The Program: Amber Smith – Good Girl

Models: Faye Reagan & Johnny Sins

Sat on the edge of the L-shaped sofa in Doctor Winters’s office, Amber rubbed awkwardly at her neck, mostly to give herself something to do with her hands. Despite the fact that she had spent the better part of a year on the Program she couldn’t recall the last time she felt this nervous. It was like she was meeting Doctor Winters for the first time again, all the anxiety of sitting in reception waiting for him to arrive rushing back to her.

Then again, she knew any sub in her position would be just as fidgety. Under normal circumstances, today would be the day she met her sponsor. It was two weeks since the Long Fuck and half of that time had been spent recovering, cared for by her tutors who were – unsurprisingly – aftercare experts. As Amber had hoped, she’d passed with flying colours, and after that it had only been a question of waiting for Doctor Winters to introduce her to her forever Dom.

Yet rather than inviting her to the Coupling Hall – the large room divided by panelled screens into a honeycomb of small, private spaces in which Dominants and submissives met for the first time – Doctor Winters had instead summoned her to his office.

Sat in his broad leather office chair, his hands were clasped before him on the desk. ‘Thank you for joining me, Amber. Before I say anything else, allow me to congratulate you on your fantastic performance throughout your time with us. As you already know, no sub has ever completed their training as quickly as you, nor with such good grades. You are without doubt the best submissive we have ever had the pleasure to teach…’

Doctor Winters continued, but Amber wasn’t really listening. She simply smiled politely, pretending the compliments didn’t feel hollow. She knew this was all just congeniality; kindness to soften the blow.

Because at the back of her mind, Amber already knew what he was going to say: she didn’t have a sponsor. After all, most of her peers had known they had one from their first week of training. Specific traits and behaviours as requested by their future owners had been weaved into their training and by the time they graduated they had been in written communication with their Dominants for at least a few months.

But Amber hadn’t had any of that. Nobody had appealed for her to specialise in certain disciplines. Nobody had asked for any surgical enhancements. Nobody had written to her. Despite her impressive grades and all the effort she had put in, it seemed like no Dominant was interested in making her theirs.

Of course, she knew she wouldn’t be left without an owner. It wasn’t unheard of for submissives to finish the Program with no sponsor, and in those cases they were sold at auction. The audience at such auctions was generally composed of Dominants who preferred to see the finished product before parting with their cash, though all bidders were vetted just as thoroughly as any traditional sponsor. Amber knew many subs enjoyed the thrill of being auctioned off, but she had been hoping she wouldn’t reach that point. She wanted a Dom who craved her enough to pay for her outright, not one who had simply picked her out of a line-up.

Still, she’d try to make the best of it. She might even enjoy the auction process.

Amber’s focus drifted back to Doctor Winters. ‘It truly has been a pleasure having you with us on the Program,’ he was saying. ‘And now I am very happy to tell you that you’re here today to meet your sponsor.’

Amber froze. For a few seconds she simply stared, her mind refusing to process his words. After weeks of slowly swelling anxiety over her lack of a sponsor she couldn’t quite believe her ears. When she found her voice again there was only question on her mind. ‘Where is he?’

Doctor Winters smiled. A selfishly satisfied smile – the smile of a man who had been waiting for too long to say something and now finally had his chance. ‘You’re looking at him.’

Amber’s eyes bulged. This time though she managed to retain her powers of speech. ‘You? You’re my sponsor? You want to be my Dom?’

‘If you’ll have me.’

Her mind was reeling. She had walked into the room fully prepared to be informed she was going to auction – discovering she had a sponsor had been the last thing she’d expected to hear, let alone that said sponsor was Doctor Winters himself, the man who had guided her through the Program from start to finish. ‘Since when? Why didn’t you tell me?’

‘Since your very first day. I knew as soon as we met that you were the sub I’d been waiting for, so while you were under my desk going down on my, I was placing my deposit.’ He leaned forward, eyes bright. ‘As for why I didn’t tell you, I’ll admit I nearly did. Many times. But I didn’t want to influence your journey. I wanted you to become the submissive you wanted to be, unimpacted by the knowledge I was sponsoring you through that process. I know it can’t have been easy believing you had no Dom waiting for you once you graduated, but I know how important this has all been for you and I didn’t feel it was fair to sway you in any way.’

