The Program: Amber Smith – Used and Abused

Models (in order of appearance): Faye Reagan, uncredited male model (x2), Ryan Madison, Kelly Madison & uncredited male handler

Paying For It

Deep down, Amber had been looking forward to this. No matter how many times she submitted to her tutors there was no avoiding the fact that they knew her. Deeply. Intimately. They knew where her turn-on spots where, what kinks aroused her most, how skilled she was in each and every sexual act or position. All of this information – actively or subconsciously – was constantly fed into how they dominated her. As a result, even when they were letting their sadistic side run rampant they did so in a way they knew would play on her desires while respecting her boundaries.

The men currently fucking her had no such awareness. They were total strangers. She didn’t even know their names, nor did they know hers. Because tonight, Amber wasn’t a person. She was a piece of meat for them to use.

And she was loving every second.

The man using her grinned as he drove into her vulnerable sex. ‘Fucking hell, she’s so fucking tight. I’ve never screwed a cunt like this.’ Pushing her raised leg further back towards her torso to spread her wider he chuckled coldly as her brows knitted together. ‘Look at how much she’s loving this, man. What a stupid, needy skank.’

‘You got that right,’ the second man laughed. ‘It’s one thing for a sub to serve their own Dom, but it takes a special kind of slag to let them whore her out. And then to actually enjoy it. That’s so filthy.’ He was the younger of the two (though both were somewhere in their late forties), and as he spoke, he stroked his swelling cock, waiting his turn. He was easily in reach and Amber could have jerked him off if she wanted, but she was too busy groaning and squirming to focus on him.

Amber was so horny she could hardly think straight. Given the white-hot ecstasy coursing through her insides she was surprised she wasn’t physically glowing. Her hands scrabbled at the pillow behind her, clutching it so hard her knuckles went white as she struggled to keep herself grounded in reality. Though his wasn’t the lengthiest dick she’d taken he was distinctly wider than most of her tutors. His girth stretched her wide and shifted her insides in entirely different ways than she was used to, while also lacing the pleasure with the persistent pain of being stretched.

Yet her euphoria ran much deeper than mere physical pleasure.

These men didn’t care about her. They didn’t know her story nor her motivations for being on the Program in the first place. They barely even saw her as human. All they cared about were the three holes they’d paid to have access to and how many times they could unload inside them.

Of course, they understood the arrangement. After all, anybody permitted access to a sub was strictly vetted by the Program beforehand, so they would never dream of harming Amber in any way. Moreover, a safe word had been decided in advance.

But beyond that, all bets were off. They had paid for her services and they were allowed to use her in any way they saw fit.

Being reduced to a set of holes was the most degrading thing Amber had ever experienced, but that was exactly why she was such a mess of arousal. Before the Program, the humiliating treatment she saw when watching hardcore porn had left her weak at the knees, sparking cravings as darkly taboo as they were orgasmic. Now, at last, she had the chance to actually experience it at the hands of men who would abandon her the moment they were satisfied – it was like all her darkest fantasies bought to life.

What made things even more intense was the fact that neither man had any interest in ordering her around. With no orders to follow, raw lust crashed over her in waves, swamping all rational thought until she was drowning in it.

Only experienced subs were allowed to undergo humiliation training. After all, such intensely dehumanising treatment could easily break a sub early on in their education, so the tutors made sure not to subject any volunteer to it until they were ready. When they were prepared, however, then no punches were pulled: this was only Amber’s first night on the subject and she was already being whored out. And given that she wouldn’t be assessed for over a month, by the time she passed the unit she would have earned a very tidy sum from the men who paid to use her.

‘You can’t keep her all to yourself, you know,’ said the younger man. He was still jerking off beside her, but now his cock was at full attention. ‘I paid good money to use this cumdump too, so get the fuck out of my way. I want to feel that tight fucking cunt.’

When the older man didn’t pull out, the frustrated bull seized Amber roughly around her throat and dragged her down onto the shaggy rug at the foot of the sofa. As he did so he knocked her payment off the table beside her, scattering stacks of banknotes across the floor.

The sudden absence of her client’s cock left her feeling eviscerated, but it didn’t take long for the younger man to drop in behind her, twist one of her legs backwards over his hip, then plunge his own dick deep inside her dripping sex.

