. Then again, Megan assumed that was the point – people who came here did so for an escape, not for seasonal décor.

The engulfing colour scheme ensured Jessie stood out in stark contrast to her surroundings, perched on her seat atop a solid plinth lit from within with a clinical white light. Off to one side was a broad white leather divan matching her chair. But Megan knew this was little more than an entrance hall: Jessie’s private rooms lay through the curtains behind her seat.

Megan decided to get straight to the point.

Fishing a small vial from her pocket she held it up for Jessie to see. The contents were a blue almost as striking as the pink of the curtains.

‘This is why I’m here. It’s Bullixir.’

Jessie scoffed. ‘I know Bullixir when I see it, dumbass. At least half of my clients take it before meeting me – helps with anonymity if you don’t look like the real you. My question is why do you have it? If you think for one second I’m going to drink that shit then–’

‘It’s not for you,’ Megan cut in. ‘It’s for me.’

That shut her up. Her condescending sneer dropped instantly, replaced by genuine surprise.

When she finally found her voice Jessie was unusually sincere. ‘Are you serious?’

Megan nodded. Then, deciding there wouldn’t be a better time to come clean, she took a deep breath and confessed to her ex.

‘I know what I did was wrong. Whether you choose to believe me or not, slipping that T-lixir in your drink was only supposed to be a joke – a dumb prank we’d laugh about once it wore off. You know how we were, always trying to get one over on each other. But I fucked up. I didn’t think about what it would actually do to you. I definitely didn’t think you’d prefer being Jessie to who you were before,’ she said, careful not to use the name Jessie no longer identified by. ‘I messed up and that’s on me. I’m sorry.’

Megan ignored the memories of their past relationship and how things had spiralled after Jessie’s first transformation. At one time she’d felt like the pain would never heal, but as it turned out a taste of your own medicine was surprisingly therapeutic.

‘The thing is, after we split up I started thinking about how you did prefer it. All the time we were together I thought I knew you. No, I did know you – you were happy as you were. So the only thing that made sense is that you were only happy because you didn’t know what you were missing. So I figured maybe I didn’t know what I was missing either.’

‘You transformed?’ Jessie asked.

‘Yes. I wasn’t sure what to use at first, but then I met this woman at a club. She approached me and offered me a vial of Bullixir on the condition I spent the night at her place – said watching ‘cute girls’ like me turning into hung bulls was the hottest thing she’d ever seen. I accepted. And… I get it. Being Max is hotter than anything I thought possible. It’s like he’s the real me who was waiting inside all this time and now I’ve let him out I can’t imagine hiding him away again. The sex, the lust, the feeling of sliding my cock into some tight slut’s slit – I’ll never be able to give that up. I don’t care if it’s wrong to crave it, because I’ve already made my decision.’

She shook the vial, setting the contents swirling. ‘This is a triple dose. You know what that means, right?’

‘Permanent transformation,’ Jessie breathed. While Megan had been speaking Jessie had moved the chair off to the side as if she didn’t trust herself not to fall off as she hung on her ex’s every word. Now she knelt on the empty plinth, captivated. She hadn’t even noticed her bra straps had slipped down, allowing an areola to peek over one cup.

‘Max isn’t just who I transformed into. He’s me. The version of myself I want to be. Once I realised that, I knew I had to tell you – I wanted you to know I understand.’

Now the burden was finally lifted from her shoulders, the ghost of a smile played on Megan’s lips. ‘The thing is, I’m going to take this Bullixir tonight whatever happens. And when I do every fibre of my being is going to want to fuck the first hot slut I lay eyes on until she’s screaming my name. I know it might be wrong after everything that’s happened between us, but I wanted my first fuck as a permanent bull to be you. Partly as a way of making things up to you, but also because the old you was the best fuck I ever had and I suspect the new you will be even better. Besides, it felt weird not spending Christmas together and I figured you’d enjoy a big, juicy cock better than any other present I could get you. So what do you say? Do you want to meet the real me?’

