Models: Mia Isabella & Vaniity

‘Oh my God! Please, somebody help! Craig, please help me!’ 

The moment Craig heard the screams he sprinted into the small stone building with his heart in his mouth. As he went he cursed Jack for ever suggesting they come here in the first place. Everybody knew what went on within these graffitied walls, yet while Craig knew it was bad news Jack seemed happy to ignore its seedy reputation.

Skidding around a corner, Craig found himself in a squalid room. A grey carpet spotted with suspicious stains covered much of the room, though many of the carpet tiles had been removed so the concrete beneath was visible. Barely a square inch of wall hadn’t been sprayed with some vulgar message or image, while the only furniture was a bare duvet in the corner and a low, well-worn sofa beneath the window. To the side were two cubicles, several holes in the dividing wall making it clear what they were used for. Threadbare red curtains were drawn across the front of one.

What Craig saw in the other made his blood run cold.

Two beautiful women smiled up at him with full lips and glittering teeth. Both were scantily dressed, their attire made up entirely of particularly risqué lingerie and nothing more. The cubicle held a toilet upon which they sat, with one straddling the leg of the other. The seated woman was truly stunning: her sharp brows arched high, her curvy figure wrapped in black lace and red fishnets, her twinkling eyes diamonds of depravity. Gaudy jewelled earrings gleamed from within midnight black locks and one breast was exposed, imprinted with a kiss of lipstick.

But it wasn’t her that Craig found himself staring at: she was a stranger. Her partner, on the other hand, was all too familiar.

With a tight purple corset clamped around her midriff and a mesh bra doing little to conceal her breasts, she peered up at Craig with a sultry expression. A black leather collar was clamped around her throat, while a hopelessly tiny G-string was almost entirely lost in her curves. She was even more voluptuous than her friend, with plump thighs, immense ass, and an all-round fleshier figure. Her hair hung in obsidian curls around olive-skinned shoulders, and though she looked nothing like the Jake he knew, Craig had seen her face enough times to know exactly who she was: Jen, Jake’s T-lixir alter-ego.

Both women sported a shaved cock nestled between their plump thighs and they jerked one another off as they looked up at the new arrival.

‘You must be Craig,’ purred Jen’s friend. ‘I’m Diamond. Jen has told me so much about you… but she never mentioned how cute you were,’ she added with a wink.

If possible, Craig went even paler. ‘You… you’re Diamond?’ he breathed, fear in his voice.

Craig had heard a lot about Diamond. In fact, Jake barely ever shut up about her. She was the girl who had drawn him into the corruptive life of a transformation addict after all. After meeting online they had hooked up and ever since that night Jake had been a different man. Not so long ago both he and Craig had been avid gym fans, yet Jake now spent his days lounging around playing games and sleeping. His nights, meanwhile, were spent as Jen, grinding on a pole of either metal or flesh and earning more money during a single show than Craig did in a week at the office. Diamond was both his lover and his dealer, and these days Jake was utterly hooked on her T-lixir, a specially brewed strain of Elixir which left his cock in place even when the rest of his body underwent dramatic changes.

Finally laying eyes on the woman who had stolen his friend, Craig was surprised to find anger brewing in his chest. ‘You did this to him.’

Diamond giggled. ‘Well obviously. Jen is so much more fun to play with than Jake, and I just couldn’t help myself; my date last night got cold feet, so I’m desperate for a good fuck. Besides, Jen is always happy to escape the prison of her masculine body.’ Stroking Jen’s hair she pulled her friend closer. ‘Go on, baby, show him how happy you are to be free.’

Without hesitation, Jen span around and tugged the bust of Diamond’s lingerie further down to fully expose her sumptuous tits. Cupping them with pink-nailed fingers, she pressed her lips first to one nipple, then the other, suckling hungrily on her lover’s rack and leaving stark lipstick kisses on Diamond’s tanned skin.