‘Oh fuck,’ Amber gasped, her eyes rolling as he stretched her even wider than his friend. ‘Fuck yes, use me, Sir.’ She groaned as he started to pound her, her fat tits bouncing enticingly.

Joining them on the rug, the older man laughed. ‘She’s actually begging for it. Stupid cunt. If those Dominants of yours have any sense they’ll milk you for all the money you’re worth. You’ll just be their braindead cash cow, addicted to the humiliation.’ He dropped to his knees in front of her, his cock bobbing before her face. ‘But we didn’t pay to hear you moan, bitch, so let’s put those lips to better use.’

With that he forced his dick into her mouth while his friend held her firmly in place so he could thrust down her throat.

Lying amongst the banknotes they’d used to pay for her subjugation as their cold laughs filled her ears, Amber once again allowed the taboo of it all to overwhelm her. And as her mind began to shut down the men only used her all the harder, exploiting her mindless submission and willing holes to make themselves cum over and over. Not that Amber was complaining. In fact, she was already hoping her burly clients bought a few friends next time…

Office Supplies

Before the Program, Amber had spent a lot of time in a lot of offices wishing a lot of managers would just fuck her already. Even when they were entitled jackasses who treated their staff like dirt, the idea of spending her days being the kind of secretary you saw in porn films filled her with a sordid thrill.

She wanted to help soothe them when work became too stressful. She wanted to keep them company on business trips with no colleagues to disturb them. She wanted to be summoned into their office, close the blinds, and work through every position of the karma sutra on their big, broad, velvet-topped desk.

But most of all, she wanted to earn a living under their desk.

That particular daydream often ran away with her. She imagined her boss engaging in an important video conference call while her lips glided over his shaft. She fantasised about him hiring and firing from the comfort of his chair, smirking as he decided their futures all while she suckled hungrily. She wanted to be joined by the shameless intern or the office slut; wanted to go home with his cum on her tongue knowing the same demeaning day awaited her tomorrow; wanted to overhear the team gossiping about how much they envied all the bonuses the boss gave her, then relish the way they treated her like a princess in person, knowing they would get fired for even looking at her the wrong way.

In short, she wanted to be a cock-hungry slut for the most powerful man in the room. And today, that fantasy was becoming a reality.

Master Henry paid her little notice. For the most part he was busy working through his paperwork: two new volunteers had started their training this week. Quite apart from sorting out their timetables, they would both need a cover story to explain their disappearances – hardly a five minute job. Fortunately, he had Amber to help him destress.

Whenever he needed an outlet he would pull down his trousers, beckon her in and take some time to savour her incredible oral skills. Sometimes he would simply sit there, other times he would seize her hair and fuck her throat until she was gasping for air.

Then, once she was finished, he would lean down, pop her gag back in, slip her headphones on, and watch a blissful smile spread over her pretty face as audio conditioning tracks played directly into her ears. That was how she would remain – kneeling and quiet beneath the desk – until he chose to use her again.

As far as Amber was concerned, being used so thoughtlessly was probably the hottest experience of her humiliation training so far. Unlike when she was whored out, there was no sex to be had here. When he was finished with his paperwork Master Henry would leave to teach his classes, to fuck the minds and bodies of his students. He’d be intimate with them, maybe even sensual.

But in this room, Amber didn’t even matter enough for him to bother fucking her. She was a means to an end, a place for him to put his cock just as the desk tidy above her was a place for him to put his pens. She wasn’t even human – she was just another office supply.

Not for the first time, Amber wondered what her family might think if they could see her like this. No doubt they would have disowned her instantly. After all the effort she had put into building her career, to see her abandon it for such a salacious alternative was one thing. But to willingly accept – to even enjoy – this kind of subhuman treatment was something they could never forgive.

Still, Amber had long since stopped caring about their opinions. She no longer spent her nights wracked with guilt as she had at the start of her training, no longer wondered if she could go back to her old life and somehow explain her unexpected disappearance.