For a few long seconds, Jessie stared at her in silence, her eyes somehow innocent and analytical and unfathomably sultry all at once. Then, oh so slowly, her supple lips drew into a smirk. ‘So, what you’re saying is you do want me back?’

Megan shrugged. ‘I suppose I do. But I’m not begging. I’ve fucked enough hot bitches as Max to know girls will do anything for the chance to have me use them. If you say no, that’s fine – there’s plenty of other sluts I can pick from. Plus given how hard it was to book you it’s clear you’re the nympho everyone wants a piece of. Still, if you’ll have me, I’d love for you to be my nympho. And I mean, I have paid for your services for the night, so if you turn me down that’s just bad customer service,’ she added with a naughty grin.

Jessie’s face was now a mask of pure mischief. ‘Admit it,’ she said.

‘Admit what?’ Megan frowned.

‘You’re desperate to fuck me, aren’t you? Ever since you first became Max, you’ve not been able to stop thinking about me.’

Megan held her hands up in surrender. ‘Guilty as charged. No matter how many sluts I slept with, in my head they were all you. I want to pound that ass until we both pass out – then pick up where we left off in the morning.’

Rising to her feet, Jessie beamed at her ex, her eyes glittering. ‘Well then, what are you waiting for?’ Her smiled widened as she let her bra fall away to bare her soft, gropable tits while she toyed with the sides of her panties. ‘I’m all yours, Max.’

‘I was hoping you might say that.’

Throwing off her coat, Megan revealed she was naked underneath. Without even giving her body one final look she unbunged the vial, placed it to her lips and downed the contents to the last drop. Tossing away the empty tube, Megan closed her eyes and smiled as Max surged to the surface.

Megan doubled in size too fast for Jessie to register; within the blink of an eye she went from five foot nothing to six foot everything, abruptly rising to eye level with Jessie despite the boost granted by her plinth and heels. The startling growth was punctuated with the alarming sounds of grinding bones, creaking muscles and stretching skin, yet Megan’s increasingly gruff groans left no doubt that she was loving every second.

And she didn’t just grow upwards – she grew outwards too, broader and broader until she could have easily wrapped two Jessies in her arms. Like the rest of her expanding body those arms bubbled with fresh muscle, corded fibres of masculine strength weaving beneath the skin to form bulging biceps, firm abs and huge legs that could have been sculpted from pure granite. Thickening fingers clenched into powerful fists as pleasure continued to engulf her, knuckles turning white when the Bullixir robbed her of her breasts. Despite her petite size Megan had always been well endowed, so now her soft fat tits were the only part of her body that actually shrank during her transformation, flattening into a broad, tough chest perfect for an exhausted slut to collapse on after being fucked senseless.

While the rest of her body was wrapped in more and more muscle, Megan’s facial features were altering too. Her delicate chin filled out into a robust jawline, though it was only briefly visible before a thick dark beard sprouted through which only her delirious grin was visible. Cut by unseen hands, the hair around the sides and back of her head shaved down to the scalp while the rest was worn in a long strip crested by a tight man bun. Between the two tides of hair, her eyes nestled in deep sockets beneath a wide brow. Even so, they glittered with Megan’s familiar mischief: the one thing the transformation couldn’t take from her.

Of course, Jessie would have been lying if she said she wasn’t eager to see Max’s cock take shape. Fortunately, with Megan’s pussy bare Jessie had a front row seat to the spectacle.

It did not disappoint.

Starting out as a small nub it pushed out between the folds of her sex, thickening gradually as it came. Inch by inch it emerged, shaft and head growing more defined the longer it grew – all while Jessie’s jaw dropped closer and closer to the floor. Winding veins snaked beneath the soft skin; rigid ligaments stood out like metal rods. Only after Jessie’s expectations were well and truly surpassed did a pair of large balls fall into view, hairless and full. The fading folds of her pussy were the last reminder of Megan’s feminine persona.