Craig couldn’t help but watch as Jen’s body jiggled enticingly. He had met her several times before, usually when she staggered in high on lust after a night of depravity and he had reluctantly helped her to bed. He had never mentioned it to Jake, knowing they both preferred to avoid discussion of his addiction.

‘That’s it, baby. Ogle her. You know this is turning you on.’

Craig flushed angrily as Diamond eyed him deviously. ‘Shut up. You don’t know what you’re talking about. He’s my friend.’

‘And you want to fuck him until he screams,’ Diamond giggled. ‘Don’t think I can’t see it. Jen’s told me about the nights she’s come back home when you helped her to bed. Do you really expect me to believe you haven’t let your eyes wander? That you haven’t wanted to join her under the covers and see what skills she’s learned in the arms of her clients?’

He hadn’t thought it possible but he blushed even deeper, his cheeks so red he could feel the heat coming off them in waves. He wanted to deny her accusations, but they both knew he’d be lying. Because Diamond was right. Every time Jen had returned home she had been wearing next to nothing, her divine body on full display, and several times he was forced to physically support her back to her room. The heat of her body against his; the sight of her sprawled out half-naked on the bed; the soft moans she gave when she drifted off and dreamed horny dreams – they had done things to him he never dared to admit either to Jake or himself.

Yet Diamond wasn’t completely right. Craig didn’t want to fuck Jen. Not exactly…

Diamond gasped. He watched realisation wash over her face and his heart sank. Then a devilish smile twisted the woman’s ruby lips.

‘Oh wow. Even I didn’t see this coming. You don’t want to fuck her, do you? You want to be her. You’re actually jealous…’

Craig’s patience snapped. ‘Alright fine, yes, I’m jealous. Is that what you want to hear? She gets to go out and indulge in more pleasure than I’ve ever known every night while I’m left behind by myself. She’s hot, she’s sultry, she’s got more friends with benefits than anyone I’ve ever met and she’s so wanted people will stuff her lingerie with cash just for a few seconds of her attention. She’s everything I’ll never be. And it’s all because of you. Fuck you,’ he seethed, his anger boiling over. ‘Fuck you for turning my only friend into a filthy slut. And fuck you for corrupting him in ways I never knew I was jealous of.’

When he finished Craig’s chest was heaving. He glared at Diamond with eyes burning white hot with rage and his clenched fists trembled almost uncontrollably.

The two trans sluts were still tangled up together. The soft wet sounds of Jen’s kissing undermined Craig’s anger like the incessant drip of a leaky tap, each one a little burst of desire. In fact, she seemed not to have listened to any of his words and was far too focused on Diamond’s tits to pay him any notice.

Then, with a single sentence, Diamond diffused all his fury. ‘You can be like her,’ she said.

From a tiny handbag set beside the toilet she produced a vial of purple liquid. ‘This is why Jake bought you here. It’s what he uses to become Jen: T-lixir. He’s taken so much now that Jen is the more dominant part of his psyche even when he’s a male. Soon she’ll be permanent. She’s a naughty slut and she thought it would be hot to lure you in here by pretending Jake was in trouble then get you to watch us fuck: she knew you wouldn’t be able to resist.’ She tossed the vial to Craig. ‘Drink it.’


‘You heard me. Drink it. I know you want to. And so do you. Fuck being jealous – you can be like Jen. The sex, the pleasure, the money, the adoration. The fuckbuddies. The orgasms that will melt your brains. They’re all waiting for you. Me and Jen would be happy to let you join us on stage…’ As she spoke, her voice became increasingly breathy, words punctuated with groans as she pressed her chest against Jen’s lips and stroked her lover’s body sensually. ‘Imagine it, Craig. Dancing… and grinding… and writhing… and groaning… and gasping… and moaning… and fucking… and sucking… and–’

‘Enough!’ Craig cried.

He was shaking all over. A sudden urge to smash the bottle and run far away almost overwhelmed him.