No. This was where she belonged. Serving a Dom who understood who she was. A Dom who accepted who she was. Her biological family might be incapable of fathoming what the Program had done for her, but now she was part of a much bigger family who not only understood but also actively encouraged her to explore the woman she had always wanted to be, regardless of if that meant fucking her rough in a dungeon, making love to her in her own bedroom, or having her knelt beneath a desk with her throat constantly available for use.

All thoughts of her family were dashed as Master Henry came hard. His load splattered around the insides of her mouth. Arousal bloomed through her insides and she swallowed it all hungrily, refusing to let a single drop go to waste.

By the time she had licked him clean, Master Henry had just about caught his breath. His dick was beginning to soften, though like all the other Doms who taught her he had incredible stamina; Amber knew he could soon be hard again if he wanted to.

But he wasn’t interested in that right now. Amber had served her purpose and now he had more paperwork to get through. So, pulling up his jeans he stuffed his lengthy snake back inside before picking up the gag laid beside his mouse. Slotting it between her cum-speckled teeth he then slid her headphones into place.

And as the endless seductive voices whispered sordid mantras through her mind, Amber sat back beneath the desk, groping herself as a cummy string of drool trickled from the corner of her mouth…

On the House

Amber was so desperate for George’s cock it was almost painful. She had been watching his wife gorge herself on it for almost ten minutes, groaning and slurping and slobbering while Amber could only dart in and lick the shaft when she spotted an opening. She felt like a dog who could see the feast on the table but had to make do with the scraps.

At long last, Felicity pulled away. She inhaled deeply as if she’d been about to suffocate. ‘Oh my fucking god, babe, I don’t think I’ve ever known you this hard. It’s like you were trying to shatter my skull.’

‘Can you blame me, honeydew? I’ve got the hottest bimbo in the world and the neediest sub I’ve ever laid eyes on both vying for my dick. I can’t think of any straight man who wouldn’t be hard as granite right now.’

Felicity licked her lips clean of his precum. ‘I suppose you’re right about that. Although I should hope it’s me that’s turning you on the most.’

‘Of course, my sweet. Nobody could possibly compare to you.’

‘Right answer,’ Felicity purred and leaned in for a sensual kiss.

The two of them made an odd couple. When they had arrived at the training facility they were all smiles and friendly politeness, yet behind closed doors the masks came off and their true colours shone through; in private they were insatiable and shameless, all decorum completely abandoned. The transformation was so dramatic Amber had been briefly stunned into silence when she watched them fall on one another. The only consistent thing about them was the endless list of sickly sweet nicknames they gave one another.

Amber had been offered to them as a thank you present. George and Felicity were amongst the Program’s few charitable donors. Though they didn’t expect anything in return for their regular donations, Doctor Winters made sure to offer them regular ‘experience days’ – which was just another way of saying ‘feel free to come and fuck any sub you like on the house’.

Today, Doctor Winters had decided to give them Amber. After all, the couple had something of a sadistic streak, and with Amber’s humiliation assessment coming up she could use all the experience she could get.

And serving George and Felicity was an experience Amber would not soon forget. Especially once the busty blonde woman decided to take things up a notch.

‘Come on then, bitch, let’s put you through your paces.’ Before Amber could respond Felicity had coiled one manicured hand in her ginger hair and driven her down hard onto her George’s cock. With the other hand she gripped Amber’s wrists behind her back with surprising strength. Unable to resist, Amber was powerless as George’s dick burrowed deep down her throat so her neck bulged and her breath came in little wet gasps.

‘Holy shit,’ George moaned, his head lolling back while his wife held Amber in place. ‘Holy fucking shit, she’s amazing. Not as amazing as you, of course, my love,’ he added quickly, earning himself an air kiss from Felicity.

A mischievous smirk warped Felicity’s lips. ‘It looks like Doctor Winters has done a good job with this one. And I think it’s about time we put all that training of hers to good use.’ With that, she forced Amber to roughly throat her husband’s dick.

Amber melted into the control of the two strangers. The brief pain of the violent throat fuck was swiftly overwhelmed by a drowning euphoria. She closed her eyes, her eyelids fluttering, savouring every second of it all. With each gag on his dick she grew wetter, her lace panties soon sodden with her own juices. Felicity’s firm grip on her wrists restricting her movements was intensely erotic – all the thrill of handcuffs with none of the biting metal. She could feel her tits bouncing heavily on her chest and she wanted nothing more than to grope them as he came in her mouth. But her arms remained firmly behind her back, and as Felicity continued to forcefully manhandle her she gradually succumbed to the corruptive arousal wreathing through her mind.

