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Reclining on the bed in his new body, Finley couldn’t stop jerking off. The pleasure roaring through his insides was too great and the only release was to stroke himself – if he didn’t he was sure he would lose his mind completely. Yet the more he masturbated, the more aroused he became as his feminised body throbbed with lust, and the tormented young man could not help the feeling that he was locked in a vicious cycle he could not escape.

Finley’s delicate new brows knitted together as he looked up at the man standing over the bed. ‘What… what have you done to me?’ he breathed, his voice light and effeminate. ‘Please, Doctor Cooper, I can’t stop.’

The tall man smiled, cold amusement twinkling in his eyes. ‘Well of course you can’t, otherwise there wouldn’t be any point in transforming you in the first place. Personally I’d have thought it obvious what I’ve done to you, but I suppose I should have anticipated that ditzy new brain of yours would take a while to catch on.’

Even though he ran the facility, Doctor Cooper was dressed in the same crisp white uniform all the orderlies in the complex wore. Given the similarly sterile décor of Finley’s room, the man seemed to blend in with his surroundings, especially as the pleasure made it difficult for Finley to focus.

Drawing closer, Doctor Cooper admired Finley’s new body. ‘I must say, of all the forms I’d imagined you’d take, this wasn’t what I had expected.’ He ran a hand down Finley’s leg, making him groan. ‘Though I definitely don’t have any complaints.’

Ever since Finley’s parents had sent him to the rehabilitation camp he’d been wary of Doctor Cooper. As far as Finley was concerned, the man smiled far too much for someone who spent his life dealing with rebellious youths determined to disobey everything he said. Then again, his methods were clearly effective because though he called the complex a ‘camp’ it was actually a sprawling facility of half a dozen lodges set in the heart of the countryside.

But Finley had never imagined this was how the doctor achieved his success.

When Doctor Cooper had presented him with the ankh necklace Finley had sneered. It was clearly intended for a woman and he wondered for a second if the doctor had finally gone mad with the stress of his job.

Yet the longer he held it, the more Finley felt the necklace calling out to him, a strange urge to put it on slowly filling his mind.

The moment he’d donned the necklace Finley’s body had burned with pleasure. Overwhelmed, he collapsed to the bed writhing and squirming as his body rapidly transformed. Hairless thighs and slender legs; delicate fingers tipped with manicured nails; feminine features complete with full lips, trimmed brows and large eyes crowned with a short pixie cut of dark umber hair – within seconds they were all his, the brawny gym bro figure he was so proud of melting away like butter tossed into a furnace. A pair of ample tits pressed out from his chest as his pubic hair receded into a tiny oval patch barely larger than the tip of his thumb, yet despite the sudden feminisation his cock and balls went untouched.

When the transformation was over Finley found himself sprawled breathlessly on his back. A sheer black mesh top clung tight to his new torso, the material rubbing against his sensitive nipples, while a pleated black skirt was bunched around his waist.

He had barely caught his breath before he instinctively slipped a delicate hand down to stroke himself. He didn’t care that Doctor Cooper was watching him with a satisfied smile – he just needed release.  

‘Tell me, Finley, do you know what the ankh symbolises?’ Doctor Cooper asked. When Finley said nothing, he continued like a professor delivering a lecture. ‘It symbolises life. In this case, the life that – until now – only existed in your deepest secret fantasies.’ As he spoke, the doctor began to unbutton his shirt. ‘If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this job it’s that rebellion nearly always has its roots in the same thing: suppressed sexual desires. Thugs who crave submission. Bullies who want to be objectified. Nerds who’ve flown off the deep end because they dream of being hot. The ankh simply brings those desires to life.’

As he spoke, the doctor continued to disrobe. Finley groaned softly as toned abs and powerful arms came into view, the sight stirring things in his new body he couldn’t control. Soon the man was only in his boxers, a swelling bulge pressing against the material. Moving to the side of the bed he stacked the pillows one atop the other before sinking onto the bedsheets and reclining against the soft mound. Finley’s eyes followed him, unable to tear his gaze from the handsome doctor.

‘This is the body you’ve craved,’ Doctor Cooper said. ‘A pretty little trans slut as beautiful as any cis girl. Don’t try and deny it – we both know it’s true, otherwise the ankh wouldn’t have given you this body. Besides, I can see it in your eyes. You’re so horny it hurts, isn’t that right?’

Meekly, Finley nodded, the raw lust consuming his insides burning through his lingering shame.

Doctor Cooper chuckled. ‘Well then, it’s lucky I’m here to show you how to put that arousal to good use. Because if there’s one thing whores like you can’t resist, it’s a nice juicy cock. Like this.’ With a wicked smile he pulled down his boxers and threw them aside. His erection bucked free, hard and twitching. ‘Don’t fight your urges. This is who you are now. Come and make your dreams a reality.’

Finley couldn’t help himself. The sight of Doctor Cooper’s cock was like catnip to his new mind, pushing all other thoughts away so the waiting erection was all he could think about. Drawn irresistibly towards the man who had transformed him, Finley opened his mouth, bowed his head and groaned as the doctor’s warm shaft slid between his lips.

