Models: Angela White & Xander Corvus

Both Jenna and Eddie froze as the warning message flashed up on the wall-mounted TV:

Swap Pulse Imminent
Estimated Intensity: High
Disperse Immediately

Eddie had never really understood the point of the Swap Pulse warnings. After all, the only known way to avoid the effects was to get as far away from other people as possible: the Pulse would likely still leave you reeling with arousal, but if there was nobody nearby to switch brainwaves with then at least you’d still be in your own body. However, the minimum distance known to be 100% effective was half a mile, so what was the point of putting out warnings in the city where it was impossible to be that far away from anyone?

Jenna’s open mouth finally started working again. ‘Oh my god. Oh my… Eddie, what are we going to do?’

‘I… I don’t think there’s anything we can do,’ he said, eyes still fixed on the screen. He’d been halfway through making a point when the warning flashed up and his hand was frozen in mid-air.

‘Maybe it won’t be as intense as they think?’ Jenna said hopefully.

Eddie turned to face her, his eyes unintentionally slipping to her deep cleavage; his stomach flipped as he realised those tits were going to be his in a matter of seconds. They were the only two left awake: the New Year party had worn well into the early hours and those who hadn’t headed home were asleep, but Jenna and Eddie had been too busy catching up to join them.

‘I have to find Oliver,’ Jenna said.

Eddie nodded. ‘Yeah. Right. And I’ll go find Thea.’

But the two friends had barely made it into the lounge before the Swap Pulse struck. And as it burned through their brains, they both realised Jenna had been right: it wasn’t as intense as the warning implied – it was worse.

Like a bright flash drowning out all vision, the sudden onslaught of arousal completely consumed Eddie’s mind. It seared through his body, white-hot and strong enough to drive away all the shock and panic.

It took him a solid minute to remember his own name.

It took another for him to sense how different he felt – how the pleasure seemed to throb particularly strongly in two spheres on his chest as well as across his groin, even though his cock wasn’t hard.

Then, all at once reality came flooding in and he stared down at Jenna’s body through Jenna’s eyes and gasped through Jenna’s lips. However, rather than panic, he immediately began to fondle himself.

‘Mmmh, yes,’ he purred, running his manicured fingers over his voluptuous figure. Caressing his incredible curves, he groaned sensually. ‘Oh fuck, yes. God, this feels so fucking good. Who new being a bombshell would make me feel so hot? I mean this ass’–he reached back and squeezed both cheeks with a smile–‘it just won’t quit. These lips’–he bit them enticingly–‘it’s like they were designed for sucking dick. And these tits’–he seized them both, squishing them together into deep cleavage he couldn’t tear his eyes away from­–‘they’re fucking amazing. To think I’ve always wanted to fuck this body, I never thought it’d make me so horny actually being in it.’

‘What did you say?’

Looking up with his hands still on his tits, Eddie found Jenna holding her head and frowning. Or rather, holding his head. Given how close they were when the Pulse hit their switch had been inevitable and now she was the new owner of his old body. Despite the fact he was looking at himself, Eddie didn’t bother trying to push down the feminine lust swelling up inside him at the sight of the handsome man before him.

‘You… you wanted to fuck me? But I thought we were friends.’

Eddie giggled, the girlish sound coming as easily as if he’d been in this body all his life. ‘Of course I did, silly. Every guy who’s ever laid eyes on you wanted to fuck you. Besides, don’t play coy with me, Jenna. You wanted to fuck me too. We were just both too loyal to do anything about it.’

Jenna flushed as she tried and failed not to ogle her old body – a task made all the more difficult given that Eddie was pushing his huge chest forwards for Jenna to stare at. ‘I… I don’t know what you’re talking about. What makes you think I wanted to fuck you before this?’

Stalking slowly forwards, Eddie bore down on Jenna like a tigress closing in on a wounded deer. ‘Three things. One: I’m in your head, and there’s enough of your memories in here for me to know it wasn’t just Oliver you were trying to impress with this dress. Two: I’ve known you since college, so obviously I’ve seen those jealous little looks you give Thea sometimes when you’re drunk. And three: this.’