She was so horny that she barely even noticed George’s dick twitching. She didn’t feel Felicity plunge her head down until her lips were sucking at his balls and hold her there. She barely even tasted the salty load he fired down her throat, nor sense the ribbons of cum that oozed from her cheeks and down her chin once she was released.

In fact, something about serving this particular couple pushed Amber to a subspace so deep she knew she wouldn’t fully recover from it for at least a few days afterwards. Maybe it was the fact her body had been offered for free as a gift to a pair of total strangers, as though she wasn’t even worth paying for; maybe it was thanks to Felicity’s endless encouragement of her husband – how obviously eager she was to see him reduce Amber to a babbling mess; maybe it was because George was just Amber’s type and exactly the kind of man she dreamed of belonging to someday. Whatever the reason, Amber’s lucid mind collapsed long before George came down her throat.

The last thing Amber remembered clearly was being spread out on her back with George pounding her tight pussy and Felicity urging him on beside her. ‘Yes baby! Go on! Fuck her stupid brains out! Let’s give her back to Doctor Winters drooling like the cockdumb whore she is! Harder! Harder! Make her scream!’

After that, her night devolved into a blur of flesh, lust and orgasmic degradation…

Battle of Wills

Closing her eyes, Amber struggled to stay focused. Her jaw ached from the ball gag stuffed between her teeth, a near endless stream of drool trickling over her lower lip to speckle the floorboards. Her orange hair was a mess of dislodged strands that hung over her face. And even though the only exertion she faced was mental, her chest heaved.

Amber was breaking. She could feel her psyche fracturing, her grip on reality slowly slipping away. Time had lost all meaning; she had no clue if she had been here for five hours or five days. The room seemed to constrict around her, wooden walls pressing in from all sides, only for her to blink and realise her eyes were playing tricks on her. To make matters worse, conditioning tracks played constantly through speakers set into the wall. Merciless. Corruptive. Unrelenting. Amber no longer knew where their humiliating words ended and her own delirious thoughts began.

Come to think of it, she couldn’t even remember why she was here at all.

A smug voice reached her through the mental fog. ‘Still clinging on to your sanity, I see? I must say I’m impressed. Few subs make it this far. But I have all the time in the world to break you, Amber. And I’m going to enjoy watching you crumble.’

Master Ivan’s voice bought Amber’s memories rushing back. They hit her so hard she physically flinched, displacing yet another strand of hair.

Her final assessment – this was the final assessment of her humiliation training unit. Unlike some of her other end of unit tests, her goal was simple: stay sane for as long as she could. Master Ivan’s task was equally straightforward: break her as quickly as possible. To do so he was permitted to use any kind of sexual torment that took his fancy, while Amber would be marked on how long she could tolerate his dehumanising treatment. Until then, they were locked in a battle of willpower.

‘You should just give up,’ Master Ivan goaded her while picking through the countless sordid toys and tools arranged on the table before him. ‘You’re not worthy to serve a real Dom and you know it. Why bother trying to prove yourself? You’re just a pathetic waste of space pretending she can be a genuine sub. Stop lying to yourself and give up, Amber.’

Amber tried to reply but her words were muffled by the gag. Raising an eyebrow, Master Ivan removed it. ‘Something you’d like to say?’

It took a few seconds for Amber to respond – physically and mentally exhausted as she was, just the handful of words in her first attempt had sapped her energy. When she did manage to repeat herself though her words were firm while her eyes burned with defiance.

‘Fuck you. You’re the unworthy one. Call yourself a Dom? You can’t even break a single sub.’ She wore the crazed grin of someone who’d just had the shit beaten out of them but had nonetheless staggered to their feet for round two.

Master Ivan smirked coldly. ‘If that’s how you want to play it, I guess it’s time I stop holding back.’ With that he turned back to his table of torturous toys.