But then he looked up at the two gorgeous women. At his former friend, soon to be gone forever, worshipping Diamond’s incredible tits. At their perfect bodies designed purely for lust and depravity. At the undeniable proof of what T-lixir could do.

His eyes fell to the vial. Then he looked up at Diamond. She was smiling at him mischievously.

‘Will it make me a slut?’


‘Will I enjoy it?’

‘More than you can imagine.’

He paused briefly, hardly able to believe what he was even considering her offer. ‘Will you stop me from turning back?’

Diamond raised an eyebrow. ‘Do you want me to?’

Craig took a deep breath, never breaking her gaze. ‘Yes. I can’t do what Jake’s done. I can’t keep shifting between bodies. I don’t care how jealous I am or how good my new body makes me feel, if I turn back I’ll never take another drop again, I know I won’t. So can you do it? Once I change, can you make it permanent?’

Diamond grinned like a jester who had just been authorised to perform a prank on the entire royal court. She lifted her bag, which jangled as she shook it. ‘Honey, I have enough T-lixir in here to turn an entire platoon of thoroughbred bulls. I promise you I’ll dose you up with so much after you’ve changed not even an entire factory of X-Change Blue could turn you back.’

Craig didn’t waste another second – he didn’t dare just in case he lost his nerve. Unscrewing the vial he swallowed it all too fast to even taste it. A heartbeat later he had crumpled to his knees as mind-bending ecstasy cascaded through him.

Looking up he found Diamond leaning up against the graffiti-covered wall while Jen had dropped down to her haunches and had her lips locked around the head of Diamond’s cock. Jen’s own womanhood jutted out from her crotchless panties, her erection rising as she watched Craig’s athletic body start to metamorphosise.

‘You were right, babe,’ Diamond was saying, ‘he was easy to persuade.’

‘I knew he would be,’ Jen smiled, her eyes fixed on Craig as she swallowed ever more of Diamond’s shaft. ‘He’s going to make such a sexy whore.’

A sudden pang of understanding flared through Craig’s insides: this had been their intention all along. They had both known all about his jealousy and had simply drawn him here to push him over the edge. He knew he should have felt betrayed – but with orgasmia engulfing him down to his soul and the knowledge that all his lustful wishes were coming true, he didn’t care. He only wanted more. Shamelessly, he allowed the moans he had been holding back to spill out from lips that were already plump and pink and shiny with gloss. When they came out, they were the erotic groans of a horny slut.

The last thing Craig ever saw before his alter ego took hold was Diamond nodding, her eyelids fluttering as Jen worshipped her dick with increasing hunger. ‘I think you’re right about that, babe. Oh, just you wait, Cara: the three of us are going to have so much fun…’

Thanks for reading!

I have a few notes for this one. Firstly, the idea for T-lixir struck me kind of out of nowhere when writing this one, and boy am I glad it did. Originally Jake was supposed to be addicted to X-Change Purple, but since the Elixir is already a staple of the TG erotica space and I introduced the gay variant of that in previous stories, I figured why shouldn’t there be a trans variant too? And so, T-lixir was born. I’d love other writers to use this in their own stories, so feel free to take the concept and run with it.

That said, it’s entirely possible somebody has already come up with T-lixir before me and I just haven’t realised. If that’s the case then I’m mainly annoyed I didn’t hear about it! Either way, T-lixir will no doubt appear in future stories of mine too. In fact, I already have one in the works.

Secondly, I wanted to highlight that Vaniity, the model playing Jen in this story, has a bunch of aliases. As far as I can tell Vaniity is the main name she goes by and it’s the one she was credited as in this gallery, but just know if you go searching for more of her work you’re likely to find her under other names too.

Finally, this is the last story of Gaypril 2023. I really hope you’ve enjoyed it. Next week I’m back to my normal schedule of one story per week. I’ve got some really fun ones coming up too, so make sure you don’t miss them!


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