Then they too were gone and there was only Max.

He was about as far away from Megan as it was possible to imagine. But Jessie could tell from his devilish expression that he hadn’t lost any of her naughtiness during the transition.

Jessie realised her naked chest was heaving with arousal. ‘Well… I have to say I agree with your hookup: that might be the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.’

Max took a moment to admire his impressive body, his eyes lingering briefly on his impressive rod. When he looked up at Jessie he found she too was staring.

‘It’s a shame I’ll never get to feel that transformation again. But something tells me having your ass hugging my dick will more than make up for it. What do you say we test that theory?’ As he spoke his muscles bulged, taut with the barely restrained power of a hunter waiting to pounce.

Her panties twitching and her entire body needy to feel him pressing and grinding and rubbing against her, Jessie hopped down from her plinth. Suddenly dwarfed by her ex-ex she felt her stomach flip as her mind danced with an endless stream of sordid images of what they could do to consummate their depraved new relationship.

‘I like the sound of that, baby. Let’s take this into my room.’

Max moved so fast he was a blur. Swallowing her in his huge arms, he pulled her in against his chest, the erotic heat of their kissing skin sending flares of arousal through them both.

‘Fuck that,’ he growled. ‘I’ve spent too many nights dreaming of this moment – I can’t wait any longer.’

With Jessie still in his arms he dropped down onto the leather divan, one big hand groping her supple tits while the other disappeared into her panties and started to stroke – an action that was soon rewarded by Jessie’s sensual groans and a blooming flower of precum across her slowly tenting underwear.

‘Merry Christmas, slut,’ he smiled, fixing her with a fiendishly horny stare. ‘You’re the best present I could ever ask for.’

Even as her lids fluttered, Jessie held his gaze. As she did so she slid one hand down to caress his incredible cock.

‘Ditto,’ she said, her brow pressed against his. ‘I always hoped I’d meet someone made for me – I never thought it’d be quite so literal though.’

Then the passionate sounds of their frantic kisses drowned out the soft festive music. Kisses became gasps, gasps became groans, groans became cries of erotic euphoria, and together they put the past behind them and indulged in the most deliciously sinful makeup sex imaginable…

Thanks for reading!

Merry Christmas! For those who celebrate it I hope you have a great day and an awesome festive season overall, and whether you read this upon release or further down the line I hope it adds a little naughtiness to your day.

I’ll be the first to admit this one is very indulgent with the solo pics and rather light on the actual sex, but I just couldn’t resist. As far as I’m concerned Daisy Taylor is one of the hottest trans models in the industry, and when I was trying to select which images to use for this one I just couldn’t choose between my favourites so I decided to throw them all in. After all, everyone is allowed to treat themselves at Christmas, right?

Of course as a story going out on Christmas Day I just had to make it at least partly romantic (albeit in a horny, twisted sort of way), and as a result this might be my favourite of the month. It was also very fun to be able to introduce the Bullixir concept for the first time. I did plan to call it B-lixir at first to fit in better with the other Elixir variants I’ve come up with, but I felt like Bullixir sounded better, while B-lixir could have also been a bit ambiguous. Back when I devised the concept for G-lixir I was lucky enough to get Miss Evie Hyde’s blessing on adding a gay spin on her existing Elixir idea, and I sincerely hope both T-lixir and Bullixir are worthy of being added to that range too – I just wanted to play around with a male transformation induced by something other than magic or X-Change. And given how fun this one was I’m sure this isn’t the last time Bullixir will show up on my blog. I would also love to see what other people can do with this concept, so as always all the Elixir variants I’ve devised are open for anyone to use in their own stories – just make sure to tell me where I can read them if you do!

A quick reminder that there will be no story coming out this Friday, but I have a really hot body swap piece scheduled for New Year’s Eve so make sure not to miss that!

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