Leaning forwards as far as she could Amber felt her restraints bite into the skin above her elbows. The rope was expertly tied, lashed around both arms then bound to a hook embedded in the wall behind her to keep her in place. More rope wound around her wrists and across her front to prevent her trying to escape. Her arms were flushed a red so deep it was almost purple from the bondage.

Amber knew she would break eventually. For one thing, brief moments of lucidity like this were becoming fewer and farther between, so sooner or later she was sure to crumble entirely. But more than that, breaking subs was Master Ivan’s speciality. In fact, he made it look like an art form. He was more sadistic than Mistress Lara, more unpredictable than Mistress Maisie, and colder than all the other tutors combined. His chambers were decorated with framed photos of the subs he’d ruined in all manner of humiliating positions, and Amber had watched him reduce enough of her friends to begging, screaming, mindless things to know he would not rest until she was in that same state.

But she still had some fight left in her. Enough for another hour or two of resistance at least. With a bit of luck she might even last long enough to make him sweat.

When Master Ivan turned back to her he clutched a large black wand vibrator. Amber steeled herself as he approached and tried her best to look defiant. ‘Is that all you’ve got?’ she scoffed.

Pulling her simple grey dress up above her bosom, he squeezed a tit hard with his free hand and leaned in close with a cold grin. ‘No. There’s plenty more where this came from. You should think yourself lucky though. Most subs are already wailing for me to stop by now so they don’t get to experience my full arsenal of toys. And believe me when I say they’re unlike anything your training has prepared you for. You’re in uncharted waters now, Miss Smith. Here there be monsters.’

Though she opened her mouth to reply, Amber’s retort died in her throat when Master Ivan pressed the vibrator against her sex, effortlessly finding her clit with the ease of a practiced Dom. Like a master musician, his fingers danced across the buttons, varying the speed and rhythm of the vibrations.

Unable to push him away thanks to her bonds, Amber could only stand there and accept the endless torment. Yet as her body burned with lust and the constant auditory conditioning messed with her mind once more, she found herself slipping deeper into subspace than ever before. Soon her jaw hung slack, her eyes rolled and her head sank to one side. Raw orgasmia consumed her thoughts. And as lucidity slipped away again Amber focused on the only word that mattered anymore: resist

Thanks for reading!

First off, I want to say that I’m very annoyed at how sparse the list of creditable models this story involves. Despite looking very hard, I was only able to find the identity of one male model (albeit that he shows up in two scenes). My readers already know I’m dedicated to crediting the models whose work I do wherever possible, so it’s a real bummer for me that there’s so many unknowns in this one.

Unfortunately though, a lack of credits isn’t unusual when it comes to kinkier scenes. By their nature they are more niche and it’s often the case that the main focus of the scene – in this case Faye Reagan – is the only identifiable or credited model. For instance, as far as I can tell the two men in the first scene of this story are effectively just random dudes employed by the studio to do the scene, not actual models. Meanwhile, while the final two images are sourced from a scene, there is no credit for the handler, nor does he seem to show up when I search through their list of male models. Again, it is possible he is something akin to a freelancer, who doesn’t make a career out of porn but will still engage in it – my guess is he’s probably a professional/semi-professional Dom on the kink scene but not a model himself.

All that said, if anybody knows the identity of any of the men I’ve been unable to identify, please do let me know and I will be sure to update this!

Also, the final scene in this story is about as close as you’ll get to the original more outlandish version of the Program in this new changed version. I really wanted Amber to maintain a sense of self throughout the series – for her to still be herself at the end of it, just with more experience and a thorough understanding of what it means to be submissive – rather than having her get brainwashed or mentally changed. Having said that, with this story focusing on degradation it felt like the perfect place to delve into the more mentally trippy forms of Domination. While this kind of conditioning isn’t as grounded as most of the other things in this series, mindplay is 100% a very real kink and if done well it can result in some very erotic mind fucks. I don’t profess to understand the depths of that kink, plus there’s no way I could do it justice in such a short scene, but I really wanted to include it to show how both Domination and submission exist on a spectrum ranging from sensual to sadistic to just straight trippy.

Next week we’ll be on the home straight of Amber’s story. Monday’s piece in particular is a lot of fun, so I hope you’ll be back to read that after the weekend!


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