All at once, Eddie grabbed Jenna’s wrist and yanked it down to his crotch. Pinning her hand there, Eddie rubbed his groin against her fingers and grinned with devilish delight as fresh desire swirled through Jenna’s eyes. ‘This pussy was already dripping wet when we swapped. Tell me, have you been horny around me all night, or just once we were alone together?’

‘I can’t do this. Oliver is–’

‘Oliver isn’t Oliver anymore. Thea isn’t Thea. And quite frankly, I don’t fucking care who they wake up as. All I know is when they find us you’re going to be balls deep in my pussy and thanks to that Pulse it’s going to be the hottest fuck either of us have ever had. Now get on that fucking sofa so I can put these lips to good use.’

Whether it was shock or arousal that had stunned her into silence, Jenna didn’t resist as Eddie drove her down and urgently worked at the buckle of his belt; she didn’t utter a word as he pulled her trousers and boxers down, releasing her rigid cock; she didn’t even speak up when Eddie simultaneously pulled his dress up and his bust down, exposing the big fleshy mounds of his ass and the even bigger, fleshier orbs of his phenomenal tits for her to drool over (not to mention his twinkling pussy, which gleamed through the red mesh of his racy underwear).

Still, once Eddie’s tongue touched her shaft Jenna became very vocal indeed.

‘Oh fuck. Oh shit. Yes, that feels so good.’ Her entire body tensed so hard Eddie could feel her trembling. ‘Oh my fucking god, please, please keep going. I don’t know if I can take it, but I don’t want it to stop.’

‘That’s right, baby, you’re a guy now, and that means you get all the perks of having a cock,’ Eddie purred, coiling his fingers around the base of Jenna’s shaft. He’d only licked her so far, but already she was putty in his hands, huffing as she slumped amongst the cushions; Eddie couldn’t wait to see her reaction once he actually started sucking. ‘I can’t deny I’m going to miss having one myself, but lucky for you being in this body makes me just want to gag on dick until I’m guzzling cum, so I’m sure I’ll get over it.’

‘Fuck, how are you so good at this?’

Eddie giggled, his eyes flashing impishly. ‘I guess you could say I inherited the skill. You know I think the Pulse left your blowjob expertise in this head on purpose. After all, you’re not going to be needing it in that body – but little old Ellie can certainly put those skills to good use.’

‘Ellie?’ Jenna panted.

The raven-haired stunner nodded. ‘It’s got a nice ring to it, don’t you think? Besides, I can’t keep going by Eddie anymore can I?’ She paused, her face lingering just behind Jenna’s twitching dick. ‘Of course, if you don’t like playing with me I’m sure I can find some other juicy-cocked hunk who’d call me anything I ask him to.’

‘No.’ Jenna blanched at the desperation in her own voice: it didn’t matter who they’d both been before or that it was her own body looking back at her, Ellie’s tongue on her cock was all she could think about. ‘Please don’t stop. I’ll call you any name you want, just don’t stop. I’m so fucking horny.’

Ellie’s devilish grin was a thing of erotic mania. ‘Good boy, Jake. Now, I think it’s time we cut the bullshit. I’m not going to wait any longer. You’re going to fuck me, Jake. And you’re going to do it right now.’

Ellie practically dragged Jake to his feet, her lover too horny to think straight. Once on his feet, however, primal instinct took over as Ellie raised one knee onto the arm of the sofa and peeled aside her bright red panties. The sight of her glistening pussy and bare ass sparked a lustful gleam in his eye and any final reservations Jenna might have had about her new body melted away as she accepted her new life as Jake.

‘Go on, baby. My cunt is all yours,’ Ellie purred.

Jake didn’t need telling twice. Lifting his shirt with one hand and gripping Ellie’s fat ass with the other, he slid his long cock into her sex to the sound of her slutty, giddy giggles.

‘Mmmh, yeah, you’re so fucking tight,’ Jake breathed, closing his eyes while savouring the hot, wet embrace of her insides. The ecstasy of sex as a man roared white-hot through every fibre of his being and he allowed a grin to spread over his handsome features. ‘Fuck yes, I could get used to this. I never thought screwing a pussy would feel so much better than having mine screwed.’

Ellie grinned back, already rocking slowly against his hips. ‘Speak for yourself. I’d give up a thousand nights as a guy for just one in this body having my holes pounded by a hot stud like you.’ Reaching back, she clasped her thigh and lifted it higher, groaning as her mammoth mammaries bounced heavily on her chest.