A switch flipped in Finley’s mind. As if Doctor Cooper’s cock was the key to unlocking his inner slut, he felt his worldview upend and his psyche unravel into something completely new.

Slowly at first, the brand new nympho steadily swallowed the doctor’s meat, groaning as it burrowed deeper down his throat. His soft lips glided over the shaft, his taloned fingers coiled around the base to keep it steady as he gradually increased his pace. A shiver zinged down his spine as the doctor’s hand found the back of his nape, guiding him gently down until his neck was bulging and his eyes watering.

But Finley didn’t stop. Why would he? This was who he was meant to be. The doctor said so, and a good slut never questioned their Master. A good slut simply followed their urges no matter how naughty they were – and right now Finley was possessed by the all-consuming urge to throat the doctor’s dick until he couldn’t breathe.

Slowly increasing his pace, Finley began to succumb to the carnal needs of his new body. He swirled his tongue hungrily around his lover’s shaft, listening out for the doctor’s moans and tailoring his movements to draw out as much pleasure from the sordid man as possible.

‘I can’t stop,’ Finley gasped, coming up for breath with flushed cheeks. His body thrumming with pleasure, he peeled off his shirt and threw it away then pulled Doctor Cooper’s hands to his aching tits. ‘Why can’t I stop? You’re right that I wanted this, but I never imagined myself being so addicted to it.’ He moaned and squirmed as Doctor Cooper groped him, certain he was going to burst with arousal. ‘Fuck, I need cock so badly. I can’t live without it. I… oh… I… fuck…’

Moving so quickly he was a blur, Finley once again dived down, but this time there was no apprehension in his actions. He practically inhaled the doctor’s dick, his eyes rolling as he indulged in his first deepthroat. Spittle oozed from around his lips and his back arched as he fought the urge to gag. Yet despite the discomfort the corrupted slut masturbated so frantically his hand was a blur.

Despite the nympho latched onto his crotch, Doctor Cooper simply smiled his usual smug smile. ‘Yes, that oftens happens to new transformants. I like to think of it as if you’re a bottle of champagne and your desires are the bubbles. Until now you’ve kept them all hidden inside, but now you’ve been shaken violently and your cork has popped. This is the rush – all that desire has come surging to the surface and you’re stuck in the torrent. And even once the rush is over, you’ll never be able to put all that desire back in the bottle.’ Reaching down, he tangled his fingers in Finley’s short hair. ‘You’re always going to be an addict to this new life. You’re always going to be a needy, greedy little slut. That’s your cross to bear.’

The doctor’s sordid promise pushed Finley over the edge. What was left of his old persona shattered like a dry stone wall in the face of a wrecking ball. As it fell away the inner slut that had been fighting to break free was unearthed: Fiona.

Redoubling her efforts, she bobbed her head so frantically she thought the doctor’s cock might burst out the back of her head. Fortunately, it was only a matter of seconds before she felt the doctor’s shaft bucking and spasming as his orgasm was let loose.

While Doctor Cooper gave a howl of release, Fiona pulled back, closed her eyes and opened her mouth. Most of the doctor’s cumshot splattered over her pretty face, decorating everything from her brow to her chin with ribbons of pearly cum. However, the seed that landed over her tongue was quickly swallowed, her features twisting into a contented smile as she licked her lips of his load.

When he was finally finished he peered up at her with the look of a man who was satisfied with his work. ‘I can’t remember the last time I had a patient quite as eager as you. You’re definitely a natural skank, that’s for sure. I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear that the ankh doesn’t just transform you, it shifts reality to accommodate the change. As far as the rest of the world knows, this is who you’ve always been. Only me, you and the people at this facility know the truth. But don’t worry – I can keep a secret if you can.’

For the first time, Doctor Cooper’s smile faltered. It didn’t look as if Fiona had heard a word he’d said. She simply sat there staring at him, one finger pulling idly on her lower lip, her cummy face twinkling in the light.

‘Is there something wrong?’ the doctor asked when she didn’t respond.

‘No, nothing,’ she replied, her eyes thick with sordid intent. ‘I just need to ask you something.’

‘And what might that be?’

Dropping down onto all fours Fiona crawled up the doctor’s body, her soft tits rubbing his abs and chest as she came. She only stopped when she was lying on top of him, his twitching cock nestled between her thighs and her hot flesh pressed against his. Her face was so close to his he could smell the saltiness of his seed on her breath. As he looked into her eyes he could see nothing of Finley left in them, only the corrupted whore the ankh had moulded the former rebel into.

If there was any doubt that Finley was gone, however, Fiona put it to rest as she leaned in closer and whispered softly. ‘Can we go again?’

With that, the new slut pulled the doctor into a sensual kiss before he had time to respond, her skilful hand slipping down to clasp his cock so she could prepare him for a second round of shameless depravity…

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  1. Wonderful story! You never fail to leave me rock hard, unless they take me over the edge completely (not an uncommon occurrence!) Now, where can I get one of those necklaces…

    1. Your words are music to my ears 😈 if you manage to find one of them, please make sure you get an extra for me!

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