Now the shock had started to ebb, a smile crept its way over Amber’s lips. Doctor Winters was her Dom. Doctor fucking Winters. How many nights had she fallen asleep dreaming of him fucking her senseless? How many times had she passed him in the corridor and wished he would slam her up against the wall and take her there for everybody to see? How many fantasies had she had of offering herself to him mind, body and soul? The realisation that her daydreams had now bled into reality felt strange. Nonetheless it was slowly sinking in.

‘If you have any objections, Miss Smith, I suggest you voice them now.’

When Amber looked up at him she nearly withered in her seat. His eyes burned with erotic fire so intense she could barely hold his gaze. There was a primal hunger in his expression that sent a horny thrill through her body, her pussy already beginning to drip. They both already knew she wanted this just as much as he did, but Amber was feeling playful.

‘Why’s that, doctor? If I’m signing my life away to you I’d have thought it only fair for you to give me some time to consider my decision.’

Doctor Winters looked like a tiger ready to pounce. ‘I’m afraid not. I’ve waited plenty long enough to call you mine, and once I get my hands on you I’m going to fuck your brains out so thoroughly you won’t be able to string a coherent sentence together for a week.’

Reclining onto the sofa, Amber smirked. ‘Make it a fortnight and you’ve got a deal.’

Doctor Winters was fucking her so hard Amber could feel her ribs juddering. Every thrust was devastating, sending cascades of orgasmia through her soft body. All those months of resisting the urge to truly use her were finally coming out in his lustful aggression.

Of course, he had fucked her before. But never like this. All those other times had been part of her training. In those sessions he had been her tutor educating her on the skills she would need to be a true submissive. Now he was her owner. Her god. And he was making sure she knew it.

The doctor’s tie was locked between her teeth as he took her from behind, though it did little to stifle her howls. One powerful hand groped her tits so hard she could feel the aches throbbing through her entire torso, while the other hand was entwined in her hair, pulling her head back so her neck was exposed for him to kiss and lick and bite. Amber braced herself on the back of his black leather chair, her knuckles white and her hands trembling as she struggled to process the unending pleasure roaring through her.

All at once, Doctor Winters’s voice was hissing in her ear. ‘I think it’s about time I explained how our new arrangement is going to work. Because you’re not just going to be my sub, Amber. After all, you know how much time I spend at this facility, so simply keeping you at home as my live-in slut would barely even be worth it. That’s why you’re going to be my assistant here as well.’

The repetitive cracks of his thighs striking her ass were like gunshots in the quiet room. Undermining the staccato slapping were Amber’s endless moans. It felt like he was fucking them out of her, his immense dick going so deep that the displacement of her insides forced her moans to burst from her lips.

‘As you know, Dani moved on some time ago and since then I’ve been without an assistant.’ Amber did know – in fact, she’d been more than a little jealous when she laid eyes on the smoking hot and phenomenally well-hung trans Dominatrix who had come to collect the ginger slut. ‘But even when she was here, Dani filled a different role than you will,’ Doctor Winters went on. ‘She helped me initiate new arrivals as I did with you, but nothing more. Your duties on the other hand will be much more…’ He paused, then chuckled as he found the right word. ‘Comprehensive.’

Amber could already imagine it: being brutally used by him in front of a class to demonstrate the merciless depravity awaiting aspiring submissives in their future; being cooped up beneath his desk with her throat full; serving as the sordid equivalent of a stress ball he could use to wind down after an intense session. Almost as erotic as the chance to serve as his slutty secretary was the knowledge that she would be the envy of every other sub on the Program. She hadn’t met a single submissive who hadn’t dreamed of being owned by him, so once word spread that he’d chosen her as his personal cocksleeve she’d receive just as many jealous glares around the facility as she did Doctor Winters’s creampies. Well… almost as many.

‘At home though – that’s where we’ll really get to have fun. Away from this facility. Just you and me and all the pleasure you could ever dream of. We both know you’ll give anything for me to fuck you, so I’m sure you’ll have no problems with being my obedient little plaything. But just in case you get any ideas about disobeying me, I’m sure a glimpse of my dungeon will keep you well-behaved.’ He tugged her head back further, prompting a gasp that caused the tie to slip from her mouth. ‘Oh, Amber, the things we’re going to do together. We’ll make demons blush.’