Of course, they both knew their addiction to their new bodies was a product of the Swap Pulse; of course, they were well aware that the switch and the enhanced libido it had imbued them with were irreversible; and of course, neither of them cared in the slightest. From now on, their lives would be spent in a state of perpetual arousal – and they wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Jake had already found his rhythm, the pumping motion coming easily to him despite having never wielded a cock before – clearly Ellie hadn’t been the only one to inherit some skills from her body’s former occupant. And it soon became apparent that Eddie’s hunger for Jenna’s body had bled through into Jake’s psyche too; before long he was driving in deep and hard, the clap of his groin against her ass ricocheting off the walls of the empty room like pistol fire.

Burning with the pleasures of the Pulse, neither of them really noticed their gradual shift back down to the sofa. By the time Ellie found herself naked on Jake’s lap, the past hour was little more than blur of flesh and sin intercut with occasional moment of orgasmic clarity as one or the other of them climaxed hard.

By now her dress and underwear were fully removed, only the shiny golds bands of her necklace and bracelet left on her person. Her huge tits jiggled incessantly as Jake took her from beneath, his incredible cock driving up into her flushed pink pussy while her legs bobbed about in time with his thrusts. Her full lips curled in a naughty grin as she felt another orgasm beginning to build.

‘That’s it, bitch, take my fat cock. Take it deep like the naughty slut you are.’

Ellie giggled, her eyes rolling. ‘Oh baby, you say the nicest things.’

‘I’m gonna fuck you so hard you’ll just be a brainless bimbo by the time the sun comes up.’

Looping one arm over his head she caressed his cheek. ‘Promises, promises,’ she moaned.

Just then, a tall, strapping figure stumbled in from the conservatory. It was Jenna’s husband, Oliver – at least in body. But Ellie knew immediately who the new arrival really was; after being married to Thea for almost a decade she knew her wife when she saw her, no matter what body Thea was in.

Ellie’s eyes twinkled with mischief as she fixed her wife with a seductive stare. ‘Hey babe, I’m glad you could finally join us. I know what this looks like, but if it makes you feel any better we were on our way to look for you. We just got a little… distracted.’

‘Eddie? Is that you?’ Thea clutched her head in her hands and groaned. ‘I… I can’t think straight. I woke up and I… is this a dream? What’s happening?’ Despite her confusion, she was unable to tear her gaze away from the sordid sight of Ellie’s fleshy body bobbing and rippling as Jake continued to screw her.  

‘Don’t worry, gorgeous, I’ll explain everything… eventually. But right now we have more important things to think about. Like how deep you can get your cock in my holes.’ Ellie laughed as Thea’s eyes bulged. ‘Don’t play coy with me, I know you want it. It’s all you can think about, isn’t it? Seeing Jake fuck me like this, my smoking hot body bouncing on his dick, it’s taking everything you have not to come over and use me too. Well you don’t have to fight it – I want it too. I want both your dicks filling me until I’m a shrieking, babbling mess. I want you to feel the same pleasure I do. I want you to get over here and take all your lust out on my body.’ One hand slid down to her clit, drawing Thea’s eyes to her twinkling folds. ‘Don’t fight it, babe. Come over here and we can find out if this cunt can take two.’

For a moment Thea just stood there, entranced by the sordid scene before her. Then she stirred into motion, drawn towards the fucking lovers as if entranced. Ellie’s beckoning finger lured her in, seductive and irresistible, until finally her face was in the woman’s palms, her lips were parted by her probing tongue, and her rigid cock was in Ellie’s warm hand being guided towards the wet embrace of her corrupted husband’s perfect pussy…

Thanks for reading!

I don’t really have much to say on this one other than that I fucking love it. I don’t often write body swap stories as it’s something I feel I tend to overwrite and can struggle keeping them concise. However this idea came to me instantly when I found this gallery and it simply would not go away so I knew I had to write it. Overall I think I managed to keep it pretty focused and in my opinion the end result is super hot, so maybe I’ll try to do more Swap Pulse and general body swap stories in the future.

Although this is officially my final release of 2023, I do have one more piece coming out tomorrow before I go on my usual January hiatus. For anyone celebrating tonight I wish you all the best and I’ll see you next year!

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