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Craig never knew what hit him. He had been so lost in the podcast playing through his headphones he had failed to notice that his driver had turned into the rough part of town. Only when the minivan pulled up and he looked out of the window to find an unfamiliar neighbourhood had he turned to question the man, but before he could open his mouth a flash of light filled the vehicle and Craig fell back writhing with pleasure.

Stashing his universal remote safely within the glovebox, the driver watched his passenger’s transformation with a sly smirk.

Craig looked like he was wilting, his masculine body steadily shrinking until he was barely half his former size. The hair on his arms and legs shrivelled away to leave behind delicate ivory limbs, silky smooth and enticingly supple. His cropped hair and short quiff unfurled into a small bob dyed crimson, through which pearlescent stretcher earrings peeked like shy fawns hiding in the brush. Overwhelmed by lust, his hands flew to his face just as his weathered fingers honed into delicate digits tipped with pastel pink nails. Beneath them his face itself was changing too, the hawkish lines of his visage softening into the shallow, delicate features of an innocent girl-next-door type. The driver watched as the tattoo on his arm – a roaring tiger – morphed into a floral pattern, the ink only visible now that has crisp shirt had restitched itself into a small pink vest which clung tight to his petite physique. His trousers vanished soon after, giving the driver the briefest glimpse of Craig’s dwindling cock before it slid back into the folds of a tight, twinkling pussy.

When Craig had entered Leo’s minivan he had been a lean white-collar worker, no doubt as well-off as he was lanky and slim. Now, on the other hand, his diminutive stature, lack of clothing and erotic groans made him the ideal plaything for Leo to take out his lust upon.

And the seedy driver didn’t waste any time in acting on his carnal impulses.

Diving into the back of the minivan, Leo eagerly pressed his lips against the new woman’s sex to lap hungrily at her folds. She gave a giggling shriek, her hands still pressed against her eyes as he forced her legs up towards her chest so she was folded up on the leather seat.

While Craig had been distracted during the drive, Leo had already locked the doors just in case his passenger tried to bolt before his transformation was complete. But now the effects of the universal remote had sunk their claws so deep into the woman’s psyche she would never dream of trying to escape: shamelessly slutty as she was, she was enjoying herself far too much to want him to stop.

‘Fuck, Cassie, you taste so good,’ Leo growled, clamping his hands around her thighs to keep her still as he feasted on her glistening pussy nectar. ‘I could eat you out forever.’

Craig’s twisted mind accepted the new name easily and in a heartbeat she was nodding, her lips twisted into a giddy grin. ‘Yes baby, please do. Don’t stop. Oh fuck, you’re so good at this.’ She groaned, her hands descending to run through his hair and pull him in more while her pretty face scrunched up with ecstasy. ‘How many sluts have you trained this tongue on before me?’

‘I’ve lost count,’ Leo said.

Cassie’s orgasmic moan filled the minivan. ‘Fuck that’s hot. God, it makes me feel like such a whore just being the latest on a long list of shallow sluts… oh shit, right there… yes… please don’t ever stop.’

‘But if I don’t stop, how am I supposed to fill this tasty pussy with my thick cock?’

Before Cassie could respond Leo surged up and seized her by the throat before throwing her down hard onto her back. Dazed, she was powerless to resist as he manhandled her into position, though even if she had wanted to put up a struggle – which of course she didn’t – her delicate frame was no match for his strength.

Tugging off his jeans with one hand, Leo used the other to yank down her vest, revealing a pair of perky tits with areolas shaped like hearts. ‘How cute,’ Leo smirked, reaching down to pinch her nipples. Another tattoo was situated between her breasts: the words Bae’s face here in a handwritten font.

Then, gripping one of her ankles in a huge hand and lifting the other foot to rest on his shoulder, the sleazy driver drove his rigid cock deep into Cassie’s virgin cunt.

Her pretty face immediately twisted with pleasure, her breath coming in shallow gasps. Her little body was at his mercy, the power of his thrusts setting her tiny tits bouncing and the minivan swaying from side-to-side. Of course, on this side of town a rocking car was far from unusual and the handful of pedestrians that passed didn’t pay them any attention at all: Leo was free to do with Cassie whatever he pleased without concern of interruption.

Unsurprisingly, that suited both of them just fine.

‘Mmmh, yes baby, fuck me deep, fill me up, I’m your slut, I’m your needy little bitch, I need your cock so bad, oh fuck…’ Cassie’s endless babbling was sordid encouragement for her corruptive lover, his pace steadily increasing until he was driving into her so hard every slap of his crotch against hers sounded like a gunshot that ricocheted around the cabin.

Gripping the back of the seat with white-knuckled ferocity, Leo grunted like an animal, his movements driven by carnal instinct. Yet as his body moved of its own volition, sordid ideas were swirling through his mind.

Craig was hardly the first passenger Leo had exploited. When he had activated the universal remote the minivan’s interior had been affected too, the new car aesthetic of pristine leather and clean surfaces sloughed off to reveal well-used seats, suspicious stains on the floor and graffiti all across the roof. Each scrawled piece had been written by one of Leo’s previous conquests. To him the naughty messages were better than a trophy room, and he loved nothing more than railing a new whore knowing she would be the next to leave her mark.

Usually once he’d had his fun he would use his remote to wipe his passenger’s memory, dumping them on the pavement and leaving them to find their own way home. Yet this time, Leo’s thoughts were going to even darker places.

Because Cassie was something special. Whereas other passengers took time to acclimate to their new bodies, she had taken to hers so eagerly she was already giggling deliriously and begging for more. What was more, the longer she spent in his presence the more depraved Cassie seemed to become. He could only imagine how horny she would be after a day in her new body, or a week, or a month. It seemed a shame to waste such natural slutty talent on a single fuck. And besides, with his universal remote, Leo could ensure nobody ever came looking for Craig…

‘Fuck, I’m going to cum,’ Leo grunted. His twisted thoughts had pushed him to the brink and now his orgasm was imminent.

‘No, wait,’ Cassie shrieked, suddenly sober despite being drunk on pleasure mere seconds before. For an instant Leo thought Craig’s psyche had broken through. But then Cassie grinned impishly. ‘Not in my cunt, baby. On my face.’

Those final three words sealed her fate. Matching her grin, Leo no longer had any intention of changing her back, not when he could keep her as his nymphomaniacal girlfriend instead. True, this wasn’t exactly the most romantic of first dates, but who needed romance when you could have shameless depravity instead?

Pulling out and rising to his feet, Leo angled his shaft towards Cassie’s face the moment she fell to her knees. A heartbeat later he had fired his load all over her face. Thick ropes of cum splashed over her tongue and lips, streaked down her chin and cheeks, descended her neck and decorated her chest.

Once he had milked every last drop, Cassie swallowed hungrily before staring up at him with a cum-splattered smile. ‘Mmmh, thank you babe. You really know how to treat a girl. Anyway, where exactly are you taking me? You never said.’

Overcome by brutish lust, Leo grabbed Cassie by the hair and pushed her into the front passenger seat. She landed heavily, squealing with delight. The next moment he was back in the driver’s seat, his cock jutting up like a flagpole.

‘We’re going back to my place, slut. But when we get there you’ll be the one giving me a ride. And I don’t want to waste a second once we’re home, so how about you keep my engine running in the meantime?’

Without waiting for an answer, Leo dragged Cassie down and sheathed his cock in her hot, wet throat. Immediately she began worshipping his manhood, her shameless slobbering filling the cabin. And while he put the minivan into gear and thanked his past self for picking Craig up in the first place, his personal insatiable slut made sure her stud’s shaft got a very thorough service…

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