Though her voice was hoarse from wailing and her thoughts were a jumble of all-consuming pleasure, Amber managed to find her voice long enough to ask the question that had been on her mind since he first revealed the truth. ‘Why me? You’re constantly surrounded by so many other subs all desperate to please you. Why sponsor me when you already have them?’

Slowing his pace gradually, Doctor Winters softened his grip on her hair and tits. When he spoke his voice was more mellow too. ‘Because they’re not ready to truly submit. They’re still learning. You’re the finished article. I value every volunteer who joins the Program, just as all the other tutors do. But I’m a Dom first and a tutor second and I yearn for a sub with whom I don’t have to hold anything back.’ He had stopped thrusting completely now and he pulled out, his cock slick with her juices. He eased her around to face him. ‘Even once they graduate though, most subs aren’t capable of satisfying all my needs. But you’re the best sub we’ve ever trained. And as far as I’m concerned any Dom who can’t appreciate how special you are isn’t worthy of dominating you.’

Amber didn’t know what to say. Eventually she pressed her forehead against his as she stroked his chest through his open shirt. ‘Thank you, Doctor Winters.’

The doctor’s devilish smile returned. ‘That reminds me, there was one last thing I forgot to mention. I think it’s time we did away with the formalities. You’re not that nervous girl trying to sound polite anymore. And you’re not my student either. From now on there’s only one title I expect you to address me by. Do I make myself clear?’

Amber nodded, beaming.

‘Good. Now, let’s try that again.’ Without warning he shoved her down onto his desk. A small stack of Rorschach tests he used during conditioning sessions scattered as she fell. He looked down at her, drinking in the sight of her sprawled out figure: the ginger hair splayed out around her head, the plump tits, the flushed pussy, the adoring glint in her eyes. ‘What were you saying, slut?’

Her heart thumping with arousal, Amber closed her eyes and smiled. When she spoke she savoured every letter. ‘Thank you… Master.’

‘Good girl,’ Master Winters said. Then he was inside her again, one hand clamped around her thigh and the other gripping the purple top bundled around her midriff. Before long his thrusts grew rough and hard once more, erotic savagery driving his every motion.

And as he consummated their perfectly filthy bond, Amber basked in raw blissful orgasmia. Her body was his to use and she would never stop craving whatever new sordid domination he chose to inflict upon her. In that moment all the months of effort and sacrifices she had made to complete the Program were all worth it. This was where she belonged – her happy place.

Instinct taking over, she rolled her hips and began to groan, eager to show her Master what a good little submissive she was…

Thanks for reading!

And that’s it! Amber Smith’s story is finally told, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. No story on this blog has ever taken this long to progress from concept to published piece, but I truly believe that all that time made this story infinitely better than it ever would have been if I’d pursued it back in 2019.

I think the thing I love most about this is that I’ve been able to use it as an educational tool itself. I’m by no means an expert in kink, but I know there are lots of things that aren’t often discussed in erotica stories (at least, not in the TG stuff I read) that are absolutely central to practicing safe kink. Subjects like sub drop, for example. It only got one mention in this series, but it was there, and that’s what I love – the fact I could root the story in realistic kink practices, even if the core concept of the Program isn’t particularly realistic itself. I especially wanted to emphasise the importance of consent more than I did originally, and that’s something I do feel I achieved.

Overall, I just feel like this series is much more respectful to kink and to Dom/sub relationships than anything I’ve written before. And it’s for that reason that I am so extremely happy I returned to write it.

It might have taken me years to finally come back to it, but I can promise that the Program will get more additions in future. I already have one written up and I’ve got more ideas brewing, so if you enjoyed this don’t worry, there’s more on the way. As to whether I’ll ever revisit Amber herself, I’m not sure, but as this series itself proves, when it comes to my stories never say never.

In terms of next month’s schedule, we’ll be back to one release per week as usual. So see you then for a new solo piece.

And again, thank you so much for reading Amber’s story – I hope the wait was worth it!


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